Where did these AWESOME Retro Consoles come from???

Publicado el 18 jul 2021
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Every gaming handheld I’ve ever owned has come from some big Japanese company - But these didn’t. What are they, and can they possibly be any good?

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0:00 Intro
0:38 What ARE these?
1:55 Anbernic RG351M
6:22 Retroid Pocket 2
10:53 ODROID-Go Super
14:47 Some history
16:18 Piracy
17:13 Conclusion


  • Watching this somewhat tired and Saw Anthony just jumpscared the shit out of me.

  • Love anything Anthony talks about! Get him more air time!

  • Who is the editor that keeps turning Anthony into horrific abominations?

  • nice video, i think i ll buy the odroid go

  • Do one on the PocketGo1!

  • Damn I miss old RWJ videos

  • where the hell is the souljaboy console? anthony got a little wet on his shirt


  • It comes from CHI-NA!

  • No quiet on the set for Anthony I guess 🤷‍♂️

  • The kid from Mask survived?

  • You're the first one of all the you tubers who covered these to mention input lag, which is a big deal with older games. You've saved me some money and I'm grateful

  • It's not piracy, it's preservation. Although many titles are still active properties, MANY more are not and are considered abondonware and thusly, public domain. *Profiting* from ROMs is a different matter entirely. Also, I'd heartily debate retro titles are robbing any sales... Reboot/evolve them properly and they will sell.

  • They all seem to kind of suck

  • Petition for Anthony to make its own series where he reviews retro tech.

  • U can tell the last one is the Korean one bc of how good build it looks compared to the other 2 lmfao

  • Anthony shouldn’t take over Linus tech tips

  • I nailed the countries they were from the moment he didn't say where.

  • Sir please make video on how make raid 6 nvme sdd nas

  • i love to use the new 3ds as retro game machine, if you got cfw you have a very big libary of great games to play

  • I didnt know Gabe Newell made that quote but he is 100% right here. If I can just download a game off steam when its on sale and its the legit version and don have to deal with cracks breaking after updates, stability problems ect plus they have the refund option now then its much easier to just use the legit service.

  • When I think about all the money being left on the table by both Sony and especially Nintendo it makes me sick but it mostly makes me angry. Don't blame people because you drip feed releases or don't release things at all and then wonder why people have to go shall we say elsewhere to get what they want.

  • I'm not a huge fan of mass scale piracy but; lets face it, you can't even buy 99 percent of those games. Even if you could buy the games it is not going to make the manufacture a dime because they are all being sold 2nd or even 3rd hand. I might fall in love with a game on the emulator and buy the modern version, or even some licensed merch and now the company has made some money they never would have.

  • the reason the Retroid Pocket 2's right thumbstick is lowered is to make reaching the buttons easier.

  • China... they came from China. Infact most are from the same city in an industrial area of China on the east coast.

  • Plastic version od Anbernic HAVE WiFi (dongle included in the box!) and that handheld also expands greatly it`s potential via custom ELEC351 OS that you can easily install (more platforms support and better performances for Nintendo DS titles etc). All that for 100 bucks - not bad deal, huh?

  • Yeah, there is so much evolving new Handhelds from China 😅, Great video 👌

    • @Kushio are you f.ing serious 90 percent of the stuff you use are made in china. Chinese product doesn't mean sucks china has capability of making same thing 5 dolar or 50 dolar it's about if the company wants to produce quality product or not.

    • Yikes, it's a major surprise that they work at all then.

    • I wish the PS Vita wouldn't have bombed and been the next psp. Handheld gaming was starting to get good then it just dropped off a cliff.


  • That iFixit kit is pretty handy. Wiha's mini-bits fit the driver too. So, if you already own a few of their mini-bits, they're interchangeable. Though, the iFixit driver is the ONLY one I own that's slim enough to fit in the holes on the backs of pretty much every fight-stick controller I own. So, to me, it's invaluable! I guess I could just get individual slim screwdrivers in the patterns I commonly need... But, why bother, when my kit already has me covered, you know?

  • ODROID-GO Super is the South Korean one - most of that money will stay on the Korean Peninsula. The other two are Chinese and will fund Chinese interests.

  • SAW bit was not appreciated. Please stop edits like that.

  • Anthony your Segway is 100% better than Linus’s

  • Personally I dont care about privacy in these kind of devices!! ONLY because the game companies have made it clear they refuse to support these types of devices in any way, even though there is a HUGE demand. Yeah there are the mini devices, but they still do not come close filling the demand of this market. Mostly because you CANT add more games to them. So oh well, privacy it is then.

  • Remember kids there are quite a few countries where downloading roms is legal or even coping and avoiding drm is.

  • Piracy keeps old games alive, It may not be a popular opinion but the fact it those companies that were driven to bankruptcy still made games that were bought out by larger entities sometimes and in those cases they are shelved. Instead of spending thousands for OG copies that I doubt many of our friends would play we can still enjoy the past while saving it for the future, still a touchy subject but I feel better knowing the games of my childhood lasted into the future instead of becoming money pits to desperate collectors.

