The Most Exciting Gaming PC in YEARS - WAN Show July 16, 2021

Publicado el 16 jul 2021
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Timestamps (Courtesy of Chico Veinte Minutos):
0:00 Presentation
1:16 Intro
1:47 Steam Deck
38:29 GitHub Co-Pilot
47:18 Sponsors
49:57 TSMC exploring new ways to cool silicon chips
53:30 Intel is in talks to buy Global Foundries
56:02 AMD Fidelity FX is now Open Source
58:20 Microsoft announces Windows 360
1:01:00 Alder Lake Leak
1:03:50 Reprint of the old LTT underwear
1:04:40 "Gaming" on Netflix
1:05:11 Superchats
1:13:25 Steam Deck RDNA 2 Graphics Mention


  • From everything I’ve seen of how GPT-3 works, the chances of it plagiarizing any code in any meaningful way, anything more than a line, seems extremely unlikely. I could see it learning more subtle things like common bugs over time, but I feel like those can be slowly filtered out as the system is fine tuned

  • I think that the perspective of people saying that it’s too expensive is less about the console’s specs and more about its user base. Personally, I’m definitely going to buy one and I think it looks great, but to the average consumer its kind of just another hand held console, and that’ll probably put a lot of people off of trying it. It’s an interesting situation. Also, the name is so horrible that when you try to google the “steam deck” most of the predictions it brings up (including the ones that directly reference Valve) correct “steam” to “stream”

  • For a marketer like me, it kinda looks like Steam hijacked the work already done by Elgato's Stream Deck. It's a common marketing technique and works very well.

  • Preorded is big overstatement it is just a reservetion with ablity to cancell at any time. I have reserved my 256 GB version for Q2 of 2022, but I will evaluate my reservation after first round will be shiped.

  • Sir please make video on how make raid 6 nvme sdd nas

  • fuckin sentr on a reserve on the 512 gig. hope yall dont fuck up, steam. aha

  • They should have called the SteamDeck, The Portal.

  • The biggest has a non-glare display. You didn't mention it again. Suckers ...

  • im not sure who wouldnt want this. I bought a 500 us$ notebook with much worse specs. At 400, its a much better notebook that anything in the market, and you can plug it to a monitor, with bluetooth keyb and mouse and work just fine.

  • People are crazy if they think this is too expensive, it's literally a mini computer, and it's freaking portable!

  • I don't want to put a damper on this but it looks a bit too good to be true , it could flop like other devices but we will see.

  • Steam Play Xbox Gamepass

  • I think it could've been called "Steam Power"

  • Shaved off or bulked up to 669 grams

  • The worst thing about the valve steam deck? it's not Half Life 2 Episode 3 or Half Life 3.

  • Imagine talking shit about people that can't afford overpriced products. I can't afford a Valve Index due to its absurd price. Does that mean I'm some gimme gimme self-entitled jerk? Not at all. That just means I live and work in a place where I couldn't afford those kinds of things in my wildest dreams. I can barely afford to live paycheck to paycheck working full-time, let alone buy some overpriced piece of hardware. This is just another fine example of people shitting on "the poors" because you have more money than us. At least we value ours.

  • I strongly suspect they are taking a bit of a loss on the $399 dollar unit for the time being.

  • I am not excited about the design of the thumb sticks or xyba buttons. The thumbs sticks being high is weird to me but then again I prefer the thumbsticks low like the playstation. Also it seems like my thumb would be too close to my index finger to hit the xyba buttons properly.

  • I woulda called it the steam portal or even the void

  • I am considering using this to replace my current Alpha R2 as my gaming PC. I do not care about AAA brand new release games that much and just go for couple year old Steam deals and pick a game up every couple of months. Having a minimal desktop PC that can double as a portable is an amazing thought. My only concern with it is the text size for many games will probably be terrible... hopefully not as bad as some of my experiences on Switch in portable mode, but I do fear this. I also don't understand the name hate beyond the similarity to Stream Deck. I mean, they do know that a deck is a flat surface, like a skateboard deck for example... So Deck is a fitting name, and seems fine to me. *shrug emoji*

  • The amount of stupid comments during streams is crazy. I guess i know why i turn them of right at the start.

