I can’t believe it didn’t leak…

Publicado el 10 jul 2021
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One of the most common questions that follows "should I water cool my PC" is "will it leak?" Luckily, regardless of whether you're already using a full custom loop on your graphics card, CPU, and all, or just thinking of starting up a simple loop, we now have a device that claims to answer that question definitively.

Check out the Aqua Computer Leakshield Here: lmg.gg/Lh0GN

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0:00 Intro
0:57 What is it?
2:11 Technical Bits
3:27 Testing for leaks
4:36 Filling a Loop
5:56 Linus vs. Leakshield
10:40 Conclusion


  • Linus, you're really great! I love your humor! Thank you for testing things so realistic.

  • Is this a Fish tank or gaming pc?

  • The sentence you were looking for Linus is as follows: If you aren't getting free computer parts from people daily and you are planning on running the system in a realistic way, probably for a few years, then the Leak Shield will mean you don't have to stress about your loop leaking after standing in your system for three years. I won't know about that since I have a warehouse full of parts that I can go to, in which there is any conceivable part I will ever need.

  • Sir please make video on how make raid 6 nvme sdd nas

  • 700X LOL

  • That iconic Wilhelm scream right at the start though 👌

  • So what you are saying is with this people can do vodka cooling without much worry?

  • It creates a constant vacuum/suction i guess that’s why applying more holes increases the chance of failure (the pump can’t generate enough suction)

  • This is INCREDIBLE Makes me consider actually doing a custom loop...

  • It's kinda funny to see tubing with all that modding added... Waiting for some nice pc projects to appear

  • FYI: Aqua computer actually sells a pump based pressure tester that predates the EK one.

  • 9:42 "That's a big one" THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID.

  • I’m in no way into custom water cooling but as Linus says- *Holy S#@$!*

  • Is it just me or does that metal rod look like a dab pick?

  • How would apple m1 processor perform when watercooled? Fun project idea ;)

  • The loud alarm of the system makes me imagine it as an Enterprise Captain being told that "major damage to the liquid tubing integrity!", with the Captain responding with "Reduce reservoir pressure to retain coolant fluid!". Such sci fi technology being played with by a dangerous unchecked Linus.

  • LTT funnel when?

  • I'm curious if it would work for a big loop like Linus's desk pc. Would it be able to fill and maintain that size of a loop?

  • Do they have this in car engines?

  • That is impressive

  • Okay, it's been a bit since I was impressed by a niche product, but this is truly awesome.

  • I use several Aquacomputer products. They are great. What he didn't cover is the excellent software they provide. I control all my fans, RGB, pump speed etc using their Aquasuit software.

  • Cool.

  • 01:42 Russian Accent.

  • What pump was used?

  • Last of us fans 2 must be having ptsd after seeing the last word in the title

  • Looking forward to LTT funnels and other various plumbing supplies

  • Sounds like a device for high-end water cooled OEM machines. Gives the OEM a piece of mind (and lesser tickets) and the user doesn't have to worry about it while still being protected.

  • WHAAAA there's a brand call EK!

  • This product is a lot more important than they are letting on

  • Wow this is pretty cool. Many things in custom pc building are gimmicks(cough, rgb, cough) but this is actually innovative and useful. If I were rich and dumb enough to do a custom loop, this would be at the top of my list - and it's not even that expensive tbh.

  • The leak shield is like why would you do this to me

  • Linus not using flex tape to patch the holes is a missed opportunity

  • This is amazing and all. It really makes someone like me who avoided open loops altogether because of these kinds of issues to want to delve into open loops. But... I have a concern. What happens when I have the whole system shut down including the pumps and there were leaks that the Leakshield have helped to solve in my system. Will there be no pressure then and thus the solved leaks will start leaking again once the Leakshield is turned off? If yes, then I guess there is still some concern of the leaks that were handled by the Leakshield reoccurring again the moment the system is powered down (including the leakshield). Any help on this? Many thanks!

    • you can power it with a powerbank and a normal usb-a cable. they will release a little board in some weeks so you can connect it to the mb and powerbank at the same time for backup power

  • 1:52 This label says do not touch as to not damage it. *Touches it*

  • I hope those are dummies. Wasting GPUs are more expensive than wasting food nowadays

  • Since it detect leakage by pressure, will it detect the leak when the pc is underload and the temperature rises with higher internal pressure?

  • oh that is amazing

  • Why doesn't big oil companies use this for pipelines 🤔

  • Leaks: *Exist* Leakshield: And i took that personally.

  • So disappointed you didn’t use hockey tap.

  • I feel like if your cutting your tubes or puncturing them your dumb but could use flex tape for them memes!

