We're Changing Our Name - WAN Show October 29, 2021

Publicado el 29 oct 2021
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Timestamps (courtesy of NoKi1119):
[ 0:00 ] Chapters
[ 1:33 ] Intro
[ 2:02 ] Topic #1: Meta is the NEW Facebook
4:31 Meta rebranding, Zuckerberg's statement
7:54 "Project Cambria" VR headset and Meta Quest
13:22 Thoughts on the change
[ 18:08 ] Topic #2: Intel's "Alder Lake"
18:48 "TDP" renewal
21:15 Competitive charts not accurate
24:52 Are faster CPUs needed for gaming?
[ 26:52 ] LTTstore purchase banners & message
[ 30:20 ] Topic #3: Linux challenge update
37:49 Linus's & Luke's experience
43:35 Streaming, Dolphin & Linux issues
52:00 Linus's take on GUIs
56:22 Linux's impact on socializing
59:42 Good & bad package managers
[ 1:04:10 ] Sponsors
1:04:18 Secretlab chairs
1:05:06 Ridge Wallet
1:05:40 PulseWay Remote Monitoring
[ 1:06:37 ] Topic #4: Nintendo's N64 subscription
[ 1:12:13 ] Topic #5: YT demonitizes bad kid content
[ 1:14:26 ] Team Seas
[ 1:16:11 ] Topic #6: USCO and right to repair
[ 1:19:58 ] LTTStore merch messages
[ 1:51:05 ] Screwdriver, newsletter
[ 1:57:20 ] Outro


  • Luke has put some weight on since I last watched a Linus video, I barely recognised him! Wtf he used to be quite a slim guy and looked good for it! Get on the treadmill or out on the bike man and work that metabolism whilst your still young enough for it, once you hit your late 30s, early 40s it's twice as hard, double the effort and motivation!

  • The PS4 Stacking video is from TronicsFix. Link : esmain.info/goal/v-deo/h7CsmM5in6yogtU

  • luke turn your mic down👂💥 you're just way to loud. and shorty i mean linus needs to turn his up just a bit🦻🦻. 😳😳😳😳😖😖😖😫😫😫😫😡😡🤬🤬

  • Surprised I haven't seen any comments on here about the fact that Meta already existed and refused to sell their name to Facebook.

  • Saggy infinity sign.. Does this mean they're capturing snapshots of people's brains, waiting for technology to advance to the point that they could make digital clones of people's minds, at the moment of death? One's consciousness would probably not transfer over, but for all practical purposes it would be.. You. Edit: not necessarily at the moment of death..

  • Now while I want to play any game on my PC, the idea that I can't play some games on my platform isn't really new or limited to just Linux. Like I said I want it fixed, and pay money to support emulators to play console games on my Linux PC, but it's not new.

  • 48:00 I will agree that GUI's are great, but copying faster from cli vs gui is a hard losing bet linus I mean you have for loops, find, grep, etc.

  • Talking about how the new generation is going to be so better than the other generations and here's me playing games on a 750ti 😂

  • Sometimes I forget Linus is the most famous tech guy besides Bill Gates. Maybe I should start placing pizza hut orders under *Linus sebastian* start getting my at least *Luke* warm

  • haha jr "why is your computer still broken?" i get the same thing when my internet goes "down". "daddy broke the internet again" no i didnt, the power went off.

  • The whole "Well who even" argument is bullshit. Look up when the Linux kernel dropped 386 and 486 support and ask them back "who even is still running that processor". It's bullshit. I think a lot of us Linux people, especially the devs, are just lacking the perspective of a fresh user and many of us actually just gotten used to a lot of the stuff that needs CLI(and don't get me wrong, I love the CLI, but I work as a sysadmin and would probably actually win the 1v1 in copying, so, not a fair comparison..) What I don't find fair tho is that debugging problems is harder. I'd say that's actually harder on Windows and Linus is probably just so used to that.. So while sure, finding issues isn't great for normal users, I'd say for actually finding issues, it's easier on Linux because most things either can be simply started on the CLI(just drop the shortcut into the command line) and it'll often spit out the debug message you are looking for or there's defined paths for your system log files. Like actual text files you can search in, etc.. Windows on the other hand.. Every program has a different log folder and the even viewer... Oooooof.