  • I wished they continued the valve - steam naming convention thing, but I can’t for the life of me think of anything that fits. A valve lets out steam. Steam can turn into… condensation? Droplets? Vapor? Mist? Fog? A cloud?

  • When is in-studio wan show coming back ;-;

  • Yes I have the streamdeck. I use it for online teaching

  • I’d go for a synonym for “adventure” as the name, like the Steam Venture, Voyage, Trek, or something like that.

  • HEy what about the "Hellbender" Sounds cool. Valve Hellbender. Indeed, this console deserves a better name than deck.

  • Water cooling in channels on chips was more exciting the first time ya’ll brought it up, less the third

  • Made me think of the 3D TV. Because someone does like something, no one should??? Infuriating.

  • he ist bashing the nintendo stwitch but playing nintendo wii games

  • It is too expensive for only 64GB storage. If it was 128GB then $400 is fine. 1 game can be more than 64GB on Steam so it isn't comparable to the Switch which can store many games on 64GB. So yeah either drop the price or increase the base storage space.

  • LTT should make a video on building a PC as close to the same spec as the Steam Deck ignoring the size and show the price. This is a good way to show those that think a system should be cheaper what it would cost them if they were to build a PC spec for spec.

  • The steam controller is awesome. I had nearly given up on it, but after spending some time getting used to it, it's great.

  • $100 dollar guy goes to buy a car, that's worth $100 dollar - $100 guy.

  • What about "Steam Portable"

  • The people saying it's too expensive also buy $500+ Xbox and PlayStation consoles. This is a literal computer that can do much more than those devices.

  • Linus's headphones look like "Huh-duh-6hungrees by old boy senny"

  • I think the name comes from cyberdecks

  • 👎 GitHub. I’m just going to create hundreds of repos with sort functions and purposefully mangle the logic in all of them to skew the suggestions.

  • Luke has got some audacity being so God darned handsome like that

  • Steam Gear Go

  • please don't spend so much time defending pricing, these -$100 idjits aren't worth it, instant reserve 512

  • Just the fact that Steam can email all their developers and ask them to start optimizing graphic settings for the steam deck. That’s a huge lead. That’s not all! Windows games aren’t very friendly with Sleep mode, they tend to crash or loose audio or whatever bugs you encounter. Steam can optimize Drivers to allow its OS to deep sleep without crashing your game. That’s another freaking lead man!

  • Steam Portal! Or Steam Protable Gear!

  • You guys are asking why is it called "Steam Deck"? Seriously? Shame on you, then, because it's obviously a reference to William Gibson's Neuromancer from the 80s, a groundbreaking sci-fi that came with the concept of "cyberspace" the first, and "cyber deck", or just "deck" was the hardware platform "jockeys" (a slang name for cyberspace operator in the book) used to connect to cyberspace, which was a shared 3D "hallucinacion", a 3D representation of various data structures of the cyberspace. Yep, Gibson basically forecasted the Internet decades before it happened. He singlehandedly founded the whole "cyberpunk" genre, he was to it what Tolkien was to fantasy, or Lovecraft to horror stories. This is the book Wachovski brothers shamelessly stole from when cooking that disgusting, dumbified movie called "Matrix". And you guys don't know it, obviously, otherwise you would not be so confused by the name "Steam Deck". Shame on you. Youth today...

  • For me personally (mainly a PC player), I got my deposit for Steam Deck because I already have huge library of indie games in my Steam library which I would like the ability to play in bed or on the sofa as I sit on a desk at my work too much already. And because I don't want to buy all the games for the second time on my Switch. I'm thinking of selling my Switch after I receive my Steam Deck because the appeal of Nintendo exclusive games isn't that big on me compared to the ability to play game on my computer and then - with steam cloudsaves enabled - continue it on a somewhere more comfortable. Also the ability to run emulators on this is gonna be sweet.

