How to Try Windows 11 SAFELY

Publicado el 7 nov 2021
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Windows 11 is here and though we all want to try it out, you don't want to risk losing important data in case you want to go back to Windows 10. Don't worry, Linus is here to show you how to upgrade to Windows 11 and convert back to Windows 10 safely with Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office.

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0:00 Intro
0:43 Setup and requirements
4:24 Backing up data with Acronis
8:35 Upgrading to Windows 11
11:44 Testing out Windows 11
14:02 Going back to Windows 10
15:51 Outro


  • Windows 11 is shit, I was overclocking my PC all was well and all I did was reload default setting in my bios and windows 11 shit itself, the install totally corrupted and it refused to repair itself, back to windows 10 it is.

  • "Nothing crazy" "Ryzen 9 5950X 32gb ram Rtx 2080ti 2tb nvme m.2 ssd" Edit: ok "its a little crazy but"

  • I shoulda watched this before figuring out darksouls III does not use cloud save

  • you just press install like i did

  • HELP PLEASE! I downloaded the Windows 11 downalod assistant and still cant donwload, Says to install "Healt Check" and see if my computer is compatible.

  • Well sadly, Its too late because my Laptops disk is corrupted 😢

  • Why does my processor need a Tire Pressure Monitor?

  • 0:52 Him: "nothing crazy" Also him: shows the most ultimate pc specs ever

  • Without watching: In HyperV that comes with Windows 10 for free. Then in evaluation mode you try the W11.

  • You can't trust Acronis to restore your system. Even if you do a new Full Backup today, it may restore your system to its state 6 months or 6 full backups ago. Somehow it will take the state of your system months ago and stick somewhere. Even though you have deleted that backup, it has it stuffed somewhere. And new fulls just fill your disk with the old state of the system.

  • I actually had to go into my UEFI/Bios settings reasons for another reason recently and decided to go ahead and enable fTPM while I was at it. For whatever reason I could not get Windows to reboot into recovery mode, using the proper methods like he showed in the video as well as a few other workaround methods simply didn't work. What did work was hard crashing my PC 3 times to force the menu to come up (one of the few times the hard reset button on my case came in handy). After rebooting I got a notification that Windows 11 was available for my PC, I clicked the notification and saw the option to stay on Windows 10 for now (not sure if that's just a Pro edition things or not) which I did in fact click (I'm holding off until more of the bugs are worked out). When it comes to backup solutions I've been using Macrium Reflect for many years and for the most part I don't have a problem with it. I used the free version for many years and only just recently bought the paid version. Looking at the UI for Acronis and the ease of use I have to wonder if I would've been better off with that but Reflect works well enough so I'm not going to switch. One major issue I have with Reflect is it's lack of Linux support but I don't know of any good Linux backup solutions that don't require you to be a level 9000 tech to use them the way I want to use them (it has been a long, long time since I did any research of the subject).

  • i like windows 11 a lot. i heard it is just like windows 10. i tried it the first time. and it is easy and fast. i got to know windows 11 right away

  • One thing I think needs mentioning is make sure your board is set to UEFI Only and not legacy. Just ran into an issue with that on a friend’s pc

  • It would be nice if the camera person focused a bit more on what is showing on the monitor, than Linus' face. 😀 Just saying, am I right ? Sometimes I really wanted help with a step, and instead got a close up of Linus face. ❤️

  • idk why but i pirated acronis

  • Okay wait WHAT?! Data cap on a house's internet connection?! What kind of country do you guys live in, where's your net neutrality laws?

  • Yeah I'll run W10 until the the support for it ceases in 2025. I have an MSI from late 2015 that ran W10 from the factory and everything is optimized to run W10. I remember the mess people experienced when they decided on upgrading from W7 or W8.1 upon release and most had to revert back and the ones who didn't and lost their initial key after 30 days got screwed. Also, low end computers didn't run well on W10. It took years to get it right and now that it's right it's what I will stick to.

  • i have it and its really nice

  • I switched from windows 10 to Linux mint. I kicked bill Microsoft out of my house.

  • Acronis is actually great.

  • linus is the best

  • is only for boot requirements change the startup sequence but I wouldn't 10 is safer

  • dont do it the bug (hacker's and the rest ) one big mess

  • I'm tempted to install Windows 11 just for the built in fancy zones.

  • There is too much 6th grade silliness on this channel.

  • I got windows 11 the day it came out so much better than windows 10 my opinion

  • Help how do I run TPM 2.0? When I try to run valorant is says I need it but I don’t know how to get it.