  • POV: you're here after watching a ton of steam deck videos

  • And to what famous Gabe Newell quote are we referring? "I always really wanted to be a giant space crab"?

  • The og intro threw me for a second I though I accidently tapped on a recommended video

  • calling it at 1:18 they came from china

  • 1:46 I pooped my pants 😱

  • Here I come! LOL its me the retro intro

  • for some reason Anthony is easier to listen to than Linus when it comes to SUPER in depth reviews

  • What are they doing to each other in the next room?

  • Anthony.. such a joy watching his videos.. !

  • Anthony Tech Tips

  • yay anto

  • While these systems are very inexpensive, if you have a good smartphone (and a lot of people do), you can probably get better gaming performance out of that... you just need to get a good controller for it. Steam Deck is also a thing now, and while it's more costly, its performance and overall feel are probably better. I also think there's an option to turn a Nintendo Switch into an emulator machine if you have a spare. Tons of options these days. Anyone heard of a good OG Xbox emulator machine? Been waiting on that for quite a while.

  • You know what would be funny, if you could get that guy from the thu....

  • Is there a playlist with just Anthony's stuff in? I can't see one

  • If you're considering the Odroid, which you should at least consider, forget this version and get the Powkiddy RGB10 Max instead. It's the same thing reimagined, with far better build quality and wireless included. IMO RG351P/M/V and RGB10Max are the best devices to consider on the market right now. Remember that for both, you should load a different system than it comes with - probably ArkOS for the 351 and RetroOZ for the Odroid clone. It's easy to do, youtube is full of guides - I'd recommend the fantastic Retro Game Corps channel. If you're wondering about the quality, these are really good products, on par with PSP and Switch build quality and perhaps even better.

  • Cool !

  • OMG, the manta has pentalobes! F***ing hate those things but super useful to have.

  • I have and love an RG350M. There are some differences in different models, probably looking into an RG351V instead of P or M, both for the different form actor and because I prefer the 640x480 resolution and larger screen size. Slightly more mAh but I think the larger screen may eat most of that extra juice up.

  • The steam deck will probably be the next retro handheld console

  • Quote of the video "They don't look like they do much... But eh..." *thud* "...they do much."

  • Awesome overview!!!

  • Him: ones from South Korea the other two are from China Me: okay off the bat the purple one is cleary from China I’m also gonna guess the blue one is from South Korea based on its premium quality because everybody knows China couldn’t make something that good

  • can we PLEASE have a device for MEN with BIG HANDS?! JESUS

  • i can't play psp because the on/off button is where that volume rocker is

  • Got myself a nice RG351v anc I'm in retro Nirvana. :)

  • i don't know what that intro was but it reminded me of the stone age

  • Probably from a factory

  • 7:15 "it kinda turns more than you would expect"...from the video to me it looks like what my Nintendo Switch Lite does

  • I am waiting for the moment where there is no inputlags on these

  • imagine if Nintendo offered a "Virtual Console" platform like netflix, independent from specific hardware so that every nintendo console can access it. they'd just keep adding games and create a great library with old games that many people want. who would bother with emulation at that point? there's already websites where you can play emulated games through your browser from anywhere. It's their IPs and they can technically do whatever they want with them, even bury them underground and let noone play those games. But gamers can do whatever they want too and they're technically hurting noone by playing a game that would be lost in time and there's no way to ever buy it again.

  • dislike for the saw scary face.

  • Compromised? These wannabe handhelds are compromised. No direct game support by any developers. Fucking around with files and settings. Horrible scaling. Input lag? WTF? Shitty hardware feel that can never come close to real gaming companies who expend massive R&D on getting it right. A handheld that doesn't do anything a handheld should do. That is compromise. These systems are shit. It's no wonder nobody knows they exist. Only a moron would buy or recommend one.

  • They all have one thing in common - they come with the same shit mediatek chip

  • Am I the only one that imagines linus hanging from a gantry on the roof watching the sponsor spots and every time it's not smooth he just starts twitching.

  • Thank you Anthony for being awesome. Though I'm having a ball with my tablet PC and an 8-Bit do for my mostly portable gaming solution. Hoping one of these days we'll have a portable method to play PS3, Wii, and others in a portable format without becoming Software Engineers to do it. :)

  • Saw Anthony gave me a heart attack

  • the plastic Anbernic still has FAR better build quality than the other two, it's easily on the same quality level as a Nintendo 3DS or PS Vita

  • I could listen to Anthony talk about any tech all day I swear to god 😂

  • 1:45 Saw this in the thumbnail.

  • I use to have a GP32, Front-Light modded... but it died, studdenly stopped working, and young me decided to try and fix it, and it was never put back together... I wish I had kept it, or not even tried to fix it, I could probably repair it now.... :(

  • The analog sticks on that last one must be 3d printed 😅

  • Awesome job as usual anthony.

  • I think handhelds need to go back to the sorts of weight and ergonomics of the PSP and GBA, anything above 300 g really isn't that comfortable for long gaming and the Switch is terrible ergonomically.