  • Steamshift ..... Driving mobile gaming in to the future. I chose shift because youre shift to a mobile platform for you PC games and steam

  • Its supposed to be like a cyberdeck like the cyperpunk trend ...

  • my concern with the steam deck is what to do if it has drift problems? or if a button stops working

  • Linus Do you think the usb port is thunder bolt and if so, do you think an external nvme would work well?

  • I can't see a lot of people buying this, it seems to me to be comparable to a gaming laptop and it is better and cheaper than gaming laptops however there's a lot you can do on laptops besides gaming, I can't see anyone using this device for any reason besides gaming and for that reason the device just isn't going to be worth it for a lot of people, I think the price is extremely reasonable and the device itself is extremely impressive but I don't see how they are going to sell millions of devices

    • To me the only reason the switch is successful is because it's cheap and it has tons of great exclusive games. And this steam deck just doesn't have any of that

  • Anyone who thinks the Steam Deck is too expensive, especially the base model is out of their mind. The comparison to the Switch is also just stupid. The Switch is basicly an Nvidia Shield which came out in 2014, but the Switch has way worse built quality a worse quality and lower resolution screen and worse battery, but has some cheap plastic controller attached to it, yet peoople would gladly pay even 500 bucks for it. The whole "but it has games" argument makes it even worse. It just makes people seem like blind fanboys, but considering it's Nintendo that's probably the case.

  • Steam Deck is really well priced considering just how much functionality it has, and if I was in the market for a portable gaming device, I would buy it. Currently, I have a desktop, and my surface is my "portable device" that can also perform light gaming away from home (most gaming done at home). So I'm not buying the Steam Deck, but I'm really glad its on the market

  • Valve will try to make Steam Desk open source as much as everyone want. From the Hardware to the software as it will create an ecosystem for them. This is the main goal of Valve is to extend the users of Steam and existing users steam libraries. this will benefit developers, hardware manufacturers and gamers.

  • Where copilot would be most useful, is writing tests, if we can basically auto generate tests that would save oodles of time.

  • Sorry-- never impressed w/M$. They have NO ISSUE in causing the dumping of BILLIONS of computers which are 7th gen or earlier, as a requirement for 11, even though they CAN run 11! PS: their new "head" fired the dept. which "used to" test things & instead they push updates which either break or introduce malware. AND, they made it so you can't stop this.

  • I

  • Global Foundries deal may happen just because the US gov is so behind Intel at this point.

  • As a manufacturing engineer, the price makes sense. For the tooling alone, you're probably talking 150k-250k per mold. Then you need labor, R&D costs, all the failed prototype molds, ect. I wouldn't be surprised if they're breaking even or even loosing money on these.

  • I thought the Steam Deck (name aside) was really good value, the only downside I see is the weight of the device. If I get a job that requires travel I'd certainly be looking to buy one.

  • If Valve is able to produce enough of these Steam Deck, we might get to a point where linux compatibility out of the box is a standard for game, and this could have a real impact on the desktop share of linux on PC.

  • Steam deck is AMAZING

  • When you are talking about value the only question you need to ask if Luke would spend his own money to buy one... I fully expect that the Steamdeck will do fine but not for me

  • I got all games on Deck.

  • 1. If it’s trained on GPL, MIT and other free license type codes, don’t see issue 2. Can algorithms be copyrighted? Whole programs yes. Functions? I don’t think so. I mean I go look up source codes to copy parts I need for my commercial projects anyway. No need to reinvent the wheel. 3. School assignments. CS curriculum needs to be updated. It’s like a new layer of abstraction. We don’t learn machine code anymore. Some places even have paths for graduation without touching C or other low level languages. JS or Python all the way

  • Linus ....potential customers dont care how much money rnd they put into steam deck , why do you feel been a advocate for steam . 400 or 1000 is fine , no gamer cares about the price , if it sales it sales if not they drop price . Your rant is annoying, do you get some cash for steam lip service?

