I Spent a THOUSAND Dollars on HDMI Cables.. for Science

Publicado el 8 nov 2021
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We told you we’d do it, and here it is! Testing a whackload of HDMI 2.1 and 2.0 cables to find out if you’ve been wasting your money on cables for no good reason.

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0:00 Intro
1:27 HDMI Basics
2:22 Shady back alley deals
3:06 HDMI Specs
4:58 Methods
5:58 Initial results
9:15 Class is in session
11:11 Other failures
12:12 Macro view


  • A follow up: Belkin reached out to explain the results we saw with their cable: "Our coax design is that pins 2 5 8 11 and 17 are connected to a common ground shield to create a shield loop - so it would fail a continuity test - but it doesn’t mean that the cable fails. The reason Belkin chose this design is because it creates a shield loop to protect it from interference."

    • When the DisplayPort testing?

    • @Mad Knight Gaming i took a gamble on a cheap ish $20 amazon DP cable and must have got lucky

    • Can you please test HDMI or Display Port Cables with "normal" interferences. Such as multiple Cables stick together in a cablemanged multimon setup. Or DP Cable and Power line tied together like on a Monitor arm. That's where Real-world problems begin. :(

    • @jayknight139 optical = there are hdmi/displayport cables out there meant for longer distances that are similar to fiberglass cables. active means it has got an extra power supply like a 5v usb connector.

    • What's active and optical active?

  • All cables are analog, including digital ones, the only difference being the bandwidth. Ideally, the bandwidth of a digital cable is infinite. If such cable existed, the jitter would not matter and neither would noise. Since there is no infinite bandwidth, three things matter in digital signals: the clock, noise, and bandwidth.

  • Well this is at least reassuring Going cheap or expensive will screw you either way So go for middle ground

  • So then what does one do when they NEED a 10m cable???

  • My pc isint even worth $600……

  • Secret shop some Schiit for me please!! That's a brand BTW lol

  • Would love to see some StarTech cables, since they appear to be to most easily available and affordable cable of all sizes in the UK

  • So which cables won the test and is the recommended purchase?

  • Just learned today that apparently another one of those weird Canadianisms is calling a jump rope a "skipping rope." Hmm. =)

  • Which if any of this matters in a practical sense with error correction that is built into hdmi?

  • I have a dollar store one works just as well as these rip offs, its a digital signal, it either works or it doesnt.

  • So he didn't actually say what was the better option as far as manufacturer or type.

  • I think you should test out no brand cables from ebay

  • $90 for a hoodie?

  • I used to buy cheap dollar cables. They last me for a few months before the signal kept cutting in and out. Spent 8 buck on a 3 foot cable. Much better. No signal drop, more bendable. Hold it's shape better in a cable tie.

  • A skipping rope….? You mean a JUMP rope right?

  • Where is the Chart with all the Cables tested and the results ?

  • Just ordered 5 meter Stouchi cable from Amazon to go with my new LG C1 I bought from Black Friday, let's hope the longer length ones work as well as the short ones :)

  • I came here to look at what’s the cheapest hdmi I can use to connect my ps5 to my LG c1 and learned too many things

  • I wonder how this would go with adapters. Still searching for a pleasant mini dp to HDMI adapter.

  • You should hit up a lot of the physical retailers like Best Buy, Microcenter, Staples, etc, and see who sells the actual best cables.

  • what about DisplayPort cables?

  • The included Display Port cable with my odyssey g9 caused what looked like artifacting. Its probably one of the most trying experiences I've had after spending 1500 dollars on a monitor

  • So what’s the best cable?!

  • Now do this for Displayport cables please.

  • Please do different grades of ethernet, display port, and USB-C!

  • If you guys do the audiophile hdmi cable test, you should try out Kimber Kables.

  • for me the 20-100 ft cables fail way more often

  • TEST AudioQuest!! You know you want to drop almost 6k for 3 diamond 💎 hdmi cables…. You know just to make sure in all.

  • What about Monoprice™ 8K Certified cables?

  • I have a very thin only 3-4mm cheapass 10m long cable that despite being sold HDMI 1.4 actually works in HDMI 2.0 specs. So 4K 60hz no problem. Even some other cables running nearby hasn't been a problem. Weird eh? I don't know about these weird tests Linus done here, but there's no visible glitches I've noticed either so what does it matter if it failed some test then? When it comes to audio it'd be harder to notice errors though.

