SCAMMED on Chinese Craigslist...

Publicado el 3 nov 2021
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Linus tries to get Intel 12th Gen early by buying an Engineering Sample CPU off China's version of Craigslist....But will the motherboards play nice?

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa mbarek_abdel
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro


  • I have 12900K QXJE ES2. It works on GIGABYETE Z690 UD DDR4.

  • just by being used to it i would ve said a, b and c sample to the different stages of the engineering samples... (with d sample occassionally being used to denote that something is essentially zero day retail stuff)

  • when the paperweight isn't even a good paperweight lol

  • You bought it from WISH?

  • To be clear you are not expacting us to like videos in which you are being scamed with a not working cpu thats would be bad ... i guess .

  • what a load of crap. If the ME is the issue, disable it or edit the firmware and reflash it. These newbs are 1 step above skript kiddies

  • Terra Incognito and the Bleeding Edge of the PC experience. What could possibly go wrong?

  • lol whats what you get for buying from china

  • Sure, buy a "Made in China" if you like being recorded by the Chinese goverment. Find their website, and find out what you really consent to, by using the webcam!

  • Hey Linus and the gang at Linus Tech Tips, have you tried using a DDR4 based platform instead of DDR5? According to some of the info floating around regarding ES2 chips: 1) GPU's in the PCIE 5.0 slot won't be recognized (ie. first slot), as current gen GPU's aren't PCIE 5.0. Use alternate slots. (seems like you already tried this?) 2) Something about the memory lock frequency of DDR5 motherboards doesn't currently work with these chips. Not sure exactly what this is referring to, but apparently some MSI DDR5 boards can automatically reduce the frequency of DDR5 memory to start sometimes?

  • Linus: anybody who deals in these chips is shady Also Linus: buys these chips, supports the market for them, and uses them to create profitable content

  • 7:28 Alternate universe Anthony casually staring at prime Anthony

  • “I do it for you!”… And not the ridiculous overhead I will make from this video.

  • Need mod bios with older version of Intel ME

  • Enclose it in a block of resin. It will at least be an effective paperweight.

  • Try with MSI Z690 DDR4. Should work :). Also no iGPU in this CPU.

  • God damn the management engine

  • Ahaha... slips into an engineers pocket and ends up on the black market.

  • It's Chinese Craigslist, as if Craigslist wasn't bad enough.

  • 没板子拿来当钥匙扣么 (Got no motherboard? What are ya gonna do with it, make it a keychain?)

  • 还是闲鱼牛逼啊

  • gimme 12900k

  • Anything from Chinese sellers is crap. Period! They rip you off with a smile on their face and laugh at you when you ask for a refund.

  • Scammed on Chinese craigslist. Yeah, water is wet.

  • Thats a 700 dollars keychain

  • 8:02 The solution is simple (?!?), get an engineering sample mainboard, that has a BIOS that allows ES samples, or use a BIOS flash utiltiy that allows flashing an engineering BIOS update onto the mainboard's BIOS.. Alternately, check the BIOS code for the lock out code and place a JMP instruction at that spot to skip it, then flash the BIOS with it.

  • It's not like Linus didn't know ahead of time that it probably would not work. At least I know where to go if I want to be cheated.

  • 1:30 Clean the connections with some alcohol plz. You should know by now that these are not supposed to be touched by fingers with both the acid and skin grease on them..

  • Damn. I didn't know there was anything Anthony couldn't get working.

  • Anthony is correct. You have to match up PO, ES and ES2 silicon with a BIOS that has been built specifically for it and it is all part of a debug chain from inception to retail. That silicon is worthless except for those that have worked directly with it. Move on.

  • hahah. and u release this the DAY before the non-discosure ends? linus .....

  • Drill a hole in the side and turn it in to a key chain.

  • Ugh. Intel and the dreaded NDA. Sorry for your pain and financial loss. Appreciate the effort tho.

  • Cast it in resin to make it heavier and give it to Linus as a Christmas present!

  • I suppose the fact that I've been busy for a week and I'm watching this on November 9th makes this kind of less impactful.

  • You could hack the BIOS and downgrade the ME firmware to a compatible version. Likely any Chinese boards will have done this already :-)

  • Wait wait wait… engineering sample motherboard next 👀

  • 不知道膜光工作组该怎么处理这张地图,没有海南岛就离谱

  • You know I always thought you were smart but you are wearing masks for a virus that has a 99.85% recovery rate and almost 99.90% in YOUR age group. When are you going to wake up?

  • Intel be like.... no this time Linus not this time

  • Just think of how much it's going to be when the CCP finally invade Taiwan and they start withholding all chips to mess with USA. I'm guess around 2024 election campaigning time. USA to busy fighting with itself to stand up to China like always.

  • Linus on wan show "more time sensitive videos have been bumping the linux challenge." me: like... this one?

  • 老莱也去闲鱼买东西了哈哈

  • Conspiracy theory: Linus broke it so that he doesn't break the agreement with Intel

  • why can't memory slots be like Lightning charger or Type-C charger socket? flip the memory around (180 degrees), it still fits.

  • I get notified then this was 3 days ago???

  • You can strip out the Intel ME firmware out of the bios. After that, it will boot, just without Management Engine doing much at all.

  • I have idea for you, Linus. I know you have other bad engineering chips and hate e-waste, have a few of them put in clear polymer for a fancy(yet expensive) paper weight or a trophy for your next tech challenge series.

  • are you empowering Chinese scammers in a communist regime for me.? 6:13 alright thx

  • dropped a 3900x i also have a very expensive paperweight linus be just like me

  • The way you handled this processor is unacceptable.

