This is NOT going Well… Linux Gaming Challenge Pt.2

Publicado el 23 nov 2021
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Luke and Linus continue their challenge to use Linux on their home PCs. Today's challenge? Game streaming, complete with team comms and a camera setup.

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa mbarek_abdel
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:05 Today's Challenge
1:40 Linus' tries OBS
3:44 Luke tries OBS
4:10 Issues with Software that Doesn't Exist
7:45 Luke's Audio Issues
8:50 Linus' Discord Journey
10:15 Luke's Random Issues
11:37 Linus Camera
11:59 Luke's Overall Thoughts
12:55 Linus' Overall Thoughts
14:25 Outro


  • Got a really good pointer on how to get Logitech battery monitoring working! Much love. Thanks MissingClara

    • Where is the game part or the series ?

    • This kids mom, can doit better than Linusa gurl.

    • I have a 4 core 4 thread server CPU called Xeon E5450 @3GHz and Microsoft dropped 64 bit support for it after Windows 7, so Linux is a hope for me right now. I even heard I might be able to play some games that require Windows 10 on a Linux distro and that you can use FSR for anything even with the GTX 750 Ti I have, so I installed Lubuntu 20.04 LTS. It could be very useful to find easy to understand and reliable sources about how to do things on an operating system like that.

    • @Krozar TAL True. I also think people should run timeshift with any linux install and backup immediately after a working install or config

    • @nebulous He can't show alternatives he's windows user that don't know what he's doing !! I have had logic microsoft and generic mouses and keyboards that i never had problems with under linux !!!

  • In these "average user" challenges it shouldn't be allowed to use virtual windows or terminal commands. Relying on windows is cheating and terminal commands should not be required for basic things in modern OS.

  • What desktop speakers do Linus and Luke have?

  • Just saying, discord canary is like the alpha version of discord. Mainly used by testers to test new features (known as bug hunters in the community).

  • When done, I'd like to see a version with Anthony, starting from scratch. I'd like to see the difference.

  • It only is a challange if you do everything wrong/baddly. If you try to try linux for gaming ast a friend who allready use linux for gaming and it will go sooo fast and easy. Streaming as i have mentioned, audio kinda works but can be messy for advanced uses (if too many or speciffic inputs not normal 1 default and such). Same with windows rare/speciffic/hardware added/control programs).

    • OBS i used and still use my desktoo with xorg and have never had oroblems with window capture.

  • Pretty sure you both shut down/restarted at some point, and that finalized settings. It's a PITA, but it's the only way I figured out how to solve Linux's idiosyncrasies with software.

  • Before buying hardware you have to look for official support or community supported hardware in order to use it in linux. Some of elgato hardware has unofficial support from community, but is not a good experience.

  • oh my god he said "arch btw"


  • The "it fixed itself the next day and I don't know why" is usually associated with rebooting/relogging.

  • intro scottish accent lv 100

  • Soooo....Linux fixes everything automatically...means....superior to windows :D

  • I can't belive that Linux fans hate on Linus and Luke if I see through what they tortur themself for this journy....

  • worst part about linux is that you have count on needing an extra half hour every time you want to try a new app or feature...

  • This is so interesting. But I’m staying on Windows for now😁

  • Follow the money

  • Biggest downside of gaming on Linux is lack of support for hardware drivers. Another reason why we should buy and support AMD GPUs

  • Yeah, stuff you've just installed under Linux or MacOS sometimes needs a relogin to work, it just doesn't tell you this. I've encountered that so many times now.

  • Discord Canary is an official thing for windows too, it's just the most beta of beta versions, like 30 updates every time u turn it on kind of beta version

  • This kids mom, can doit better than Linusa gurl.