  • Could we have say a list of HDMI cables, best to worst, so we know what to buy? Staring at an Infinnet 8K certified at $20, which fails the $1 a foot guideline, and an Amazon Basics that is certified only to 4K, so no future-proofing.

  • $90 for a hoodie? It better have some Gold plating and shielding built in....

  • Cool and great video - now make one with paperclips! I never know which ones to buy

  • I don't understand a single word.....

  • I just got my first 4k blu-ray player. Came with a 2.0 cable but still used my Amazon basics. It's 6ft I didn't know if the Blu ray player even outputs past 4k/60fps Haven't finished the video but I hope I don't need a better cable. Player is a sony UBP-x700

  • Okay so when’s the USB Hub test coming

  • 2:59 Maybe they meant the name of the cables is the best one they've come up with? :P

  • As an audiphile and a music grad from Berklee, I can assure everybody that most of the marketing bullshit companies spew is in fact, buulshit.

  • I have about 30 feet between my pc and new oled tv and was getting weird red speckles and signal drop, so thanks for this video and I just bought an optical active infinite cable and see if my life is better

  • 1:28

  • USB-C check

  • 0:33 😆 11:02 😂🤣

  • If you need to make a long HDMI run, consider using HDMI extenders over CAT6 cable. I have had very little trouble with the right brand of extenders and may be a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a long HDMI cable

  • Stick them on eBay with "Magnetized" and "Homeopathic" in the title. You'll make a decent profit

  • These kinda scientific videos on consumer tech are far and few beyond, and should just get more regular with your new lab. So I am really excited you guys are doing this

  • Thank you for doing this!

  • I would LOVE to see more content like this! It absolutely helps me make an informed decision! Like, which HDMI AOC fiber cable should I buy?

  • This is why I stick to VGA :)

  • If you want to avoid all doubt, just get a fiber optic HDMI, expensive but it will transmit the bandwidth with no issues at even long distances.

  • Would love to see Power Cables as well as Speaker Wire reviewed. There is so much misinformation floating around!

  • I'd be curious to know how some of the commercial AV manufacturers do on these tests, as opposed to the consumer market. Companies like Extron, Crestron, Atlona and others make HDMI cables that run far and above the "$1.00 per foot" margin mentioned in the video, but these products usually end up in commercial applications (conference rooms, huddle spaces, auditoriums, etc.) that make use of their higher-end AV processing equipment, which handles 4k60 4:4:4 signals and whatnot.

  • It would be great to see tests like this for other types of cables and an explainer on what the standards mean and how failures impact day to day usage would also be great!

  • What about 15-100ft fiber optic cables??? 🤔🤔

  • I'd love to see you guys use the tester for audiophile level audio cables. My father in law recently showed off the difference between his $2000 and $9000 speaker cables to me. I was skeptical considering even $2000 is redonk price for cables. However, to my surprise the $9000 cable had noticeably better spatial sound. I'm perplexed and need answers.

  • I want a +10m cable to my clean innto wall tv and soundbar, 4k and dolby digital.

  • Are you gonna test ethernet cables somewhat like this?

  • I will save 100% you need the correct HDMI cable. I was using an old cable while trying to watch a 4k uhd-dvd, the movie kept cutting out. I changed it out with a proper cable ($25) and it works great now.

  • I would love to have seen such a comprehensive test on usb cables. I have actually had more noticeable fails on USB ( on all A, B, mini, not C) than anything else, audio is a close second. Granted they're probably the cheapest to manufacture.

  • Loved this one

  • Why would somebody pay $90 for a hoodie that's not even name brand holy shit

  • How do you use dark mode excel?

  • This is brilliant. I’d love to see you test some professional cables by pro-video brands, and also some audiophile brands (like audioquest) to see how much BS they’re spinning. And other types of cable like SDI, USB-C, Thunderbolt/DisplayPort! Wish I had one of those machines to test all my cables! 🤣

  • Jokes on you, I use a display port.

  • great video

  • For once LTT is accurate on this cable issue. I wonder if DisplayPort has similar issues or a better choice. 🤔

  • professor riley xD too good

  • i got the second cheapest 5M cable i could get back when when i got my first hd tv 12 years ago and i still use that same cable for my 4K tv now.

  • Display port to mini Display port!!

