Should YOU buy a Junk Computer to get the GPU?

Publicado el 31 oct 2021
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With graphics cards still being so hard to come by, even if you really like building computers should you stoop to buying a prebuilt if you're looking to upgrade in the current market?

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  • Bought a Dell prebuild last year around the release of the 30 series, it was on special 50% off. For 2k AUD (1.4k-1.5k USD) I got a 3070, a i7 10700k , 2 8GB ram, 2TB HDD, 1TB SSD. I think it was pretty worth it. The only problem was that they gave only a 500W power supply... and sometimes (like once a month) the display just black screens and stop receiving signal.

  • Outside of a "gaming" laptop, many moons ago I went into PC gaming with the (correct) mindset of building out exactly what I wanted, and have iterated on that over the years during various upgrades. Thankfully, I bought an RTX GPU before the great shortage and when the market truly opens back up with supply, will be in the market for an upgrade...probably in another 2 years or so. In summary, PC gaming imo is about future proofing your build.

  • bought a prebuilt from ibuypower in like 2012. They cheaped out on pretty much everything. still got my gtx sparkle 550 ti

  • Linus, I have a question regarding ram, why does ddr3 ram cost more than ddr4?

  • Built and upgraded my Pc by myself ... i made the error once and bought a Laptop ... Intel Onboards are not made for Gaming. since then i built my Pc and upgraded it bit by bit to ensure i wouldnt drown myself in costs. so over the past 12 years i got this case the innards swapped from time to time and i spent around 2.300€ and im sitting here with my RTX 3070 and a AMD Ryzen 5 1600x 3.6GHz. over all ... you dont need to buy prebuilds ... take some Hardware thats a few years old ... like the GTX 1080 and a AMD Phenom II X4 ... when you accumulated a bit more cash you can upgrade to your fullest ^^

  • I bought the intel i7 9th gen and it had the 2070 super and im happy with it but i will be getting another case and adding more fans it is loud i also upgraded to 32 gb but its stuck at 2333mhz and the the motherboard doesnt let me change it but i paid 1449.99 usd at my local best buy

  • $1000 prebuilt. the worst part about it was the RAM sure, it was 16gb dual channel but SHEEESH 2666mhz CL19 GPU is a 5500xt so as long as I have nothing running in the background I can actually play Vanguard on ultra without problems (after I upgraded the ram of course) overall, pretty content, would last for some years and keep up with new games with the right upgrade(s) *cough gpu cough*

  • Surprisingly more fans didn't help.. were you really surprised... lol... The fact that that trash was over 2k is just absurd...

  • imagine having a linus tech tips ad just waiting to watch this linus tech tips video

  • Canadian pesos! Haha

  • Oh god this reminds of people buy shit Dells in 2003 to get an LCD monitor.

  • i got my ausus with 3070 for 1800 it was the only one on all of the internet at the time and ist all asus stuff so not to bad But doesnt have C usb port for some odd reason so don't like the MB very much but glad i got it wail i could as i seemed to have saved at lest 400 to 800 but i miss the old days a pc liek with would be around 1200 on sale

  • I got a prebuilt ABS from New Egg specs i7-10700F, RTX3060, 16gb DDR4 3000mhz, 600w power supply by Thermaltake and its gold rated and it came with a 512gb ssd but swapped that out with a 1tb I was using in another pc and I'm very happy with it all the parts are good be sides the Ram looks like a cheaper Oloy kit but its doing fine for now till i can swap it for something better.

  • Or buy Gucci XBox to get hold of series X 😅

  • i got a used built pc gpu and i finally have my dream pc for no lag and high framerate vr ngames

  • Sadly the market has gone to shit, thanks to flippers targerting miners and miners buying too many cards, the prices for GPUs are now just sad :( used to have a passion to help people with custom PC's but the certain people have indeed fucked the market all up.

  • *_Ох, уж эти Авито и сюда добрались, привет из Китая! 你好_*

  • Yes bought a prebuilt, 8700k 1080. All good 3-4 years later

  • Thanks LTT, I really enjoyed this video. Helps me to plan how to do my next computer upgrade

  • 2:55 I love the fact that they put a yellow filter lmfao, all if not a lot Mexican movies have some sort of yellow filter to them. It's common for people to meme that Mexico is yellow in person and the US is clear.

