YouTube Made a Huge Mistake - WAN Show November 12, 2021

Publicado el 12 nov 2021
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Timestamps: Courtesy of NoKi1119
[ 0:00 ] Chapters
[ 1:44 ] Intro
[ 2:13 ] Topic #1: Dislike count changes.
3:07 Reasons to justify the change.
6:20 Discussing comments moderation.
8:45 What YT could do better.
9:06 Different usages of dislikes.
14:06 Linus's take on dislikes moderating.
[ 33:16 ] Sponsors.
33:20 Pebblehost server hosting.
33:59 Freshbooks accounting.
34:48 Seasonic power supplies.
[--] Cont. Topic #1: Dislike count changes.
35:27 Linus will call to discuss the change.
[ 38:12 ] Topic #2: Linux challenge update.
42:06 Game compatibility.
45:08 "Windows: from the perspective of a Linux user" video idea.
48:10 OpenVPN on Linux VS Windows.
49:58 Issues with Xbox & Windows gaming.
[ 54:50 ] Topic #3: AMD's data center architectures.
[ 55:58 ] Topic #4: Microsoft "SE".
[ 56:45 ] LTTStore party shirt & newsletter.
[ 59:35 ] Merch Messages.
[ 1:05:28 ] Linus leaving.
[ 1:06:06 ] Merch Messages ft Luke.
[ 1:31:26 ] Outro


  • PewDiePie's dislike this videos won't be so fun anymore.

  • Linus, have you seen David Pakman's video on the dislike counter?

  • All of the fraud news networks were starting to feel the butthurt when they started seeing how much people don't want to hear their crap anymore. Windows is trying to be too much like apple/tablets now. I really hate how everything is put in the middle of the task bar. I also don't like how everything is an "app" now.

  • @1:03:50 FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!! I Just Lost The Game. Damn You Linus!

  • ESmain has just been continuously getting shittier, right from when the terrible 'trending' page first began. Removing comments from music and 'kids' videos, their shitty comment system getting even worse with big channels being on top, the proliferation of ads, and now this.

  • I think its in place for political reasons. So people will listen more to Governments especially USA and China has ties with media.

  • You can’t take the risk out of the equation

  • If an account has a strong dislike to like ratio you should throttle that, I dislike a video every now and then, but I certainly don’t dislike more than 2 videos a week, and the amount of videos I “like” is far more. That should be easy for ESmain to see..

  • No one with a brain is denying, that what you said, and what youtubes stated reasons are for this change aren't real. It's just them crapping on small creators in favor of big companies for years, and suddenly you buy their statement. How in the nine hells can you be so naive. Every change they've made in recent years, has been to please the big companies, the big news, the big creators. What makes you think, that they give the slightest fuck about the small guys. Especially since creators can still see the dislikes, which does fly in the face of the "saving their feefees" narrative( which is just the newest replacement word for propaganda).

  • *cough* there probably already is a browser extension addon to add what ever like/dislike features you want. Same as there are ones for removing ads, removing in video ads and other useless segments.

  • Maybe a thousand sided die. Out of many hundreds of installs with multiple drives, I've never had that happen. Ever.

  • I call bunk on it harming anyone. They can turn it off. This is some college level safe space nonsense. But hey, nothing wrong with change!

  • I think that the occupying admin. on Capitol Hill found it embarrassing to have equal numbers of dislikes for Biden and company to likes of Let's Go Brandon videos. So, in line with current methods, this too must be censored. If you really think that this has ANYTHING to do with content creators and not simply the content itself...You are not in touch with reality. Or, you are a shill, willfully pretending to be ignorant to pose a false reason for the sole purpose of DECEIVING your devotees. I find it hard to imagine that anyone with brains enough to run such a fine channel would really believe such an obviously flimsy excuse. Regardless of what it is that brings some to believe in, or act along with such a ridiculous narrative, whether ignorant or participatory, both are equally responsible for their part in allowing yet another insult and assault upon the citizens of this world, this country, and this country's constitutional amendments! In the current climate of consensus reality, it is far more valuable for one to be lucid and suspicious than "woke" and mentally yoked.