  • I don’t understand HDMI cables. Like HDMI, Ethernet cables carry data. CAT5/6, however doesn’t discriminate: web, ftp, mail, tcp, udp, Ethernet frames, local traffic or packets bound for China, they’re all basically the same thing and it doesn’t matter what Ethernet cable you use. I was working on some raspi CEC stuff last night, and one thing noted if CEC isn’t working the HDMI cable might not support it. I don’t understand how an otherwise identical-looking HDMI cable A can support 10 of 12 HDMI-spec features, but not these other 2 while cable B has 1 of those 2 features, but is missing 2 others. I know there are different HDMI versions, but that doesn’t seem to be the definitive answer to “can my cable do ?” How on earth is anyone to know the problem is the cable is missing support for X, or what cable will support the correct set of features?

  • I can't tell you how much Infinite Cables freaking rock! I've already ordered 5 custom cables Canada to Florida. These are the best of the best! They came ultra fast even right after Thanksgiving. Thank you Linus and Crew for recommending them! You guys are awesome #LinusTechTips

  • Kind of sad not seeing some premium cables so that one can compare how much one can pay for the "premium" sticker. I would like for you to try e.g. Supra Cables, not the most expensive but at least they are seen as somewhat an audiophile alternative.

  • So a lot of tests are not reliable because of different continuity/grounding methods? Only with a signal wire.

  • Too bad you didn't test Monster Cable's ( extremely overpriced) i once bought an Van Den Hull 1M HDMI cable for 69€ and the cable was so thick and heavy it broke it's own connector because of the weight. 🤮

  • Gold plated connectors SHOULD help the connection between them because it doesn't corrode but i've seen alot of cheap cables where if i scraped the gold off it looked like the connector had been fished from the bottom of the ocean. I such cases i rather had a clean iron/aluminum one.

  • Please do this with USB-C cables. The whole standard is basically just a soup with a lot of ideas mixed in that don't work or make the experience worse.

  • showing a picture of clock drift eye diagram and calling it jitter... smh

  • Let me guess, you get what you pay for? They will change to another cable by the time we are done watching this anyways.

  • PLEASE test the Best Buy rocket fish and audioquest cables

  • I’m disappointed this didn’t even reference the HDMI verified QR codes on cable for HDMI 2.1. The HDMI ultra QR sticker. Did all of these cables have them? Did none? Basically - does the HDMI certified QR code actually guarantee compliance? There is literally a QR code that claims this individual cable has been inspected. And this isn’t even addressed in the video?!?!?!

  • Now to wait for him to analyze display-port cables.

  • HDMI cable replacement Vlog when???😂

  • Was that an Amazon basics cable tester 😆 How would you go about testing different cable testers? 🤔

  • I always thought HDMI cables were somehow "balanced" like an XLR audio cable to reduce interference. I'd like to think that's an accurate idea, though that's not something you seam to have tested here. Not to mention, of all the cables you said "failed" - for 8/10 people they'll probably work just fine and they'll never know the difference. I'd be really interested in your opinion on this

  • I need a 50ft HDMI 2.1 cable. Anyone know one that works yet?

  • Please test PlayStation 5 main HDMI cable)))

  • display port cables

  • Wish I watched this before buying my 10ft HDMI 2.1 Monoprice cable

  • ughh, if a cable fails at continuity it should fail totally. explain how can You jump to conclusions that "it should probably work" of some pins are not connected at all......

  • Linus - I cant believe we spent $1000 on HDMI cables Also Linus - So I just bought these $1500 Louis Vuitton ear buds

  • How can a cable, which is a passive component, cause jitter, which is a variable delay? This makes no sense. And how does signal loss work here, is it because of inductance, capacitive coupling, something else? I feel like I didn't learn anything here except that monoprice sucks. Explaining the pretty graphs would be a start.

  • Why not just sell your own hdmi cables?

  • Caable

  • Great tests(!!) I’d really like to see how various skinny and flat cables perform. Lots more likely to have problems, I’d think…

  • Just so others dont have to go searching through the video. Stay away from mono-price, belkin, and some amazon basics (10ft). Look at buying Amazon basics (6ft) and infinite cables as they ranked the best.

  • 9:45 I like your big words, science man...

  • i personally use the one that comes with my monitor if i get a monitor that doesnt come with one, i use this cord that the post office gave to me when my laptop was having troubles

  • I was hoping Linus was going to recommend an all-rounder cable at the end of this video.

  • I've always hated belkin and you should do more tests on their over priced garbage 🗑 products.

  • *jump rope