  • First and last pre-built (PC) I purchased was a 2003 Sony Viao (I was an Apple guy before this time). Being it was my first foray into the Windows PC landscape I had no idea what I was buying. All it had was PCI slots (Not to be confused with PCI-e kids). So no AGP slot (that was the tits back then), so I was pretty much limited on graphic cards. Ironically that PNY GeForce 5200 card I went with actually became my longest serving card I ever purchased. For many years (until PCI slots disappeared) I used it for testing and problem solving.

  • i lost my respect for microcenter when i went to a store and saw all them shiny gpus in cheap boxes.

  • I’m getting a pc for £650 it’s got ryzen 5 2600 CPU, 16gb of RAM, GTX 1060 3gb graphics, 500gb NVME SSD, 1TB of hardruve and it comes with a keyboard and mouse which Idk if imma use

  • I purchased a cyberpower pc a year ago Ryzen 7 3700X 256gb ssd 2tb hard drive XFX RX 580 8gb and 16gb of ram i paid 1200 for the computer and bought some case fans and upgraded it to 32gb of ram and was great then got into overclocking the pc came with a stock cooler master air cooler then a buddy gave me an amd wraith prism cooler then after the holidays went to best buy where i originally bought the pc and ended up buying a msi coreliquid 240 aio cooler for the overclocking and a samsung 970 evo plus m2 ssd on the motherboard. so in the year of owning it i only paid 1500-1600 around the ball park.

  • got a aurora r10 with an rtx3070 made an upgrade with the power supply and fans/Aio made the computer run really nice

  • I bought a prebuilt a while ago to have something to learn how to assemble parts on my own. Winded up paying about 400-500 for a solid meh computer that temped good with with weak GPU and CPU. Over the years I custom built my entire PC getting a AMD Ryzen 7 5800x (I don't really do graphic design, just gaming and music creation so this works for me), watercooling CPU block (keeps my temps under 60 ish at max load idleing at 35 ish depending on my room temp of course, some additional fans in a new case structure, a new motherboard down the road and recently a 3080 which I managed to snag at MSRP at a local grocery place (ironic right?). Replaced with titanium standard 800W PSU, corsair watercooling, 64GB of 3600MHZ ram, two NVME M.2 1TBs along with a 2TB SSD (mainly for school stuff) and now I have a beast of a computer

    • There was a lot of cursing and crying at some points when I was putting it together and couldn't find why it wouldn't post. Turns out it was usually stupid things like I didn't fully plug in a cord somewhere or I bumped the power button cable. I even got a CPU delivered to me in a smashed box which nearly all the pins snapped off but the retailer didn't want to allow me to return it. Never buying from them again :P

  • You do know people only buy those prebuild when they are on sale, right? An rtx3070 + 5700G only costs $1500+ when they are on sale, why would anyone complain about any of the issues you mentioned at this price and this market? I bought my 3060 +500G prebuild for $917. An rtx3060 already cost $750. I am very happy about it. The problem with you is that you bought it at the original price. No one will buy a prebuild with its "original price".

  • bought a prebuilt nzxt for around the same price (3070 too!) for around 2,200 after tax. Happy with it so far!

  • Just bought a Redux with a 3090 for $3k. Best deal I could find.

  • I'm not a hardcore pC gamer who has to be on the bleeding edge. I've pretty much bought prebuilts for years now. I can usually get 5+ years out of a prebuilt with the games I like to play and the fact that I don't mind dropping resolution or detail a little to get it running smooth. For me, the expense, time and hassle involved in keeping up a high end gaming PC is not practical and honestly, doesn't make my gaming any more fun. I know a lot of people enjoy the custom route and get a lot of satisfaction out of it but I'm good with gaming on the cheap.

