We Bought the CHEAPEST OLED TV… How Bad Could It Be?

Publicado el 6 nov 2021
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If you could get a 55" OLED display for hundreds of dollars cheaper than usual, would you buy one? Should you buy one? We took the plunge for you and bought the Skyworth 55XC9000, come check out the results!

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa mbarek_abdel
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
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Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE

0:00 Intro
0:42 Skyworth 55XC9000
1:30 How so cheap?
2:40 Linus Business Tips
6:45 Who is Skyworth?
7:54 The TV
10:40 Can it game?
12:22 Audio quirks
13:23 Should you buy it?
14:46 Outro


  • I recently bought an LG C1 which really wasn't cheap but I love it. Was worried it would show up here.

  • If there is one thing i learned , it's that you don't cheap out on a monitor/TV you'll regret it. It either dies in a couple months , has death pixels or the build quality is crap.

  • I just bought an LG 55AI for €799 or around $904 USD new including taxes and free shipping, so I don't think this TV is worth buying even at that discounted price.

  • Just show the damn TV

  • I always wondered how the now defunct Fry's Electronics could get away with selling far below this with their " famous name brand" ads. They were available in store only but I recall the LGE7 OLED being $700 less there than the Best Buy or Amazon's advertised price

  • Can you review the VIZIO OLED? that would be cool to compare to this

  • 60Ms that’s super bad

  • kudos to linus for watching literally me in blade runner 2049

  • With the terminology you used you were a product process manager at best buy lol

  • HI 对于此电视机评测,希望你关注一个产品OZV2E,加入这台HDMI分离器后,无论是这台电视或是显示器都不会有任何问题。 对于便宜电视糟糕的音质也可方便外加家庭影院。

  • Is the lg cx a lot better than this?

  • So bottom line like always you get what you pay for.

  • I really like the sitting down match cut, great job guys!

  • I've had Best Buy match one of their sale prices a week gone by after saying no thanks to the new sale price.

  • Here in Canada, the His ends U7G 55" is the deal of 2021 for new consoles at the best price. This is especially true if you picked this up at Costco with their affordable warranty covering for 5 years.

  • I ''ll ask again, lol Is worth having these oleds professionally calibrated? Why I even bother to ask questions on big youtube channels is beyond me. These big channels pretend to care about you the consumer, but really all they care about is the money they make of the vids!

  • Very useful review. Thank you!

  • OLED is CRAP and so is this video

  • Linus: This TV is worth between 1400-1700 Me: YOU'RE LEANING ON IT!!!!

  • I'm watching this on a skyworth TV I got in 2019 for approx 155 dollars. Oof

  • my guess is that they are trying to get in on the western market like TCL did some years ago.

  • NZeeee XT........ americano please

  • Ok so you must not have heard about Mi Tv or Realme Tv. They are even much cheaper but providing features that are bang for the buck.

  • Linus Business Studies Tips. Aw yeaah

  • This video just taught me as much about selling (drugs) as street level rap music across my lifetime.

  • The LG A1 55” was on sale here for well under 1000 euros for Black Friday.

  • me reads cheap me thinks its acually cheap Linus : around 800$ only! Me: :(

  • 6:09 - Except for the CPU-pillows that support animal-abuse.

  • test B&O tv ! you guys will be so happpy :)

  • Its cheap because China uses political prisoners as slave labour

  • life lesson here ..YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR

  • Maybe by a board from lg and put it in lol

    • Or a savaging part from lg a1 board and replace it still be cheep and good tv

  • Anyone know who makes the hoodie Linus is wearing?

  • Don't you throw shade at Canadian Tire

  • Never bad luck with any LG products.

  • If it is popular in China it is CCP backed cheap trash.

  • You’re making me feel good about my G1, thank you!

  • thats some retail names wt

  • Bought a Philips 43"" 4K TV for US$330 over 3 years ago. A full array, 50/60Hz LCD, it does the job well and meets my needs for both remote work and entertainment. Perfect size for my desk work, it works very well for contract drafting, emails, video conferencing, etc. Aside from WoT gaming from time to time, gaming is secondary to other entertainment uses (movies, ESmain) so the refresh rate is OK. Latency is relatively low and OK too. No burn in. Works like a charm...and it was so cheap in price...bought 2 more for the kids' rooms. Thought about buying an OLED for the great room, but the issue is that the current Samsung 4K LCD hardly gets used relative to other devices in the house. When we do use it, it's during a family movie on a weekend/holiday evening, where ambient light is more favorable to a non-OLED experience. I think I will forego the OLED for now. If I ever do go the OLED route, it would likely be a SONY or LG.

