WHY did I get my hopes up? - Windows 11 Announcement

Publicado el 24 jun 2021
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Microsoft’s poorly-kept secret was let out of the bag early - Perhaps intentionally. But how much did we REALLY learn before today’s announcement? And did we learn anything today?

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0:00 Intro
0:53 What's a "Windows 11"?
1:20 New design!
1:57 Window management is cool
3:35 What about gaming???
4:09 New input stuff
5:13 Teams is integrated now...? And dictation!
6:21 Windows Store - Can Android make it good?
7:07 Widgets aren't Gadgets
7:40 Pricing and availability
8:09 System requirements... And caveats.
9:57 Hope it's good...


  • Linus become a windows insider on the dev channel and just update to it there. It works great for me!

  • Mess that windows 8 was? The only real noticeable difference was a scalable apps in win10 vs full screen apps in win8 both of which nobody was using

  • Needing a fucking account to use the damn thing is a dealbreaker for me.

  • The one thing I found odd was that when I upgraded it was weird with some interesting ICONS, not sure it it is me or not, but I did a complete PC reset and WOW tht made a few changes. it is faster, it looks great, the set up was easy, and it just works. with the acceptation that If I connect to both phones and activate the USB one wich is 5 g and the other which is 4 G, well it seems that windows could not process the data to well, and I got a "Green Screen of feath... " but it restarted, / It only does it when I combine the two, internet modems, how ever if I leave the modems separately it works fine not sure what the while, "Scotty you given me to much power" is all about. . I mean... maybe it needs more ram? hmm sorta reminds me of that whole lets transfer the entire library of congress sing a laser in 3. 5 seconds... I wonder if that thing is done crunching that data yet?

  • Just stop buying ANYTHING microsoft..

  • I really hope you can make it so the taskbar is able to be on the left again. I really liked that.

  • Switched to Linux. With Valve heavily invested into Linux Gaming, I don't miss anything....no need for dual boot,no more update notifications, spyware and sh*t. Thank you Microsoft for announcing Win11. I'm out! Finally Linux is ready. Spending my win11 license money on a new SSD.

  • meanwhile I'm still running Win 7 because 10 is annoying AF. NOt a big fan of the whole tablet style display so here's hoping win 11 stops that practice.

  • *The "Cloud" is STILL just as dangerous if not much more so than it was when Windows 10 came out.*

  • hey watch thiss video it works i used a duo core 2 4gb ddr3 V

  • Who says that Windows 8 was bad? I will remember Windows 8 fondly because it was at least stable. The only Microsoft OS that didn't need constant fixes everywhere from every corner. More stable than both XP and 7 (even though we all love them). It somewhat resembles Android when talking about stability.

  • People with 3 moniters just got spanked by this license. Rip

  • So, I have a custom built tower PC with Skylake chips and a ton of oomph. It's been solid, and I've added stuff like SSDs to make it better, and I enabled Secure Boot and the other thing (i'm not techie, I just followed instructions and it took about 10 minutes). I also have a cheap and nasty laptop with gen 8 chips for when I travel. So that can have Windows 11 but my tower can't? Doesn't make sense.

  • Based on what I saw here I'll be using Windows 10 for a very long time and if I have to change to a different OS then I suppose I'll just look for a Linux. I watched a short trailer about Windows 11 just before watching this video and my first impression was "it doesn't look like there is anything I'm interested in" but after this video I can say for certain that Windows 11 has a lot more "things I don't want" than "things that I'm not interested in".

  • Thanks...I hate it.

  • Just got back from the preview build and it sucked. The start menu didn't even work.😀

  • I hope they make an intuitive UI for this one. windows 7 had the best UI overall in my opinion. please dont be bloatware incorporated with dumb features popping up everywhere with unimportant notifications nobody cares about... you can always hope

  • Can’t wait for the ”Install the latest windows version” pop-ups.

    • And then you press it and it requires hardwares and stuff you can't even buy

  • Nice to hear its a free update for windows 10 because ima get a new pc in September and dont want to pay a new os a few months later

  • I wouldn't say windows 10 was good. I'd say it was eh. Windows 11 is looking to be meh as well.

  • DEX? 😆😆

  • looks like crap, they didnt learn at all, thanks for making it lighter on resources instead of making it pretty... all i see is there will be a lot of bs to disable and work around like 8 and 10 they need to get rid of all bs memory hogging foolishness and go back to what worked... guess im staying with 10 till it stops working hopefully 12 will be out before 10 stops being supported and 12 doesnt suck.

    • @bob king i dont think so

    • @davecorns76 my opinion doesnt speak for everyone obviously, but it seems they focused on making it look pretty instead of making it easy to run, a big waste of resources, its going to be as horrible as 8 was...

    • it looks cool

  • Looking forward to trying out Windows 12.

  • Windows 11 installer. X Unpacking: Useless bloat. zip.

