This is NOT a Soundbar - Sony HT-A9 Home Theatre System

Publicado el 18 nov 2021
Thanks to Sony for sponsoring this video! Check out the HT-A9 sound system at

Sony has been well known for its home entertainment products; Playstation, TVs, and home theatre sounds systems. The HT-A9 is a reasonably robust system that doesn't replace a full-fledged speaker setup, but when you need something simple, easy, and performs almost as well, you should check this out!

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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa mbarek_abdel
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:05 HT-A9 Unboxing and overview
4:40 Furniture setup
7:00 Sony A90J TV setup
9:05 Setting up the speakers
13:20 Trying the speakers
14:07 Initial impressions
15:08 Further test
15:38 Movie test
16:40 Closing thoughts


  • Your hoodie drawstring is stuck under the front. Better do the whole thing over.

  • Did anyone look up the price of this thing

  • I got a massive deal on a couch once lightly used to do some castings for short movies or something.

  • 5:12 fun fact this couch/package weighs 172lbs

  • Linus knows nothing about construction


  • linus is a genius. doing house reno and 'asking' jake to help him with it. considering it ad hoc task lmao.

  • Better than Q950A?

  • The speakers looking nice do nothing when the wood cabinet theyre on is that ugly 🤐


  • Do would you actually recommend these or should I go for a equivalently priced sround system

  • I was thinking $600 to $1000, But $1800 for that is a hard pass!

  • So the whole point of this video was for linus to get a sucker to help him haul all his crap up stairs lol

  • Idk how you guys test this and NOT have the Sub….

  • Sounds awesome on my IPad 👍

  • £1600, ok

  • Pivot! Pivot!!

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  • 5:37 I started saying "PIVOT!" in my head, then when Linus said it 5 seconds later I laughed pretty fkin hard.

  • I own that couch

  • This is basically when Malcolm helped Craig setup his home theater

  • I pause the vid , to put on earphones just bcoz linus ask to Ehek

  • It's still 1800€ over here ... No thanks.

  • Pivot!!!! I loled

  • Linus you HAVE to put a slide in the garage

  • Is this in stock anywhere? This is perfect for my setup!

  • Wish the speakers came in black

  • I get pain in my neck by just watching people setting their TVs on top of the fireplace. WHY so high up? 2/3 up on the TV should be in eye level from where you are sitting. Now your Eye level is basically UNDER the TV.

  • Back in the day.... Its not a Linus video if he doesn't drop something.... Today..... Its not a Linus video if he doesn't drop every item at least twice.... LOL

  • I’m surprised you didn’t go with speakers in the walls and ceiling for you theater room and this room.

  • What is the name of that video playing at 15:09 to 15:28?

  • A90J HT-A9 and Playstation 5 Perfection.

  • I know this is pretty insane to think about, but you can actually buy stuff used. So when it comes to "Home theater in a box", you can actually buy a used home theater setup for a fraction of the cost Crazy right? I know you wouldn't be advertising that but it might be worth mentioning for us folks who don't want to spend our life savings on things.

  • Editor should have swapped the discrete audio channels. I had to flip my headphone around to not experience audio/space confusion.

  • where find sofa where you are seat ?! thk

  • If Luke and linus had a baby it would look like Jake

  • r/TVTooHigh

  • Well it took me 9 days to find out the name of the clip that starts at 15:04 It is a short movie called Escape its for testing dolby atmos speakers

  • wow kinda interactive. i used my SONY HEADPHONES 350 dollars best buy USA and it was pretty cool the voices not so much but hey it worked

  • LG oled c1 is better only oled I will go with literally has every feature, don’t know why you use anything else

  • concrete color? You mean those 90s computer speakers, kinda like the ones you know the ones you can put your finger in the hole.

  • I only have one eye due to glaucoma. but I can easily follow what is behind you. Just saying you don’t need 2 eyes for that❤️

  • @8:14 Queue Linus Drop Tips 🤣

  • You guys really need to break out the binaural microphones for videos like this.

  • Thank you everybody for all your help and input....I just unsubscibed

  • Can anybody tell me what the movie playing at 15:07 in this video is called its driving me nuts.

  • I have a sony xperia xz3 phone

  • This is driving my OCD nuts it's all I can think about since the video came out.What is the movie playing at around 15:16?

  • 5:38 reminds me of friends when Ross was yelling pivot pivot lol

  • in the further test.. what is the animation?

  • Linus... Please invest in a Dolly.

  • Can any one tell me name of the movie they are watching on tv?

  • If they can attach a hi-fi stereo to it wouldn’t that be peachy ! Don’t make fun of us ding dongs. I don’t make fun of you.

  • Great! Back to bland 80s PC color...

  • Cool technology. I'll pick up one of these myself once they go lower on the price. Instead of putting this on a living room, I want this on my office desk setup

  • Linus: HEY LOOK WHAT I HAVE!!! *drops it*

  • Amazing how our ears are fooled by time delays. That's how the science works

  • I want a free grafic card.