  • What did Sony do to hurt Linus' feeling enough to not mention them as a major TV manufacture.... but sites Vizio?!? LOL

  • This was very informative, and reassuring, glad I went with a LG CX

  • Every TV I've bought that has implemented ARC (audio return channel) downrezes audio to S/PDIF quality from external sources, which makes Dolby Digital (AC3) possible, but not Dolby TrueHD (or Atmos). However, native apps send audio at their higher resolution. I believe this is intentional design to meet the legal requirements of HDCP.

  • What's the movie on 10:19

  • The better approach is to get LG C1 OLED ($1000), run Calman for LG, let it generate a 3DLUT and upload it to your TV (it's mostly automatic). Now you have a display so accurate, Netflix Partner Studios says you can color grade on it. Do this for the Game Mode and you'll enjoy that OLED instantaneous pixel response times with perfect colors.

  • Is it me or does Linus look more and more like Red Green every year>?

  • Now after watching this, this shows less integrity on the ESmain itself. May be I won't come here for reviews again.

  • Who woyld want to buy knowingly cheap, unheard of nonsense. Buying oled pannel and trying to copy LG is funny amd stupid. Wait it costs 800 dollars You know what it's better not be recommended to buy this.

  • Ooooh, can you compare this with an entry level brand name OLED and then a premium one??? Omg that would be a great video!!! I would literally go spend my money based on that video! Also consider burn in if possible?

  • They have a 9300 model that’s 120hz it’s hard to find in NA that one may be worth it if super cheap

  • I need to ask why we still use CS:GO as a reference for gaming and as a baseline. What about it makes it worth measuring as a base against AAA titles?

  • IPS is fine

  • *GPU* | Please select a different item.

  • I wish lg display would sell their oled panels to all the other companies to bring down the damn prices overall

  • Intresting perspective as always LINUS....BTW where can we get that money firing Gun 😅😅

  • It too big for PC use anyways! There is a LG 32" OLED PC monitor for $4K!

  • I thought I was hearing a pitch for Vizio 20 years ago at the beginning. Brand name panel for a fraction of the price

  • loved the video Linus! also just wondering what what movie that was that you were watching on the TV?

  • I think Samsung QLED is shit. Sony XH90 or X90J or any other LED is bullshit. OLED TV or Nothing is the only Option. Except Next Generation Laser TV, but this works only best on Night and isnt 100% the same, also Laser TVs are not good for Gamjng, but excellent for Watch Movies on Biggest Screen Possible at Night.

  • I bought the OLED55A1 for 790 euros (in europe so including tax) and also got a Xbox Series S as a gift from LG which I sold for some quick buck

  • That Intro was just great, felt like a kid watchinh tv commercials

  • I suspect a lot of it depends on what you're comparing it to. If you're used to a high end tv and get a cheap one you'll be annoyed by it's deficiencies comparied to the high end set. If you're upgrading from an old analog plasma like i did a few weeks ago, that $400 TCL looks great. It's bigger, it's digital, it's 4k. In my case it's a QLED, not an OLED, but i was pleasantly surprised. The only tweak i felt it necessary to make was to disable motion blur which was on by default for some reason.

  • Linus, the response times of OLeds are great, but even they benefit from black frame insertion to make the image clearer. So how about comparing for example the Gigabyte FV43U set to 144Hz with VRR off and with BFI enabled and compare that to for example the OLed C1 with BFI enabled. I as a hardcore gamer prefer BFI over VRR any day, but it eats a lot of brightness on an OLed. If you do not know what I refer to, you can look at rtings and check out the black frame insertion images. There you can see the difference in blurr, with and without BFI, of moving images on the TVs and monitors. I would like to see if you would also recommend OLed over the QLED panel, for hardcore gamers that never play without BFI. After all, the longer you need to identify a target, the more likely you end up dead ;) Do you think OLed is superior there too?

    • And keep in mind that you not might be able to see it at first glance, as many gamers wouldnt. Might have to play around a bit with movement while focusing the screen, until you actualy start seeing every detail while in full motion.

    • To make this more clear. The LG C1 OLed does have insane pixel respones times. According to the motion clarity images of rtings though (which by now have always proven correct for me), the C1 has plenty of blurr without BFI enabled. I believe this has to do with the way our eye works. Even the fastest response time does not replace black frame insertion when you want maximum motion clarity, except on some monitors with more than 240Hz. Everything below that, including OLed screens, needs BFI, which eats plenty of the OLeds brightness. So is there a sweet spot (BFI can be set in different strength on OLeds) where the OLed keeps the crown? Or does it get beaten in a room with bright daylight?

    • And if you do make a clip about it, you should also take for example a LC32G75T Samsung 240Hz display and demonstrate its movement clarity (while it is set to non variable 240hz obviously). I would be very interested about those comparisons, like many gamers would. Oled might have its own advantages in terms of picture quality. But can it live up to expectations when fighting against the FV43U with black frame insertion or the Samsung at 240hz? (The LC32G75T does not need BFI enabled!).

