What the Heck is an Xbox Certified Display??

Publicado el 11 nov 2021
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Microsoft just released 3 new "Designed for Xbox" monitors, but what does that even mean and are they any good?

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0:00 - Intro
0:37 - Cablemod!
0:51 - LTT Intro
0:59 - What is a Designed for Xbox Display?
2:55 - Philips Momentum
6:35 - Asus ROG Strix XG43UQ
10:11 - Acer 28" Xbox Edition
13:24 - Squarespace!
14:07 - Outro


  • 5:43 Did you have to do that right on Cortana!? 😂😂😂

  • I wish I could get one of those Xbox certificates stickers to put on my monitor just for fun

  • When I got my LG C1, the first one died after a week; the picture scrambled and wouldn’t come back. The second one was badly dented where the glass had delaminated from the screen. Finally the third was perfect. It was a month of driving them back and forth from Best Buy. I stuck with it because the image is incredible. Once you see it, every other TV looks washed out.

  • 5:46... how does Cortana smell Linus? 😆

  • Hilarious that they didn’t ensure to require good response times. I feel like most people on console are looking for an IPS display, 120+Hz, 27”+, 1ms response time or less, 1440P and HDR with at least 600 nits.

    • Also, HDR at this point in time vs cost is way more than console gamers are likely to spend. To get a monitor with decent HDR brightness, you are already likely exceeding the cost of the console itself.

  • Yo those Sony split screen TV's were dope indeed.

  • I can't believe it, Linus just peak into an AI butt ;-p

  • i need a great gaming monitor can we see a updated video only on great monitors from cheapest to highest because finding them are hard to find

  • TVs should be reporting the subpixel arrangement for the console to correct.

  • The end conclusion simply comes back to “just go get a C1”

  • In response to ESmain removing the Dislike counter, I've canceled my premium membership.

  • can we get more colton videos?

  • I think the microscope made it harder to see what you were pointing out, I think I would have been able to get it sooner if you'd have just used the macro lens and showed the color fringing.

  • All of the fan boys/girls arguing over game consoles. What is truly sad is that some of them are old enough to vote.

  • 5:43 Linus staring at Cortana's crotch

  • I can't wait for AppleTV Certified displays made by Apple.

  • An Xbox certified display is a display that's geared to play Trash Panda games like Forza Horizon Halo Farm/Goat Sims an Boyfriend Banana. The reason Xbox is the lowest selling platform on the market

  • All of these suck and cost more than my Samsung QN90A. I got a 50 inch too so the smaller size is nice for gaming.

  • Anyone else see linus perving on cortanas ass. Lol

  • I never buy a TV without reading about it on rtings. The price of these TVs is just absurd. At this price range, just buy an OLED and get a coverage plan.

  • Honestly if you want the perfect TV for the Series X, shouldn't you just invest in one of the LG C series?

  • 5:42 Linus getting a sniff of Cortana’s ass

  • 8:30 how can you just say 6.9ms without calling it out? :D

  • My TV hits all of those except 4k 120Hz. I have 4k 60Hz. Is that a huge difference? Should I be wanting a better TV?

  • i would love to have sutch monitor like the last one the the Acer28 i use a 120€ monitor for my pc so not that great for games in terms of how good the colors are

  • Just get the C1, you won't regret it

  • Ummmm first Of all your playing on a 60 inch tv😂😂your screen is gonna be gray and blurry cmon man


  • Get an LG OLED they nearly are always on sale

  • LTT our one stop before buying tech products

  • I feel like I know much less after watching this video. Lol. I know that after you drop a tv on the floor it looks funky under a microscope. Lol

  • 6:00 How much is it? Are they for real? No one is going to buy it at that price. I expected it to be like 800 or something like that.

  • As a german i get triggerd how he spells TÜV 🙄😅

  • Linus :Makes A video about xbox , forgets his ps4 controller next to it 🤣

  • linus moved to the screen just to look at cortana's butt lol i seen it

  • Anything on the MacBook Pro Displays?