  • 5:28 close your eyes

  • Hey! That's my couch! Well I got the model with electric reclining from a middle control panel but yeah!

  • What this video should be titled: TWO MEN LIFT A COUCH!!! (what happens next is shocking) (Hilarious clips) Cool speaker setup also...

  • Interesting, just as I am about to search everyting together for a home theater. This seems promising

  • Happy about the "Significant Other Approval Factor". Way better whan wife. Good upgrade! (never had any issues with that in my life by the way, I pick SO's who like music and don't mind a little technology :D)

  • Newsflash for people who never heard a proper stereo rig; Stereo means '3d' or 'depth'. If you have a proper stereo setup, with two speakers, no dsp trickery, no 360 sound, no spatial audio or however it's called, an a good stereo recording (so yes, just 2 channels), you will STILL hear sound behind you and to your left and right. Some recordings (like Roger Waters' Amused to Death) are well known for this. It will not be the full atmos 17.2 surround setup that you have in some cinemas, but there will be sound surrounding you. And that's the thing; This is trickery to hide the fact that you just didn't care to buy a proper audio rig and set it up properly. 360 degree sound has been around for as long as stereo has been around. People just don't know how to use it.

    • I should probably add; there's mono recordings from the 50's, jazz for instance, that sound completely holographic on a properly setup rig. The sound obviously won't move around you, as it's mono, but you can hear a massive bubble of sound in the room, way larger than the speakers, and you can't pinpoint it to the left and right speaker. Good recordings do so much here. Which is also why using demo clips to audit an audio rig is a bit tricky. I regularly visit audio shows and they know exactly what to pick to make their rig sound good.

  • and ofcourse he drops it. Classic Linus

  • Not me watching these videos to watch Linus drop brand new expensive electronics I could never afford

  • You should record all your stuff with binaural mics

  • Nobody Knows......OK

  • What is the movie playing at around 15:16?

  • Whats the movie playing at 15:16

  • You should try to run the Hellblade : Senua's Sacrifice intro on those speekers to test how it is .

  • Linus Drop tips anyone? :P

  • 5:40 Friends season 5 episode 16

  • Please be careful when lifting you guys, back injuries are no joke... also, I really liked the 3D sound for some of the commentary etc while you were testing it. Y'all should do that more often haha.

  • This video is sponsored by a Japanese company that would rather act more like a Chinese company

  • Me: _opening the product page expecting it to be a few thousand_ Also me: _pleasantly surprised that it's $1800, and not $3000 or something like I expected, but still unable to afford it anyway_

  • My wife says you look like you are trying to get in a boy band. I agree.

  • This whole video being about sound systems. My take from it = "wow, that Monster Hunter storm scene is very similar to Mad Max."

  • Curious of how these compare to my jbl 9.1

  • I have 1 functioning eye and I am offended

  • Let's be honest my fellow married man. The wife approval factor might be the most important thing, really.


  • Rather confused by this. He's a gamer. Those in the know agree that the LG C1 is the preferred screen for those with multiple gaming consoles and PCs. He's demonstrated this many times in the past in his home. Yet, he uses a Sony A90J. I appreciate this was a demo for the speakers but there was no connection to the TV in this application. One is left to assume he's driven by his sponsors and what he can get from them rather than the enthusiast. This includes his viewers. It was never like this before.

  • Cool !

  • What was the movie ?

  • We get it Linus, you drop expensive things and still manage to land sponsor deals and make a ton of money. I’m not jealous of him which I’m sure some will think, I’m just glad this didn’t include a plug for the overpriced water bottle or the even more over priced pillow.

  • please, sweet baby jesus. dont let him put tv over the fireplace, dont let him put tv over the fireplace…


  • is it just me or was the TV backwards in Sony's little diagram on the bottom of the speaker @5:23 Also, does that diagram imply you cant face them diagonally from 4 corners of the room? id actually assume people might do that out without thinking about it - "i sit at the center of the room so aim them at the center".. perhaps the AI compensates for that

  • Jake's last laugh, perfect.

  • I understand that this is sponsored, but I really wish you guys would do more budget stuff. I spent about $300 USD on my TV, I'm not spending $1800 on speakers.

  • Watching you guys move is painful 😂 solid entertainment value though

  • Bose made a very limited TV called the "Videowave" it was AMAZING! the second version btw! VW2

  • Hey that looked so hard how tryed to move that couch u would had better chances with a hand trolley you might want to invest in one

  • Weird, Coaches that get sat on in my area end up in jail.

  • What were they watching at 15:10?

  • This episode has so much of a "Friends" vibes to it. Both the "Pivot! Pivot!" and also them sitting in the couch together and resting their legs.

  • PIVOT!!!!! PIVOT!!!!! PIVOT!!!!!

  • Good idea with the split audio tracks on your mics, but at least on my headphones you can't tell. A Binaural mic is probably the best way to do that and even then it'll be less apparent than being in the room.

  • Sony remote circa 1990