  • That is what LG and Vizio did, started of with cheap sets and built up to better ones.

  • This is why you never see Weber grills on sale unless they are gray market. Same reason Black Friday sales prices are the same everywhere. You can offer extras but the set need to be the same. eg. Costco offer a free extended warranty but the set is the same as at Best Buy or Amazon (maybe $2-3 less at Amazon but not much).

  • Linus is the man at flipping businesses. This video is proof of that.

  • Whats wrong with their key?

  • QDLED and MicroLED don't burn in

  • did anyone else lose their shit on the retailers of this tv?

  • I just bought the 55 Inch version of the LG A1 here in Germany for 777€, which is $880 (including the German 19% tax). It’s on sale at Mediamarkt, Saturn and Amazon.

  • lmao. skyworth. its been pushed for years/decade in my country as one of the cheapest tvs. i guess they sold enough to upgrade things.

  • Can anyone tell me what show is that on the tv

  • Just like Sony sensors on other mobile brands

  • My first monitor was for my apple 2 clone was a goldstar tv. My luckstar bread machine lasted for 15 years.

    • They changed their name to Samsung

  • LOL no wonder they're popular in China. China has basically zero quality expectations.

  • I love how you mentioned that some are already in the death spiral and some are looking to raise prices later. Hisense seems to be part of the latter, as their TV's have been getting serious recognition as of late for being super high quality at a low cost, something I can absolutely attest to. Their 55" H9F is one of THE best TV's I have ever owned, and it only cost me $600! And that's full retail price! That is just insane value! However, now the same models are now selling for significantly more. The value is still good but not quite the slam dunk bargain it once was. Hence, the latter. They made a name for themselves & now are raising prices accordingly. For a frugal deal scrounger like myself, that's where I get out of the game. I have my H9F & I honestly kind of now wish that I had bought 2.

  • Skyworth is not worth to buy NOPE never gonna buy this brand again

  • 60ms of lag for CSGO is not too shabby? Considering that 1 frame is 16.67ms that is 3.6 frames of input latency. Trust me, we notice that difference.

  • love to see VESTEL in turkey who produce a lot of TV,s with famous brand names on get hold of one of these panels as there electronics are pretty good,mind you i would guess they supply mostly europe,but ive seen vestel produced panasonics which provide some good images.

  • Damn anyone know where one could get a firmware update to really make these tvs like an higher end lg or sony?

  • Canadian Tire don't sell the OLED version

  • yea, I've got a crapy 4k monitor from samsung....

  • getting more and more convinced that Linus has ADHD

  • Remember kids, never wage a price war. Everyone loses in a price war.

  • Funny thing is that my primary gaming and film watching display is a 1080p ultra short throw projector at 60hz. It has very sub-optmal picture and can't handle any resolutions that aren't widescreen well at all (they display in a tiny square in the middle)...but it's 100 inch and it's hard to go back to something smaller.

  • Bruh I've been using the same TV since the ps3 came out don't plan on upgrading anytime soon

  • To think my 55 inch LED TV costs $300 retail and I only paid $75 for it new.

  • Why is the cheapest OLED TV hundreds of dollars more expensive than I was expecting lmao 😳

  • Do a Rolex and Omega and stop selling your in places that cut cost. It worked when they were trying to build there brand back up.

  • There are only two or three TV manufacturers producing panels. Shops will upscale the TV picture from DVD feed to get the best possible picture.

  • Everyone is jacking up prices. Because inflation. LG is selling it at that price because they can. Nothing is in "value" this days. When something is "discounted" like this TV, that's the price this TV should be selling in reality without discount. People would gladly buy more expensive product if they had money for it. If raised and inflated prices you see in stores, markets etc. were followed by also raised paychecks. But no, when you ask for a raise this days there is good chance you will not only not get a raise, but instead you are going to be likely fired.

  • Thats one huge load of horseshite linus just regurgitated into the camera to avoid saying "Because manufacturer 1 charges more than it needs to, for better bottom line profits, to maintain a "luxury" product appearance despite its identical performance for a Much lower price through manufacturer 2"

  • Walmart and Amazon have them too now..

  • Good thing I bought my LG A1 for 700 Euros (around 580 dollars without taxes).

  • lg a1 also turns itself off quite fast by default by even pausing a movie

  • fun lesson

  • Typically if you've got an avr with HDMI, you pass the video through the AVR to the TV, not the other way around with the sound

  • BestBuy Was Angry As Hell When I showed them New Eggs Price of the t.v. it was $900 less

  • I studied Business Informatics and never heard such a precise and yet remarkable story like 2:40 ... Great Job!

  • Disliked for The Owl House appearance. The Loud House is better.