This $5000 Graphics Card Can’t Game

Publicado el 24 nov 2021
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We got our hands on NVIDIA's latest ghost-product CMP 170HX crypto mining card graphics card, and it is SUPER weird. Let's check it out.

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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa mbarek_abdel
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
12:27 He's a thirsty boi
12:36 Tape, ducks, and boots


  • UPDATE: We managed to get Blender to run on the CMP card after posting this video. The results are not very good due to limited memory and PCIe bandwidth. Here are render time results for the BMW blender demo. Lower is better. CMP 170HX - CUDA: 36.82s - Optix: 39.33s RTX 3090 TUF - CUDA: 18.40s - Optix: 10.56s

    • @Alex Sinclair they're not some huge company dude its just a youtube group and wasting $4k is not a good idea at all they cant afford that just like how most people cant

    • @Kitlith They had to setup GPU passthrough in a VM to get a video output.

    • about the jank power connector and the black heatsinks, looks like this casing was made for another card and it was cheaper to retrofit rather than create a whole new case design

    • @Red leicester Cheese Watch it mate. They might send you a 3090 with only 12GB of RAM. Imagine how bad you'd feel knowing others have 3090s with 24GB of RAM.

    • Not that its a lot but 3 fans could be off by 10-20 watts at full chooch.

  • yeha we found out where all the shortages are going nvidia, stop making dumb fucking products and make gpus you children.

  • the fake heatsink is probably there to stop sticky finger

  • Cringe gaming intros be like

  • so after the card is no longer profitable for mining, instead of beign sold as gaming gpu, it will be straight dump into trash. but hey, at least nvidia save 0.15 $ on hdmi royalties, right?

  • This made me feel really embarrassed to be an Nvidia owner. Not just an owner, but someone who has spent a ton of time and a slightly inflated market price to get one. Also a 100 mile round trip (nearest best buy). I understand that market forces don't apply to R&D directly, but at some point, doesn't someone say: "Isn't this wrong?" On the plus side, the mask is off. Plot twist in my train of thought, this also hurts me as a crypto owner...ugh. The irony of that, lol.

  • I didn't know a graphics card without a display out-performs mine.

  • Hey yeah fuck crypto mining. this shit sucks and is literally a scam.

  • $5000 on a card that has a jank AF power plug... NOPE SORRY but that's BS, I'd also argue that NVIDIA has only locked the user out of gaming compute tasks via drivers and it's not a hardware level change.

  • "LANGUAGE, there are miners watching this video" had me cracking

  • You figure out to make everything work. I can't even fix my own door. Where do I buy another CPU for my brain?

  • If these mining cards made sense, they wouldn't be selling them they'd be simply mining.

  • So in case of end of mining this card will be a waste of environment just because Nvidia don't allow it to use it other than mining.

  • *_Sinus Lebastian_* 🤣🤣

  • still cheaper that a gaming card lmao

  • die all miners

  • This was too technical explanation. Probably normal people didn't understand much of it 😊. Thank you for the wonderful explanation. 👍

  • They need to be mass produced so the price is competitive with the 30 series. You’re better off buying two 3090s for mining, unless the power consumption is incredible.

  • What are you doing on a computer if you're not gaming?

  • Kannst du über diese Filme auf Deutsch sprechen?

  • I think I figured it out. these are the whole box of failed A100 gpus. So some will have memory bus issues, as this one seemed to show a lower bus size, and some will have more failed cores. They don't list specs because they probably are different between 2 cards.

  • Why nVIDIA is so quiet about the card is fairly easy to assume it's because they made deals with business that deals with B2-cryptominers, where they didn't wanna get bad rep because they decided to sell almost every 3000 series card directly to cryptominer companies and so on, (AMD did the same thing)

  • why not make a gaming card that cannot mine crypto instead? that will make more sense.

  • jake chill dude

  • The card is a "professional mining card" it's made for mining facilities where they have thousands of these cards and do nothing else than mine. It's not made to people who have their small mining rig in their closet

  • Before even watching im gonna take a stab in the dark and say it’s used for crypto mining Edit: seems many people were right lol

  • brilliant move by nvidia...let's see gpu price crashing

  • I'm looking for some advise on upgrading my graphics card. I currently have an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1070 (1633mHz) installed and have a budget of around 900 dollars (800 euro) to play with. What is going to give me the best bang for my buck? Is there a forum I should check out?

