Hate Windows 11? Try this.

Publicado el 13 nov 2021
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Windows 11 has a reputation for making a lot of changes that makes life more difficult for Windows 10 users. But there has always been a community effort to make tools that ruin Microsoft’s vision…

StartAllBack - startallback.com/
Start11 - www.stardock.com/products/sta...
Live Tiles Anywhere - www.reddit.com/r/Windows11/co...
RoundedTB - github.com/torchgm/RoundedTB
Win11DisableOrRestoreRoundedCorners - github.com/valinet/Win11Disab...
(RIP) EdgeDeflector - www.ctrl.blog/entry/edgedefle...
EdgeDeflector alternative: MSEdgeRedirect - github.com/rcmaehl/MSEdgeRedi...
AltDrag - stefansundin.github.io/altdrag/
Sizer - www.brianapps.net/sizer4/
Twinkle Tray - twinkletray.com/
Auto Dark Mode - github.com/AutoDarkMode/Windo...
PowerToys - docs.microsoft.com/en-us/wind...
Winaero Tweaker (registry hacks) - winaero.com/winaero-tweaker/

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa mbarek_abdel
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE

0:00 Intro
0:44 StartAllBack
2:17 Start11
3:14 Simpler, free tweaks
3:36 RoundedTB and TaskbarX
4:11 Live Tiles Anywhere and un-rounding corners
5:26 EdgeDeflector (RIP - Use MSEdgeRedirect)
6:11 Useful tools that aren't Windows 11 specific
8:18 What are your favourite tools?


  • 1:24 how do you do that?

  • I sent hate mail to MS weekly. I hope I don't get an attorney letter. Anyway. Thanks for the Startallback suggestion.

  • So you want 11, to look like 10? Just don't upgrade.

  • But wait theres more and if you act now ill throw in windows 12 at no cost to you! Windows 11 is a glorified rehashed XP.. wow...

  • How do you uninstall StartAllBack, because I cannot open the windows task bar thingy when I click the windows key. Please tell me cause It's annoying me and I'm fine with Windows 11.

  • Why is Microsoft copying MAC OS

  • As someone just finished building my second PC. I am looking for information about what other people add or take off of their computers to make them more customizable. This video hit the nail on the head. This is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you!

  • so basically it aint ready yet ...

  • I don't even have windows 11 and I watched the whole thing

  • How to download ram?

  • There is one perfect fix. RECALL IT AND SHRED IT.

  • Sounds like windows 11.1 will be released some time soon

  • If you have to reconstruct a new software version, its not a good software. Basically said. Having to customize Winodws 11 as much as this is a clear display of W11 being bad.

  • Nope

  • I tried not using it and that seems to work the best

  • we need part 2

  • "Decrapify" .. 😂

  • When all everyone is trying to do with your new version is make it like it’s predecessor. Maybe it’s just bad.

  • Windows 11 killed it for me. Not because of any technical decisions Microsoft made. Actually, I love the new start menu (although I wish it could be resized to fit more information.) It's Microsoft's customer support that pushed me to go 99% Linux. I upgraded from a fully licensed Windows 10 to W11 just fine a few weeks ago. At some point an update came along, and suddenly my system wasn't activated anymore, although I was still logged in. Since there was nothing I could do to fix this, I contacted Microsoft about it. Their answer was basically "OK, this shouldn't happen. Maybe you could buy a new Windows 10 key and use that one to upgrade from a fresh install." I kid you not, this is what they suggested for a "solution". No, I'm done with this shit. I keep a W10 install to use Lightroom when I need it, and everything else has now moved to Linux. 🖕Microsoft

  • I see a pattern Windows me bad Windows xp goood Windows vista bad Windows 7 good Windows 8 WTF Windows 10 😃😃😃😃😃😃 Windows 11🤬

  • Openshell works fine. Just check replace start button

  • Anthony is great

  • Bing and Edge is being aggressive lol

  • Tech Shrek

  • Total Commander is a must for me

  • 2:02 I literally felt it

  • i saw the new taskbar in windows 11 and almost threw up, why would you start and try to be more like apple?

  • So basically to fix Windows 11 just use Windows 10? 🤔

  • the only reason im sticking with windows is how easy it is to set up

  • I’m gonna just get a Mac. Been windows only since 1.0 runtime…but I have had quite enough of Microsoft’s bullshit!