  • i bought a pre built for around 650 dollars came with a 1050ti i5 9th gen 1tb of hhd and 8 gb of ram its my first pc so ye i think its aight

  • I have a pc that is 50 years old

  • My experience is that 99% of people with a junk computer are fully aware that the GPU is valuable and have already removed it and sold it separately. If they haven't its because the GPU is junk too. Maybe, MAYBE you'll have that 1 in a million find where they genuinely dont know what they got, but its crazy rare to find. Even people who don't know can still use google.

  • I actually did this but not necessarily to get it at MSRP. I was genuinely really looking for an upgrade and since my current monitor is only 1080p and I’ll probably only go up to 1440p the 3070 was perfect for my needs as I wanted more power than my 5700xt was offering. I was ready to drop whatever on it because I had the money and waiting wasn’t a realistic option. In actuality I did what I thought would be a better option I spent 300 more on an entire prebuilt than I would’ve on the gpu because I was going to give my best friend the pre built and my 5700xt and just take the 3070. In reality I did get the card for around msrp maybe a little more but I definitely spent way less on the card then I would have otherwise.

  • Yeah i got a pre build was i happy with it at the time yes but the more i understood and researched i am no longer happy with it

  • I think it’s cool to see other brands coming out with new tech for people who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for parts. I built my PC from the ground up just to avoid the inability to scale up on parts and capacity of the pre built pc components.

  • Bought a 950€ pc for a rtx 3060. whole pc valued in dismanteled piezes of about 1450€. (in spain)

  • Hey I spent 1200 dollars on a prebuilt pc. Here are the specs: Motherboard: b560m Aorus Pro AX Cpu: intel i9 10th gen Gpu: asus rtx 3070 Cooling: Nzxt Kraken Ssd: samsung 2tb Hdd: ironwolf 4 tb Power supply: Corsair RM550x Fans: corsair computer fans Ram : 32gb corsair vengeance Is it good or not?

  • I really wish crypto would just die

  • Videos like this makes me wish i lived in the US

  • That Model is pretty junky didn't even last a year.

  • This video inadvertently helped me out a lot I’ve been looking at this prebuilt and trying to judge what I could do to tune it up a little to make it work or if I could find the parts and price it out near the same. thank you!

  • I will say I have never heard of a Seasonic ever. However the rest of the video was helpful.

  • That is a nice looking bestbuy well stock . my local bestbuy looks like a warzone.

  • Watching and commenting from my 3 year old prebuilt. It's served me pretty well actually, but is starting to show its age. But I can see myself waiting out for a while longer and keep using this as my daily till it dies and the money I spent on this PC could buy me something quite nice in the future I'd imagine, maybe even another prebuilt if I research and find a good deal!

  • I bought NZXT's streamer pc with an RTX 2070 super in it for 1740 after shipping/tax right before the shortage. Boy am I happy now!

  • First Desktop I bought with my own money (after owning laptops) was a Big nasty piece of shit with a Bulldozer CPU. thing ran hotter than the sun, and sounded like an airplane, but it played basically everything till the modern titles started to ask a little more than the SLI'd GPUS and Cheap and Dirty "Hyperthreading" could do. Ended up passing on the GPUs (couple of 700 series) to my sister for her to use in a little workstation. The rest of the PC I eventually let them sell on just to get out of the house. It was a fun thing to experiment and play with, I upgraded it several times, pulled it apart once or twice. Helped me build my next one, thankfully it was no where near the price of these more recent ones. I think it cost me 1200$ all told. (Closer to 1800$ with the 1080 upgrade, and ram/harddrives) And I got to help my sister get back on a desktop after so many terrible laptops. My PC now is a real treat, and I even managed to pick up a modern GPU for retail! I went AMD this time around when I upgraded, and I've been really happy with it! Been some hiccups but from what I've heard the Drivers on both sides have been...shaky. The 1080 is happily helping a very good friend play all their favorite titles. I like that about PCs, things more or less all fit together and spares can always find a home. Even bad machines can find some new life in grandpa's living room at worst Haha.