  • "With $5000 you also get an artisanal soldering experience as well. Done by our expert craftsman."

  • Revenue generation from crypto mining cards is going to depend on the success of the crypto mining industry, of course. Having more revenue in less time is gonna require trillions of normal gaming cards but with cards like CMP 170HX, the problem of consistent revenue generation can be made possible. I am a non-miner but I believe that Nvidia is smart in foreseeing the collapse of capitalism and many other companies are going to follow the vision of their industry leader. Well done Nvidia for straightening out the tech world. Peace

  • 8:17 listen to the dialogue with your eyes closed

  • Seems like a pass-thru card just like the 3DFX voodoo cards back in the days.

  • This is so stupid. Waste of silicone: they could make GPUs that can both game and mine but NO let's just worsen the already terrible supply chain by diving the two for anti consumer reasons

    • @Giuseppe Montesanto "Assets of any sort" Bro stop pretending you know anything about the supply chain involved. You're blowing hot air and doing nothing but speculating with wild guesses.

    • ​@Giuseppe Montesanto Are you incapable of basic reading comprehension? Where did "randomly doubling the number of GPUs" come from? You pulled that completely out of thin air. Do you have any source for this claim that there is as many of these mining GPUs being produced as normal GPUs? And even if there was it doesn't matter because it *doesn't use the same silicone that is used in gaming GPUs*. The current GPU shortage is driven by a parts shortage, not production capability. If they have a shortage of what they need to produce gaming GPUs but have extra of what they need to produce mining GPUs, then it is not impacting the production of gaming GPUs. Your entire point here is based on confusing a parts shortage with a production bottleneck. You have no clue what you're talking about and are clearly grasping at straws.

    • @Ryrin And also, just to make sure your only braincell understood what I said: they can't randomly double the number of GPU they can produce per day, so making 2 products means they're gonna make less gaming GPUs, so this is just gonna worsen the gaming GPUs lack, not making it better

    • @Giuseppe Montesanto Yes it does matter. The silicone from these is not being taken away from gaming GPUs like you claimed. So you were wrong. This stuff about supply chain and machines is what you've decided to backpedal to despite not knowing the details of any of that. Yes there is a point in making two different products because they do different things. Gaming GPUs are meant for gaming and not mining. They're less efficient at mining. So Nvidia looked at this already existing demand for mining with GPUs and made ones meant for that which do it more efficiently. The claim that the existence of these cards is an overall net negative on the supply issue for gamers wanting a gaming GPU is speculation on your part. The fact that they do not contain gaming GPU usable silicone is evidence against that speculation.

    • @Ryrin It doesn't matter, it still occupies a space in the supply chain and resources like the machines required, assets of any sort and money. There is no point in making two different products when one could do both things

  • What is the point of this? {:-:-:}

  • do you have a GTX 1080

  • Why do i watch this channel? I literally only ever understand 20% of what they say.

  • Linus was kinda being a jerk for a bit.

  • စောက်ရူး

  • Can you make an attempt at installing the cooler and chassis on a 30 series card? I'm curious at what the temps would look like.

  • To the person reading this comment You are awesome & hope you are having a great day My dream is to hit 1k I hope you can help me accomplish my dreams. :)

  • I would say that GPU is worthless

  • btc just dropped from like 69k to 41k in like an hour lol.

  • Wow

  • A100 cards are intended only for computation tasks, they are not planned to be used for 3d render. V100 can, and also rtx cards

  • This card cost more than your debit card 👀 Comment Yes Or No

  • So then it isn't a GPU, it's a math coprocessor.

  • I don't want a $5,000 pc or graphics card. I want a game that's worth playing on it.

  • what the hell is an IHS?

  • I spent $3k for double the hashrate with AMDs. NVIDIA knows how to scalp customers themselves..

  • What the hell is a kilohash?

  • Why are they using masks? Wtf!?

  • Geeking out over the card?

  • dude, you cant touch the copper. just stop.

  • Maybe you should check the website first. It redirects you to another website. Come on guys

  • Not wanting to just diss you guys too much. I am an electronics engineer and design this stuff for a living. It's sooooo hilarious to watch two misinformed under/ miseducated kids who have zero design, prototyping, electrical or physics knowledge try to explain stuff. It's like a Monty Python skit.

  • Neat. Yes, more CMP cards plz.

