LTT is About to Change.

Publicado el 17 nov 2021
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In this video, Linus outlines his plan to increase LMG's testing capabilities with new tools, a new space, and new people. That's right: WE'RE HIRING.

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa mbarek_abdel
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:51 The Vision
2:15 Floatplane Hiring
3:22 Potential Equipment
6:16 More Nerd Stuff
8:06 Phone Testing
8:53 Display Testing
10:56 Who should apply?
12:08 Outro


  • Linus 2035: "Here we are going to place our new fusion reactor, powering the latest gen quantum computer, to compute data from a mini particle accelerator that will then biyonteen the brand new shimeshformer which feeds our UXT thermal worvenanger." "And don't worry I'll explain how to build your own and why you want one."

  • Linus finally takes on NASA engineering labs. How awesome would it be if JPL sent him some stuff to hardcore test his hardcore testing? Best of luck Linus, keep it up.

  • TL;DR: Going full nerd and raising the bar on various measures! 🥰

  • I remember a comment I did months ago about suggesting LTT testing everything on the market to help consumers avoiding bad quality hardware and have confidence in their purchases because of rigorous testing and ranking. If this is happening because of my suggestion, I am overjoyed! 🤩

  • your quitting no your Remodeling your studio...😒

  • "Do you think I can't afford you". Oh he is serious about this ain't he.

  • 0:10 what's that?😧😞

  • this is exactly the same how my 2 bussinesess colapsed :)

  • Me talking to the guac on the chipotle line 2:00

  • I want y'all to be just a lil bit less cheesy tbh.

  • Linus preparing to ascend to the role of tech god. As a consumer I'm incredibly excited to see how the growing LTT team is going to shake things up.

  • FWIW, I’m proud of you, mango.

  • I get it that the merch will pay for it, but how is it going to pay for itself as time goes on? Charging companies for results of benchmarks?

  • I was hooked by your confidence at the start, but shaken by team members who were shaking their heads and laughing at the vision, empty rooms and closing with not knowing what the plan is for a large space in the expensive building you bought. I mean… points for honesty, but yeesh for an elevator pitch.

  • Very, VERY exciting news guys!

  • WOW. I've been here since the kitchen set days and may I just say, not only am I impressed how you've grown the channel, but I am floored at how you've taken the business to an entirely new level. Congrats to the whole LTT team, you truly are an amazing inspiration.

  • Extrapolating, I find myself wondering how long it'll be until we see LTT component bundles and pre-built systems.

  • I have always liked LTT, but now I am in awe… dude, this is awesome!!!

  • LTT is about to become the Project Farm of Tech.

  • burn in on big panel at all price levels, i want my pc on tv and know what will last and preform on all levels

  • Now I feel I need to buy those merchs

  • I will regret giving away this billion dollar idea… but oh well. Take your idea and develop it into the UL of computer components. Push the LTT seal of approval to the manufacturer. Guarantee that their product does what it says it does, while eliminating gimmicks. You already have 14 million people who would love to buy products with the LTT sticker on it, because they know you’ve tested the snot out of it and they’re getting what they paid for. UL (formerly Underwriters Laboratories) started out as testing products for insurance purposes. They developed standards companies follow… you could do the same with the level of testing you’re speaking of. If you do it, just remember the poor subscriber who mentioned it. 😂

  • Congratulations Linus. Awesome to see you continuing to grind.

  • With GN step up, and Linus step up....the future is looking good for calling out BS from big tech

  • I guess you will have the definitive answer on which motherboard, processor, power supply, fan, etc. are best and in which categories and price ranges.

  • Well, I like where this is possibly going, but ROI is the biggest ? in the history of the tech industry, since where most companies build them would be using them for R&D for manufacturing products, and you will be using them for third party testing of those products the aforementioned company produced. That leaves a huge gap in the means for ROI, and I don't think merch would be enough to pay for it all and the workers needed and the upkeep on everything you actually deploy. I hope I'm wrong, but...

  • you should get gaid by manufacturers to get their equipment tested as it would make for a great commercial for them so long they actually do meet the expectations

  • If I was out of college, I'd love to be part of this project!

  • FINALLY..... Putting your $$$ where you ingest PIE... Go Man GO!! Bring back!! Garcia Circuit seller, Nutz & Volts, Radio Electronics, and my fav "BYTE" magazine. :-)

  • This sounds awesome can’t wait to see what you guys do when it’s all done

  • I love your drive and loyalty... The reason why small businesses are so awesome... Good Luck

  • Alright here’s my pitch. I sleep all day, my favorite snack is Doritos locos tacos and I occasionally do stuff. We’re do I apply?

  • god massive respect for Linus to bring us the most accurate data and testing

  • I remember watching linus like 12-15 years ago? Dude youve done so much

  • I want to see how different components interact. Seems the last few years the "plug and play" components sometimes cause differences in performance. Annoying to purchase a few flagship components but get less performance than buying less expensive more cooperative components.

  • hey linus , CAN DREAMS COME TRUE ? I live in Egypt, I have been in PC industry since 90s , I have been watching or following you since NCIX. HUGE FAN , really love what you do , I'm doing hardware testing since forever but I don't have a ESmain channel . I'm really looking forward to work in your company , I really which you interview me on the phone , or even by mail or zoom or facebook . I will leave my current job , my family , my country , just to work with you, which you the very best in life .

  • With as much investing into acoustics as you're doing.. why not test the acoustic padding itself too? Different brands, setups, etc.

  • Just wow! :)

  • I'm really excited for this not gonna lie

  • We love ya brother!!!!!

  • Linus Meth Tips! I'm calling it!

  • Can you make the dislikes count visible for the viewers of your content ?