  • Dude, What the fuck? All of your "solutions" are the exact definition of a PROBLEM.

  • The only thing the Dislike Removal helps is the Big Companys and The Verge: How to Build a PC

  • I would prefer if dislike was linked to a mandatory comment prompt. Feedback, good and bad, is gold for any creator wanting to improve. Also how about new accounts can't comment or like/dislike for 48 hours?

  • How to restore youtube dislike button

  • Windows seems to think my 2nd drive is drive 0 no matter what i try

  • look if it were a choice to turn likes and dislikes on or off it's still bad but at least they aren't forcing it on you cause I see no foreseeable future for the dislike counter to return

  • So my biggest gripe with Microsoft is actually with Xbox and not windows they need to collaborate with someone like discord or just make it available natively to be able to party chat cross platform

  • One of the worst decisions ESmain has ever made, if not, the worst. But hey, I have an idea and you might have seen this comment from me on many other videos Creators can tell their audience how many dislikes a video has gotten, by mentioning it in the videos description, or a pinned comment, and updating it once in a while. This shows that a creator is not afraid to get feedback, regardless if it's positive or negative. This shows that a creator can take critisism and hate. This makes a creator more trustable. I've started doing this on every video I have made and I hope this creator does it too Yes I know it's a hassle, annoying, and unrealistic, but it's sadly the only option if we want to know how many dislikes a video has gotten The dislike count is one of the best tools to see if a video is worth watching, appropriate, trustable, entertaining, accurate, or a scam. We can tell if a video is good, by seeing the like to dislike ratio. If a video has a lot of dislikes, we know not to watch it, trust it, or take it seriously. ESmain removing the count has made it essentially useless to dislike a video. And since youtube gives zero flips about our opinion to reinstate the dislike counter, our only option is to ask the creator of they can show the number of dislikes and update it on a regular basis Hopefully the creator listens to me and publicize the number of dislikes

  • just get a chrome extention that will show dislike number...that's the extention we all need

    • Isn't that impossible as long as youtube or anything else is not exposing the dislike count publicly?

  • bf removes scoreboards, youtube removes dislikes, IG removes the like counter, society really is trending in strange ways

  • How else can I contest Mr Beast videos as being all Trash, clearly all about money and not about common sense.

  • ai has been editing yt comments however - deleting many more than they use to. also theirs the whole demonetization thing that increased. they also follow a narrative, which apparently they are allowed to since they are a private company.. but its still biased what they allow to be talked about or want to be said. i do not agree they should be able to force a narrative, but it is what it is. it should be just open to anything being said like it use to be. at this point it might be time for a different company to replace these guys that actually allow free speech and privatization.

  • neutral response. F.

  • 5:00 Meanwhile.. the Devil is screwing off somewhere in "the details"

  • ESmain delete so many accounts for its propaganda and non defined policies. ESmain don't able to tell a reason behind it.... Shame on ESmain dont act like you did anything great fakers

  • Another thing what ESmain can do is translate like/dislike into corpo-talk. So instead of like and dislike button, you have satisfied and unsatisfied buttons. That'll save creators from having mental health issues, because now people don't dislike their content, but are just unsatisfied. Also, it would GREAT for the memes.

  • Here's a potential solution : ESmain takes a leaf from Steam's user rating system and allows likes/dislikes only after the user makes a comment. And instead of showing just a counter, they show a graph of likes vs dislikes over time, and then the user can click on any time slice and see the comments from that time.

  • Bring back the dislike button, please...

  • MILLIONS of HOURS will be wasted watching bad content if we don’t have the like/dislike ratio

    • Should spend that time on another educational/entertainment platform.

