I want to talk to you about Windows 11 - WAN Show Jun 25, 2021

Publicado el 25 jun 2021
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Timestamps (Courtesy of BlackWings)
00:00:20 Topic intro - A fan recreated all the levels of golden eye in Far Cry 5, windows 11, AMD FX super resolution, John McAfee
00:01:17 WAN Show Intro and Sponsors
00:01:48 Windows 11
00:03:58 Frosted glass aesthetic
00:05:10 Touch first approach
00:07:09 Realign Taskbar
00:10:56 Office 365 and Search
00:14:40 Emoji, gifs keyboard
00:15:21 Widgets
00:15:45 Pen input is getting better, auto HDR, direct storage, xbobx game pass
00:17:45 Direct Microsoft Teams integration, android app support, windows store
00:19:30 Poll of which cut is better linus version vs Unedited Anthony version script
00:32:21 Result of poll and talk on how live reveal events have changed
00:42:05 TPM
00:45:40 Superchats on Win 11
00:48:05 Sponsors - Almalinux, Honey, RidgeWallet
00:50:30 Golden eye maps copyright striked ?
00:58:00 Linus' steam shopping spree
01:00:20 John McAfee found dead
01:03:30 China bans BTC
01:05:15 Boston Dynamics owned by Hyundai
01:06:25 LTT store updated merch
01:07:15 linus talks about win 11 effect on Win 11 Ayaneo Handheld
01:08:40 Linus and luke talk about retro games
01:12:48 Superchats
01:21:04 Linus steam shopping spree recommendations
01:26:00 Background play on floatplane on iOS
01:27:45 Final Fantasy animated series
01:35:51 Outro


  • The biggest problem with microsloth is that they want consumers to want what they want you to want, not what the consumers actually want. Some people dont want all the bloat. Some people dont want to use all of microsloths garbage apps. A truly GOOD OS needs to be extremely customizable. Thats why so many of us creat custom OS images to install with.


  • Windows 7 was the high point of Windows. Downhill since then.

  • I did stop using the Windows search function, because it doesn't work. It never finds Folders or .exe Files or anything i want to find on my PC. And since this is the ONLY Reason i would wanna use the search, it was no longer of any use to me. Every time i tried to find something on my PC it was very frustrating. I would NEVER use the Windows search for searching the internet, because i already have developed a habit of using my browser for that. I think Microsoft just wanted to stuff their Search solution down my throat (Metaphorically speaking) and i really distest that. It pushes me away from the Windows search funtion instead of helping me.

  • I don't want this hobbled OS anywhere near my PCs. It's aimed at chromebook generation of computer illiterates.

  • I want to talk about Windows 11? When are you going to talk about Windows 11? Your Device does not have the specifications or the chip writer? You build Windows 11 when clearly you can not update to Windows 11 without the new chip setts that are not the same? Does not matter you still have to have the same basic type of components to connect and to share files across the network Yeh I know a lot about your crap Microsoft and each time they change the system we all get screwed I look at your crap and I get it but when you go and **** me is when I change it back when windows 7 is still sitting here as a system 32 x86 install and I'm on an x64 version system with sysWOW64 as the base not x64 base you do that and see what I do as a creator of that work I'm still getting the same conclusion that Microsoft needs to die off and make way for the new version Microsoft did not do shit for years until I came along and changed it over and over to what it's supposed to be Linus sucks and I am the creator of sysWOW64 Loop and spooler I'm not on social media I'm a death rider I wish you would get them the hell off my network

  • Windows socks. Linux FTW

  • 4.5 gig install (0)_(0) yep winders

  • "update asap" - Said the last win8 user on the phoking world!

  • 13:30 I don’t think even know how to search for files lol

  • 08:04 Linus made me realize how old he is… LINUS MADE ME REALIZE HOW OLD I AM😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Aww, yeah dude far cry 4 was delicious, far cry 5 is a prity game, some odd mechanics, but MOST missions are great. Some are tough in the yellow plane...

