Powering Up My ZERO Compromises Desk PC Part 4

Publicado el 5 jul 2021
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It's time to assemble Desk PC for the final time, but there's some unfinished business to take care of first...

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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE

0:00 Intro
0:15 Goodnight sweet prince
1:12 Darkmode intro just for you
1:32 The design
2:48 Plumbing
4:44 Fan theory
7:17 Pinning the desk together
8:24 Jazz listening
9:50 Loop fill
12:08 Stress testing


  • LMAO that mousepad

  • but why destroy it? they could have given it to someone or sell it

  • Have you guys ever used a little bit of soapy water in a spray bottle to find leaks on a pressure test? Maybe not the best thing for gpu and cpu blocks but it should be fine for anything like the radiators and fittings and the reservoir that are separated from all the sensitive components 👍

  • Can we take a second to press F for that GoPro at 0:30?

  • s*it content. LTT has no soul anymore.

  • i never saw the fans moving so how was it working?

  • Next time on LTT, the most expensive (╯°□°)╯┻━┻

  • A man with a 40bil company cuts hoses with a metal scissors...creepy world...

  • Why would you brag with your mousepads being the same price regardless of size?

  • This is essentially the geeks version of Matts on DIY Perks. Would love that desk

  • I don't know why but lately Linus has seemed a bit douchey. He was a sore loser in the trivia thing and now they smash the old desk pc here. I mean they probably had to get rid of it and might as well get something out of it but still :(

  • Dood you built that with your dad 🥲

  • Linus puts a go pro on sledge hammer, editor doesn't bother with the footage.

  • You should've used Black 2.0 or Black 3.0.. just saying. Also, switch to GentleTyphoon GT's, and PWM mod them. Set them to adjust speed to water temperature. Gentletyphoon's still have the some of the best head pressure, which is what you want for this build.

  • that opening shot is now my desktop wallpaper

  • one of you needs to take up smoking to find leak.

  • No integrated monitor mount?

  • You're not using electric tables in the US? That is a must have for me.

  • Linus, is that Safety Dance at 07:48? :D

  • Me wanting a new moniter to upgrade from my 60hz. Linus building a full desk pc worth more than my car.....rip

  • darkmode intro!!!! REAL

  • 0:20 Noooo!!!!

  • If you chilled the air before you pumped it in then used your flir thermal camera you woulda found your air leak. Hindsight 20/20 tho eh?

  • All of this dude's fanboys.. He could have auctioned this off and donated to charity or something more beneficial then smashing it with a hammer. PS If you watch any linus video at 2x speed he will become the squirrel from HoodWinked.

  • 3:26

  • Guys it’s no compromise for the task at hand. It is not physically possible to use a 3090 or even a 3080 while still retaining the requirements of the project.

  • why not just auction or gift the old gen table... some fan of yours might love keeping it.. such a waste

  • the next level play

  • For finding air leaks, why not just use an ultrasonic leak detector. Even the cheap ones seem to work, I've seen this one work: www.ebay.com/p/16011249971?iid=254185837263 Edit: I have no affiliation with this product

  • Stick It note pad new use to prop up cooling tubes, 8:03.

  • wearing masks under the face shield..............

  • yea it did get copy strike lol

  • Hurry! get this poor soul into emergency surgery! We need get that shattered piece of glass out of his spleen! He need to live! He has three young children!

  • rather than destroy the LTT Desk PC V1, why don't you guys just give away that table to your fans?

  • Imagine the power bills.

  • Use colored smoke to find the leak

  • Could've donated that to someone who can't afford this shit. Nah, just destroy it. Nice role model you are.

  • 2021 and someone is using a mousemat.

  • masks :(

  • early 2000s have called they want their intro back

  • The face diaper inconsistency is disturbing. But then you go a touch everything together...

  • Take your mask off man, you're not gunna die from covid😂😂

  • Spraying water with soap on the couplings is a great way to find leaks.

  • With todays prices the wood in that old desk was probably worth more than a 3070

  • Imma just put my PC into a drawer

  • I’ve seen the build videos. I’m pretty sure there were many compromises.