  • This honestly has reaffirmed my distaste for VA panels for gaming.

  • Or get a really good monitor

  • 2:37 i saw an email that wasn't blurred... just for linus, i wont say it

  • Woohh... Is Linus working out lately or is it just me, he looks like he's getting more Fit

  • way to descire that smeary exactly what i was thinking looked like a matte paint mess

  • Hmmmm, I think he likes OLED

  • I like that Linus shows the series x with a PS4 controller next to it

  • 5:41. Yes, Linus. Butt.

  • Linus why are you using a DualShock with Xbox

  • What is edjulent?

  • I have an Xbox and a pc and i use the same screen for both I don't know why but I have ghosting when I play on console I guess it's happening because of the Vsync activated for all games on console

  • Well, as you've said: Even *with* the sticker... one of them is absolute trash. Which tells us one very easy thing: Companies who want their displays to be "Xbox certified" will buy a license that allows them to put this sticker on the device... that's it. It has nothing to do with high quality. That's never been the reason for those certificates ;) That's another reason why i'd *never* recommend *anyone* to trust Microsoft. Don't do so. They're no good. Period. :P

  • i love the counter argument lmao, what do you need that big mousepad for, you're a console gamer, you hold a controller

  • Maybe we need an ltt standard for gaming tv's

  • The sponsored portion was way too loud compared to the rest

  • so where does one get that Alien head wallpaper at 6:55 ? I have Alienware computers and never seen that wallpaper and not on my computer,. Also tried googling it but haven't found it yet, still looking though. Any help would be appreciated.

  • The bright green label on the front of the TV is a total deal breaker to me. I refuse to buy a TV or monitor with such a distracting sticker on the front like that.

  • Can we get a good budget tv round up

  • Same thing as VR Ready motherboards, I'd assume

  • I know its above your paygrade but please do a video explaining latency and packet loss. i get 5 ping on csgo no packet loss, but terrible connections to other games.

  • I used to have a CRT that was "Xbox ready" back when the original Xbox came out

  • 2 weeks or less? guess whos getting a new coiled cable :) !

  • You missed the Sony TV with PlayStation 2 embedded

  • What in the world is xbox certified lmao. They want to compete with playstation, but Sony has a mastery of making beautiful TVs since decades. So ofcourse their bravias are perfect for ps5s.

  • Nice

  • ...5ms pixel response time is slow now? In a world where many self-proclaimed 1ms monitors aren't actually 1ms?

  • Doesn’t matter what an xbox display is. I can’t fcking buy an Xbox

  • I have an Asus TUF 1440p 144hz “hdr” display but the “hdr” is trash. Like it’s basically impossible for the Xbox to recognize it as true hdr when Asus does advertise it as. I agree they should have pushed this certification further so you know your getting your full experience for your money. Cause you can still spend big bucks and not get everything. But to be honest 1440p 120 with true hdr10 is what id prefer over what they have.

  • We get it, Linus loves OLED panels and everything else is inferior. I get it, I really do - but I can't deal with burn-in. Can you do mini-LED for gaming? :)

  • My broke ass with a 24 inch Vizo tv from 6 yrs ago thinking all of these look amazing

  • I’m confused why there not in forza 5 because it was out for a few days when the posted the vid

  • Why doesn’t Microsoft make a tv specifically for the xbox

  • The Sony 900h is a 4K 120 TV. And also as HDR and Dolby vision with Dolby Atmos. And it's around $1,000 Mark and it's the perfect TV for the Xbox series x.

  • i am poor and rich and elon musk and superman


  • Anyone know the keyboard at 0:42??

  • But did you turn on game mode?

  • OMG!!! That's a drop test right there! 9:44

  • im saving up for an LG c1 it's gonna be awesome

  • The color grading on this video makes linus' lips looks like he's wearing pink lipstick xP looking hot Linus~ xD

  • Now remake the video on horizon 5

  • *☝️☝️☝️👆mine was successfully recovered thanks to the genuine person behind it.* . .