  • Win 11 sucks... When it crashed and corrupted on a spare boot drive I decided to walk away. Its not even a beta.

  • timeshift is much better

  • I wonder if piratebay has a windows 11 version with a bypass yet ? Lol

  • Do you have to upgrade to windows 11

  • I’ve been having problems with my laptop for a year now… I’m done with all the new problems coming up. I’m throwing it out my window and become a PS4 player since I can’t afford another laptop

  • To Hell with Windows 11 and to Hell with Megalosoft. Glory to the Linux Master Race.

  • my pc got corrupt pleaaase help

  • I accidentally updated my laptop without thinking about it and now I have a worse OS experience PLEASE don't get windows 11 if you want a polished OS

  • I'm watching this video on windows 11, lol.

  • Why, I am hoping that Win 15 comes out before Win 11 is mandatory. Because I will after 40+ years of MS no longer be going to a new version of Windows 11.

  • I upgraded just for AutoHDR. Question though... The window 'sorting/layering' order seems to be backwards. If I'm running an installer, the dialog boxes appear BEHIND the "Click Next" window, etc, and even switching to my internet browser, the other windows are permanently on top until the install process concludes and I click "Finish." Anyone else getting this bug?

  • 11 Days ago.

  • cant wait till they just stop trying to make windows 11 its just trash

  • Why are you guys shilling Acronis when you have thirty days to downgrade Windows 11! This makes no sense.

  • Borking your pc

  • your test bench is miles better than my daily driver.

  • Imagine having less than 3 terabytes of backup data.

  • Hey Linus! I have a problem with my PC's bios. Since I've enabled Secure Boot I am not able to boot to my bios. Do you know if and how I could fix it?

  • As much as I love looking at Linus, I'd like to see the screen when the video is trying to teach me how to do things on my PC.

  • Wtf is a "data cap". We live in 2021... what ISP is still capping data? Is that seriously still a thing.. yikes.

  • honestly i think people should just wait for a few months

  • i watched the fasted computer video and this one so far and whats with this guy in fast tho

  • 5:48 Destroy my cap? Why would I use my mobile broadband? ;) 10:10 This is pretty much the reason I don't sympathise (all that much) with the outrage over Windows 11 not supporting hardware from 2017 (with a few exemptions), that is hardware released around four years before it's release (not that relevant) but the hardware will be 7 year old when Win10's dropped. I mean how well did Win XP support CPU's from 1997? Or Vista hardware from 2003 (Vista might not be a fair comparison as it didn't run new stuff that well around then either, as far as I heard (never owned it)?

  • 0:18 That win11 logo looks atrocious

  • data cap on internet connection?

  • But does Acronis whatever it's called deliver Pizza? That's what I thought!

  • My pc came with windows 11

  • TPM2: a new scam to sell hardware or spy on you.

  • Better idea, don't get windows 11

  • Got 5 mins in and then I'm like oooo it's an ad next

  • What's the 2 buttons things at 12:36 ?

  • 11:15 yeah and they also have a troubleshooting feature when things are broken, but ...

  • Most of the time it isn't that hard. Theres only a small possibility of data loss and you can upgrade through settings once Microsoft reaches it.

  • I have a rtx 2080ti ftw3, x570 godlike motherboard, ryzen 9 3950x cpu and 64gb trident z neo. Yet windows is telling me that I must upgrade my hardware to be able to run windows 11.... what the fuck type of bullshit is that????

  • 14:07

  • nani "data cap"?

  • 10:30 did he just pretend to type in delivery optimisation

  • I'm running Windows 11 on a i7-6850k with no TPM whatsoever. I recall having to go into windows setup via command line and disabling all the checks. I've had WIndows 11 for about a month and haven't had too many issues, aside from getting drivers to work in the beginning. It runs fine now and all drivers are working. As a side note windows 10 and 11 borked CPU overclocking for the 6850k, but there is a windows file you can delete to fix it. I've actually had lower GPU temps under windows 11 which is strange, but things are snappier.

  • "This is where Acronis comes into play" *proceeds to grab a gaming controller* [4:25]

  • 0:50 nothing crazy ohhh really!!!!!!

  • I have a Lenovo laptop that qualifies for windows 11 except for my processor which is a Intel Core i5-7300 HQ 2.5 GHZ. What would happen if I would try to install W11 in spite of the processor not being supported?