  • "as soon as the going gets tough, the fans get rough." funny

  • I bought a prebuilt in 2016 and the first time I upgraded it was about 2 days ago. It was starting to show its years, but this was the best decision I made accidentally! I got insanely lucky with the quality of my prebuilt, so I would be willing to buy another one if something happens to my current one

  • Thank god I bought my pc at the start of the shortage with 1300 bucks with a r5 3600, msi rx5700, 16 gb 3000 mhz ram corsair lpx, a 256 gb ssd and a 2tb hdd

  • msrp for a 3070 is not $1k.

  • I’m about to ASUS to get help with this exact PC because it does not power up, and it was the first time trying. CPU fan turned on, RGB turned on, but case fan and GPU fans did not spin…

  • I have a prebuilt that I bought back in 2018 that has a zotac 1080 in it and I m pretty happy with it is never notice any noise almost always have a headset on and I m never overclocking and chasing that one more fps so overall im quite happy with my prebuilt im sure some of the components are cheap off brand stuff but it works and I know I can always replace any of those parts if they dont last

  • never forget the golden rule however, if you spend 2 grand on a gaming pc, dont forget to save at least 200 for games and peripherals :/

  • I was lucky enough to buy my current PC for $1000 on FB Marketplace: RTX 2070 Super Ryzen 5 2600 650W Corsair PSU Prime b450m-a MOBO Idk the case but has top and front airflow 16gb ddr4 vengeance 3000 memory All that in pcpartpicker nets around $1500 and this is assuming the card is at it's $800 price on ebay rather than $1000 price on Amazon

  • i bought a pc from nzxt bld with a 11900k, 3060ti, 64gb of ram, and plenty of other stuff i didn't need like an lcd screen AIO, but it was honestly really reasonable coming in at 2000 bucks

  • First gaming PC I ever owned (still own), was a prebuilt. I didn't feel comfortable building my own and didn't necessarily have anyone handy to physically help me through the process. It's different seeing it on video versus physically handling components. That was 4.5 years ago, and now I'm building my own. My current PC still holds up extremely well, but I did upgrade the power supply, mobo, and GPU. The power supply was first, but then I went from a 1060 to a 1080ti and wanted a better mobo than the one I had. It actually finally kicked the bucket last month, and a few days ago, I got its replacement. It's running on the original one now until I have the energy to disassemble this thing.

  • I bought my pc "prebuilt" it's not a prebuilt pc but it was a custom pc that was pre built by someone else. it has Asus b450m mobo. 2x8gb corsair vengeance 3200mh , ryzen 3600 and a gigabyte rtx 3060 triple fan OC. 500 gb ssd 1tb hdd and the case /fans/harness ect. It ran me 1680$ canadian. I think that;s very close if i were to individually source out the parts but probably a bit cheaper to have bought pre built .My issue with this set up is actually that I could use a better cpu because i run my games in 1440p and some games will actually be held back by the cpu like bf5

  • I have had my pc for very long time its when ever fry's electronics was still in business maybe I had my pc since High School idk when exactly and I graduated from high school in 2015 and only thing that broke down was my D Drive which is my Hard Drive and bought a 6TB from Micro Center and I think my fan or something makes a loud sound but only happens when over load I think like if I am using my editor software where I edit my videos and if I download a video my fan or something in my pc will make loud sound but I am kind of fine with it and it does get quiet after the download. I think the model of my pc is HP ENVY Phoenix Desktop 860-010 its gaming pc.

  • I bought a pre built and changed everything

  • Bought a pre-built from Omen near the end of 2018, Obelisk 875-0xxx to be specific. Out of the box it did very well for what I wanted at the time. Came with the i7-8700, a single stick of 16gb ram, 512gb SSD boot drive (no d ram cache, shocker 😒), 1 TB mechanical hard drive from WD Blue, and an Nvidia 1660 for graphics. Power supply, cpu cooler, wifi card and case fan were all off the shelf Chinese knock offs. First thing was replacing the cooler with the Noctua NH-LNx65 and it keeps me about ten degrees cooler underload, upgrading from single to dual ram with Corsair sticks at 16gb each, adding two additional 120mm insignia case fans, and going with a Gefore RTX 2060 for graphics. Next on my list is upgrading the power supply and wifi card, in the future will be my storage as both drives are taken up by games 😅 Any suggestions as to what I should do? I don't know what the motherboard is, but I know it doesn't support overclocking and the BIOS has no option for adjusting fan curves for throttling. I'm not an enthusiast but I do like being able to keep up with a bit of performance to spare. I do very basic video editing as well as a hobby, mostly gaming clips. Also if there's a way to transfer all my current setup info from my current boot ssd to a new one that'd be AWESOME!

