This could cost me $10,000...

Publicado el 30 oct 2021
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa mbarek_abdel
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro


  • Just wanted to say thanks to all your comments and we hope my husband and I gave you guys a good game!! This is definitely the highlight of our 2021 (well, aside from Jourdan moving here early this year too!) but yeah, meeting Linus in real life and the whole team was such an amazing experience! We always dream of meeting Linus in real and I remember when I moved to Canada, I always lookout for his pink car whenever we go to Surrey (or around that area). Linus is a huge part of our relationship because we always watch his videos back in 2016. I’m not a computer expert obviously but my husband is a huge fan for sure! So yeah, thanks again Linus! If you ever need my help or assistance, just call me. 😂😆🤪

    • You'r unlucky

    • @Edd Alde huy salamat hahahaha

    • Congrats Kabayan! hahaha

    • Congratulations you guys really deserved it.

    • Still can't believe you stuck it till the end you're insanely badass and cool

  • Love the fact that this video has no dislikes, Linus and his team are great!

  • I dont get the point of this show if everything is rigged in the end i mean

  • lets hope deal or no deal watches this

  • That girl -- Filipina

  • We need more of these episode

  • Awesome. Linus and LEG, outstanding job..

  • Linus the master of rigging.

  • This was hilarious and a lot of fun. Thanks for the show!

  • ok guys stop sending your sisters for your pc's

  • This was beautiful!

  • that filipino accent from Yum is so strong

  • So glad you gave it to them. Brings me joy.

  • I know why you made James the scalper because you say fuck you to both the scalper and James

  • Yum-wins ultimate pc build Also Yum-hugs the table

  • You're a great man linus💜💥

  • to Linus and the whole team! very good job! God bless you more :)

  • Awesome win!

  • Tangina tindi mo Yum! Congrats!

  • You guys know who the scalper is right ?

    • I beilive that's James from the way he laugh

  • Imagine walking home with 850 not knowing you were this close from getting 10k build at no extra hard work.

  • I swear even Linus tried to stop her from picking the ultimate case yet she chose it, idk how some people don't pick on hints.

  • I guessed James being the scalper from the start, who else? Also thank you Linus for being so kind to people like this!

  • Ally (is that how you spell their name? The corsair one case) looking hella cute

  • 23:06 that's the laugh of a man that has slept outside because he swapped his wife van

  • Please do more of these!!

  • Well obviously lol

  • Hey I went to school with case girl 11 😂😂😂😂

  • Man how much I wish I could get a pc like that.

  • Will you ask Geneva if she'll marry me. Thanks ahead of time

  • After watching second episode in the last it worth to sacrifice everything

    • He is going to spin glitch every time😆😆

  • everyone's wearing the same shirt except linus. what is this, squid game? *(canned laughter)* *(seinfeld theme plays)*

  • Just saw the part where she rejected the m1, so idk how this ends but I would've taken the M1.

  • I love this. Great content and you made her day.❤❤

  • Filipina :*

  • I love Linus, even when she picked the wrong one linus was so generous and hinted her towards it.

  • I think you should allow the players to trade down. For example if a situation arises where someone wins something very expensive that they have no need for or maybe just don't like, you should allow to them trade it for a less expensive prize that was offered by the scalper or listed on the board. Even if you do it outside of the show.

  • 8:17 Im dead xD

  • Linus for president 2024

  • linus you are a true man, my respect

  • Linus is the man he saved their relationship she would have dumped him unless she got the pc and tickets

  • Me sees the list of prizes. Am immediately like oh raspberry pi

  • she being disrespectful and even blame her husband for bad choices makes me happy she didn't win.. just lucky Linus is great person to still gift it..

  • the scalper sucks

  • wait was this not a real TV show once in the 2010's

  • Dayum =D

  • Bro I wish I could get a new pc as I have a GPU: GTX 960 Power supply: corsair 500w CPU: Rysen 3 Case: some random cheap one Motherboard: Msi one CPU cooler: default Rysen one Hard drive: 1tb blue something ( has one fan in the case and overheats way to much, I cant play games for that long. I wish I could have a better one I've had this for about 2 years now) (trying to buy a 1070 TI 8gb GPU its impossible)

  • An incredible game!!!! 🚀

  • I love when the husband and the wife were talking about what if 21 was the snacks and the husband said don't worry im hungry XD

  • Who are these people and when did lmg get so many staff

  • linus you're a legend

  • Am I the only one who noticed how low his tie is... great content but so distracting lol

  • The ending was everything I hoped for 😂

  • I'm part way through, but I feel like there's no way the scalper isn't James.