  • The 351M is a great little machine with a great d-pad. If it only had a 4:3 display...


  • I also do not condone piracy but to be honest, there's no good way to buy these super old games an run them. And even if you can the developers of that time who worked on those games are usually no longer developing for Nintendo or those studios don't even exist anymore. So I think sometimes I can let it slide a lil. (bought myself a Anbernic) 🤣🤠🙈

  • Glad to see some Retro Handheld love on this channel. As someone who's recently joined the scene by purchasing an Anbernic RG351V (which is the newest of their lineup rn. modeled to look pretty similar to a GB/GBC and has a 4:3 screen), it's nice to see a big channel talk about them and know what they're talking about. It's ESPECIALLY great that you're using 351Elec and not the terrible stock firmware it comes with (which is a very outdated and not supported EmuElec OS.) For those getting into Anbernic devices, I'd recommend you buy separate SD cards (A 16GB for your OS, and 64GB+ for your games. I personally have a 128GB SanDisk Ultra) and be sure they're reputable brands (and not counterfeit). The ones Anbernic gives you are very prone to failure and data corruption, so it's best to get your own. As for the large library of games it comes with... Get rid of those too. You may find some that are good, but its mostly broken roms, badly translated or not at all, etc. Just get your own, seeing as its what you do these days. As for the OS, there are three that are very well developed as of right now (and more on the way!). You have 351Elec, which is a more convenient OS that's basically setup for you with most emulator settings ready to go. Those who aren't really into tinkering with settings and just want to enjoy a good game with no hassle, should pick this one! (If you do need to change anything, it can be done in EmulationStation, as changes in RetroArch may not save.) This uses a type of arch linux architecture. Next OS is ArkOS (which is on practically every rk3326 chip device running Linux) that uses Ubuntu 20. This OS is known to be best for those who prefer going into RetroArch and tinkering with the settings yourself, SSHing into the device, etc. It's a very good OS that I myself use. Lastly is The Retro Arena (TheRA) which is basically the same as ArkOS (as this is what ArkOS was forked from), but is very well known for niche systems and handhelds you may not even recognize. If that's your thing, this is the one to go for! Otherwise, it behaves very similarly to ArkOS, seeing as the devs usually go back and forth with updates. It is a little slower on updates, as the main dev believes its pretty good as of now. ArkOS and 351Elec are the most favorable ones, mainly as they update the most. Not as frequent, but still fairly decently if you want more and more changes as it goes. Another thing to note, is that using Box86, people are able to port linux games to this device, which will likely run at 100% if done right! Meaning you can play games such as Undertale, Diablo, Shovel Knight, Super Mario 64 at 60fps, and a lot more! Well worth getting, I very much assure you! Now, whether to get an Anbernic device over say an OGS is entirely up to you, as that system is sometimes preffered over Anbernic's (hell, you can put an OGS battery into an RG351V and an OGA battery into an RG351P/M which I highly recommend as the battery they come with is pretty messy. It can either arrive faulty, not calculate battery percentage correctly, etc. Overall, its just much lesser in quality compared to the odroid go batteries.) Anyway, so awesome to see this system on LTT!

  • Anthony: All plastic, except for tempered glass. Retroid: I have a headphone jack, unlike most smartphones after the iPhone 7.

  • you guys should check out what the super smash brothers melee scene has done with netplay on it's game, fizzi @fizzi36 on twitter built netplay for melee and the input lag is minimal

  • SteamDeck: "Fine, I'll do it myself"

    • And Emulator-Developers all over the world are like °O°

  • Really cool video! I like Anthony's no nonsense and easygoing yet fun approach. Gotta love those retro emulators mm mm mmmm

  • You could have tried creating your own console ,I think it could cost less and more customizable , i think the only challenge could be having some sort of 3d printer for the cover

  • I don't know where come from, but I acn say that after using a lot stream services like xCloud, steam link or geforce now, I have wet dreams with retro consoles based on android... I know, I can do the same with just a tablet, but having controller+screen all together in one piece can be a real deal for longer play sessions.

  • I can't believe you haven't said a word about the steam Deck!

    • it wasn't announced when they made this video

  • I can imagine one day we'll all carry one of these doodads in our pockets, able go play any game, even with the ability to contact our non local friends. Glass from edge to edge. Oh wait

  • Who would play games with input lag. That's like totally killing the fun

  • I have all the official handheld consoles, from gameboy color to psvita, with 3ds and psp in the middle. But after all these years, Installing Android 10 on my Nintendo Switch last month, has made me appreciate the system more than anything. Despite android 10’s countless possibilities of game streaming, mobile games etc. It feels as if the PSX era was meant to be emulated on the switch. Not to forget the switch’s docking capability takes the whole experience to a different level.

  • Tony gets all the fun ones imo

  • When Anthony says terrible experience it means a really really horribly terrible experience.

  • We love anthony

  • Can't wait to see them do a video on how well stream's handheld does at emulation.

  • can it play psx2?

  • China has been ripping handheld consoles off for decades now.