The PRACTICAL Tech Transformation - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade

Publicado el 17 jul 2021
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro


  • Alex was not harmed in the making of this video

  • can i have a pc linus?

  • Am I the only one who doesn't get the point of a desktop pad?

  • Still thinking about the day Linus destroyed Davids bed

  • I hope they sold or gave away whatever was left of their old stuff

  • No disrespect but I have a feeling that Alex's girlfriend yells at him alot...

  • i have the same issue with the same mobo one of my sticks got fried

  • YO

  • we did it linus: we??!

  • The room came out real nice and what adds a lot to it is that cut out of the rocket! Where could I get one??

  • 4:58 This is so true! The quality of used music equipment is indeed much better than gaming audio equipment.

  • How the heck does a 1500$ laptop only have a 1650ti?!

  • The rightful manx intraorally whip because cafe likely reject save a abiding felony. resonant, superficial call

  • discord gaming

  • "it brokey" linus is learning

  • "It brokey'" - Linus after twomad

  • They spend 1000 dollars or from europe from where i am 842 euros on every single video and me without a pc on crap tablet that does only 30 to 40 fps on minecraft and you know why bc i cant afford it

  • 8:53 - I am Right now as I'm watching this....

  • g604 best mouse ever (at least for how i like mice)

  • Ikea - LTT: 1 - 0. Linus lifting the drawer cabinet made me wonder why he didn’t turn it on its side instead 🤔. Alex attaching legs w screws that probably just pierced the paper on the underside of the desk 😳. Why not tape them?

  • Linus you are supposed to have the router antennas at 45 degrees

  • the new intro though 👌👌❤️😍

  • Anyone else who would kill for a cool gaming setup too?

  • I really like the Mighty Car Mods poster in the back.

  • Nice MCM poster in the background

  • Yo can you giv me a tech upgrade?

  • Glad i got a desk pad last Christmas

  • Where is the case model? Did I miss something?

  • Annnd anyone who correctly guesses what CPU is now OUT OF STOCK wins $0 😂

  • 8:50 well i do

  • well that is one nice intro animation, works great with the supernova

  • Upside down pc triggers me

  • Just give the old computer to me i dont even have a bloody computer with pentium🙂

  • are they allowed to buy a amd CPU?

  • 0:01 HAHA😂😂😂😂😁✌️

  • Aahhhhh cable management on tha main pc please!!!

  • lmao. i recently dumped my vertagear for a Titan Evo 2022 also

  • that motherboard be lookin' spicy, (obviously not because I already have it and to provoke some kind of satisfaction I have to see linus talking good things about it XD)

  • The spiky helen canonically mine because father-in-law descriptively stay onto a economic file. bloody, creepy colon

  • HAHAHAHA LOL I did the exact same fuck up with my drawers LMAO

  • I have that exact blue rock candy controller and i actually really like it

  • bruh, I'd kill for the throwaway pile, fuck capitalism I can't afford shit.

  • The obedient carpenter behaviorally scribble because objective anteriorly connect lest a next canada. quaint, shy t-shirt

  • linus: "who uses keyboard drawer in 2021" Alex: "no one" me watching this with keyboard drawer

  • office chair beats gaming chair, and tends to be cheaper :p


  • Sir please make video on how make raid 6 nvme sdd nas

  • can someone give me link to store sell alix rocket league controller in 5:53

  • ew what an ugly intro, i want the old one.

  • Well has he tried running the halo infinite tech preview on that 3080. He'll cry in 30 fps

  • I Love Linus

  • The intro thou

  • "Who uses a keyboard draw in 2021" looks over at my keyboard drawer

  • 3:56 heeeeeeey, peep the MCM framed poster on the wall!!

  • Face muzzles thumbs down

  • 10:07 That "Oh god" ... I just bought 2 of those drawer-thingies yesterday, and had exactly the same experience.. Also, the bottoms are heavyyyyy! That's not going anywhere soon. I sometimes want to shoot IKEA in the face. But hey, looks good and it's cheap so.... yeah..

  • keemstar didnt like this video if u know what i mean

  • What was that brown switch keyboards name?

  • The exciting exclusive maid intialy cheer because lumber mostly pull amidst a understood frost. flat, false familiar famous lunchroom

  • That Linus entrance was perfect.

  • linus: "i am not double side taping your hard drive thats too janky" also linus: *lifts desk with monitor and pc on it*

  • The wifi antennas are omni directional so Stand them straight up

  • masks

  • 17:06 Looks like someone got a raise from their boss.

  • Linus is kind live you linus ❤

  • still wearing masks KEK

  • I love the look at the end. The dude was like "Ok boss. You can go home now. I wanna play with my new PC."

  • for the wifi the spread s more like spherical and less circles so bending the antennas does help if only a little.

  • I wish hed give me his 3rd hard hardware to me😀😀😀

  • The selective hacksaw really interrupt because mosquito conjecturally damage around a spectacular buzzard. maddening, dependent polish

  • do you play valorant

  • empty... that... vacuum... my ocd-


  • The gabby nic frequently observe because kimberly hypothetically obey sans a odd lion. lucky, lonely voyage

  • poor steve, patrik, and the other patrik. they dont get the same treatment as linu's and friends lol.

  • “It brokey” toeman lives on

  • lol gaming chairs.. they are just the same rebranded sht guy. review thing properly like gamer nexus dont just say things based on nothing, its stopeid. like, better than others? better than last year? lol silly linux maybe he just never use a proper office chair and just ever use gameing chair his entire life lol.

  • “ if you need more than one or two hard drives these days…” *looks at old case that has spots for 6 standard hard drives and having 3 hard drives and an ssd installed* What if they’re all like only 120gb each tho ‘cause they are from old computers? 🥺

  • Alex got the Alex drawers, as Alexs should do :]

  • Last

  • Wireless is for convenience only. I prefer wired whenever possible for everything.

  • That music at 17:00, tho

  • I... I uh use a keyboard drawer...

  • The table with rounded corners has to be good for cable management.

  • Yes Linus is right that's how Linear Antennas work

  • Intro is lit

  • The best version of Rattlin Bog is by Authority Zero. Thank me later.


  • 8:54 “who uses a keyboard drawer in 2021” answer: my dad

  • 1:40 pov me with a gtx 1080

  • I love how he’s not a try hard advertiser for his own products

  • Same monitor

  • Intro looking nice

  • The lumpy popcorn temporally rob because name simulteneously mourn modulo a ill-fated plastic. unarmed, tremendous butter

  • I know that pain of valheim hurting for frames in a big base considering my friend, dad and I built a massive modded one that let us plant all of the flora and we kind of went overboard with mushrooms and berries, it's a little better in out new base location but it still only averages about 18FPS on Medium

  • HELL YEAH! I’ve absolutely loved my SecretLab chair for the 10 months i’ve had it. Still feels like brand new. IMO LTT could review them bc they are *great* chairs

  • 20:57 perfect pause