NVIDIA Killed Their Own Premium Products

Publicado el 3 jul 2021
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NVIDIA has made some massive improvements to DLSS with the 2.0 overhaul and subsequent updates, but can our staff still tell if it's turned on or not?

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0:00 Intro
1:10 Premium GPU Benefits
2:10 DLSS Explanation
2:57 The Test
4:05 Anthony Analysis
5:10 Results
5:55 DLSS 2.0
6:44 LDAT Analysis
7:28 Performance Improvements
9:00 LG G1 OLED
9:55 Outro


  • Thanks to LG for sponsoring this video! Get more information on the LG OLED TV G1 at bit.ly/Linus_LGOLEDTV_YT

    • The C1 is still a better choice

    • G??.??..*;;* 88k

    • Linus: "Nothing in life is free, so what is it costing us?" Me: "Well, let's see. That's 10000US$ for a gpu..."

    • Ltt looks like kane Williamson

    • Another paid Nvidia commercial from Nvidia's tech tips. Nvidia: just make sure they set at least 6feet away from the screen Linus.

  • @3:23 A *SUS* ROG STRIX OC

  • Anthony is legend.

  • oh man, dlss is crap. buy a fiat polski with a cassette with sound from a ferrari and then you drive a ferrari.

  • I think the right one looks better but I don’t understand the magic mans fancy words

  • Wow Linus surprised me at matching Anthony's score!

  • Anthony is godd

  • Left is 1080P easy to tell.

  • The left one was running DLSS. look for the slightly blurry fuzzy one :)

  • guys check what this guy did to cool his pc : esmain.info/goal/v-deo/e2p5gsppnbqUhqc

  • that segue was beautiful

  • I'm yet to be able to enable dlss in any game as it crashes the games every time I try

  • **Inserts** Linus Torvalds's meme

  • In Red Dead 2 you can 100% see the difference. DLSS adds an awful looking halo around characters when in motion

  • Just look at things far away and it's obvious, but I don't care. Glad these new technologies are getting somewhere.

  • The side by side in the intro was super obvious when I was watching it in 4k-the image on the right has far more texture detail in the hair, jacket and jeans. If you can't see the difference, it's probably because you're not watching the video in 4k.

  • I have bad eyes and should really get new glasses, I definitely won't be able to tell the difference if playing on a TV. On a desktop though, it is noticeable but not distracting, except for RDR2 which seems to add in some sharpening to the image

  • Felt like an Nvidia DLSS sponsored video.. and paid distraction from AMD FSR

  • Problem solved, the Switch Pro was a pipe dream

  • I notice this at home and it drives me crazy as it destroyed the immersion. looks blocky edges but if you stop moving it pops smooth and clear. I don’t know if its 2080ti vs 3090. DLSS stop all in game menu’s To work in metro exodus. I wonder how RDR2 looks so good on the same system and better frames. I will replay the RDR2 when they use ray-tracing hope it looks good with out DLSS.

  • Welp, I can say DLSS 2.0 is worth it. 120 FPS on Doom eternal on the weakest RTX card is insane! of course, be able to play anything else it's gonna be sort of I must put DLSS if I ever want to play AT ALL. EDIT: Which is ever more insane when I try Minecraft and it struggles to 60 FPS sometimes!

  • me poor: do they have super human vision ?

  • Well hey, I play with 1080p anyways so now I can render at 480?

  • like a vice versa of the DSR downsampling feature in the control panel, i tried it on 4k then on 1080p to 4k in doom eternal results were greta and it was smooth.

  • I love my 3060, and yeah I use DLSS at every opportunity(generally playing at 1440 @ 144hz). after playing for a while, and the novelty wears off a new game, your mind is on gaming, and not how pretty everything is.

  • switch pro... lol.

  • I looked up the LG G1 televisions and I started to cry when I saw the price. I guess I'm just going to be stuck with poor contrast and edge lighting for the foreseeable future.

  • 8:58 Enjoying the Switch Pro on an OLED Screen.... Well, he was mostly right.

  • In some games I still see a lot of pop in from fuzzy textures to clear as they get closer, that I don't see with it off. I found it especially noticable in something like a car grill as it gets closer. It was so bad it takes me out of immersion. Am I alone in this?

  • I wonder: why does Linus hate motion blur? For me it makes motion look smoother than it is. It's great in games like minecraft with shaders

  • Push though sponsors...

  • DLSS is just NVIDIA without the bitcoin miner

  • among us gpu

  • Yeah, this video is a little late to the game. DLSS has been tested by all the other sites months ago.

  • Digital Foundry did some tests with copying the DLSS "2.2" dll from Siege to other games and it did not just increase performance but solved almost all of the artefacts. Especially instances where you could see ghosting from particles that don't have motion vectors.

  • You should probably strike the Switch Pro stuff from the video at this point, it's a pretty useless tangent with what we know now.

  • I love how unnecessary the "just kidding, this is magic" was.

  • DLSS almost free? Remind me again, how much more does GeForce RTX cost over GeForce GTX? Close to double right?

  • imposter lol

  • During decades of gaming on outdated hardware learned that there is no reason to complain if in upscaled DLSS picture some hairs doesn't match - it is not relevant if overall picture is great. Seems for my new 1440p monitor I can live with RTX 3070 and DLSS On for next decade without any issues. Why you in 0:28 are dressed like that with +40C outside?

  • Awesome!! (typed on GeForce 210)

  • "rumored Nintendo switch pro" if only Linus knew

  • Why dlss sucks on warzone?

  • 0:29 lmao look at those pillows

  • *me watching on a 1080p phone* ah yes, both of those images are 4k...