  • I do really hate that whenever I wanted to figure out how to do something on Linux as a first time user some dude would give me a non-answer about how im dumb and should stick to windows if i don't know what im doing

  • I’m a casual Linux user for years and is very funny to see Linus trying to use it and doing things like saving a .sh file without git clone the repository lol

  • In my opinion what (I think?) many view as Linux biggest strength, I believe is really its' biggest weakness: fragmentation. Too many different distros that specialize in different things, thus making it virtually impossible to replace the likes of Windows. Now, I usually go with Debian-based distros whenever I do give it a try (as i understand they're supposed to be the most beginner-friendly(?)), so I don't know if that's part of the problem: but I've always been astounded by how easy it is to break the OS and make it unbootable or otherwise broken to the point of becoming unusable, just by following one or more guides that happen to be outdated (often there's no good way to know, and sometimes they are actually up-to-date and still don't yield the promised results), and on top of that, few of said guides even explain what all the commands are actually doing, so reversing whatever damage has been done quickly becomes difficult (or nearly impossible for someone of my skill level). Unless you're willing to begin again, that is. It has been a couple of years since I last gave it a try, but judging from the video many of the problems I ran into in the past are still there. Other than that I feel that these videos have done a good job of demonstrating why Linux isn't likely to become a proper replacement for Windows for a long time yet; if ever, which is saddening, because if it was I would've ditched this mega-corp OS already, and I believe that goes for a lot of people out there. Just my take on the matter.

  • I was able to get world of warcraft & several other games working with ubuntu & mint cinnamon. Wow even had better frame rates but lost several of the nicer graphics settings. Wasn't easy & had to create a hybrid I call winux to do it using wine & VB to accomplish getting any of them to work, defeating the entire purpose imo. Now i have separate pc's; the gaming pc is the only one with windows on it. win 11pro.

  • my recommendation for games on Linux is: Play on Linux, Wine, Proton and Steam

  • you dont have to REBOOT is what linux users mean, and there are caveats at that for certain OS mods. It is 100% possible some task in an application gets stuck or otherwise impeded requiring a restart of the application process itself.

  • Low voice is probably caused by mismatch of bitrate between audio interface and audio driver settings, where likely audio interface is 24bit and OS pushes 16bit signal. I had the same thing, it's solved by a little adjustment in PulseAudio settings, though it's a bit long story to figure out

  • Cause linux desktop is garbage.

  • 1:50 dear linus, this is not a valid criticism. The different GNU/Linux distributions are technically different operating systems, you can not claim that something that works on one operating system should be done the exact same way on another. Just like you would not complain that the way you install an application on mac is different from how you do it on windows, you can't now do that with different linux distros. Even though they are called "Linux distributions" they are separate and independent projects made by separate groups of people, the shared "linux" name simply comes from the same kernel these DIFFERENT operating systems use. I do appreciate that you are trying to spread the word about GNU/Linux, but invalid criticism is not the way to go

  • I have built two computers using Ubuntu Linux 20.04 . The first was an M73 that I took the 5th gen "energy saver" I3, and upgraded to a mid-level I5, and doubled the memory to 8GB. It specs out like a lower end office unit with that hardware. I used it 90% of the time for Internet surfing and streaming, Screenshot, and Calculator, with an occasional check on my resources. I loved it so much, I snagged the Hard Drive, and swapped it into another upgraded M73, with a mid-grade I7 this time, and 16gb of RAM, and gave the I5 to my mom, for her security online. The I7 FLIES for what I use it for, and streams HD video to a 32" older HDTV with 1080p max resolution, with no drags or skips, as long as I don't have 20 browser windows while I'm watching something. The first month I gave it to her, she fell for an email from a scammer, who tried to hijack her desktop, by getting her to install a remote desktop program from a link, that when you click on it, also pings your location to the scammer. The problem for them was the same one that stumped you, THERE WAS NO LINUX VERSION OF THE SOFTWARE. I'm hoping when the scammer was having issues installing it, and her supervisor came over and saw: "Computer: Stark-Industries-3000 , Operating System; Linux" as what had pinged back, he was the one who told her to hang up on my mom, for fear of being traced by Jim Browning, or by the cops. Not all of us use our computers for producing a show, or the latest game. I use one to protect my mom from scammers in a way that no fire wall ever could.

  • it's like watching monkeys crack nuts using microscopes.

  • as chill as this is its also made me realise ltt team isnt super tech literate

  • Linus not knowing that u can manage execution permission in windows ACL too

  • "in the end i just restarted obs" that moment when the "have you tried turning it off and on again?" joke the linux community has been so fond off for many many years, turns around and comes right back at ya ... and yes, you can get around most restarts in linux but it can produce unwanted results and in case of some deeper system changes it just is saver to reboot and be sure all the configs have taken as they should because no, they do not always no matter what the system telly you.

