Real Noctua GPU vs Redneck Engineering My Own

Publicado el 28 oct 2021
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Noctua and ASUS have finally collaborated to bring us an RTX 3070 with Noctua fans and owl stylings on the shroud. But does it perform cooler or quieter than a regular GPU with NF-A12s duct taped to it?

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa mbarek_abdel
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:42 Physical Overview
4:10 Competitor Performance
5:14 Noctua Performance
10:24 Redneck Engineering
13 :17 Conclusion


  • Derbauer already said that he wasn't right and there are actual differences in the heatsinki itself

    • @Peter S I was looking for this type of comment to spawn after i saw the typo :D:D:D:D:D: well done

    • Which reminds me of the yearly national finish pc gaming festival called Heatsinki.

    • Now set it to performance mode, turn the fans up to 100% and see how far it will overclock. I bet it does about as good as a water block. That would be an amazing video. (Noctua vs water) sounds like a ton of new subs! Do it do it!! Cheers guys! Great stuff as usual..✌🏼

    • Ok

    • @Linus Tech Tips That's not an excuse. You had the new information at hand, you correct before publishing. It's literally just editing a few seconds of the video out in this case. And, if more were required in this case, you just do more. You fix it before it goes to air. That's called journalism. ...also, a quick search of you channel shows you did a perfectly good (if rather brief and flippant) piece looking at a Raijintek cooler with exactly the same Noctua fans strapped to it. What I'm *really* left wondering is whether a Raijintek GPU cooler could be made to work on a 3070 (not officially supported), and, if so, what would that look like? Or, hell, I know Artic GPU coolers are 92mm, but Noctua make 92mm fans.... Again, no official support, but ...discuss? There is *plenty* of content to be made on closely related topics here, and it would specifically be the kind of journalism that would be likely to drive innovation and product development within the industry.

  • mannn i would love to do a coffee themed build with this... its so amazing!!

    • no joke, the look is genuinely amazing

  • 2:53 yes linus, it does not hold any water since its an air cooled card not a pre wb one.

  • cool

  • Pretty cool room... yeah no room I run my pc in in winter is usually about 60 farhenheit.

  • oh fuck i just realised it looks like an owels face

  • Doesn't Linus have like a shitload of 3D printers why was this not 3D printed

  • pffft take the fans off the new card.. put your fans on.. really hard

  • is it possible to put this case onto a 3090?

  • Dang I wish I could have one of these. Great video like always!

  • It’s water cooling with less steps

  • System FAN Port RPM can't be the same with GPU FAN even push to high speed on bios. Try to show with PWM to 3 Pin that will be a different result.

  • why did the doom smoke look real? i almost thought it was coming from his room

  • It look like an owl 🦉

  • 2:30 It's like a smoking hot chick in granny underwear.

  • I want it give it to me!

  • Will this fit in razer core x?

  • "the quitest 3070 ever" Custom watercooled 3070:"are u sure about that"?

  • A Fox is not stupid...sorry...

  • I really like how it looks

  • Noctua ain't the best choice in fans either. We got that discussion in the 3D-printing scene, when ever someone replaces stock fans on their printer. Noctua is like apple at this point. You pay an extra 30% for the name.

  • It is an owl...

  • lol, I saw the smoke on screen and thought the GPU was smoking. I have to try this mod on my 3090 cos that's noisy.

  • It's too big... 👀

  • I "built" a GTX 560 Ti like this with the stock cooler (removed the fan) and two 80mm be quiet! fans attached with a couple of zip ties. Result? Total silence and a max of 75 C under a continuous Folding at Home load in an enclosed case. It intrudes into the third slot. But, it isn't a 4 slot card.

  • @Linus: You are aware that there are adapters to connect standard Fans to the mini-micro-nano... whatever connectors on the PCB of the GPU? So they can be controled by said GPU, as it's meant tobe. I mean, you of all people should know 'em! Right? RIGHT?!?! ;-) Apart from that, nice product. Gives the legendary Morpheus II plus a pair of Fans of your choosing a real run for it's money! Not bad, not bad at all...

  • Major hardware did this video a while back where he essentially cloned the collab gpu unit. He had decently different results from yall in this video.

  • 18.5'C bruh how tf are yall not freezing

  • Pls, this gpu and nh-d15 itx build!

  • The heatsink is clearly much larger on the noctua card.. you don't need Derbauer to tell you that. Just use your eyes.

  • 12:06 the smoke on the screen, from that angle, looks like it's coming from the graphics card. Yeowch.

  • 8:31 uwu

  • should've just use wire/zip-tie to tie the fans

  • The way he just ruins these gpus

  • i just wish they put the black fans on instead

  • That's cultural appropriation!

  • Noctua thermal compound

  • I am doing light simulations with a matlab code that uses GPU... ^_^ the more memory the better, the more cuda cores the better... How big could you do it with NV-link? I am using a single RTX-3090 which is cool :) but who doesn't need more in simulations.... :( :/

  • Its Noctua, we didn't expect any kind of pretty - but those horrible owl eyes are actually pretty good looking yeah.

  • love the owl so pointless lol sooooooo pointless

  • the new mac book pro insides look like a person with a mustache. eye brows and everything lol

  • Linus how about a 3d printed fan shroud? 😀

  • Let me buy this off of you

  • The answer is yes, you can build this yourself.. you just need a good aftermarket heatsink as well. I've got a vega64 attached to a Morpheus with two noctua fans with the low noise adaptor.