  • 12:12 basically Windows 11 is a Windows update on rhoids? ...ah. A Windows update on Hemorrhoids! Got it! Just like Vista I bet.

  • my processor is not available for windows 11, what do I do?

  • I did this bypassing the TPM check on the setup I got from the iso. Other than missing quite some features that I was used to in windows 10, everything else is more or less similar.

  • How about from windows 7 to 11 😏

  • ughhh my company had an email integration and the new format is screwing up our microsoft teams royally, its super annoying.

  • I used easeus disk copy to clone my boot ssd as a backup. It's free and works well. Then installed win 11. Could just clone to backup drive back over the boot ssd if win 11 failed.

  • whished I saw this two weeks ago, not I hate my life with windows 11 . It keeps exiting games wtf

  • Pass

  • My pc does not support win 11 but I upgraded anyway with the iso. Was not a fresh install I think. I just upgraded

  • Master, if the win10 home version is upgraded to win11, the number keyboard of the laptop is invalid; after the system is returned to win10, the number keyboard also returns to normal, and then the laptop is installed with the win10 professional version, the number keyboard is still normal, but once the win11 is upgraded , The numeric keyboard is invalid again. Do you know what is going on? Is there a solution?

  • I have an idea for a video based on something you said in this video. A fresh install is always better, and usually i would agree with that as well. But curious if your team could "prove it" ... maybe some game and app tests (similar to the recent bloated then uninstalled vs clean PC, where even after uninstalling, the PC was still slow. How about Clean windows 10 install, with apps, then upgrade to 11, and test vs just a clean windows 11 install. Thanks for your time.

  • Linus has been doing plenty of Windows 11 videos recently because it's the only thing he can't drop

  • It sucks.

  • My mom laptop successfully upgrade to windows 11 without failed

  • Idk man I updated to windows 11 last night on my gaming laptop and its working pretty good I actually have a slightly better boot up time and my fps in games are pretty much the same and I know that cause I play my games with fps displaying and also I love the design on windows 11

  • "How to Try Windows 11 SAFELY" Just don't - they still haven't finished Windows 10 yet FFS!

  • Important to note: When Linus says that Windows 10 will be supported until 2025, a page is shown that only specifies the Enterprise and Education editions. There's a separate page for Home and Pro with the same support end date but there's some difference with the intermediate versions' dates.

  • my processor isn't good enough :(

  • i wonder how much LTT will make from this sponsor. There are free backup tools.

  • I have been using windows 11 for a month or so, it is working fine no difference between win 10 and 11, but there is just one problem, IDK why zoom is still in the taskbar after I click the x button, I have tried to reinstall look for some weird zoom setting and stuff. Help me, please. Edit. pc specs are - CPU = r5 1600 GPU = 1660ti RAM = 16GB MoBo = MSI b450 Storage = some Sata SSD other stuff I don't think is necessary is it due to Ryzen stuff or my incompetence?

  • even my intel 4200U has tpm 2.0, but I still cant get windows 11

  • got windows 11 haven't really got any problem yet.

  • Need more bass in the audio.

  • the biggest question is how to move the taskbar to the bottom left Edit: figured it out, taskbar settings > Taskbar behaviors > Taskbar Alignment > Left

  • Acronis should have been in the title

  • Hi Linus I have other question how can acces D-link DGS-1224T without cd how too acces and setup it!! can you help my Linues Tech??

  • Linus, can I update to W11 from 21H1 with just TPM 2.0 enabled and leave off Secure Boot in a W10 W7 dual boot system ?

  • Tatarratatataaaaa!

  • Is... is this just a 16-minute Acronis ad? EDIT: just got to 11:15. Yes it is.

  • Hmm... I'm having an interesting experience. I'm on an older ultrabook, a HP spectre 13 with an i7-8550U. Installed Win11 when prompted and what I've been noticing is that it runs cooler. Previously when plugged in even on idle, I would be able to feel the heat at the (I assume) upwards facing radiator between the speakers. now its just slightly warmer than when running on battery power. I looked at CPUID and also noticed that my GPU is hovering around the 40 deg C mark, and the CPU 50 vs the 70 and 80 respectively before. Anyone else noticed the same thing?

  • i just changed my wallpaper to a windows 11 background. super safe and I feel great now!

  • Does anyone know if you need a new activation code if you want to install it fresh from USB stick? I currently have Windows 10 Pro on my gaming PC, but I don't like doing an in-place upgrade, I always install it fresh. Can I use my Win 10 activation code to install Win 11?