  • To future-proof your pleasant PC experience, it's good to make sure today not to lock down to software or hardware that doesn't work on Linux.

  • When done, I'd like to see a version with Anthony, starting from scratch. I'd like to see the difference.

  • The irony is that Linus sounds like a typical American trying to do an Irish accent when he did the William Wallace bit. Joking aside Linux is ace and this series is GREAT for Linux.

  • 'for developers' as an excuse is dumb. As a developer i would like life and downloads to be easy and not a multi-step pain in the ass

  • I started working with Linux only recently and my experience has been..... 75% percent satisfactory... you do need to restart EVERYTHING in Linux, except maybe your computer/server. But every time you change a config file or a setting that is not picked up by the app/service in runtime, but it's picked up at start time... it makes you restart the app/service

  • 4:47 POV: doesn't know about wine.

  • I mean cloning the git repository would have been a lot easier than the copy paste stuff you did.

  • an amd gpu and majaro with ARU enabled would fix all the problems they have. all of git hub is one click install.

  • As someone who's daily driven Linux for 15 years, I volunteer to do this same series with a Mac or Windows box. I'm sure it would go similarly.

  • What the heck?? You had to download the full repo and then run the script file.....!!!

  • 5:07 So what is the beep button? I was unclear. The GO XLR I suspect.

  • Thanks for struggling with linux for a month to give us a look at how it really is.. Appreciate it. Sorry bout the dislike but I'm disliking videos and commenting to let you know I enjoyed it to just attempt to start a trend of throwing off their algo if they want to take away our tools.

  • Just use wine!

  • Normie shouldn't use Linux

  • As someone who has been playing games on Windows for probably around 20 years. I've never streamed. This whole thing about it being an average user thing to do is just wrong. I don't think the average gamer could setup OBS on any operating system let alone Linux.

  • pop shop didnt brick your system, sudo apt install steam did

  • I did not have to install anything for my logitech anywhere mx 2. Ubuntu did it by it self and I get a notification if the battery is low.

  • When done, I'd like to see a version with Anthony, starting from scratch. I'd like to see the difference.

  • It’s nice to see Luke again.

  • you need to learn basic command line, this coming from a mainline windows user. In fact I end up being forced to get windows system for linux to make some things work

  • I see you both still rocking the Corsair SP2500 speakers! Still rocking mine as well. In fact, I bought them on your recommendation circa 2011.

  • I liked the vlogging version u did in the part1, this looks staged... Or like was recorded later with a video script

  • why does everyone say linux is so stable but it got all these garbage issues.... running a windows OS in a VM just to configure mics and shit???? Bruh...!?

  • i will use whatever distro you can sims 1 & 2 running lol

  • it sucks bc almost nothing you know about windows x mac x android can be carried over to linux apart from using the GUI and basic concept of folder system and terminal use.

  • my son has a friend whos majoring in tech security, so he has to become acclimated w/ linux wares, he hates it bc of the inconsistencies between distros and appropriate troubleshooting instructions. which is my biggest gripe w/ linux as someone who knows enough to be dangerous and has never had any help managing or maintaining my system whenever something fks up.

  • I like how things randomly fixing themselves is an ongoing thing with these two, and as a linux user, I can say that this is absolutely my experience as well.

  • At least Pop OS just made their OS Linus-proof so you can’t accidentally delete the files for the GUI after that one episode of this was released 😂

  • that's an incredibly high number of "magically fixes itself" for one video..

  • Just use Ubuntu man

  • You could just download

  • Linux works perfectly for me. I use Linux Mint 20.2 Una and everything goes just fine. The only problems that I had were the ones I caused myself. Like accidentally running rm -rf /* --no-preserve-root which luckily didn't blow up my system. It just removed /sbin (which was actually a symlink to /usr/sbin), so I just replaced that from the Live USB. Games work perfectly for me. I usually play Minecraft and SuperTux (and OpenTTD). I even tried recording a gaming video (Minecraft) with Simple Screen Recorder and everything worked just fine! Usually, just ANY stuff that I do on Linux works well (Except trying to compile programs from source which fail to compile sometimes). Also, there were absolutely no problems with graphics drivers (AMD GPU, not a nVidia one). So, Linux just works fine for me. Don't know what Linus did wrong, but maybe it's just the choice of distro (I never used Manjaro, so I don't know). P.S. I'm NOT going to switch to Windows 11.