  • Duct tape tubing. Hmm 🤔

  • 10:54 Hey look! It's a porcupine

  • It's going to be a few years until I build my next system but I might actually consider water cooling it after seeing this

  • i would just get this for the help it give so bleed air

  • Ifixit: -use our tools to fix stuff Linus: -..., proceeds to destroy a waterloop with there tools

  • ya... thats pretty fuckin tits, might actually have to move over to water cooling now finally

  • How much would the whole thing cost, like leakshield, their reservoir, their collant and may be their tubing as well. And also do they sell GPU blocks. I mean whole water cooling setup with LeakShield. We have a couple of systems for Machine Leaning tasks with a fair bit of complexity. In the previous build we ran across temp issues and when trying to liquid cool it proved a challenge in itself where we ruined a couple of not so cheap GPUs. Maybe we can give a try with this.

  • Now here me out but what if you if took two of them pumps and then run them in the same config

  • Wouldn't the USB A power port be so that you can power the Leakshield without having to power the rest of the computer?

  • This is super cool 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  • Yay for RedGreen references!

  • If i'm spending hundreds on a custom loop this is worth it

  • nice Milwaukee brand utility knife you got there

  • its like the new flex spray

  • Linus leak tips

  • I’m impressed.

  • Genuinely interesting and useful product, what a rarity.

  • I gotta say I'm impressed... That was amazing, made it feel completely safe to use water cooling.

  • modify a case to have a built in bong lol

  • i have a pc but i kinda sucks

  • Could've done with one of these a few years back. Playing a game of Overwatch with some mates of mine and I start getting some crazy fps drops, look over at my PC and I had a nice waterfall on my side panel window. Safe to say, I'm glad that happened then and not in 2020, had to replace most of the system. I had needed to do some maintenance on my PC earlier that day and I must have knocked one of the tubes, one of these would've save it lol.

  • 10:43

  • So guys, short tip to have the same result as LeakShield: Your pump should suck water from tubes not to push. Is just Physics.

  • who votes for the SpongeBob music to be played every time Linus almost drops something.?

  • You don't need to test it. Aquacomputer's products are top notch. And they work.

  • I think this could be a great reservoir for beginners who don't enjoy the idea of making their gaming rig into a pool accessory. The peace of mind is really nice & redundancy goes a long way.

  • All out of stock. delivery time to DE up to 60 days......... Good luck getting one

  • Tightly controllable vacuum pump with air pressure sensors and a microcontroller. That is all this thing is, and frankly it's implementation is very clever. It being overcome by too many holes didn't surprise me, this works by pulling air in faster than the water can leak out to try and create a negative total pressure even as the water flows. If the hole is big enough that the water can leak faster than the pump can pull air, well, it's just been plain and simple overwhelmed.

  • yea that is some sweet piece of tech for peace of mind.

  • Great video! Very funny too! 9:15 You need to put down sharp tools when you are having spontaneous "slipping" episodes!!

  • Ok gonna have to get one of these.

  • Okay just wow, this is the first product I've seen in a LONG time that is actually a new idea executed very well. This makes me want to water cool!

  • 9:00 “flex tape”

  • Really frickin’ cool!!!!

  • From a trucking standpoint, thinking of even just air line leaks: this product is a Necessity if that computer is your work and you do water cooling. Price is very reasonable for what it does, but any more on price and you might consider alternatives.

  • Linus tested, Linus approved

  • Not gonna lie this is genuinely impressive

  • that case looks like a lancool case

  • As a college student who is going to be moving their pc all over the place several times a year, water cooling always seemed like a distant dream, however it just got a lot closer! Now I just need a gpu to water cool lol!

  • Peace of mind is priceless.

  • I want that computer 🥲

  • This is a game changer for mini itx

  • "All that for one drop" - Linus Infinity Fabric War

  • That's the same sound alert as my daughter's feeding pump.

  • foooool

  • Cool

  • What if i have glass tubing and a tube shatters, thats probably the biggest fear of people that wanna go with glass

  • Flex Tape disliked this.

  • Datacenter.

  • With the power of flex tape, You can stop those leakages away!

  • yeah im gonna stick with aio and air

  • "TIS BUT A SCRATCH!" - Anonymous LeakShield

  • Actually really cool

  • Ive mastered the art of skipping sponsor ads

  • Testing for leaks isn't right. It's more like... how many leaks were there. read more

  • no, i dont have leaks because i dont put fuckin water in a computer

  • Even just the ability to sense the leak and sound an alarm is super useful. The whole... adjustable pressure trick. That's a fantastic bonus.

  • i've never witnessed a computer squirt