  • Honestly, looking at the current scenario, laptops are a good deal too, if you don't plan on upgrading your existing rig ofc

  • You could also possibly extract the cpu from it honestly

  • A friend of mine did this with a prebuilt Lenovo.... Kind of a different situation though. That system was a complete ripoff. Good Ryzen CPU, good RTX3070, but a cooler with a heatplate that covered maybe 60% of the CPU. The cooler's mount was glued to the bacl of the motherboard with some really nasty stuff. Getting that off was quite a dangerous process... System performance was completely unacceptable without changes though. Only acceptable solution was throwing everything but the CPU and GPU out, since motherboard and power supply were absolute crap as well. Can't recommend.

  • or let's wait till Ethereum falls and becomes so cheap.

  • There is always a catch even with pre-built computers. There is nothing that prevents the seller from taking away the GPU from a pre-built computer and selling it as a used or almost new GPU for the sam eprice the pre-built computer was. I don't think there is any solution for now till the supply goes back to normal or the crypto miners to buy instead non-gaming cards (less likely won't happen soon).

  • short answer, Bottleneck

  • Literally did this exact thing for an EVGA 3080TI through ABS(Newegg integrator), I got an i7-10700k, an Asus Prime Z490 P motherboard, 16gb of G. Skill Trident Z RGB memory, a 1 TB Intel 630P SSD, some crap case and an EVGA 850W Gold plus power supply for $2600 USD. I spent another $1200 on an ROG STRIX Z590 motherboard, 64 GB of Corsair memory, a decent Cooler Master Case, RGB Case fans and a 360MM AIO from Cooler Master. I'm happy with my build, however, if I had been picked for the EVGA lottery that I submitted for a year ago, I would've bought all parts I actually wanted instead of having to scrap the crap that was chucked into the case. My son got an upgrade out of the leftover parts so theres that...

  • Or we could just exterminate members of the tribe

  • what if you buy a prebuilt then sell every part but the gpu?

  • I say give me all the bloatware you can to drive the price down. I will be the one left with a slow PC just to get the card out of it.

  • It makes me cringe whenever I see companies purposely making pre-builts in cases which have serious serviceability issues and outright intentional design choices made to make them extremely difficult to upgrade them. There's no benefit to doing that other than creating more e-waste.

  • It most certainly seems to be one of the easier ways to get one. Just get it with every other component at the lowest price possible. I am perfectly happy without having RGB lighting too. It is only for looks and doesn't make any part of a PC or laptop even slightly faster

  • My son just bought a crap prebuilt for the video card. He is running into overheating problems because of the crap case. He took my advice and replaced the motherboard, PSU, and Ram. I recommended adding a couple more case fans, which he plans to do in the next couple days. Worth it? well there doesn't seem to be many other options right now.

  • Well today I watched this video the price on Amazon for a 3070 is 1300-1500 CDN. If you're lucky you can find one. They're selling that system at best buy for 1599 CDN with a 3060. Simple math there.Update. To buy that system with the 3070 is 2399.00 Still not far off.

  • I've built my own system and purchased a pre-built (in that order) because although putting a system together is fun, I hated going back and forth to the local Fry'z (RIP) or waiting for delivery when parts didn't work. My pre-built (back in 2014) is still my current rig and has been smooth sailing the entire time, which I've upgraded the GPU about 3 years ago and overclocked the CPU. I just bought another prebuilt this BF (actually a ROG machine like the video - but not that specific system lol), so here's hoping the new system will be just as stable.