  • j

  • "can't"

  • linus: now in true LTT fashion we are going to.... me: drop it? linus: take it apart me: >.>

  • Jake rly doesn't ever shut up🤦‍♂️

  • This might make gpu's cheaper

  • Forget gaming show us how much u can push it in a mining rig with only one

  • $5k U.S., is that like $1 million Canadian? I'm not an expert on the exchange rate.

  • 5000 dollar graphics card? Is it a 2070?

  • The faster mining goes away from consumer computing the better, let's see if things settle once and for all. And then the mining bubble burst

  • @Linus Tech Tips Those cards are 30 million USD minimum order at 3000 USD a piece. So a minimum order of 10k pieces. I was looking for those mining cards earlier this year as we had a client that possibly wanted 600 gpu's. When we contacted an Nvidia rep (this was months ago) they basically laughed at us when we said we needed 600 and would not put us in contact with a reseller.

  • Would like a video of you touring their manufacturing facility at Nvidia...

    • Nvidia doesn't manufacture anything, they contract chip manufacturing to TSMC and Samsung

  • wear rubber gloves ffs.

  • Ya but can it game though?

  • Actually, it kind of sucks for mining crypto compared to a 3090. It hashes slower and uses a lot more power...

    • 164mh/s @ 205 Watts... kills the 3090 actually.

  • fck miners

  • The aluminum shroud could be for thermal insulation between units next to each other in the server.

  • Blowy-matron, nice throw back

  • 3 nfs h noise duck fun bomb

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    • @Zephyr bruh moment

    • @русский да For you and other people, all those commented were made shortly after each other, a tell tale sign of bots that try to look like humans having a conversation.

    • @русский да Yep.

    • Is this comment section full of bots ?

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  • linus : this card not for gaming also linus : we'll try it for gaming later... LOL

  • I watched fascinated. And I had no idea what they were talking about for 90% of the content.

  • What a terrible piece of ewaste.

  • Samsung 8nm vs. TSMC 7nm efficiency clearly shown between the 170 and 3090.

  • Too interesting...!!!

  • man when I saw the title I thought he had a 3090ti and it was broken.

  • which software did you guys use?

  • what kind of program they use here to mine ???

  • Why are they even sold? Cant they mine the ask price in its lifetime? Mine the miners?

  • i don't get what a crypto crash has to do with having to sell your equipment. why would you slow down during a crash? it it just that they can't afford to keep the equipment running until prices go back up or is it just pure stupidity and selling because prices are down?

  • Sorry, just testing the new dislike-button.

  • Linus😂😂 you need a shave😂😂

  • NVIDIA is slowly becoming a nuisance to the environment, just as oil companies have always been. Why can't we all just stick with real money we can hold in our hands instead of unregulated fake internet monies that you can only use in a few select places?

  • Dont go online with that gpu Is a rogue chip to start skynet

  • No, not interested in those other cards

  • To make a comment on the housing of the card, speaking as a machinist... The fact it is a Machined part could be a hint of something. Specifically, the production run. If they opted to machine a part that could have easily been cast, it indicates that it was likely cheaper to machine. This means that the production run on the part was relatively low in numbers. It doesn't seem like they planned to make too many of those cards if they found it cost-effective to machine the housings like that.

  • Good, I'm tired and hope these slows down the people who buy nvidia gpus for mining cyrpto

  • Anyone have tips for finding a good gaming card at MSRP? Sold my brother my RX 580 early last year, intending to upgrade. A whole year and a half later of daily attempts I'm STILL unable to buy one 😭

  • Crypto miners rolling in there grave watching this

  • literally no miner in this planet will buy such gpu because we cant sell it to poor gamers after we abuse it 24/7 for mining. keep dreaming, gamers.

  • How do these even get sold? Like, if not listed on a website, or made available for retail purchase, how is it economically viable to even make them? And how do they get out in the wild?

  • 0:00 i that's the longest intro i have ever heard 12:27 thusty 12:36 waaaaaaaahhhhh

  • This actually looks similar to the A100 PCB as well from what I've been able to find. Systemplus has some information, including xray images, cross sections, and teardowns. From their documents I can confirm it looks like the A100 has an IHS

  • The black fins are for laminar flow, it makes the air flow less turbulent thus more efficient

  • id 3d print a fan adapter... Nice they 3d printed a fan adapter