  • You know Linus there are like a million places on the web to get Legal windows 10 key for 11 usd...I mean dude for your own PC ( that will be used for years!), put a legitz copy on it yo!

  • Ohh, I'm going to critique that build guide you wait lie-nus you just wait there ya nutty dude!

  • first windows forces similar windows to group together on the taskbar, now you can't even move the bar.. reeee may have to actually switch to linux :/

  • to clerify... change of opinion was directed at limus

  • lmfao... change of opinion?

  • task bar on left or right induces vommitting... dont EVER load linux!!!

  • yes..but.. 7 actually performed.. 8 sucked... 10 got drivers right... 11 is a can of worms

  • i absolutely hate the windows 8 look to 11...could do without the restrictions too.

  • 'product' launches got stale way back in the 90s IMO. If anyone comes to this and remembers AppleExpo where they plugged BeOS coming to Apple. And for a while people were stoked about that. When it fell through it sucked and then Steve Apple waved his penis and ego arround for Copeland and then and MacOS 8 or 9 I don't remember which. Either way decently sized anouncement. Way to many "big features" turn out to be, non features. Like I want windows to just fucking work and not be a huge god damn pain in the ass to use.

  • i like having the task bar on the side or top on my secondary monitor.

  • Better touch screen support is good, but why can't we have two settings for each?

  • f**k tmp 2.0

  • About windows search and start menu. I had used shutUp10 to disable some of telemetry features and that caused the menu to not refresh its content! I had placed new icons in menu directory in user space - they had not been displayed nor could be searched for. I had changed the address for some links to new program locations - they were still directing me to old location, that is they did not launched the program. I thought that it is the bug with w10 in general, but once i tried to enable one of telemetry scopes (i do not remember which one, but it may be the one of collecting app launches) and it refreshed and started working

  • Win 11 looks for a mb chip. This is to prepare for no passwords, a substution is eminent.

  • Any show with luke is good

  • On my 49" 21:9 Samsung ExtraWide Screen (5120x1440), at work (got it after I showed my boss the LTT video on this monitor), it's more practical to have the Windows Taskbar on the left, as it is sooooo wide, I prefer to have applications use the full height of the monitor, and they never are open in full width...

  • 1:21:33 "Steam does not do an amazing job of spelling out" Skips over the edition comparison section xD

  • Stop touching your screen! It makes you blind.

  • ...okay ...... I have setup Secured Boot State with Windows 10 ....and now, it will not boot my USB Linux SDD ......it will only boot up Windows 10.......mm.....anyway to fix this? So that I be ready for Windows 11 comes out.

  • How could anyone be so insane to do a podcast with birds or parakeets in the background.

  • I have my task bar to never combine and have them with their full details rather than an icon.. I really hope I can still do that with windows 11.

  • Everything you need to know? Here it is - The incredibly invasive and hack friendly EULA of Win10 now has the added advantage of forcing a specific account login that forever hangs around one's virtual neck like a sign with one's name and address in 1 meter fonts followed by the invitation"Hack Me!" and sometimes do it over unsecured wifi networks. What's worse being robbed or waking up from a "Devil's Breath" scopolamine haze and discovering you opened your doors and welcomed the thieves in and willingly gave them your bank pin numbers?

  • I have never used that search thing windows 10. I never understood why its there since it doesn't do literally the only thing id want it to so why bother? I dont need to search the web from my start menu, there is NO REASON I would ever need or want to do that. Its placement and very existence implies that its supposed to search the computer and it won't even do that properly.

  • No point rolling out more and more windows... There are already quite a few good games that either run better on windows 7 or don't run on windows 10...without even mentioning retro games that either need very old windows or a emulator... For the rest of game if all is fine they will run on windows 10..it will get to a stage that only recent games will run on the latest OS... Only problem Linux don't support all games unfortunately... And Mac isn't for gaming...

  • Really early on you talk about how when Windows 8 came out people didn't get the "touch-first UI on a desktop" approach, but how "now it makes sense" cause everything has had a touchscreen for the last 5 years. Which is a round-about way of saying that Windows 8 was the right direction at the right time and nobody wants to admit that they hated Win8 because they just don't like change.