  • Imagine the Verge PC build video, but you have to depend on other content creators to make videos about how bad that video is. That feedback is also not instant. And then the Verge disables comments. Oh my GOD WHY

  • 10:30 piss off. Then it should be a chore for likes as well.

  • i'm just disliking any video I see now because fuck it. And videos that I actually don't like get a report. Fuck the system

  • I believe the real reason dislike was removed is because of politics. All Biden and White House videos were down liked in crazy proportions to likes.

  • Wrong. They removed dislikes because of Joe Biden!

  • 35:55 Any updates to the call with the product manager? Would be great to know if something productive came of the meeting.

  • Luke spooky voice : you're all mine now! 🤣

  • As AnthonyCSN said - Dislikes are not a creature feature; they are a user feature. They tremendously help users make a decision whether a video is useful, informative, entertaining, etc or if it isn't. Misinformation will be a lot harder to shut down. Scams will be a lot more successful for scammers. Bad advice will be a lot less contested. etc. I know this is a worst case scenario but can you imagine watching a video about what to do when someone is choking and it gives bad and potentially harmful information?

  • they removed dislike button to increase viewership time on their platform and it has nothing to do with dislike bombing which amounts to probably less than 1% of the youtube's videos. AI/ML could easily solve it by even limiting the maximum dislikes per hour or day. Now an average 'DIY' memory upgrade guide would require me to watch 7 videos rather than 1 quality video. It is pure business by a monopoly or market leader company.

  • youtube is now forcing us to waste our time. I cant stand clickbait, fake movie trailers, videos that were designed drag out watchtime, etc... When I see a high ratio of dislikes, I would glance at the comments to see why people may have disliked the video. This move by youtube irritates the hell out of me.

  • Since they have removed disliking videos, i find theres no point to liking videos either.

  • Buddha says ....just be happy you have any button at all.

  • Shiiiiit i had that exact problem on my dads pc with the HDD's it used to complain every so often and make him reboot but then the one with the bootloader died and i finally figured out what it was and i had no idea how to fix it, had to fresh install, and i did it with only one drive in the PC

  • I watched a video loads of views on how to rebuild brake calipers, what they did is essentially lead to immediate contamination of brake fluid which Is very dangerous. Without dislikes amd me watching more videos that could have been a bad day.

  • Imagine now you watching this video that you think linus tech tips hide the dislike counter,this will downgrade the value of the channel and newcomer maybe don't pass over this amazing channel sure we do know but the new comer or new watcher maybe be like "ohh this person hide the likes,imma gonna look one video that showing the dislike,because that mean they are responsible"

  • They should make it based on watched time before you can click it. You have to actually watch it to dislike it lol or an extra long form as the alternative

  • 46:52 instantaneous updates are not available on most Linux either. Alpine Linux is about the best for that speed.

  • Two things: 1. I think they did this to protect big companies (example that's comes to mind for me is dislikes on all the new Star Trek stuff that just isn't good) 2. Some "dislike-attacks" are justified, some people just spread insane propaganda-shit and should be hit with a "dislike attack" (obviously I'm not at all saying that all or even most dislike-attacks are justified)

  • Removing public dislike is like removing public QA. There's no way I can know if something is legit or not now. The platforms will eventually become -only- a waste of time.

  • Yeah, ESmain is seriously screwing this up.

  • every youtube video looks like a scam rn without the dislike counter. there is no positive change in disabling the dislike counter whatsoever

  • Windows is just a tool for the CIA and NSA. That's it's primary functionality. Why no one can change anything anymore, we aren't even the admin anymore. Like Google/ESmain it's all calculated.

  • Linus seems like he is scolding Luke. What is he your child? Back in the day I thought it would be cool working for Linus, but he seems more and more like a woke lib. I’m curious what others would have to say about working with Linus.

  • Google removed the dislike counter as the ESmain rewind video is due to be posted soon and they don't want as many dislikes as usually :)) So Instead of doing a better video they remove the dislike counter :)))

  • How can they be that stupid?