  • Thank you for suggesting Start11, I am now a happy windows 11 user with a user friendly start menu. I even got my own favorite logo as the start button and it looks amazing. Thanks again! totally worth the 8 euro's I paid to get this helpful program.

  • Then why install 11, just stay with 10 till 2025. I think everyone has used enough windows versions to come to the realization that everytime a new version comes out there are always changes. Look at the history of how windows has evolved from first version 1.0 with progman.exe running the system, from there it moved to the first ever start bar in Windows 95 with the all new explorer.exe running the system and that was having to learn new ways. Then major changes in Windows 8, 8.1. And then we went back a little to what we were used to in Windows 10. Now with Windows 11 there are some major changes again but at least it isn't that crappy 8 for a desktop with no touchscreen... Microsoft thinks it has it going on but really all they are simply doing is embarrassing themselves. After all how many people have come and gone in the business over the years? Still a good video though 👍

  • These utilities are nice, but after my experiences from first years of using Win 10, I would not install it again, it's mostly not working after few updates. I just don't understand why Microsoft doesn't allow more GUI settings to prevent installing some 3rd party software which could have some virus or miner inside, this is 100% fault of idiots from Microsoft, they do same mistake again and again - force something what nobody wants and force us to use 3rd party software to change something. They must have really experienced and good programmers and designers, this is not their fault, this is fault of idiots in management who say to them what they have to do.

  • Wow, to think there is a market opportunity for companies to produce Apps that fix Win11 new User interface- nice one M$, you really fumbled the ball here.

  • What is the music at the beginning, in the intro when he gets mad

  • it makes my computer really slow. Windows 11.

  • Is Translucent TB good?

  • errr Open shell works as intended (replace the start menu icon to make it work right)

  • 🐧

  • Love you man, but please lose some weight, I'd hate to see someone so talented be slowed down by their weight, or maybe even harmed by it. Always excited to hear what you have to say :)

  • Edge was often creeping up on me in Windows 10. I didn't try to use a third party software to "deflect" it, but I decided to block internet access to Edge by adding a rule in the Windows Firewall. When the "Weather" thingy appeared in the bottom right, I could not change the settings because it forces you to use Edge. So I've removed the Taskbar oddity and continued to live without the weather always visible in the corner of my screen. What I'm saying is, I'll die before I use Edge willingly on my personnal computer, and Microsoft will lose me to Linux if it continues to shove it down my throat. The two things still keeping me on Windows is the sunk cost fallacy and video games, and that last one isn't as much of an issue on Linux anymore...

  • All hail Anthony

  • so i need like 30 programs to run win 11 manageable, nice

  • Do I hate windows 11?? Rather I hate Windows period. I loved word and have used it since it was on a 360K floppy. (Yeah, I'm 76). with a new computer I had to switch to 10. The ribbon is maddening and the whole UI confuses the hell out of me. I will probably switch to Libre Office and I would like to try LInux, but all these techie videos are way over my head. Can you point me to some very basic tuts on installing and using Linux? And can Linux be a one-user system without all the separate user folders and local and roaming and app data etc. Thanks for any help.

  • 6:06 I think M$ patched that out. They really want that antitrust lawsuit.

  • 1:04 lol, too good.. indeed, what is that? :D Some designer forcing their input to be worth their wage? cmon.. how does stuff like that get passed through "does it improve the experience and usability?" test..

  • Been away from LTT for a while, my GOD Anthony has grown comfortable behind a microphone. Man is swagging on us

  • Please, let US know, when 11 becomes MORE STABLE and thus, we can 're-install' it ourselves... Thanks

  • buy a mac and never look back

  • I didnt even know it had been released............dont I remember people saying MS werent gonna ever release another OS???

  • I'm really considering to go over to linux...

  • F(*& W11----- I'll stick to W10 with classic shell.

  • There's also a problem with the task bar not showing on secondary monitors when is set to hide automatically, also there are file extesions I can't asign a default program to because they won't show on the file extensions list 🤨

  • How do u make browser windows use the whole screen in StartAllBack in segment mode? Mine still leaves room for the whole taskbar instead of having the notch look


  • I know it was a LOOONG time ago, but didn't Microsoft get in trouble for preventing users from using a different browser? I know that was back in the late 90s early 2000s, but still.



  • or i can just keep windows 10

  • Good thing I watched this video, on the off chance that I actually have to use Windows 11.

  • I'm on Linux but I'm still watching for Anthony's voice

  • Well, I already fixed windows by installing Linux. Still watched the entire video because of Anthony.

