My GPU is 1000ft Away!

Publicado el 21 nov 2021
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How far is too far? We're pushing optical Thunderbolt cables to their limit to see how far we could have a PC while still gaming and see what the impacts are.

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa mbarek_abdel
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:02 Baseline Benchmark
1:28 First 50 Meters
4:08 Another 50 Meters
7:30 ANOTHER 50 Meters
10:15 Troubleshooting
13:28 Checking out the new office
14:30 Outro


  • Well ....why u took the GPU 1000 m away u could've just attached the wires of 1000m to it and it still would've worked

  • I get it that you guys wanted to make it comical by literally putting the GPU as far away as the cables allow... but if you would have done that in a lab, we would now know the answer to the question whether it could have worked or not, which I am more interested in. Was it really a limitation of the technology, or was it just one of the thousand or so variables you left uncontrolled? (damaged cable, damaged equipment from the rain, some docks acting weird which you could have replaced by other docks, etc.) I mean, doesn't the dock's Thunderbolt controller refresh the signal?

  • Why did you guys actually even have to lay out cables.. couldn't you have just used 4 spools... infected to 4 hubs or something in the same room.. light is still travelling at the same speed and the same distance you know..

  • guys! Actually, you don't need to get the GPU away from the computer. Why did you do that? If it is about testing something, why don't you use your cables in your office? IT is just wasting time. Please, create logical and instructive contents

  • That damn jacket was too funny haha

  • The cables are still 50M regardless of if they're still spooled, wouldn't it have been the same results just to plug this all in at the floor of the office and spare the extras?

  • sooo you didn't actually need to unspool the cables... just connect them at the same time in the same place spooled?

  • Ok so what's the jacket ORIGINAL color?

  • Just use real fibre

  • 50 meeters is not 1000'

  • Now this is insane, and how?

  • 1:42, he dropped something else lolol!


  • So, did no one realize that you could just daisy chain all 6 cables in studio, and achieve the same effect? I do realize that the baffonery of the video would be lost.

  • You do know you could have run this experiment in one lab without having to string the cable out...

  • Turning a 3080ti into a 2060

  • this is good content

  • ZEEE NOT ZED!!!!

  • Is this a guess what color his jacket actually is? LOL

  • I love the eccentricity of trying to run cables all the way to the new office and actually have them get run over instead of like... just running them on the spool

  • Homer is the one who goes in the bush not Ned

  • why did they do the distance? couldn't this been test at the office. just plugged into all those hubs?

  • So, I know Linus knows this already, but you don't PHYSICALLY need to be 1000ft away for this demonstration to work. You just need to use a 1000ft cable to plug in your 2 devices. It is the same thing. But of course, we want to make it look dramatic for the camera and the low attention span audience, so we have to do this video the way it was done lol Good work.

  • Am I missing something, or does 50 meters definitely not = 984 feet?? 0:14

  • I got a pulsway ad while watching this and it had Linus in it I thought it was the actual video

  • did they know the GPU doesn't ACTUALLY have to be that far? Just use long cables...

  • Way. Way.... tooooo much fun.

  • 3:11 Any sensible person wouldn't have moved the enclosure (for that test first), but just added in the hubs and put the cables in a loop. The test could have been run without even exceeding the desk.

  • Those wiring can be done in spot

  • I am so confused as to what color collins Jacket actually is... It has a new color in literally every clip

  • Data -> Light

  • The Post Team saw his blue coat that is almost exactly like a blue screen and had some fun with after effects

  • I love how instead of just leaving the cable on the spool, and testing that way (still the same wire distance) they still stretch the cable halfway around the world lol. That's dedication

  • 0:15 50 meters is most definitely not 984'....

  • good video linus

  • So, um, why didn't you first try this by just leaving the cables spooled and the docks right next to one another?

  • Everyone: it’s time to stop using tomb raider and doom as benchmarks please test games people actually play

  • Is this even a good idea with the rain we’re getting in bc rn?

  • Man, whoever designed that spool of cable to whip the user in the face either doesn't give a shit or actively hates the eyes of people who use fiber optic cables.

  • Omg The jacket 😂

  • I admire thy curiosity but thee should nev'r asketh what the real color of his jacket might beest. t shalt stayeth unanswered for the rest of time!

  • The real question is, was Colin's jacket ever actually blue?

