We called out Tech Ingredients and they DELIVERED

Publicado el 1 nov 2021
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Tech Ingredients is BACK with another thermal compound, a thermal paste this time! Can it hold a candle to commercially available thermal interface materials?

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Tech Ingredients testing video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Glfak...
Tech Ingredients how-to-make video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RJ-v...
Our previous coverage on their thermal epoxy: www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJnrM...

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0:00 Intro
2:27 Squish Test
3:44 Electrical Conductivity
4:32 Methodology
5:55 Testing
8:40 TI Paste Results
9:32 Cost


  • Sorry. Claire. I will.

  • I'm sorry. Linus. What am I doing wrong?

  • Just trying to sleep.

  • I can feel the frequency of infinity.

  • Why do I need to be cool under pressure?

  • * By 0 he means "greater than the measuring ability of this testing device". Every insulator has a breakdown voltage.

  • how to start a house fire 101

  • your ffilming soo shakey

  • IDK...If I were going to try and create my own paste, the first thing that comes to mind would be Copper dust suspended in mineral oil or other heat conductive viscous material for suspension. Yes, it would be conductive, therefore use carefully. I have a 9900k that has a soldered heat spreader and gets red hot.

  • Is it too difficult to simply measure out the same amount before you squish it? Or too difficult to simply set the same weight on each one to see how much it squeezes under the same pressure?

  • Wait, that's a very overclocked CPU? My CPU is clocked at 5.4GHz all core @4.1v....

  • Hey, I know this guy, I've seen videos of him making speakers, very interesting !

  • Your thumbnail could be used for a crack advert just saying.

  • Y'all have to get Tony and Tech grandpa to make the best homemade PC ever. Something like the sub-zero PC but done by someone who has actual technical know-how and will produce something more than a rubber tub with a bunch of tubes running to a unit stacked with bath towels to absorb the unforeseen condensation...

  • Cool

  • Used to run my 10900K @ 300Watt al the time. Only now realising that wasn’t normal 🤔.

  • Wow for a second there at 8:04, Alex looked and sounded really different. That was weird.

  • This was a very poor showing, his "shed" is a laboratory, and if using well informed, painstaking and methodical testing makes the other person a "grandpa" it's a low quality dig(TI is clearly a well educated engineer, that cares about the scientific method and measurable results). I feel you could have just as well not done this video, embarrassing to see such low effort!

  • I think calling the TE guy 'Tech Grandpa' is disrespectful, how would Anthony feel being called the 'Tech Jumbo'. If you don't like TE style that's fine but don't disrespect your elders (or Peers). I find him very Creative and detailed in everything he does. Yes the audio samples he uses may be cheesy and his dancing is out of style, but he's not as offensive as some millennials trying to emulate him.

  • Alex seemed like he was able to go much more off of what he knew and not so much off a script here. Definitely came off a lot more naturally. Not that he's a bad host but it would be amazing to see more from a purely engineering informations perspective.

  • This demonstrates the plateau in thermal interface material science. Just like it's hard to make a better engine because all the low-hanging fruit has been picked in the last 160 years, TIMs have been around a long time too and it's just hard to make something better than what is already common.

  • This guy kind of sounds like 1 of the Hardy brothers from South Park. “He’s getting a raging clue about thermal paste.”

  • So bottom line they all work. What was the point of this video for the non nerds?

  • Wow Alex really changed towards the end of this video.

  • 8:04 The video equivalent of "Forgot to change accounts back".

  • Wow Alex really sucks at science. This was so half assed that You should be ashamed.

  • come back in 30 minutes ? ...... *well its been an hour and half....*

  • Alex is so much more comfortable on camera compared to years ago. Still just as handsome though 😊.

  • okay, pretty cool, and now I have to watch the NT-H2 vs NT-H1 video^^

  • Noctua: i want this thermal paste! Noctua engineers: we cant make this, this is too complex Noctua: Tech Ingredients made this in his garage!!! with a bunch of SCRAPS!!!!! Noctua engineers: I'm sorry sir, but im not Tech Ingredients...

  • Nice work! both teams!

  • Changing humidity might account for the different test results

  • Alex, you are not credible at all since your Thinkpad review, you are biased and nitpicking.