  • Bottleneck about to be the power supply

  • what if Intel paid Linus to get scammed and discourage people to buy such things?

  • Plot twist: They unbox a sketchy CPU that has been sent to them by an autonomous user in China, they add it to their system and the power in the building for a second cuts out, it turns out the CPU contained a deadly virus by chinese hackers whom have infiltrated the power grid and network leading to full control of the district.

    • I do crack, now snort it with me.

  • Yeah god forbid don't offend the seller who stole over $ 700 from you

  • But you did NOT get scammed, now did you..?

  • wrong map of China...

  • made in China

  • gen 5 for gpu's when they don't even need gen 4 yet lol i guess it's futureproof

  • Anthony, dude, that greasy hair makes me puke every time.

  • Cast it in resin! The ultimate paper weight!

  • Day 212 of thanking Linus for the daily uploads

  • Anthony, this guy in background at 7:19 is definitely after your clout!

  • So basically when the retail launch got near Intel had all the motherboard people include something in the bios to brick the engineering samples. Great job Intel. Rolls eyes

  • 0:18 Hainan island is rightful canadian land

  • 6:39 Linus brings up the idea that maybe Intel has done something to make the CPU inoperable on purpose. While it's later discovered that this was a Management Engine update, likely NOT purposely designed to break the CPU, this wouldn't have been too far fetched. As Linus points out toward the beginning of the video, these chips make it onto the market through individuals at board/component partners. This isn't something CPU manufacturers want, but what's more is that this is a big source for performance leaks too. And you can bet companies like Intel and AMD would like to crack down on this. One method I have seen used is sending CPUs that have been programmed way underperform. To the point where it's obviously not representative of the final product, and thus not even worth the effort of leaking anything. Typically, this is not a hinderence to partners. Though I'm sure it is a disappointment to the engineers who want to play with cutting edge tech early.

  • I don't know that I would buy a dangerous webcam that one must be masked to be on front of, I might catch something.

  • 6:18 no you dont do it for us, you get all that shit free. we paid for it with ADs. Stop be that asshole.

  • roll back the bios

  • imagine linus having some lawyers on retainer to review the nda for this

  • What!? We're not even going to get a de-lid?

  • 👍👍👍

  • u kinda gotta expect that

  • you should make a video on the nvidia 8000 46 gig graphics card

  • I'm sure that amount of money is a drop in the ocean to Linus, but the lesson in general is: don't spend loads of money on crap you can't send back.

  • Make a key chain

  • 7:05 Evil Anthony in the background like 👁👄👁

  • bummer... the sponsor was more interesting than the main video lol

  • Not that I'm interested in defending anyone, but Linus, you didn't get scammed. You are just an incompentent racist who knowingly purchased an engineering sample - fully aware that there's a good chance that it won't work with off-the-self mother boards - and got annoyed and whined like a baby when it didn't work - sort of as expected.

  • there may be a cracked bios out there somewhere so you at least have more than a paperweight. I'm sure people would be interested in the video too

  • Hey is the ryzon 7 5700u any good

  • Contact🖕 🖕for fast and reliable service when it comes to spying on any phone..

  • WOW..... only a fool would believe this crap

  • So basically Linus has broken 13 International Trade laws, 4 Patent Violations, 6 Counts of wire and mail fraud, and 3 Interstate Commerce laws. We all should really thank him for risking federal prison to bring us a chip Intel should have slipped him under the door.. 😂

  • When's you're next Rug Linus??

  • I read it was a scam in title, but even given that. I thought you know Linus you could've just bought it made the video. and then waited till the 4th to upload it. You could even keep the jokes about intel not working with you anymore because it was filmed before the 4th.

  • "deets"

  • What a clickbait title, you got exactly what you bought... fuck off with the clickbait please.

  • The last time I bought mushrooms on Craigslist they were torn.

  • Can't believe you managed to do a video out of nothing and still be interesting

  • Linus runs into any problem -- "ANTHONY, COME HERE BOY"

  • I buy a lot of stuff from ebay and i have to say , chinese sellers are not that bad (most of them) at least they are open to resolve problems, but i had serious problems with german and italian sellers and had to dispute purchases on ebay and paypal protection buyer. Seller is always responsable for what he's selling, otherwise i could sell you a dinosaur bone fossil , but if you don't test it to see if it is legit you don't know that ... it's a cow bone. ... LOL.

  • No Windows Hello support on that Obsbot webcam? :(

  • You didn't get scammed. You got exactly what you paid for. It's not their fault you don't have a motherboard that works with it.

  • When is the Mack book pro review coming

  • Just ask the sellers for "BIOS patch" And probably get the "working MB" You just bought "too early", they will "test eventually" and keep selling.

  • I remember Linus talking on the WAN show about how he wouldn't ever post a video with performance metrics from a retail chip before an embargo lifted because of the potential lawsuit or risking the relationship with a company. So I knew when this video dropped that this thing was probably a paperweight OR he somehow got special permission from intel. While I was hoping it was the latter, I knew the former was more probable.

    • This wasn't a retail chip.

    • Umn they did that with 11th gen intel got a retail edition that was accidentally released because of a difference in EU and US date formats.

  • over 888k ina day

  • Put it in an acrylic brick, that'll fix your compatibility with most paper stocks.

  • Linus should be afraid a confidential sample would be stolen property when buying them. He should also do black hat hackers trick of disabling the Intel management engine by triggering some IO pins or something like the hackers made videos about. Do some research on it, The intel management engine not supposed to be disable-able but the U.S. gov and others do it for security.