Let's Clean Up our Oceans!

Publicado el 29 oct 2021
You can donate through ESmain or learn more at teamseas.org/
Thank you!!

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa mbarek_abdel
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
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  • Linus: take this board for example Me: why am I gonna throw away a gpu?

  • Bro i see teamseas everywhere on my fyp but im not complaining im just sayin

  • I wish shorts had descriptions

  • Sinus meth clique's 🤧

  • You're telling me it costs a dollar per pound of trash removed? That doesn't sound right to me lol

  • You're telling me it costs a dollar per pound of trash removed? That doesn't sound right to me lol

  • That's why please give me that gpu

  • Help the earth 🌍

  • While I honor your donation. I have to say that no country is willing to do something about all the ships sunk during ww2. They are starting to leak multiple toxic waist into the ocean. I recently made aware of this by a documentary about this topic. People are made aware of over fishing, plastics and oil spills.

  • Gg

  • Damn who throws their cards in the ocean?

  • I think it would be equallx maybe more important to get to the source of the pollution and stop practices rhat aid to the influx of waste into the waterways and oceans. Only then it would be sustainable. I dont think you would really make an impact on a global scale if you just remove waste, when you look on the wastness of an ocean.

  • If you're gonna recycle that graphic card, I'd be more than happy to pick it up...

  • Nah

  • Planned obsolescence does not help and seems to be the way these days.

  • Fuckn air pods

  • Yea the whole "trash island" is a scam, get india, china, Brazil, and africa to stop dumping shit

  • Imagine that you would walk into your bathroom and see that water is leaking from the sink because some idiot forgot to stop the tap. Would you run for the buckets, blankets and scream "help, help me!" like we do right now? Or.... alternatively. Would you just stop the tab, and do that later? I'm not saying that removing trash from the ocean is not necessary or useless. I just mean that we need to focus and find a way to stop doing that in the first place. i bet that if everyone watching this video would think about this for at least 10 minutes, we could find really original ways to make that happen. Not necessarily perfect ones. But at least, ways no one ever did before.. Did my best with my English skills, sorry, hope you get the idea ;D

  • If I ever find out who's throwing GPUs in the ocean, I'll leave their remains in the ocean

  • Nice especially cause we also get our clean oxygen from the ocean through ocean wild life, just like trees 🌳.#teamlinusseas #teamseas #linussaveoceans #golinus #helpteamseas #Linushelpsteamseas #Linusoceanlife

  • Who doesn't love Heavy Metal? Those fish will be rocking out to Slayer, right?

  • How about the ones who profit the most from e products pay for it instead? Raise money to sue them, not to do their work for free

  • man i cant donate because our family has barely money, dad is a business man, but things arent going well for us :'(

  • Also check out The Ocean Cleanup and their incredible work

  • If every single person donated $1 Mr. Beast would remove 7.4 Billion Pounds of waste.

  • Way to go!

  • I live in India, unfortunately I don't really have a dependable solution to manage my e-waste. As of today, I have nearly every gadget/component I have bought kept in my store. What could I do to manage this e-waste before it lands in the ocean or landfills?

  • I wish for the day where we can say "Trash in the ocean? Never heard of it" but that's probably never going to happen.

  • So you're saying there are some 3090's floating around?... brb gonna put one some shorts.

  • Fixing the consequence instead of the cause (tech companies anti-repair). Guess it's just a nice tax write off.

  • I personally have removed trash from the great lakes yes ik its not the sea but I am still taking trash out of somewhere its not supposed to be

  • linus ocean tips

  • 30 million pounds of trash from the ocean....where do you put it?

    • it just goes back....how much fossil fuels you need to commute trash from the sea to inland - where it inevitably goes back into the sea to start the cycle again.

    • Out of the water

  • If they'd finally wise up, the old stuff would get recycled properly. Yes, it's more costly now, and yet cheaper in the long run. Pollution affects people's healths, animal health and increases mutation rates for various micro organisms, which is also affecting SC2 today. Waiting till it piles up on shore makes the bill greater. Manufacturers should have take in spots where the old stuff can be deposited, and they know what went in where, so that would make it easier to recycle. Specially things like plastics that need newly mined sulfur, that's being continuously added from within the Earth to it's surface, which keeps adding up. This also goes for any other type of mining. All that comes from beneath the Earth gets added to the surface. And not just that, but the support for these also need resources that are mined. If they know which type of plastic went into what, it would be easy to take it out again, melt it and reuse it, resulting in less mining. Once this becomes standard the need for oil decreases, the by products of refining also drop. And then, recycyling can get the global waste production down to zero, since most all or all requiired resources can come from recycling, save additional resources for future population increases. But hey, if people don't wise up, we'll get a nice new SC3,SC4,SC5 etc to remind us why we should do better instead of cheaper.