  • 53:56 Red Hat has been doing UX user testing for decades. They have a full ui/ux team working on the user expericence of the Gnome desktop.

  • I won't join the Meta bandwagon if it becomes a thing one day. It's too scary if people becomes addicted to it.

  • Linux just has to become a hobby in order to effectively daily drive it. I've tried to a couple of times and it always falls through eventually for the same reason...I really don't want to have to spend all evening trying to figure out why program XYZ won't work, when I really just need to be spending that time using the program to get something done. I just have too many other things to do to have that kind of time to invest in the learning curve of getting Linux all set up and working, and it won't even stay that way as stuff gets updated and it breaks other things again. That's basically what you are paying microsoft to do so you don't have to constantly deal with it at that level and be able to reasonably expect to be able to just sit down and use the computer and accomplish things beyond just trying to keep the computer working. Linux is much more interesting to me and worth the squeeze on more specialized applications like raspberry pi projects or NAS server setups and things like that.

  • Sending them money just to POSSIBLY read a text was not sufficient, now you have to BUY their 'merch' just for that possibility. Super crappy look.

  • RE Faster CPUs: Division 2 @4k loads up my 5950x to about 80% all cores.

  • Nowadays I just mostly stick with steam on linux, wich is usally click and play with of course some exceptions and problems here and there, sometimes it's proton/wine to blame, others just badly coded games with ugly windows hacks. Interesting that you think most of linux users use Lutris, i doubt it. I used to just install the games directly on wine, at the end of the day it's what lutris does plus override some libraries here and there when needed. I still do it when i want to play anything outside steam or anything that it just works in the windows version.

  • So Facebook combined: Meh: A sound used to describe something average Duh: The sound describing something obvious MehDuh: The sound made to describe the obviously average

  • you should order a pc as linus and one as someone else and actually see if its diffrent

  • Heres a great idea. Stop using Facebook and go read a book in the park. Ffs.

  • Funny the guy is a multi millionaire and he is so cheap that he don't want to buy a copy of a game that is pretty cheap to play with his kids...

  • Linus actually believes the women who testified in front of congress is a whistle blower, lol and at the same time, Fakebook puts out a statement to rebut her from emails, lol, lol! Fakebook is totally scamming & gaslighting congress! Just look for more censorship & data mining with the cat lady fact checkers on META FAKEBOOK 😅😂🤣 !

  • To "hard close" an app sometimes you need to KILL it, not TERM (terminate).

  • "Alphabet" was a tax evasion move

  • Facebook should not own an algorithm trained on data basically stolen from users. That's on them.

  • Linus should use PCfman with admin privileges on KDE instead of nauilus

  • Where has Luke traveled for LMG business? I'm guessing either New York or somewhere close to Geneva. I mean, he could just say which accelerator it was. That wasn't a super negative anecdote, and I don't think anyone would be particularly mad about it. They'd have a pretty simple, easy excuse for asking him to delete the footage, and he technically denied not deleting it.

  • 1:39:00 Ermahgerd, definitely do a video similar to that "hold my hand with your distro and set it up for goodly gaming" concept you described. Not that that's inherently shill behavior, obviously, but if you can get that kind of collaboration from the lead dev of any half-decent distro (user-friendly or "advanced"), you should work with them to shill the **** out of it and see how much market share you can get it to take from "mainstream" OSs. Helping them take market share from other (non-Android, non-Apple) Unix/GNU OSs doesn't count, unless you reduce competition and strengthen that distro's business ("business" in quotes, depending on the distro) enough that it snowballs enough to compete with "mainstream" OSs, but any growth that comes from converting "mainstream" users helps, even if it's a single person -- and LMG's reach is obviously enough to convert more than a single person.

  • I spent over a year daily driving linux instead of windows - gaming was generally ok but working with others in office was problematic (particularly collaborating on documents) unless I wanted to just use the browser version of office - switched back to windows for daily use but still dual boot on my main pc.