  • Ngl, I don’t really get your vision

  • I definitely feel you guys should do a 101 series. I mean you already have so many videos , but a 101 series would organize everything and kind of be something from scratch. Like one series can be Linux 101 , another can be PC building 101 and maybe modding your phones cuz a lot of users outside us like to mod their phones because of cheap hardware with crap software. The poco F1 video was really good so yeah. A windows power user would be nice too since windows is becoming increasingly bloated these days. Idk what other series can be done but it would be organised.

  • This intruded into my feed so I just wanted to say linus is a sellout grifter and I'm not watching this video. Merry Christmas everybody. Jesus is the way.

  • i remember when linus was reviewing his motorcycle helmet infront of his office. congrats man. super excited to see this

  • Yo if u need a water boy or something lmk! Woukd love to work for LTT

  • Hell yeah! Tim Pool but tech nerd? Perhaps.

  • Is it me or does this feel like Pied Pipper.

  • I know I'm late to the party, but what I would like to see, is hopefully tests that would estimate a device's longevity. How long would it take for its moving parts to wear out? How easily scratched or mangled is it realistically going to be? What are its odds against the elements? Controlled drop tests, submerging tests. How does device X react to cold temperatures compared to device Y? That sort of stuff

  • Good luck man!

  • Love how Linus just dissed himself for the cheesy thumbnails.

  • 9:50 adding bezos clip is savege

  • Not interested.

  • The extent to which this guy seeks to hold corporations responsible and keep them honest is commendable. Thank you!

  • OMFG ALL THOS LIKES!!!! NO Dislikes?????????????? And u need sponsors??!!!!! how greedy?! Also... Who r u paying off to have 259K likes and NOT 1 Dislike????? Illuminati conspiracy ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Didn't watch, just came to say "No we don't."


  • I'm not going to lie. I honestly never, ever buy merchandise and wasn't intending to. However, exclusively because of the way the profits are being used, and because I'm excited to see more content, my mother is getting some LTT fashion, and I'm getting a water bottle. I'm excited to see what you come up with Linus

  • TV and monitor testing please

  • Really cool to see how far you guys have come and I’m so excited for all the future plans!

  • Linus Sex Tips is real

  • Congrats Linus and team. You guys been working hard as balls forever. You deserve it. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • I have been following Linus since he was working in NCIX. I am so proud of him seeing how much he accomplished!!! I really learned so much stuff from him! Btw LTT store makes shipments to spain? Best regards

  • LOL trying to be gamers Nexus, except you are bought and paid for by companies lol

  • Oh no!!! He's going Mac!

  • Linus tech tips rap

  • Oh shit, is this what it looks like with a Canadian get angry? I'm excite to see your company grow!

  • 6:40 “they are treating me well and feeding me 3 meals a day. I am not being held against my will. Please don’t look for me. *whimper*”

  • Can't believe Linus hasn't run out of tech tips after 8 years

  • That was the face of a engineer who's like "damn I never met a madman with money like this"

  • More maker stuff I build a comp ever 3-5 years and am a avid gamer. But I am constantly making stuff 3DPrinter / Arduino Project/ Pi's CNC you name it give me Maker stuff it's like crack for youtube content consumers.

  • I get Linus Tech Tips ads. I hate commercials. All the sudden I love my commercials. I'm just toolin around, and a LTT ad pops up. I have never been happier with ads. That's the first time targeted ads has worked effectively. I have liked a lot of LTT vids, but after I liked this one (can't remember), all the sudden I get LTT ads over all others. I love it. Well played ESmain. LTT... great stuff, great show, great channel.

  • the thumbnail is defo gonna become a meme

  • Magtrol and torque brake test rig for case fans to get exact motor specs

  • 15 grand for the electrical test equipment needed is cheap. If you can set up a lab with that you know the right people or the right dumpsters.

  • i wish i could join the team, sadly i'm based in Italy\Japan so tough luck for me lol.

  • There's this channel called "CoolingTechnique" that shows you how loud a fan is by actually injecting some voltage onto the fan. Unfortunately, their last upload was back in 2017 and they haven't uploaded anything ever since. I'd love for LTT to use their combo chamber to do something similar.

  • All i can say is: I cant fucking wait.

  • i want to see Fan tests

  • Linus.... My man, ltt needs to make mobile games with some micro transaction and free to play as well. And no more Communist idiots on your channel or i swear I won't watch your channel anymore

  • This kinda reminds me of hacksmith

  • Bro just say nzxt

  • 2021... offer remote positions.

  • Get a 3d printer and or a cnc machine for any custom parts needed.

  • This is going to be interesting, good luck to the whole LTT team.

  • man every single time someone looks at a script to say lmao

  • This turning point is really interesting, Linus. Well done.

  • Holy shit floatplane has already been a thing for so long... Damn, i remember hearing abt it as if it were last week

  • Ok you guys have milked the windows ten editing style Time to move on

  • Careful about getting an accountant, they may take away your blank check

  • Universal cert HVAC Guy here from South Carolina in the states. Fly me there and House me and I'll work with Brian the Electrician for free to get your HVAC installed. Think YOU can't afford me? Try me. I also wanna help y'all Fix Everything jacked with the minisplit cpu cooler. You were so close.

  • It's awesome how much LTT is growing!

  • Insanity. Needless to say, I love it.

  • Well both the examples given are of the publisher and parent company respectively. Neither company has a choice in the matter. Business doesn’t seem to be your forte, stick to the tech side of things and hire a business manager

  • Uh Math & CS major here, I'll talk to you in couple of years.

  • Have you ever thought of expanding your LTTstore warehouses into Europe (so you have faster eu shipping)?

  • puffy luke