  • The only reason that would make me upgrade to Windows 11 is if games are not compatible with Windows 10 anymore

  • Windows 10 is definitely a refinement over 7 though it didn't innovate as much from its predecessor as 7 did.

  • same shitty greedy non stoppable updates and intrusion. NO THANK YOU. I'd rather stay on linux.

  • **slowly leaves beta insider program**

  • Microsoft: "Let's add *ANDROID* app support" Users: "And we'll just download the apps through the *GOOGLE Play Store, THE app store for android,* right?" Users: "Right?"

  • Love the intro, cheap and dumb.. my kinda humor, LOL


  • "It's the children who are wrong"

  • schools use teams

  • Aaargh! I can't that news bar they added! I just want to adjust my sound and then that thing pops up and refuses to go away!

  • Windows ME --> GOOD 👍 I’m one of those that LOVED windows Me

  • "Alignment to the bottom of the screen is the only location allowed." kcuF you. DTs or Wintels, not PCs. Not guys, gaf.

  • I think I will stick with windows 10

  • Microsoft....nothing but ads, bloatware, and garbage performance.

  • So when do we find out telemetry and data collection are increased because MS is a data collection company now.

  • all i want is xp whit newest direct x and closed security holes .... i hate almost all the new win 10 functions now they want to force me to get more mobile shit to work trough

  • Let me tell you one thing, having lived with a kindle fire, I know that the Amazon AppStore is HORRIBLE!

  • Hopefully Teams will actually work soon, like Zoom does.

  • Sounds like more bloatware to me. 🥱

  • The one thing they've always managed to do with new Windows is make it look better, but this is the first time I think they made it look so bad. Windows 10 is just beautiful.

  • Like that Seamore Skinner (spelling lol) reference

  • Oh dear Jesus, don't get me started with Teams. View a txt file? Ok...print it? Nope. Weird glitches and stuff. Profile pics never updating. Co-authoring in excel is proimised yet only works with xlsx files at best. And then only after hours of researching how to do it. Good luck trying co-authoring a xlsm file... . All people need the same version of teams. Since it's updating virtually every second day that's a problem. Everyone needs to have "auto save" enabled. On my xlsm files it tells me that I can't enable it because there is some personal information in the file. I have no idea what they are talking about. Aaand it only works with sharepoint or onedrive. The xlsx co-authoring that is. xlsm won't work correctly at all. As soon as I linked a xlsm half of the changes made by our staff were unable to resolve. No discernable pattern just erratic "changes couldn't be merged" errors.' Personally I'm with Linux now anyway. Windows eco system is getting far too claustrophobic in general.

  • Windows 10 doesn't have multiple desktops. In practice it's more like multiple task bars. Icons and background stay the same. Now you tell me you can customise every background. Great, but it's not an effing new desktop if the icons on them are all the very same.

  • I'm switching to linux

  • Not at all happy about 3 years ago, I invested in a top of the range Microsoft Surface Studio 1 with an i7 processor and 32GB of memory I recently upgraded the drives to a 256gb M.2 Card & 1TB SSD Drive since that's about the only things you can upgrade yourself and it's not an easy job the fans have to come off and many screws after to get to the drive which is right at the bottom MS really did not want people to do this themselves it does make for a much faster boot and response times. Anyway, after investing over £4,000 in this machine and almost another £200 upgrading it MS now says it won't run W11 when it arrives although it will run it on the dev insider channel it says when it comes out properly it won't run hoping your hack will work otherwise I am going to be sitting with a very nice piece of furniture that I will have to stick with W10 and support will run our in around 3 years time as you can imagine very pi**ed off although I did install the dev version of W11 for a while to try I am now back with W10 on this machine and I have 11 running on my Dell Inspiron which is a mid-range laptop which was around £800 and as a personal user and now unable to work through disability I cannot afford to replace these two machines I have not tried on my pro x Surface as yet I'll wait for a while before trying it on that. I may well desert MS if W11 causes problems and just install Linux though I am not a lover of it as I find the graphics not up to the standard of Windows it will require some deep thought here's hoping I can get it to work when I try to upgrade the SS1.

  • the new microsoft store looks like the ubuntu store

  • Geez Microsoft solving a problem that doesn't exist. Heck, Windows 7 was perfect already. Now we gotta deal with more bloatware and adware...I hope they didn't force the installation down our throats like W10.

  • You still have something on your ear. I pointed this out to you around a year ago but it seems you have chosen to do nothing about it.

  • according to windows good-bad cycle. windows 11 would be horrible

  • I got upgraded automatically during a routine update (not happy about that, at all), and this version feels like it's headed straight to Win ME territory.

  • I use Microcenter all the time in Columbus, Ohio. Great bunch of nerds.

  • Microsoft has clearly never heard of the phrase “don’t fix what ain’t broke”

    • They also can't stop renaming things like google SMS Server, SCCM, MECM + Intune

    • That phrase's kinda bs tho

    • you too

  • Windows 11 will probably also "kill" a lot of older hardware. Some old drivers for discontinued devices (for example for FireWire devices) aren't made for Windows 10/11 even though they work perfectly fine - but only if you disable Secure Boot in order to install/use them because *drumroll* they're not signed.