  • I expected more from you guys.

  • Alex: Has HORRIFFIC methodology Also Alex: "wow our results are all over the place we can't tell anything" Tbh if I was tech ingredients right now I'd be pissed off, they spent months developing this in response to your last review and ye decided to half-ass it

  • What was that? Squeeze test or thermal compound material test? I mean - WHO put just an dot of thermal paste on the middle of the CPU?! Sorry - this video crap - it would be better to check again different versions for the application of the thermal paste...

  • Dude, you didn't make sure the amounts of each was the same. Obviously it's going to spread more if you apply more. How hard would it have been to portion them the same? Air conditioning on? I would expect more thought to have gone into this.

  • 0L on a multimeter stands for "open loop". Aka, no circuit connection.

  • I believe that their paste can be thinnned out a little with distilled water, which may give a better "squish" pattern. Obviously it would be best to let it dry if you do that though. I'm thinking of trying it, thinned out, for attaching heatsinks to the motors in my RC cars.

  • Resistance zero that means there is conductance ?

  • Amateur approach 🙁 and dehonesting... Next time do not eat paste you are testing - it has bad influence on you work and brain ...

  • sorry Alex, just trying to get some bots to reply to me


  • 8:02 why did you change your shirt?

  • 1:22 "as good as you can get to a thermal load" really? 12900k overclocked would like a word.

  • What software was that?

  • Tech Ingredients got some Beer ob their stairs, LTT a giant golden Plug in their shroud. WHO whore ist better?

  • Can I have a PC?

  • Is everyone here really so young to be calling Tech Ingredients as Tech Grandpa instead of Tech Dad?

  • Yeah, just don't try to contact Tech Ingredients customer service because they will not respond, ever. I ordered some of this a couple months ago to do my own testing but it didn't ship for a few weeks. After a couple weeks of it not shipping I reached out and gave them my new address I was moving to with no reply. I sent another email a week later with no reply. They sent a shipping confirmation to which I replied immediately because I saw the address had not changed. No reply. I never received my thermal paste and I was out $22.70 after shipping for 1ml of paste. I love Tech Ingredients and will continue to follow them, but if you're going to sell stuff to your fans then maybe you should have customer service. I'm not going to do a chargeback, even though I probably should.

    • @Lewg Yeah, Im not planning on purchasing anymore, but ill still follow their channel. It's just such a good channel and this is a pretty serious logistics/CS fuckup. I don't abandon people because of one mistake, but I will warn others to watch out when its happened. If I found out they purposefully didnt respond to my requests I'd be livid, but maybe it got stuck in spam or something? Idk. Not happy, but no one is perfect and to expect perfection is to expect disappointment.

  • linus drop tips

  • Yours numbers show that Tech Ingredients' product was better.

  • I wonder how the home made stuff will perform in the long run. Someone at LTT should run that for a year and let us know how it's doing then.

  • Are you taking contributions for a camera tripod?

  • That golden lucky

  • I know I'm getting old because I've been annoyed my whole life for being called an irritating millennial... and my first thought was how irritating this zoomer is.

  • now im curious how Kryonaut would fare against these two

  • I swear by good old HY880

  • If you are worried about the spread, just pre spread it yourself like the LN2 overclockers do. That should not be a big factor in what paste is better.

  • Never tested, but I suspect that most decent thermal pastes are all about the same. There is nothing new under the sun. Thermal paste and heat transfer is a pretty well understood science. I think the main reason for the different formula's is patents. If it's not different enough, you can't patent it. If you can't patent it, you can't easily make money off it. Try the Tech Ingredients thermal paste with an ice chilled water block. You might see a real difference there ( because the temp delta will be so much higher ).

  • arctic silver 9 anyone :P

  • There is a polymer which transmits thermal load faster and more completely than pure copper (or gold, or some other metal), and it's a Polymer (worth saying twice). That material is, and has been tested carefully, SpiderWeb. Yup, the ass juice from those nasty little fux (Spiders) is better than copper for transmitting heat away. That's why I never clean the inside of my computer. XD

  • Resistance? FUTILE! XD

  • Hahaha I love Alex, his videos are always awesome

  • What software do they use?