  • Big companies love YT idea :) Oh, and also creators of YT Rewind xD

  • 45:22 bruh I had this problem and it’s annoying af I still have a phantom windows install on my hard drive to this day

  • 3:38 oh i see now, they don't want their YT Rewind video to be the most disliked video on their platform anymore. This is like banning all knives because someone might get stabbed with one, it's ridiculous

  • the dislike counter is a time saver, when you open a video and see a massive dislike ratio you know you need to just close it and move on, but without it you will no longer know that a video is fake or stolen or whatever and you will just watch and get mad, so it's a sanity saver and if the dislike button would ever go away it will make people leave more hateful comments, so i don't see any upsides.Heck even Facebook kinda brought the dislike button back. ESmain has done many bass akwards things, like not alloiwng me to remove watched videos from my watch later list with a single click anymore

  • The LTT store purchase notification coming up in the top middle of the screen and also being so big is so distracting...

  • Linus's rant about windows update has got to be one of the angriest I have ever seen. When he shouted "how could it possibly not know| I laughed and rewatched it multiple times.

  • Noooooo it's just been rolled out to me!

  • Seems this video has 2.6k dislikes on 11/23rd. The number is hidden from view, but still shows in stats. Sad such a useful feature is going away…

  • Shadow ban all children!. 18..... maybe 25 and over only! We wouldn't let them join real conversations in real life.... why are we accepting they're ignorance online? Pay some rent or a mortgage before you give me your opinion on GPU scalping pricing. Or anything in the adult world. It's why theres a Kids table at Thanksgiving dinner. None of us wanna hear your ignorance when we're talking bout real shit.

  • ESmain just became Bootube

  • when companies of politicians have video's the public is not happy about.. now they can hide all the dislikes....

  • The real reason they removed the dislikes is because they're about to make their new ESmain rewind.

  • Honestly, I think that if a user gives a channel multiple dislikes and is subscribed then the algorithm should automatically unsubscribe them... then they have no reason to dislike the content

  • I'm wanting to switch to linux, got manjaro running off a usb, just waiting for a 970 evo to come in the mail cause i want faster boot times (im on a 7200 RPM HDD rn)

  • Tried Windows 11. Got a Windows Update error 0x802502342345908723. Brilliant, so descriptive. It's amazing that it hasn't changed since Windows 98. STILL they give out these cryptic codes that you have to Google and hope the advice is sound. Not every Windows Update error is covered by Microsoft, and even when they are, the resolution steps are BS.

  • Even a facebook like "reaction" system with emojis would be better than what youtube has done. The pure amount of likes without any ratio to dislikes is totally useless. Users need a possibility to sort out trash content, doesn´t matter if its stars, likes /dislikes, emojis or an indicator moving on a bar between a green and red site or an plus and minus pole...

  • I Don't get it, I can still see the dislike count :) P.S. This video has 2.6K Dislikes

  • SE = Student Edition, perhaps?

  • 46:19 That problem has existed for years across multiple releases and yet, it's *still* a fucking thing

  • Luke got fat.

  • removing dislikes is analogous to removing the right to peaceful public protest.

  • If the dislike button has no purpose then the like button has no purpose either!

  • Windows S.E. Snitch Edition reports on everything people are doing on their system.

  • Disliking while still able to do so.

  • ESmain deletes channels left right and center and is now pretending to care about creators. Yeah cool story Susan.

  • Too many immature ESmainrs appear to automatically believe anyone who criticizes even ONE of their videos is a troll. This is the Age of Limpness in which people can't handle criticism, even constructive. I'm guessing their automatic response is, "Why don't you start your own channel?" :-) This will probably ultimately lead to banning comments altogether, like Amazon has done.