  • all the effort of that went into the LMG logo reservoir and your going to put the keyboard right on top of it

  • Best way to find a small leak is to use vacuum and blow smoke over the tubing. The smoke will visibly enter the tubing.

  • imagine he rages and breaks it

  • 3:26 I'm proud of Linus he didn't say that's what she said even though he could have easily said it

  • Guys, as entertaining as smashing a desk is, you have to realize that in today's world we cannot afford to create more and more waste. Please be more considerate. Thank you.

  • He Builds a custom desk, with glas to see through and covers ist with his gigantic mousepad, GOOD JOB LINUS!

  • 05:28 R.I.P ESmain Adsense money 💰

  • Linus Almost pulled out the ridge wallet before the squarespace ad😆

  • I thought you were building a dual PC varient again.

  • Why do they have masks on for half of the video?

  • My guess is that he can't go higher than a 3070 due to that 800 watt HDPLEX having to power that and the Threadripper system.

  • We all love watching people flaunt their excess for our entertainment. So nobody in his office wanted that desk that could have just used a motherboard and CPU upgrade? Flaunt it baby flaunt it.

  • who thought that go pro on the sledge hammer was a good idea?

  • Yo won't the glass get really fucking hot ?

  • loco no

  • why tie a go pro to a hammer and repeatedly hit you desk with the go pro

  • 13:56 what keyboard is that

  • Now let Gamer Nexus do a thermal test on this beast.

  • Does Linus smoke meats?

  • i wish that you Linus can crawl out from under the thumb of rule you live by. i have watched you since you became i channel. i cannot support terrorism or the promotion of terrorism. you have a lot of people that look up to you and expect your support. i dont mean to literally pick on you i understand i too am being played

  • Why didn’t you use any of that epic gamer fps footage from the gopro on the hammer

  • One thought: smoke tester Or just get someone who vapes 😂

  • id be happy with a 3070

  • Linus: NO COMPRISES 3990X: am I a joke to you

  • I saw that funny girl modeling your lttstore shirts and it made me buy one fyi

  • Why would you break that old PC desk? This is stupid, dislike.

  • A 3070? Really? In a zero compromise build…

  • LMG would affix a gopro to a sludge hammer lmao

  • Need next vid with this puppy running

  • it's 2021, corporations have every detail of my life available for sale in the form of data. When will I be able to only see advertisements of products I DON'T own?

  • Lol I thought Linus was 45 or maybe 40

  • Build a ridiculously cool PC desk with glass top so you can see all the components, then throw a huge deskmat on top to cover it all back up.

  • Wait did Linus sing the safety hat dance part way through

  • You've got a CNC mill now...the skies the limit...you could literally machine the desk out of billet with machined out piping all over it for cooling ...ect ect..only limit is your imagination.

  • Uhmm you can just give that table not destroying it

  • Wonder if it can run 2 amd 5000 series 64 core processors coming out later this year, still looking for parts

  • 5:43 😇

  • 2:05 **confused in American **

  • Where are the glamour shots like in the last one noooo

  • If the honest medical advisor had been listned to, the political doctor ordered face diapers would NOT be messing this creaive project. Kinda nice idea, though...

  • Dude turned off the light to hear better

  • When are the desk pads back in stock?!?

  • Yes~ That fancy no compromises 3070~

  • I am pissed off that you did do a give away even in your area because of the weight..

  • Offcourse more sponsors to pay for the desk pc.

  • lol this is what they call "Whyte people problems"..

  • Sure am glad he's using a 32-thread CPU for a computer primarily used to write scripts in MS Word.

  • "ZERO Compromises" but it has a 3070

  • It must suck working for linus, you do weeks of professional work on a project only to have linus swoop in last min to make video like a clown, cuting and hitting and janking his way to a unfinished finish line.

  • Only 1 gopro was harmed in making this video.

  • Bullshit 😂

  • 0:23 poor camera xd

  • when he pulled out the sledge hammer i thought he was about to destroy the desk with the computer parts inside it

    • I thought about his sandals and open toes. Then I saw the swing and knew everything was going to be safe.

  • 9:08 WAN-show "Juan's show"