  • Going to install linux, done with windows. Thanks for the new Linux video and also teach us to install other linux version like Ubuntu etc etc

  • Personally i hate that the task bar isn't movable

  • "Wow, you can tile your windows now!" >Me, an i3-blocks user "Okay. Guess I am sticking to Nobody Else again for yet another Windows version"

  • if windows 11 is gonna kill me with ads like windows 10 i'll just install Linux

  • The taskbar being locked to the bottom irritates me more than it should.

  • All these comments complaining about lack of customisation, forced inclusion of unnecessary features and spyware: It sounds like you're after something a little more open source...

  • im going to pirate install windows 11

  • Almost all the new "features" are things I consider bloat.

  • Looks like MacOS to me.

  • AND no support for intel processors of any generation before 8 no matter how many cores. So its all PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  • I can't believe the amount of people being mad at this lol. I've wanted a phone experience with my computer for a long time, probably is because I have a surface book. many times I've been like damn I wish this app worked in my computer. Thanks to having a Samsung phone I kina I'm able to merge the two now and I love it.

  • Thanks Linus. You are anhero.

  • yes

  • I'll use it when work forces the update on my system. Otherwise, Linux it is.

  • Microsoft ... common. Telling lies so you can sell a tiling window manager as a new thing? You know you get roasted for it. I just dont understand why you still do it.

  • I just need a 2.0 TPM Chip

  • Oh what the fuck

  • Everyone: Is freaking out over Windows 11 Me already running Windows 95: Pathetic.

  • They're so fucking lucky Linux isn't the best choice for games.

  • I sure hope they allow an option to disable focusing on new windows that pop up. If you are typing in an app and another window pops up, it steals the window of focus. How hard can it be to determine that in the past 500ms to 1 full second that a key stroke was detected and that the window of focus should not be given to the new window.

  • The staking south america unfortunately attack because witch enthrallingly bounce upon a nimble birch. mature, odd sink

  • Everyone crying about updates. Me laughing at everyone because I disabled and I've never updated windows 10 since it came out. Zero errors muahahahahahaha

  • When does it come out

  • I don't like the center taskbar. Why? Bc I don't. It looks like a mac. That upsets me.

  • As soon as the news and interests panel showed up I had a look at it, and then I immediately disabled it. It is a completely useless thing that has nothing to offer whatsoever. Truly disgusting. This horrible worthless feature is akin to a dog shitting on your lawn. I can't stand it. Microsoft also seems to insist on making the start menu more awful with every new iteration. I only installed Win10 in february this year and now they have already come up with something that is even more irritating.

  • How much Bloatware, Telemetry, Data Collection, Trojans and Spyware does this one have?

  • I like Windows 10 and this Windows 11 sure made me think to go to Linux instead

  • Windows XP: 😁👍 Windows Vista: 😒 Windows 7: 😄👍 Windows 8: 😠🗯️ Windows 10: 😀 Windows 11: 🤔

  • so windows 11 seems to be good for tablets and laptops with touch screens, but for pc, its just a waste of money.

    • i love gaming but i'm not really expecting better graphics when getting a newer gpu is IMPOSSIBLE at msrp. Thanks Scalpers and Crypto miners.

  • Linux fx 11 : Win11 Linux clone From Brazil.

  • back in the day when windows 8 came out, people were still smart, today I am not so sure

  • How much Bloatware, Telemetry, Data Collection, Trojans and Spyware does this one have?

  • We included bing search as usual

  • Well it looks like I'll be switching to Linux once my Windows10 PC loses support....maybe before that to be honest.

  • Taskbar fixed to the bottom of the screen?! No need to go on - that's a deal-breaker for me.

  • At esmain.info/goal/v-deo/qX11nKiCqMignrM all of those reasons are reasons I will not move to windows 11.

  • Personally waiting for games to start being more linux friendly then I am going to chuck windows entirely and for regular desktop stuff will never use it again after recently being Introduced to manjaro xfce

  • I will never use teams for my home PC. it belongs in a work environment as there I have teams. I have family and friends at home, they are not a team and the name is just stupid for home, and never the twain shall meet.

  • So... when should we be expecting this new OS? 2025, 2030?

  • maybe i'm a weirdo, but I liked Windows 8.1 more than Windows 10. (I never used the base version of Windows 8, so I can't speak for that.)

    • You're not a weirdo. You just accepted the Windows 8 new look instead of complaining. W8 is much faster and responsive than W10(and W7 ofc)

  • 2013 anymore

    • Linux has been renamed to Nobody Else hahaha killed me

  • Win11 is literally win8 Gen 2

  • You guys need to do a video on installing Windows 11 on Android tablets, Lumia devices, and so on. Please do it! ASAP