  • the deep voice thing is not a linux thing, it's OBS. happens on windows as well. it's because the bitrate of your mic was not the same as the audio output bitrate of OBS

  • I like how bugs are fixing themselves the next day prior to recording. Pretty funny!

  • Sadly, the biggest problem with linux has nothing to do with linux. It's all about UX (usermode apps and interface designs, not the heart or ethos of linux itself). If your goal is "linux for everyone", this problem cant be ignored. I say this as a low level C and C++ programmer and daily-driver of manjaro.

  • I think Linus should have gone for the XFCE Manjaro.

  • A lot of this things I am seeing here are all issues I had when I started with Linux. "You don't need to restart". Yeah, something needs to be restarted to make it work. Same with a lot of the pain points you guys are having.

  • Canary Discord is official, but its more of a Beta branch of discord

  • 9:20 Discord Canary is the Alpha version of Discord, there is also Discord PTB (Public Test Build), the Beta version

  • Linux ain't worth the time invested

  • Let's just admit that Linux is just a piece of scrap when talking about desktop distros

  • Doesn't "ctrl+s" on opened text file page in browser automatically save it as a proper file?

  • apt is not a Linux command

  • 10:40 - Agreed, but this is mainly down to Slack being a humungous steaming pile of shit. They consistently break everything on a regular basis. If I wasn't forced to use it, I would delete that trash out of my life for good.

  • thechnically linux can say he uses arch btw

  • This made me cringe so much

  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah... that had to have been an anonomaly. I don't use nvidia anymore. The nvidia image you used for pop is the only difference I can think of. I installed pop in a snap on my laptop with my 4800H and the integrated graphics are actually better than my old laptop that had 965M. Never had a good experiences with nvidia. that 965M was crap. a laptop before that was actually an SLI laptop with two 8800M's in it. Get this... the solder between the main GPUs and the boards had cracked or something (not that I could see it) but BAKING the card in the oven at jus tthe right temp melted the solder enough to reset it and I got a few more months of use out of them at least, which was better than the "totally dead" they had been before lol. A friend of mine had a stock, not overclocked 3060 and the thermal pads MELTED. Point is... I installed pop, did all the updates, opened the pop shop, installed steam, logged into steam, enabled steam play for windows compatibility, downloaded and installed the MMO I play (Elder Scrolls Online) and then started playing. As you can guess, it wasn't running on ultra settings or the like, but I really don't care about that for the most part. A mix of medium and high settings for the few games I actually play is more than enough for me. I have accepted the fact that I am a "filthy casual" as the hard core MMO raiders would say lol. Tho, just for crits and giggles, I did also install Overwatch and play a few rounds of that. It ran well enough from what I can remember, but I never got into that competitive games so I could be wrong. 20-30 fps is what I was used to with the i7 and the 965M. the 30 to freaking 90 fps that I get now with just my 4800H is perfect for me, and sometimes even exessive. So, try throwing a Radeon in there and installing the non-nvidia pop then play some games and ask yourself one very important question... Does 73 fps on this linux machine with a Radeon card reduce your enjoyment of the game from when you played it in windows with nvidia at 79 fps? Maybe I'm cheesy or too casual or whatever... but if I'm ejoying playing the game, that maters more to me than a few extra fps or a few god-rays or slightly more detailed shadows. But, that's just me. I'm an adventure and story based gamer, not a reflex based twitch gamer. It was actually Anthony's vids about gaming on linux that finally made me switch when I got a new laptop. Knowing my gaming style and what I wanted to do with linux also helped me choose a more (relatively) reasonable laptop as well instead of wasting money to include a discrete gpu that I really don't need and would just kill my battery life.

  • faz um vídeo com o DIOLINUX

  • Pamac hated me when I switched to manjaro on my old laptop, so I just installed everything with pacman. Of course I got a lot of terminal experience in applied netcentric computing in college, so it was somewhat familiar to me.The games I wanted to play, luckily for me, actually worked.