  • Heat fin on the Noctua/Asus has a bigger heat sink on it...more surface area, more Heat Transfer. Anyone that has a BSME or BSAE would know that...but then again they wouldn't be working for Linus.

  • Linus, you taped the way out of the hot air on the top and bottom of the heatsink, this is why your version is too hot i think! :)

  • I don't get how coil-whine is still a problem in 2021. All GPU makers advertise how "silent" their fans are. Completely ignoring how much more annoying the coil-whine is.

  • coil whine, hated it. Once configured my 1070 to kick in only very late with the fans, only to realize the coil while is much more annoying than the fans could ever be!

    • and yes, you could easily build it your own with an aftermarket cooler, but this ends up in much higher costs so its useless.

  • I had that idea recently... Noctua cooled gpu....oh look there it is! Yes

  • 0:52 This graphics brick's thiccness is more than the Aorus Xtreme RTX 3080 (Ti), 3090 😅

  • "Big Chonkers" Edition

  • Wouldn't zipties be better than tape?

  • Watercool it

  • What if you change the fans around and have hot coming out ? Maybe temperature lower?

  • That "redneck" shroud actually is preventing air flow. Please redo :)

  • I have always wanted full sized fans on my GPU. I don't understand why it has taken so long to get it done. Noisiest part in most PC's is the GPU fans so it makes sense to make then a lot quiter.

  • Gotta love how they can't take a joke. Say anything even constructive criticism and they come in like an project star wars rod from god.

  • Gotta love how they can't take a joke. Say anything even constructive criticism and they come in like an project star wars rod from god. I knew the stereotype wasn't true but damn Canadians have gone downhill.

  • @ 14:52 As a Canadian you should be required to recite several *Red Green Quotes* Reasons: *1: Canadian* *2: Using "Redneck" in title* *3: Use of Duct Tape* *"We hold these two pieces together using the handyman's secret weapon, duct tape."* *"Spare the duct tape, spoil the job."* *"If it ain't broke, you're not trying."* Red Green

  • This is my new favorite GPU. This needs to become an industry standard.

  • omg the smoke on the screen made me think it was from the card xdxd 8:50

  • The fact that it looks like an owl is just the best thing ever.

  • "it's ugly sexy" LMAO

  • fotherboard

  • Weirdly I bought this one as one of the cheaper 3070 cards in my region a few days ago... i live in sweden, ordered it from a danish seller as i wanted to buy something like 3060 ti, 3070 or 3070 ti... ended up choosing this one... for price reasons! (maybe because it's so thick the miners are less interested in it? does it matter to them? I don't know exactly how that works, really i'm not even that much of a tech nerd i'm just a user) It's messed up the relation between prices and quality/performance are all over the place when i've been looking for a graphics card recently to replace my 960 ti which only has 2 gb vram, not just that they are insanely expensive but just seemingly random too... I still wouldn't have bought it unless i was lucked out with some personal financial decisions recently and ended up suddenly with a lot more money than i ever expected... which was also random and unrelated to anything of real talent or value, nothing makes sense any more.

  • Might've been better if you had used a GPU with case fan headers installed on it Something like EVGA's FTW3 (that's the only one that comes to mind, but there's likely others)


  • Why do you always test with games that are notoriously not demanding?.... Show me more demanding titles. Warzone and any new COD game being one of them.

  • Man those mobile deals are trash compared to UK

  • Use a pci,s riser....m

  • 4:20 ive never seen this card it looks like an rog strix and trident z roal elite made a gpu baby

  • It upsets me that you didn't use gaff tape

  • Incoming Owl themed PCs

  • This is too savage

  • 2:18 When girls see me

  • This is the second or third video that's basically just ripping off Major Hardware, but worse.

  • Well.. that is fake. U guys did something wrong. I did it for all my gpus, replaced the original fans with pwm ones, not even noctua, and I managed to get max 46C mining, or 55C gaming.

  • looks good imo and i will prefer cool temp everyday

  • 2:06 i can’t unsee it

  • Imagine someone buy this and then water cool it.

  • The cooler is thicker than any other 3070

  • I'm sure Matt from DIY Perks can build one, and make it better.

  • “I am the motherboard now!!”

  • Thanks for pointing out it looks like an owl... now I want one even more!

  • Why do the most frequent videos start with a bunch of text on the screen? Unnecessary, we can hear.

  • coil wine is all subjective. It is there of course but how sensitive you are all really depends on the person.

  • man, that's T H I C C

  • “Jimmy rigging”

  • Someneeds to go and check in on James, is he okay? 🤣

  • It looks like an owl... That's it, I want one!

  • Yuck thats ugly card :D

  • I've never touched or seen in person a dedicated gpu

  • Great, now test it on RDR2 whilst running everything at Ultra🤣🤣

  • Of Course they don't hold any water, it's an air cooler.

  • A physix card!!!

  • So we can buy it 20 years from now?

  • bro no scam can u build me a pc i will send u my email

  • Cards should come cased.Just imagine putting a carrot in there. Its a major safety flaw. Even a basic cage fence thing would do.

  • When Linus says "Doom Eternal" around 8:05, youtube's auto-CC system, changed it to "Do maternal" - literally the joke Yahtzee made in his review of Doom Eternal.

  • I hate that I love the way it looks