    • Wallpaper sync: OK the fact that ya'll hate it is weird, but I absolutely live by the settings sync features, including background settings. Removing that feature bothers me. And I'm a little flabbergasted that you'll defend to the death "people's right to move their taskbar" but you just shrug your shoulders over this feature.

    • XBOX app: the default Xbox app in Windows 10 has not had Xbox Game Pass support. To get GP support required installing a separate app, which has been pseudo-beta for a very long time. That app will now be the default Xbox app that comes pre-installed.

    • And seriously what is with y'all's hate on Search? "A mess that doesn't work at all" seriously? Works fine for me. I'm starting think you all just don't know what you're doing with these newfangled computin machine gadgets. I work in IT and the number of "my search doesn't work" tickets we get from 80+ customers running a total of around 1600 workstations is maybe one a month, on a bad month. Your problems with Search exist between the keyboard and the chair.

    • "Make it configurable" so you can choose which swipes on which sides perform which actions - not hard to do at all, from a coding standpoint. At least the idea in general isn't hard to implement. If there's difficulty in it, it's the difficulty imposed by Windows being built on a 30 year old code base.

  • Jesus christ, use some b-roll.

  • WinBlows 11 is a virus, like bill gates is a virus. Switch to Linux.

  • Linus buying outer wilds is 2nd best moment of my week

  • "jifs" - downvoted.

  • No mention of cpu-compatibility issues. If Apple had cut off all cpu's older then 2 years he would have given them hell. But he gives Windows 11 a light treatment. There is clearly bias going on.

  • Your friends LET you play as Oddjob? Damn. My "friend" who had the game was a straight up asshole. He NEVER used anyone else, memorized all the spawn points and golden gun locations and screen watched for where you were going to appear, and never told me all the controls or even let me play alone to figure them out. And then cried like a bitch any time he got killed. It was pretty epic that one time I got him with a klobb while he had the golden gun :D

  • The hate for the touch screen interface isn't because it exists. It's because it is to the detriment of normal mouse and keyboard desktop use. That there are slightly more touch enabled devices now doesn't change that. If they want to build a touch OS, fine. But keep it off of my desktop. And "apps" can fuck right off. I use a full power desk PC for a reason.

  • Nobody mentioned Teardown by Tuxedolabs. Not a huge time investment, a ton of fun, and mods are something else...

  • Crypto is in a big slump now, but expected to recover over the next 3-6 months as huge mining operations figure out their geo configs and setups, and get situated in other regions. Not problematic for the diamond hands hodlgang, but those who bought the dip with short term prospects... Iish. This is gonna shake up crypto for sure. But as more and more countries put in place somewhat sensible regulations, that's gonna go a long way towards making crypto a bit less hazardous, and its holdings cleaner.

  • 59:23 For a moment, I thought Linus said "I have not played Glitcher 3" instead of "....Witcher 3". XD

  • @Linus Tech Tips @1:21:20 Linus says he doesn't know what is in Far Cry 5 Gold Edition and steam doesn't do a very good job of showing what the difference is, as he scrolls past the "EDITION COMPARISON" IN RED BOX @1:21:31 HEH!

  • “Windows 10 is the last version of Windows” sounds like grounds for a class action from users who got scammed into windows10

  • I loved windows 7. I like 10 okay but I really wish that windows would get more features from Kubuntu. The visual aesthetic is the most beautiful of any OS.

    • Please talk windows into getting Wobbly Windows!

  • Bill gates virtue signals climate change while he single handedly creates trillions of tones of landfill with TPM. Energy production will go out of control to produce endless new computers with TPM for win11.

  • One issue I have not seen talked about is the following scenario - Microsoft will support Windows 10 till 2025. But they provided very desirable features or updates to Windows 11 but not 10 to push and drag people to make the expenses of upgrading. Performance and functionality upgrades, etc come to mind. Effectively leaving Windows 10 users out in the cold.