    • Pc gamers dont care , be advocate for phone gamers .

  • They should have callled it a 'cyber deck'!

  • SteamGO

  • Steam Roll

  • Steam Slab

  • ugh rename this pod cast to the lame show

  • What the fuck are you guys talking about, the name Steam Deck is perfect there's no other way to name it.

  • im geting the 512 model

  • Thanks to the Stream Deck, Steam should have already known Steam Deck STD meme potential.

  • I'm hoping this is a step towards valve's hybrid processing for vr headsets, where a stand alone headset can run higher desktop vr games by splitting the processing with an additional device such as the steam deck. Still waiting on their next vr headset to be officially announced but from patents and leaks this is what i'm hoping for. 100% portable infinity office type app, with unlimited monitors or whiteboards, AR meeting rooms and then media consumption and gaming aspects. I'm seriously looking forward to valves next VR entry and this could be tied with it.

  • But does the steam deck have variable refresh rate

  • Steam Engine?

  • Ok hear me out, better name for steam deck? Valvetron

  • The dolphin emulator uses three cores, if available, so unless you're doing some heavy multithreading task in the background, there should be no performance difference between 4 and 6 cores since the extra cores won't be utilized

  • When I search "steam deck" on Google, it asks me if I meant "stream deck".

  • Anyone who thinks the steam deck is overpriced is just being unreasonable. 🙄

  • Trucker here. I paused this to go place a pre-order of the 512GB version. I'm looking forward to both my Steam and Emulator libraries on the road!

  • The Steam Machine

  • Steam machine

  • Anthony quoting Digital Foundry's completely freaking BORKED and utterly inaccurate FSR vs Unreal TAAU testing was seriously depressing... Really thought he was better than that.

  • The Steam Ship The Steam Box The Steam Rocket The Steam System The Steamer

  • Steam Deck is to the Switch, as Sega GameGear is to the GameBoy

  • Steam Pad is a good one tbh.

  • As I was thinking about the Steam Deck, I kept thinking how great it would be for LAN parties like "hey we could play old CS games, UT, Red Alert 2 on lan again!", but in the end I've arrived at the conclusion that I actually want a cheap gaming laptop instead of a controller with a screen. It's actually weird how nobody thinks to compared this thing with a laptop. Yes, the keyboard is that important. I would basically take a kb/m with me along with the Deck with me everywhere anyways but then I'd be playing on a tiny screen.

  • lol linus worried about plagarism. I copy pasta stackoverflow all day long

  • PS VITA sold for $249 lol... at a loss... that they hoped economy of scale would fix... So ya... if you account for inflation and operating at not a loss... then the Steam Deck is right where it should be. (which at $249 accounting for inflation is about 300 today. If you assume they sold each one at a $50 loss than the initial cost of making them was over 350 adjusted for inflation. If someone wants a company to sell their product at a lost... that is a special level of entitlement.

  • It should be called 'Steam McSteamyFace'.

  • There's no exciting thing about gaming if it's not a ARM CPU/GPU for gaming that compete with Apple M chips. We need that to happen to solve graphic cards shortage. Not to mention how good FPS, graphics, heat & power efficiency will become. If Intel, AMD & Nvidia don't make it soon, the Apple M chip 2 years transforming program that includes AAA gaming support will dominate the marke

  • The Vita is an AMAZING handheld but you were being subsidized by over priced propriety memory cards and games that were often massively overpriced compared to their console counterparts. Being as open as this steam thing is you can’t realistically sell at a loss and expect to make it up somewhere else like console pubs have for decades.

  • Maybe Valve released this to stop Linus from retiring

  • Maybe Valve released this to stop Linus from retiring

  • Maybe Valve released this to stop Linus from retiring

  • Yuh it's Linux based

  • USB-C compatibility is kinda shotty

  • Will they build into the deck, the ability to use it as a steam controller - like the Wii U was? adds functionality when you play games on PC and use it as the controller.

  • They could go with "Steam Little Picture" cause you know, "Big Picture"