  • I'm love that the buttons were giant mechanical switches

  • never have I been more impressed and heart warmed by linus as much as the ending of this video

  • Welp. This is not what I was expecting today.

  • Awesome played

  • hahaha that was amazing!

  • Maya is fine af. How do we see more of her

  • I was cheering on at the end I was so hoping that they win the PC

  • "I can't believe you're real"😂😂

  • Damn, i came here for entertainment, not crying. Truly a boss move from Linus.

  • I haven't watched a game-show since...well, a long time. This was awesome. You could give Bob Barker a run for his money Linus! :)

  • Please add the fake crowd cheering and booing sounds on the next show

  • How do I get to be on this

  • But what if she didn't choose to spin the wheel?

  • so anybody who spins it gets a 10k dollars ultimate gaming pc

  • This was awesome!

  • Who was the jumpsuit ninja that came in for two stealth hugs at the end?

  • sure dont pick the one Linus looks very excited pick the one where he looks like he just smelled a fart yea good job there

  • just not the same without a live audience

  • I just want there to be 8990 comments

  • lmao they toyed with her emotions so hard i love it

  • Linus looks like Connor McGregors little brother with a suit on xD

  • I don't like this.

  • Scalper's Ass.

  • i love it. felt so bad for her till the end

  • IDK why I liked this so much. GG

  • Pls bring me

  • Linus is a very kind person I love how he helped her in her last chance

  • If only I could of taken that dreamcast lol I do have one but it is in DIRE need of repairs, the visuals look off and the CMOS battery died on me

  • Please make more of these shows. Really entertaining!

  • I love what you guys did there at the end.. Instead of just giving the "ulimate pc" by just simply handing it to someone you guys decided to make it into a game show. I dont want to say this game show is scripted but in some way it its... NOW BEFORE you key board warriors start smashing your keyboards on my comment, LET ME EXPLAIN what I mean. When I said scripted it means that Linus and his team had every intention on giving the Ultimate PC to some lucky person BUT the contestant DOES NOT know that they are actually getting the ultimate PC regardless what the outcome is...I believe the contestant really thinks that its a game show where they can lose it all. At the end you see Linus and the staff had full control of that wheel and where it lands.. Now im not saying that is a bad thing.. Im actually saying the opposite!! It is soo cool and I think its very sweet that they did this... So when I said scripted I mean that Linus and their team had every intention of giving the contestant the ultimate PC. Now I may be wrong with this but that's just how I saw it.. Linus and his team just wanted to make it FUN by doing a game show instead of just handing it directly to the contestant. I mean where is the fun in that right?? BTW GOOD JOB Linus and the team for doing giveaways like this.. This was an amazing entertainment video. I cant wait to see more video like this!! Last but not least CONGRATS to YUM and her fam.. I hope the PC is put to a good use. GO PINOY!!

  • UMMmmm did you guys hire a real actor, Alycia Debnam, from the famous TV series The Fear Of Walking Dead?? BC Jeniva / Geniva LOOKS EXACTLY like Alycia !!!

  • whats 9 + 10 ??

  • what video dose case 22 have on it ???/

  • This show is just an excuse for Linus to give good people a really nice pc. He is so chaotic and he is such a genuinely good person and pays it forward. He doesn’t want to see anyone leave empty handed or disappointed, what a king.

  • I NEED to know how that 250 USD budget rig can exist. What does it contain? Like 50 dollars each for case, motherboard, ram, cpu, gpu, psu and storage media is already 350. Are there some mobile-tier energy saving parts? Weird-ass unknown manufacturer 300 W PSUs costing 30 bucks? Is the storage media made from cheap usb sticks in raid or something? Do you need to blow into it yourself for air to flow?

    • If you think that's a cheap rig, look up the Dell OptiPlex 790. spoiler it's only 128 usd. lol.

  • To Be or Not To Be lol

  • Maya is like a super model

  • You guys are the best. Period

  • She’s pretty

  • the show was too good to be fake, that was really unexpected. sanaol

  • Holy shit that was heartwarming :)

  • isang pinay nanaman po ang nakaahon sa kahirapan! mabuhay ka!

  • cool :)

  • Early Christmas present from Linus

  • this was great thank you guys

  • I wish Anthony was the scalper my only thing I would change