  • I have a i7 950 Playing fine

  • linux is not for people who arent willing to learn. many in the linux community feel that this is how it should be. when u have a desire to remain ignorant you should have to put up with windows or bad linux. linux is not a participation trophy

  • lol, linus is exposing how Anti-user the arch-based community is

  • linux troubleshooting in a way is better, because you learn from everything you do. you become a better more knowledgeable person anytime you fix anything.

  • Been watching since the Nvidia and OG WAN hoodie days, but since I’m Aussie and always watch the archive, I’ve always missed them 🥲

    • Good excuse to buy a few things when it’s all back in stock though 😁😆

  • META.....Make Everything Trump Again

  • The more I need my computers to *just work* I hate on Microsoft and all flavors of Linux equally. Arch, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, ... they're all terrible in their own respects, and they're a nightmare especially when you use them on a laptop that wasn't exactly made to run Linux. And now I understand Apple users. It also has issues, but at least when you embrace the ecosystem you get a solid working system with integration into a shitton of other things.

  • Linux is more stable than WIndows. ... the Distros on the other hand.....

  • Could put every superchat dollar into team Seas? Only read comments of $20 or more.

  • Linus media group or LMG light machine gun

  • LLT orange / black hoodies ....paper release. Soon to be had with Gigabyte power supplies! ;)

  • Developers understand how machine learning algorithms work and how they’re built the problem is more that the models have so many dimensions, inputs, and endpoints it’s almost impossible to describe a specific model with something like say a table

  • The whole password deal, I’d bet it was a bit flip

  • 3770k here - I'm playing new world on it LOL. It has been going strong since 2012!

  • It's gonna be great trying to figure out when people are talking about Meta-communication if they mean Facebook-communication or en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meta-communication

  • "Troubleshooting is worse on Linux" UHHHH I see what your saying, but also, like, when you do run into something difficult to troubleshoot in my experience.... It's a lot more possible in Linux.

  • Whenever you get around to making a physical store for LTT merch will be a great day. Live in BC and prefer going to get clothes and other things in a store rather than online. It was a great name for the store ignore what Nick said about it lol

  • Not tinfoil hat. At all.

  • click bait much?

  • No discussion of the new macs? Wtf

  • Excellent quality and great 's authentic and genuine! I love this 100% effective method for this game so unique and for sharing.

  • Is your screwdriver electric with a torque limit? I laughed until I saw one in use. Even Jay's youngest uses one.

  • Mac OSX is also bad!

  • Both ARE bad!

  • The CPU Wars are like two-year-olds fencing. The first to adopt Threshold Logic Gates implemented in Resonant Tunnel Diodes will win. 100,000 times the speed-power product over CMOS. (500-1000 times the speed at 1% the power).

  • @45:45 "I've been using computers since the the Windows 3.1 days". LOL, hey buddy, I've been using Windows since the 1.0 days, when we would run the PC with two 5.25" floppy disks for OS and apps, and getting a 20MB HD to stop the disk swapping nonsense was a Godsend! It was so bad that I ended up switching to an Atari ST, and then to Mac after trying the Mac emulator cartridge on Atari.

  • There are huge differences between a description of what an algorithm is supposed to do, the details of the algorithm itself, and the code that purports to implement that algorithm.

  • LOL THATS NOT EVEN THE RIGHT WAY TO INSTALL OBS PLUGINS. Jesus. They were RIGHT. You should've installed it to a local dir in your home did where OBS is already configured to look for plugins. You absolutely shouldn't be needing to copy into system dirs and honestly its like Linux noob speed runs. No wonder you have system instability when your approach to obstacles is "oh surely I should force it with root".

    • What in the fuck are you even talking about? You literally are doing shit that your BROTHER IN LAW SHOULDNT BE DOING EVER. What other UX right now *requires* CLI. It's fucking irritating how ignorant these chats are. Does Anthony just drink constantly through these?

  • If you don’t let the kids online until they can make those decisions effectively then you don’t have to worry about it.

  • Low-key commie wan chat. Love it :)

  • Wait- where exactly do I find the linux daily driver challenge videos? WIll they be on ESmain? Thanks

  • Surely if you do a bed sized pillow (I assume they meant a regular pillow to sleep on?) Then it wouldn't be Alder Lake, it would be Epyc! (AYEEEE!)