  • "not my problem"

  • If you want to stop environmental pollution close the LTT store.

  • Starts with hypo and ends with crite

  • A dollar per pound of trash sounds about right lol

  • Good job Linus

  • This can all be solved by throwing old car batteries in the ocean. Wake up sheeple.

  • We have to raise 17 billion pounds to remove one year of trash

  • that’s why my garbage goes into a landfill

  • Let’s go save the ocean! Right after this message from our sponsor

  • That's so metal bro 🤘

  • Why do you say that's "my" e-waste? Do you really think I have the means to pollute the WHOLE ocean?

  • I recycle ♻️ all my trash, tires and used oil into Co2 in the burn 🔥 pile in my back field and push what remains after into a 18 foot deep pit next to it. After the pit fills up to 5' below ground level I fill it in with dirt and dig a new one next to it.

  • Thank you Linus! :)

  • It would have been awsome if they tried to pic e waste instead imagine them wear hazzard suits

  • I had a problem with a creative soundcard,it worked fine but with windows 10 after speaking to them why it doesent work thay basically told me fck you buy a new one. Also phones are just on another level of wastefull because they just drop support.

  • #TeamSeas

  • Whos gonna throw a gaming keyboard in the ocean

  • where are they putting the trash? it's just going to end up back in the sea lol

  • Really Vertically linus really ?

  • Camera quality bro, what is this like a XPS Webcam lol

  • Very weird that it's not its own 501c3, not sure what the tax implications of that are. I went ahead and donated to Ocean Conservancy directly.

  • Does modern stuff really contain cadmium and beryllium metals though?

  • And just like that, 25,000LBS of trash is gone lol

  • Damn linus, would of thought you would do a better video then this potato vison joke. No effort went into this from your team....

  • $25,069 love the 69 These donations are insane ESmain donated $400000 Susan Wojcicki dono $350000 Patreon dono 500k Tobias Lutke (ceo of shopify) donated $1.2m Alan Walker Donated $111111 Milad (yes the subway guy) donated $50k Doctor Mike donated $11111 Lannan (Lazarbeam) Donated $10k Lachlan donated $10k

  • I watch your vid when i sit on the toilet

  • I have sad news that 30 million pounds removed trash will do nothing because we dump 17 billion pounds of trash EVERY YEAR

  • Well done! I hope #TeamSeas is successful. 😉👍🏽

  • Like magnesium or sodium?

  • Really only a short vid for sea 🙈

  • Mr beast tech

  • Bro who will throw GPU

  • Done, and done. Fyi, I'm loving the Manjaro I've been seeing on your computer screen in the background lately. You picked a good distro/combo for this experiment.

  • Super important!!!! Donateif you can! But seriously, what the hell is this terrible phone's camera?

  • I'm pretty sure they will drop 25,000 pounds of junk while removing it from the ocean. Thanks to you.

  • I donated!

  • Plss guys, we need to save marine life

  • For such a big importance $25k feels like peanuts...

  • 25 grand? That's alot. But only half of what you spent on Gamestop stocks a few months ago.

  • Good... very good

  • Jeezus such a big company and such a small donation

  • Good job!

  • > Sorry, you can't donate in this country or region yet. Sad Australia noises

  • Good shit LTT. Let's go

  • This goes on for a Week BUT BUT 12MILLION IS ALRRADY

  • Don't forget guys, throw your car batteries in the ocean and do your part!

  • I LOVE the Idea

  • Thank you now i will drop all my old parts into the ocean

  • I like that Linus put 50k into gme but only 25k to an actual charity. It's not a dig, 25k is huge, it's just funny to think about.

  • epic

  • First Hasan and now this?! What's next, pro-CRT & adrenochrome juice?! Let me tell you something you little cheese pizza eating tree hugger, Trump was so great he was also the best president Canada ever had. Keep CRT & Fouchy juice out of our children! HE'S STEALING IT!!! 😂😅

    • please don't shadowban me

  • First Hasan and now this?!

  • Wish I'd find some 3080s in the ocean. But seriously I doubt people are throwing computer parts in ocean. All i ever seen was plastic that float

  • We are not stupid to throw a rtx3080.🥱

  • What is this? A little but of effort at least...

  • Saw their donation on the webpage... $25069 Nice.

  • I donated .

  • Well since new Chips can be made out of plastics, we can technically say we saw a lot of eWaste swimming in the ocean 8)

  • China and India throw that much garbage in the ocean in 1.73 seconds.

  • who knew trash costs € 30 million

  • Furthermore let’s stop plastic from getting there in the first place. Hard to clean up a mess when you have massive companies acting like children and dumping shit wherever.

  • Good to see how everyone is contributing😊

  • my e waste? bitch i have never thrown a single piece of hardware away. it aint me that did it

  • Lazy video

  • Then do something

  • Just had to do an extra 69 lmao