  • thanks for this vidéo !

  • DLSS is a life saver for me running games on a 1440p monitor from a 2060S

  • Coming back watching this after the failed nintendo launch :')

  • So PR for medium range plus Nvidia GPU - it looks like stock is coming back to stores online and ofline

  • game support?

  • A little problem with this, you need a 20 series card and a 1440p monitor for anything to be worthwhile with dlss. So I mean yea almost “free” is more like not nearly free at all .-.

    • Oh and yea it’s available on like 10 games at most worth playing :/

  • 4k is dumb native 1440p for me.

  • Nintendo probably saw this video and decided to put a oled screen on the switch instead..

  • I have a 2bdrm apartment :(

  • Just imagine when generation 6 and 7 and beyond come out for dlss, it's only the beginning there will be a point when none of us will be able to tell.

  • activate waindaws

  • As someone with a 2060, DLSS is really an amazing feature for certain games. I don’t run many AAA titles, but I know that my card won’t handle them with grace. But with DLSS, I’m not afraid to buy a few AAA titles and try them out because I know that DLSS will allow me to run them. I feel like as this gets more widespread, more and more people will be able to appreciate and understand what it offers. It’s not an FPS boost for free, you do sacrifice some clarity. But I think the trade off is worth is considering the performance boost you get on lower end cards :)

  • Is it true that a full frontal of Anthony was digitized for the Mancubus in Doom Eternal ? is that true ?

  • for video and picture edition what is the best computer monitors ?

  • now i can finally play minecraft at 240hz with 8k

  • Linus: has 12K camera Also Linus: 480p thumbnail

  • RIP switch pro rumor..

  • nvidia become trash

  • Great screen. But I already have a pro screen, from VieuwSonic. Purely because of the image quality. As I did with Dell in the past. Sadly it's limited to 60hz, so a update somewhere in the future would be possible. Although gaming on my current screen with a series X, isn't bad at all. Despite it's a pro screen, and has 5 ms response. I always choose image quality above a screen with 240hz, and lousy colors, as a example. Mainly because I also use it as a PC screen, and if the wife is watching some Crimi stuff in the livingroom, I also watch movies on it (even if I also have a 55 inch Sony in the bedroom). Still, 5000 Euro's (as it costs here) or Dollars for a PC screen is insane. You could buy that other Asus for 3000, what is mentioned and a LG CX Oled of last year, to name some. Never the less though; the new Asus is a awesome screen if you can justify it's price, and you have a Monitor Arm that can carry it. Because it's to bulky on that stand, even If I like the Pro stands of Asus better as the gamer ones. I wish they made a gamer screen, with the look of the Pro line. One thing though I don't understand of that Pro screen ... the Huge logo underneath the screen. As sad; I have a 32 4K Pro screen from Viewsonic, it has almost no bezels at all, and no logo's everywhere. I wish more manufactures did that, especially with the so called gaming screens, because some are just butt ugly.

  • ye I'll definitely use DLSS in my GTX 750TI

  • so about that whole "Switch pro" thing you got your oled i guess

  • If Linus hadn't said that the TV was a TV I would have definitely thought it was a window

  • Really depends on the game, if you play Call of Duty, you want to keep it off because it actually makes you aim off-center and they have not fixed it. JGOD did a video on it. The loot boxes also flicker when you have DLSS on.

  • That switch pro prediction didn’t age well

  • That intro...

  • I could see the difference with no technical knowledge of dlss whatever lol.

  • 8:47 This did not age well

  • amogus

  • Dlss si brake in new lego game

  • I suspect this is going to be a big deal for VR technology.

  • Him talking about switch pro and oled tvs made me laugh so hard!!!

  • idk why im even watching this, due to draconian price for internet here i just watch videos at 144p so i can binge several videos per day so i can't see whatever difference thats being stated in this video ;-;

  • Why is DLSS faster than gpu? The pixels stiil need to be showed on screen right? Both are showing same number of pixels

  • “One is not running native 4K” Me on my 360p phone:

  • That little *at MSRP* gave me CLINICAL clinical depression.

  • Getting pretty obvious that Linus is cashing checks from Nvidia

  • Very annoying survivor documentary format Linus

  • 0:16 One of them is a what again?😳

  • every major cut should have * at MSRP.

  • At MSRP 😂😂

  • This has been out for over a year I don't care do this with fsr

  • But then what cards support DLSS ? the 900 series? the 1000? 2000? google says: the RTX2000 series. me with my 1080ti: well.... shit.

  • Damn, that Nintendo Switch Pro comment didn't age well.

  • 0:58 impostor?

  • Two thousand and late: a video about DLSS 2.0

  • When pc gamers spend an extra 1000 bucks on a gpu and try to look for the smallest reasons them to get their money's worth.

  • a another dlss promotion video

  • Unless I'm already maxing the 144hz refresh rate of my monitor at max graphics settings DLSS is definitely getting turned on. It's fantastic, and definitely worth the small trade-offs.

  • You can easily tell when they are side by side

  • You know,you can show detail better at lower resolutions if you'd zoom in on the image.

  • But is 4K dlss better then 1440p Antialiasing

  • 5:35 Linus' eyebrow got on top of his beanie

  • Sponsored by Nvidia to make us forget about FSR?

  • This would matter a bit more if either of these cards were actually available.

  • Linus: "Maybe the new Switch Pro will include DLSS so we can play Mario at 4k!" Nintendo: "Best I can do is a slightly larger screen for the price of a digital PS5"

    • @Nate 08 huh, didn't know

    • @SupremeAstro Depends what country you're in. In some territories they are exactly the same price

    • *50$ less than digital ps5