  • Internet: We do not permit you a name change. We will continue to call you Facebook. Facebook: This is outrageous, it's unfair! How can a corporation not have rights to its own name? Internet: Silence, Brand.

  • I mean if you guys wanna change the name "WAN Show" go right ahead, it never really sounded good to begin with. like I get it. I understand why its named that. It just never sounded catchy to me. And I am exactly the type of picky sob who will choose to avoid watching something simply because I don't like its name.

  • WAN Show to LAN Show 😄

  • In case no one has noticed. ALL of the "Lake" generations of Intel are named after the lakes in the region where Intel is located. This includes "Coffee Lake" despite it sounding ridiculous.

  • Chat is so upset that Linus hasnt had a perfect experience with Linux

  • Bizarrely, I've been using Linux as my primary driver for about four years now, and I've never heard of Lutris before. Huh. Gonna have to check it out now.

  • loved the bit about older processors holding their value. Years ago my Dad asked me what to do with his old 486DX-33. He seemed a bit offended when i told him it was a boat anchor as he could remember what he paid for it brand new. poor guy.

  • Is MrBeast gonna really remove all that garbage though? I wish you guys wouldn't enable his lies.

  • Just another long time linux user here who totally agrees with the takeaways. My hope is that Proton will pull enough new people that these issues become a higher priority again. Anyhoo great stuff. Really looking forward to the series.

  • Who remembers turnip?

  • So is the linux challenge coming to youtube or not?

  • Make everything trump again META

  • yeah, Dolphin sucks, pretty hard. I'm switching to Thunar pretty soon. Still, Dolphin has a lot of pretty cool features, like tabs and split panels. also, I'm slowly starting to like command line more and more. It's just far more resource efficient, and it pretty much works without issue.

  • Always more regulations

  • I might be missing something here, but why wasn't Linus using the arrows to view the images on Twitter during the Nintendo topic?

  • Awesome

  • Minecraft dungeons is on game pass Linus. Does the Xbox app work with Linux? Should.

  • I get that there needs to be mechanisms to protect children online, but if you can't drive you shouldn't take your kid out to learn to operate a vehicle. Whilst that can be viewed as a very hyperbolic statement, I believe the consequences can be just as dire. I'm not sure where the the full responsibility should fall but, you are a bad parent if you let your kid free on the net without supervision, it's like letting them wander around the city without being supervised.

    • I agree. Thing is, most people understand the purpose and functions of a car, because they've been around for 100 years. The internet, in it's current form, has really only been around for 25 years, give or take, and most people can operate a browser, print things and do basic file manipulation, but that's about it. I would suspect in the next 10-20 years or so, most parents will be up to speed on the internet and computers at large.

  • Bottom banner is bad enough but I don’t give a dam who’s buying your peddled crap

  • I could imagine the video where Steve rips the LTT case apart. Lol

  • Linus I have no idea who convinced you to install an arch derivative. All flavors of Arch are for people who have experience running Linux and want the absolute latest most up to date software. This means that there will be bugs and you will just have to deal with them as they come. Anyone who is new to Linux should start with something like mint or Ubuntu or Pop OS. For looks, I recommend Pop OS as the fonts and overall look and feel is consistent. These distros have billions of tutorials on every subject, and the communities for them are relatively friendly. Arch on the other hand has a wiki that is hands down the most detailed on all subjects. I even refer to it when troubleshooting other distros, that is how good it is. Bottom line, you will have bugs, lockups, and crashes with Manjaro.

    • as a fellow Manjaro user, I can say with confidence that arch's package manager is just way more stable than using ppa's and snaps. The AUR is a godsend.

  • linus: oooo with that obscure connector it has to be this obscure piece of hardware from 10 years ago also linus: i do not remember how old my daughter is

  • About the Linux situation: the bane of smart people is to see themselves as more important than they are. Linux is for its community a status symbol no less than an iPhone is for an Apple fan.

    • right, let me just flex all the money I've spent on my brand new linux .iso.