  • I bought my sytem from NZXT Build, it arrived broken. Both the 3080ti and the motherboard were damaged in shipping because the USB header cable was pressed against the GPU and it tore the port on the board. They repaired it and shipped another unit in about 10 days (real days not business days). This being prior to your video. R5950X 32gb ram 3080ti

  • LTT RGB Jacket coming out when?

  • I love how linus stressed about the dangers of unplugging a flasdrive without ejecting it first or turning off a PC by holding the power button. Then you have them doing this.

  • Could it be a case of missing a common ground for the docks? I know the signal is optic, but it would be really interesting to see if this works when all docks are attached to the same powers brick :)

  • Came to see Linus do more Linus things. Was not disappointed.

  • That's Homer!!

  • damm Linus, your buying these LTT properties?? Well done :)

  • DW ignore this just for personal use 3:33 Also don't ask Really don't ask

  • That jacket gave me anxiety😅

  • It is sponsored by nzedxt how you mess that up

  • Linus still bluescreened less than me everyday in this vid ;-;

  • I really don’t know what color Colin’s jacket is lol

  • Well you be near the new hospital when it's built. and a three year lease to boot! I looks very nice.

  • Why do they need to be far apart to test this? Can't they just plug the end and test it at the desk?

  • I would’ve just left the spools as is and just plug everything in a couple feet from the PC lol I mean the video would be 2 mins but still a lot less stress on Linus

  • Linus, get us discount coupons on framework laptops please, thanks.

  • A question, why was a need to roll out those cables outside, is there any problem to connect each one in single space without rolling them .. except video script writers :D

  • They didn't actually needed to get 1000ft away. They could just have made the test in the same room

  • N(ZED)XT

  • Not to be nit picky or seem like I'm looking for mistakes but in the intro, linus says "50 meters!" And the subtext says "984'..." thats 300 meters, aka the 6 spools you have that you're gonna put together. Just thought I'd point out that whoever edited this video was probably pretty tired at the time or had a lot on his mind😂👍

  • It might have been more visually clean, safer and more dramatic if they could find a large indoor arena sports stadium. That way they wouldn't have had factors like jumping barbed wire, rain and vehicles running over cables to contend with and a straight visual shot that most people would be familiar with to see the distance for themselves... Oh who am I kidding, seeing Linus jump the fence and cables run over in the rain was half the drama right there!

  • How did everyone miss the epic Ned Flanders reference. This is meme inception.

  • commute between the buildings with the electric go karts

  • what color is the real jacket?

  • the sandle freak

  • Okay, but what on earth was wrong with Colin's jacket. Did you accidentally pay your editor too much and told him to do extra work for the money he received?

  • Linus putting nice metal hardware on the ground and scratching it up gives me anxiety

  • wait did you really blur it out on google maps and then the address is visible on the door at 14:27

  • You could have done the same thing in the building by just rolling the cable there😂

  • love it!!!

  • I may just be a simple freedom boi, but I'm pretty sure 50 meters is not 984 feet.

  • What color is his jacket? Editors: Yes.

  • my gpu is 1000 dollars away and then rego for 3 cars ruined it again

  • you could do all that in one building. omg, simple

  • Meanwhile, Steve Wallis is probably on the other side of the fence stealth camping...

  • [insert StarWars Anakin & Padme meme here] Colin: Okay, lets go for the full run. Linus: You guys have tested it with all six spools wound up in one place before, right? Colin: Linus: RIGHT?

  • Why can't we just connect the 300mtr cable on the same spot. Do we have to really go far away 🤔

  • Yay team Colin and not the other person you have been working with non stop lately

  • I want that RGB jacket

  • can i buy that colour changing jacket on LTT store?

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  • Showing his true colors.. all of them

  • untill someone snips the lead XD

  • New unit 1.1 million dollars, sheeeesh

  • Plot twist: there are multiple jackets of different colors and the shots were spliced frame by frame to make it look like the jacket was RGB.

  • In what world is 50m 984 ft?

  • Woah I want that RGB lighting coat 3:34

  • 1:40 i thought that was the 3080 ti xd

  • Waaaayyy too much fun with color correction

  • where was the brian the electrician song?

  • The jacket continuously changing color, lol. Who edited this?

  • Ok hear me out.. but whyyy

  • Is it only me wondering… what is the real colour of the jacket?

  • 12:28 Minecraft 75 Fps :D


  • I like the start of the videos. Like a boom and straight into the topic

  • hold up, what was the point of physically walking the whole 1000 feet?

  • ummmm the address is visible! so anyone wants to hop on and go visit Linus?