  • Man I cannot believe you haven't dabbled in Rimworld. Super addicting damn game that I can sink a day into when I have one to spare.

  • Gotta download and archive this wan show for posterity (0:58) haha

  • Yep... the salty version is like 100 times better:) go with that one next time!

  • *laughs in continued Windows 7 64-bit Professional and Ultimate*

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  • Give me the salty version!!

  • Anyone who uses Windows actual start menu search, just instally Everything2.

  • Microsoft seems to be completely immune to the fact that Windows is primarily a desktop OS, and that desktop != mobile. Desktop systems are (rightfully so) used completely different and for completely different use cases than mobile. They need to stop crying after their failed Windows Phone disaster and stop trying to make my desktop system feel like a mobile system. It just is not.

  • Searching within the start menu to search the god damn internet (I'm sure there are way more people that do this, than I ever care to know of) is bad and terrible design. The thing is though that this is only a thing because Microsoft made it a thing and taught people bad stuff... Just open a god damn web browser if you want to do stuff on the internet. It's that simple. I only ever care about stuff that is actually in the damn start menu when I am typing with the start menu open. Nowadays though even that does not work satisfactory anymore. But alas, users are stupid, have always been stupid and will always remain stupid (ever growingly so I fear). Microsoft was never and will never be able to do search properly, even though the system does have all the information available. Rather than adding stupid shit nobody cares about into an operating system (like 365, One Drive and now even Teams!) they should add stuff that actually belongs to an operating system like proper search. Just ask voidtools on how to do proper search in case you're incapable of doing it (which MS has proven to be many times over).

  • Guys I need you to cover the whole secure boot bullshit situation. 1. TPM 1 versus TPM 2. The various NAMES for secure boot and TPM cover over a large amount of bullshit and over-sold under-delivered functionality. 2. How will windows 11 install on bare metal systems? You can't make UEFI Secure Boot and Media Creation Tool work together. What even is their plan? 3. Windows 11 is being sold as being about security and yet secure boot will still be optional. And yet recommended. How much bullshit can we stand?

  • Windows Search: Type out the entire file name, wrong item. Type out half the name with a random space, bingo there it is

  • I actually like having both views on win11

  • Well perhaps you are behind the times on M$ Teams. It's likely M$ doing it's part for the PPP plan here in the US. That's the Permanent Pandemic Panic...not the Paycheck Protection Plan...you know - the trillions of dollars printed by the Fed allegedly to go to small businesses to keep them afloat during the government mandated shutdown. Yet strangely those small businesses after grabbing their ankles and still didn't qualify. So most of it went to large corporations like M$ who amazingly did qualify...and who didn't need it in the first place. Indeed, a Permanent Pandemic Panic.... Cheers!

  • I can't wait for my AYA NEO to arrive! It's gonna be a great emulation station. Gonna load it up with my GBA and PSX favorites.

  • "Long sperm stability"

  • I like the option of putting the taskbar on the side so I can tell the difference between the taskbar on my personal desktop and the taskbar on my remote desktop

  • umm why is this weeks WAN show private? (July 2, 2021) Do we have to pay to watch it now or something? I try to watch it and ESmain comes up and say it's unavailable...

  • Why is the wan show from July 2nd private?

  • Install Windows 11 on any PC - 1 Just make a Windows 10 USB & Delete the Install.ESD File in the sources dir. 2 Then Copy the Install.WIM file off of the Windows 11 USB to the Windows 10 USB sources dir. 3 Boot Computer to the USB to Install Windows 11.

  • i wish the windows search would use my defualt browser rather than edge, if so i would use it all the time

  • Linus has Luke's moustaches on his forehead!

  • Sleeping dogs for 5bucks on Playstation store ima try n run it on ps5

  • Windows 11 (Vista 2.0)

  • 9:45 then use linux

    • I agree with you 100%!!! Windoze is trash on so many levels it just isn't funny. My biggest gripe is they treat YOUR computer like it is theirs!