  • It shares plenty of information, Example: On a video that has disabled comments that spreads misinformation with a construed Lie. The effects of this means more misinformation will be spread and accepted as a fact. Dislikes are not a creators tool, they stem from a 5 star rating system simplified from a 5 star to a 1 star. The star system was much better than this like/dislike system that provided much more feedback. You yourself are only worried about people disliking your videos, and censoring people from negative feedback. You have a Ego issue clearly linus. Your ego is not contributing it is just increasing toxic behavior. I heavily dislike what you say here, because it is pro-censorship over constructive comments you do not like and to abuse this system to basically tank out other users with disagreeing opinions. Your ideas are heavily pro-toxic here. You think that comments should be voted up and voting down comments, but dislike the idea of people disliking your videos and blaming it on dislike bombing when it is genuinely disliking your videos, most of them having to do with either misinformation that flies out your mouth, or your Ego shines so badly like it does here, where it is entirely self centered. You want people to have the ability to remove dislikes, the one thing that allows people free speech left on this site, that gives the user control over it, dislike bombing is so uncommon, while paid for like bots are very common. You want the ability to censor users from disliking your videos. I have disliked this video heavily, if I could I would give it a value of 0 stars, 200k+ dislikes, but as you can see I literally have not, but this would be my solution is to add more dislikes to a video, like oh I still dislike this video, it gets another dislike. I want more dislikes, I want all the dislikes, all of them, as many dislikes as possible on your video because your solution it to take away dislikes and blame a solution in search of a problem, instead of fixing the system back to the original solution that was useful. Lately I am finding your content is heavily lacking, and over shown the shadow of what I dislike about LTT videos, which is Linus's opinions taken as fact because he runs it, while it is spewed with YOLO ignorance, and argogence and blaming issues on something that is happening with him personally and looking for a excuses of justifying why people would dislike your content, instead of looking at the mirror and making better judgement.

  • I don't understand how this wouldn't make youtube instantly responsible for any and all deaths or injurys that occur from a youtube video due to them removing the only safety mechanism people have to let them know its dangerous outside of them also banning ALL how to videos along side removing dislikes.

  • like Drag queen channels

  • its to help CNN and MSM

  • F youtube. Cant wait until they become myspace

  • Operation.... 'Thumb Blast.' If when the dislike disappears, we all ( and I mean everyone) dislike every video they watch? The analytics will go crazy and ESmain will have to put it back.

  • Perhaps what's needed is a browser plugin that scans the comments and looks for the keyword dislike and turns it red or just puts a count in the toolbar. Just a thought.

  • My friend lash will be making a plugin to make it appear back on

  • Omg… grab your tin… what if tucker Carlson and Fox News cried.. because they can’t buy ratings like they could with nealson ratings?

  • The crazy part is that at least 90% of users don't want the dislike button removed, it almost seems like they have some other motive?

  • I just realized, we are slowly getting closer to the reality Luke jokingly mentioned in an ooold WAN episode, where the only thing escaping censorship would be "Great video, thumbs up!"...

  • This is purely done for political reason, ie ALL White House and Joe Biden videos being like 90% or more dislikes on any given day.. Leave the dislike button alone. It's very useful when you're going to how to videos and you see half dislikes. You know not to waste your time on the video and to look for a better one...

  • OHH that IS a bug. I did install Win10 recently on a separate drive, yet the bootloader ending up replacing my linux one on a totally different drive. I have now resorted to installing windows on that ssd on my laptop and only after that putting it into my machine. Thanks for that microsoft.

  • I don't completely follow Linus when he says the dislike ratio is is *"ONLY"* tool to quickly skim the validity of a video... There's certainly many other ways like for instance the like ratio, if you know the channel, etc. etc. good talk though, cheers. ;)

    • also I really don't like the idea of dislike-bombing/ brigading as a tool for anything. There too are better tools available to the creators or the hosting sites already. Just think about it, you disagree on any random thing with the wrong person on the internet and they find retaliation in dislike-bombing your heartily created video which might have nothing to do with whatever you disagreed on _at all_ ...

  • the dislike counter is still here btw

  • Blockchain Fixes This!

  • 9:25 counterexample: posting anything trans positive on a gamer sub