  • I might be being an idiot, but I can't find the actual Linux switching videos. Are they floatplane exclusives? Apologies if that's already been mentioned.

    • yeah, it's on floatplane for now, it's all coming to the main channel, in time.

  • force quit, the problem(some say the strength) with linux is the termal. Back to "force quit" look up the commands "PS -a" to find the number you need and "kill" , "kill -9" and "killall"

  • > I will 1v1 you I will absolutely 1v1 you initiating a file copy starting from a blank desktop. You on Windows, me on Linux. You use drag and drop from file explorer, I'll use the command line. I will absolutely wreck you, because I have my terminal on a hotkey and I'll have the power of tab completion. And also, that's not a beginner skill, and you're absolutely correct that the number of archive managers that exist for Linux that don't consider drag and drop across different applications to be a critical feature is an absolute embarrassment to the ecosystem. And, it being Linux, you can make choices. And there are absolutely archive managers that have that functionality built in from the start. And that's also not a beginner friendly thing to have to do if you want some basic functionality.

    • It's also absurd that it's 2021 and our file managers don't all have archive managers built in like they are on Windows. That's absolutely indefensible.

  • I like these longer wan shows better tbh

  • > The troubleshooting process is worse than Windows What? I'm not here to suggest that Windows and Linux don't have their advantages and disadvantages, but this is a truly bizarre take. Are you less likely to run in to trouble with any arbitrary game when you're running Windows? Yes, you are. But once there's trouble, the Windows system is extremely limited and almost completely opaque. You can click on their relevant wizards and cross your fingers that the problem is solved, you can double check that your drivers are up to date, and if neither of those things work it's pretty much time to file a bug report and hope that either Microsoft or the game studio thinks it's an issue that affects enough people that they actually want to fix it. The fact that you can actually dig in to Linux logs and runtime errors in a meaningful way to try to resolve issues as they arise doesn't mean that it's harder to troubleshoot on Linux, it means it's possible to troubleshoot on Linux.

  • oooooh, I like the new set!!! ...but the LIGHTING SUCKS like a broke ho inside a black hole _inside_ another black hole.

  • Dang. I had this exact Linux issue/argument ten freakin years ago. The furthest I ever got ended with the 'Linux guy' saying '''We don't really care about the plebs. If you can't handle Linux, you don't have the right/understand the responsibility of using a computer in the first place. They should stay with Windows who'll hold their hand. I had hoped the Linux community had advanced since then, but I'm guessing this is still the sentiment of your average Linux dev to this day. Oh, and let's not forget all of these installation woes are compounded by the fact that most distros update every 6mo or a year. And yes, eight times out of ten it screws something up even though the devs tried to avoid it.

  • I think there is definitely room to make the command line interface more accessible too. It's very powerful, but at the beginning you don't really know /what/ sorts of things you can go and do in the command line-it's not an environment that is easy to explore when you are starting out. The man pages are alright, but having some segmenting of capabilities (here are your text-editing commands...) would be really useful because you can't look up the man pages of something you don't know the computer can do. The GUI presents your basic options easily, but theres no 'here are your basic options' in a terminal emulator Would be cool seeing an interface that blends command line and GUI into one integrated system

  • now you'll have to change the signs

  • Unless you're a **TRAINED PROFESSIONAL** do NOT "right to repair* your device. The device will do absolutely everything in its power to kill you.

  • Can they run a virtual machine under Linux while still doing the Linux Challenge so that they can still play Minecraft Dungeons? What exactly are the rules?

  • ouch, brought out the crowbarhammer for the burn... :( glhf also quick question, will the team red pillow have pins or no pins?

  • I’m getting an E Corp vibe from Facebook/Meta

  • They should have a "WAN Show after hours" where they read any leftover "Merch chats" and it gets uploaded the next day as a video.

  • You're just going to have to have to have lots of fast storage and dual boot for both Windows gaming and Linux gaming.

  • Really? All error codes I got on Windows through the years never had a documentation nor a fix. All computer repair shops I went had the option of reinstalling as troubleshooting was out of the question. No matter how many starts needs to be align in Linux at let's they do most of the time.