  • Luke look like dave grohl

  • Huge agree with the ruination of PR events. They used to be worth it to see decent tech and all that... now it's just some guff so that people can wax corporate lyrical and mostly misses the important bits about the tech.

  • Bird chirping is unbelievably frustrating for my ears

  • I was using legacy boot mode. I needed a fresh install anyway.

  • In the off chance you read this, Space Engineers is a huge time dump to get to really cool stuff. But it is a lot of fun. Def something to play with friends though.

  • I run legacy mode on a Acer One!~ for the latest update.... Windows 11 Insider ,.. but! , I had to upgrade the memory to 4GB... this thing! does not even have UEFI! and it's working good... no ssd yet! will get one of those just for the fun of Beta testing since 1994! It's weird that in my test, The DEV edition, the leak one... was working nice on 1GB of ram.... ;-)

  • Dark Souls 3 is 75% off on steam and theres a bundle deal for Ori and the Blind Forest games.

  • Regarding Windows search, make searching files the deafult and for web search you have to press shift on the keyboard while typing?

  • Yes salty script

  • Release the #AnthonyCut of that video

  • Such a comfy stream!!

  • Oh my gosh I CAN'T BELIEVE Linus and Luke know about those games!!!! SMRPG is my favorite game of all time. Rock N Roll Racing is also a great great game! I'm proud to say I have the original cartridges too!! played them on my PC to remember the nostalgia a while back! This was my favorite WAN show!

  • Oh my god I CAN'T BELIEVE Linus and Luke know about those games!!!! SMRPG is my favorite game of all time. Rock N Roll Racing is also a great great game! I'm proud to say I have the original cartridges too!! played them on my PC to remember the nostalgia a while back! This was my favorite WAN show!

  • "When did everyone start using Teams, am I out of touch?" Yes, on that you are out of touch. As for when it happened, I would say the first lockdown. My Mom is a dermatologist, they started using Teams, the whole government of Canada started using Teams. All my friends who do remote work started using it, all at the first lockdown. Everyone is using it. Also Teams is really good IMO, it has a bunch of problems, but all in all, I find it really good to communicate within an organisation.

    • Exactly, all my friends and family jobs and schools are using Teams. You really need to be out of touch to not notice that. I love Anthony, but that line was rhetoric.

  • I disagree, Bravely default 2 is a good RPG, especially the use of regional British accents to portray people living in the different parts of the worl.

  • If they are welding the taskbar to the bottom of the screen instead of allowing me to put it where I ALWAYS have it, auto-hiding on the left, I'm more likely to upgrade to Linux instead, with a previous version of WinDOS (probably 7pro but maybe 10pro, both of which I've paid for) running in a VM for those programs that I, forced to use for interaction with others. I just want them to be updated with support for new hardware and kept reasonably secure (although I hide them behind a FreeBSD firewall anyway). Fix the broken shit, like windows jumping around to huge stacks at different scales when you unplug an external monitor and plug it back which just sucks. Everything they touch, they break. Anyone remember MSN Messenger? Then Skype? What about Autoroute, or Visio? All bought in and broken. But wait, there's more! Extended memory utilisation and disk compression, Disk defragmentation.

  • Windows search in Windows 10 is an abomination.

    • I go to dos because the search will not search for files in all locations if at all.

  • yo everyone keeps trashing windows search but its pretty good if you set it up right. in settings under search you can customize what it indexes, i just told it to index everything and it went from like 3k indexed items to about 1M

  • Golden Eye is back up under 'Golden Cry' on Far Cry 5 Arcade

  • Happy with the Anthony take... I've got little interest in what they announced, it's all marketing fluff until a finished version gets in the hands of a few reviewers.

  • You can disable web search for search bar in registry

  • Man, I really liked the MetroUI, but seems like the society doesn't .

  • Who thought that it's a good idea to bring web results when you search for files ON your computer? There is Google for that.. sorry Miscrosoft

  • Why is only Linus allowed to have rants?(Yes, I know, his name's on the wall. Still.) Let Synder have his too.