  • ok the pc in the thumbnail is my pc

  • my prebuilt PC is litterally a toaster with 32GB of RGB ram

  • I once bought an alienware desktop right when dell bought them out. I forget the model, but it looked like an Xbox but cooler and had a GTX 660 and a 3770 i7. I remember buying it specifically for witcher 2. It ran well stock for about 8 months, but the cooling on it sucked and it literally left burn marks on the HDD. I just got a job at a computer repair shop and learned how to "frankenstein" stuff. So, i bought a new case, an SSD, liquid cooler, more ram and ran with it for like 5 more years. Shit was great! I paid like $1100 for it!

  • I bought a alphasync pre build last year £800 only upgrade I made was putting a be quiet bn283 psu in. Its got a 5700 xt gpu ryzen 7 2700 x. Would you upgrade anything else?

  • How do you average 66-72C while gaming on that thing? I average 70-80C and I have a 280mm AIO on that same exact CPU.

  • I bought a pre-built when I was a broke college kid and I have no regrets. At this point the only thing original is the case, the SSD and the gpu, but overall I think it is a good idea when you're getting your toes wet for the first time. Even with compatibility tools, sometimes parts have weird issues that take time and intuition to solve, so it can be good to have something that works out of the box that gives you a base to work from.

  • After watching countless hours of linus videos, I bought a cyberpower last november for about 1000 less than they are asking for the same config now. If you know what parts you are looking for and where they are going to try to short you, every now and then a good deal shows up. It was a long and painful wait for the right deal, but considering I couldn't even buy a 30 series card I was really happy to get it. 1 year later and going strong.

  • 1st and last prebuilt was in 1998.

  • "Buying junk computer to get GPU" Shows WAAAAAAAAAY better PC than most can afford in the first place. I'd be lucky to find a bulldozer cpu, 8GB ram, an RX 470, and any storage for bellow $1000.

  • Even retailers are marking up prices now + newegg shuffle selling people useless shit they dont need. They had a MSI 3060ti listed yesterday for $679.99 + a $240 SSD ... its honestly disgusting

  • I have this exact pc, just ordered a new case, cpu fan, and ram hoping it goes well…

  • 2000 is too much. On Cyber monday a HP Omen 3070 system with 2TB ssd could be had here for 1580usd

  • Damn, im glad i saw this video. When i see ASUS ROG i think quality builds. Guess not. My asus ROG laptop 2070 was good too and lasted many years and 10k+ hours. Surprised this 2500$ pre build is so bad. yikes. I thought it "looked" nice too before i saw all the stuff he had to do.

  • A 3070 is worth 1000? Try 500. 600 max. Anyone who pays more is giving in to the joneses

  • If you already have PC and you bought a pre-built just to get the GPU out of it, I think it's a good idea to just re-purpose that pre-built PC. Maybe you can use it for some kind of a server, or a web server of your own, instead of dumping it. or re-sell it and list it as not having GPU.

  • got a asus desktop with rtx 3060 and ryzen 7 5700g for a thousand bucks. Eat it linx lol

  • I bought a pre-built two years ago and I am happy with it. Got it at a good price during black Friday and I had my computer expert friends point me to the right direction. I'm about to upgrade my gpu to a 3070ti that I got over a month ago but haven't had the time or energy to do it.

  • Wonder if I could even get enough for a cheaper PC.

  • I like to see the scalpers try to buy out all the prebuilds just for the graphics cards. Let's see them fill a room full of that and sell that. Damn scalpers.

  • MSRP in Canada means ; (My Sarcastic Retail Price) that you will never find anywhere ! fed up of waiting I ended up succumbing to a scalper price point on amazon for a cheap build GTX1160 TI at 899.95 before taxes ! I've been waiting for the last 3-4 years to get a better video card with more memory than my old GTX 770 FE 2 gig couldn't put it back for later anymore ! If the price ever get down 2022 or 2023 I will sell my GTX 1660 TI for half the price to get a RTX3070 TI FE !

  • Linus: You can't find any gpus, they are all out of stock or priced 2-3 times the MSRP. Linus in the same video: Fuck it, go buy it from a scalper. Smooth brain moment Linus mydude.

  • The answer is YES.

  • I bought 2 ibuypower prebuilt gaming computers, and overall I have no complaints.