  • The does it taste good test, the does it glue well test, the do you have to clean and reapply test, will a need new clothes if I make a mess test....

  • Why cant you just spread it around like real PC builders do? Or, at least how i do when i make mine.

  • Take a shot each time they say “scientific.”

  • I switched to KPX paste and it comes with a little spreader... nothing like spreading the paste to cover 100% of the IHS before you even mount the cooler.

  • OK pro tip. Instead of selling mugs and mouse pads, sell statues of Linus like the one on the window sill.

  • Why do the most frequent videos start with a bunch of text on the screen? Unnecessary, we can hear.

  • 8:01 something changed... Not sure what

  • Another important factor is do they each still work well after 1 or 2 years... Cause testing on day 1 is not always enough

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  • Should compare with Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut instead, its the best paste in the market.

  • Is that a Linus photo on the table? Total Putin right there :D

  • Weirdes thing on this channel is that on every shot there would be a pic of Linux somewhere. erm...

  • Booooooooooooooooring. This should have been a 3min Video.

  • You're missed a link to the Tech Ingredients video that explains the whole manufacturing of the paste with all the details: esmain.info/goal/v-deo/cIl8ZNt-hNl2hrc

  • Back in the days with processor without Integrated Heat Sinks we used to spread the thermal paste out over the core in a real thin layer. We really needed the contact. We used ThermalTake Silver paste ( not the standard white crap ) and overclocked the AMD Durons, Athlons, XPs, and Semprons. If you connected 2 dots on the processor you would unlock the multiplier. And sometimes, especially the early durons you could increase this quit a bit. I had a Duron 800 ( 100 Mhz x 8 ) which did 108 x 11 ( =1188 ). The memory had to be good to run at 108 ( later 144 (1,08x133)) though. With the copper Zalman flower coolers. Oooh, those old days. Can you guys make a video about that?

  • The actual costs of materials in the Tech Ingredients paste is incredibly low. The barrier costs to production are fairly high, though, as you need pretty specialized tooling to be able to mix the incredibly fine metal particles into the silicone they're using. They did, however, include a much cheaper "This is still better than the cheap thermal paste" solution that only requires a mortar and pestle and a willingness to test your arm's fatigue limits.

  • You sound like your gritting your teeth.

  • i really enjoyed the video but i do have to say the title didn’t bring me in and more so confused me… still pressed like though, love you guys!

  • Nice

  • The baby, thanks for a video :)

  • Hehe, David and Goliath. God bless, Rev. 21:4

  • The rips on Tech Ingredients early on in the vid felt pretty unprofessional.

  • The more paste you put the more it spreads lol your squish test was brutally awful man.

  • Cool

  • Can't pay attention because I'm trying to figure out if that's Mecha-King-Ghidorah on the desk or Metalgreymon

  • Test the thermalpaste with laptops :), but I know old Macbook pros 2011 17" are really ruff on thermalpaste one week and it is dry

  • Next time interleave the tests between the contenders. It will help you contextualize how temperature changes impact the results better.

  • If you want to be more scientific about it you should try to measure the amount of paste dispensed onto the plexiglass bricks more accurately. I would think using a micrometer head to push the plunger would help if you know the internal dimensions of the plunger.

  • It's very easy to make "thermo-conductive paste" at home though. Just sand down a block of aluminum with a very fine sandpaper and mix it with toothpaste to achieve a usable viscosity.

  • where the fuck is linus

  • 1 / kina pointless if the thermal restriction is now between the chip and cap 2 / the real world where ( most ) computer people are incompetent at physical work 3 / also appears you don't understand thermodynamics ether

  • Comparing the cost per gram of the finished product, is not really fair. As the paste is "marketed" as a DIY. The finished product is just the channel's merch. You wouldn't compare an LTT hoodie's price against a store-bought one.. obviously.

  • um. is it that much more effort to take the tiny spatula they give with these, and use it to spread it thinly over the ihs before applying the cooler? It's what i always do.

  • I get Keanu Reeves vibes from Alex everytime I watch him.

  • i immediately quit watching at the dot method. stop using the dot method. just spread it or atleast use X method.