  • *☝️☝️☝️👆mine was successfully recovered thanks to the genuine person behind it.* ..

  • *☝️☝️☝️👆mine was successfully recovered thanks to the genuine person behind it.* ..

  • *☝️☝️☝️👆mine was successfully recovered thanks to the genuine person behind it.* ..

  • Here's what sucks: you buy a monitor that you know is great, great reviews, great technology, everything. But...it gets flopped up during shipping ,handling and in warehouses. And what you get when it comes to the door is something that's got a few dead pixels and/or blooming. Then you order another one, send that one back and it's the same thing all over again! Last time I bought a monitor, I purchased three, and kept the best one, returned the rest :).

  • duse is this guy ok, his eyes look like he's been up for weeks

  • That HBO Chernobyl reference was awesome lol

  • We've got 3 displays here proceeded to only show us 2 of them and spend ⅔ of the video on the second one 🤣

  • PC died a few months back, so my hrr monitor became my Xbox display.

  • Pls say TÜV SÜD as often as you can. The german will laugh but its also kinda cool that you at least try very hard 😂

  • Why would you sell anyone a less than ROG certified keyboard Lambo?

  • Low input lag should be a requirement

  • Can't we just rotate the display 180° to make it RGB??

  • Verified Actual Display

  • The WOLED panels back in the day' were in fact "too fast" in pixel response time' and have been dialed down since to circumvent some cons from too fast pixel response times for TV use cases. Take a look at the 2017 LG 4K OLED C7 55" (that year where all SoC was the same from wallpaper to B/C) Rtings "C7 55" 80% 0.1ms and 100% 0.2ms (you can see the waveform on their site and compare it to newer variants.) that is fast, and for gaming and for high framerate content halleluja, but its still a TV and for normal low framerate TV content, it's simply too fast, and will create panning stutter etc. So on newer OLEDs. the pixel response rates has been made a lot slower.. its like 1000% to 1200% slower. now its more like 80% 1.1ms (11x) and 100% 2.4ms (12x) I recall Linus LG OLED that are inbuild in the wall are a 2017 LG 4K wallpaper-variant if I remember correctly. but the input lag is obviously way better, back in 2017 is was 20ms for 4K60 HDR gaming feed., though in 120fps its max of 1440p120fps on these with an HDMI2.0 chip, like 2017. A precarious thing with these LG OLED TV with a WRGB pixel grid, is that it will only allov 3 of the 4 subpixels to be lit at once. I don't know if that is different on newer LG WRGB 4K WOLED panels. I took a closer look at the OLED-WRGB pixels with my macro camera (its a 4K LG WRGB OLED 2017 panel) notice how only three pixels can be lid at one time, not all four WRGB pixels. esmain.info/goal/v-deo/iK2Iqa6Uh7OUeNE

  • Playstation tv was not a tv. Just a smaller console version of the ps vita.

  • Sony also launched a PS2 Bravia LCD TV in 2010. But maybe only here, because I think they only made PAL versions.

    • esmain.info/goal/v-deo/fW1nh7-YaKWRnqs

  • I use that ps 3dtv as a monitor

  • LOL It's approved by TÜV 10:40 TÜV is kind of pronounced like you would pronounce TIF just with a little more U in the middle. TÜV is the "technical review board" in Germany and they do a lot of the car reliability checking. But, to make money, they also branch out in a lot of other technical topics, by creating standard to which they test any kinds of electronic devices and such. Sometimes these standards are bullshit pulled out of their asses and advertised with their name, so people can have a TÜV SÜD logo on their crappy product.

  • Do your own list

  • I don't know if anybody mentioned this or not, but you have to be insane to spend that amount of money just for a glorified LCD TV or as they like to call it now mini LED like there's no reason that you could possibly have unless you're some crazy person that is paranoid of burn in which many tests have proven. That isn't a thing in modern day. OLED TVs

  • hdr looks like acid, just horrible

  • Who didn’t tell Linus to fix his beard? Off with their head