  • Letting Satya Nadella run Microsoft, is like letting Xi Jinping run the US economy. Oh wait … he kinda does.

  • Why fix it when you can just use Windows 10?

  • The only issue is trying to uninstall StartAllBack

  • These look great but until VR is fixed in 11, I'm a no go. Too many thots in VRChat to deal with this shit.

  • Try to use ghost spectre windows

  • Can we all please take a moment and appreciate the sound effects (and overall sound quality) in this video?

  • Well I'm kinda freaking out now, So my taskbar, i dont know how but, it got stuck in my left side and i have no idea how to get it back to the bottom, and i really like while it was on the bottom, i really need help :')

  • I don't really found it terrible at all

  • Still gonna stick with 10 for as long as possible, but it's relieving to know I can fix the stupid things that make me not want to switch.

  • The person don't know how to build windows but know the bugs wow

  • And now Windows is become Linux: constant (sometimes) open-source third-party additions to do any customization you want. Microsoft, did you do any research before pushing W11 besides interviewing Apple users?

  • change icons sike in taskbar

  • So the TLDR from this video windows 11 is crap unless downloading 50 apps...reminds me of vista. i tried 11 for a week and went back to 10 because i dont feel like daily driving a downgraded OS.

  • Windows 11 - so much better that you only need to install 196 3rd party apps just to make it looks and behave ok.

  • You can also try Winaero Tweaker

  • What about no Task Manager shortcut on taskbar right click menu?

  • I actually like Edge. I started using it on my low-end laptop and is way smoother than Chrome. Still can't bring myself to use it on my main pc though.

  • how to make win11 better? make it like win10 :D but i agree, w10 had great UI/UX

  • Every new version of windows requires higher specs, regardless of the initial raving mainstream 'reviews'. You may think the initial release is faster or around the same in performance as 10, but wait until the major updates set in. 10 is slower than it's initial release. Of course if you have a -good- gaming pc or simply like to update hardware a lot, this may be trivial. Windows 11 is here, and I still feel like 10 is completely unfinished with it's win 8.0 styled metro gui start screen and menu that still doesn't fit in that well, and switching between an old 'control panel' and metro 'settings' (essentially two different cpanels) for specific features, isn't very consistent either. Perhaps 11 can at least improve in the gui dept, but when some users were claiming to see a clone of an imac interface (largely because of the centralised icons in that task bar) I'm not so sure, as that might suggest they are running out of ideas.. but then, as we saw with 8.0, people generally do not like major change

  • It won't sort the same issues as the software mentioned, but I've relegated the Windows 10 taskbar to the top of the screen with no items pinned and use WINSTEP NEXUS instead at the bottom as it is much more configurable. I've basically got a GNOME/Mac style layout and am much happier with it than the awfullness of Windows 10. It is Windows 11 compatible and has both free and paid versions so some of you might like to give it a go.

  • Windows Ameliorated Edition still exists. On Oct. 8 Windows AME 21H1 has been released and they are currently working on Windows 11.

  • It's 5 bucks, you cretin. Recommended rewarding devs! They went through the pain of putting all of that together, and it was hard work. There is no free stuff. I had to listen to Linus sell me something to watch your video, in addition to the ad I would have had to watch were I not paying for YT Premium or whatever it's called. Don't be that guy.

  • One of my favorite tweak-esque things is rainmeter. I’ve been using it for years and the levels of customization you can get are awesome.

  • I've finally given up on Windows 11 and moved onto Zorin Linux. The straw that broke the camel's back was when an upgrade to windows 11 decided my Acer All in one system no longer has any Bluetooth capability. Solution, format the hard drive to get rid of every trace of Whingedoze and do a fresh install of Zorin making use of the entire hard drive. No more bluetooth problems. Sure, Zorin has a learning curve but this 71 year old is managing just fine so far.

  • Just get linux LOL

  • thanks

  • I miss the Aero Peek Feature when hovering over the "show desktop" button in the bottom right corner. Also the calender flyout has become completely useless. You can't even see a clock with seconds, see appointments or add appointments. At least I can get my start menu with tiles back with Start11 🙄

  • How to change the position of your task bar like from bottom to left for example in startallback?

  • I have a serious question tho: What is the PERFORMANCE PENAULTY, if I were to install all of mentioned tweaks and utilities? PS: wouldn´t it be awesome, if someone (like some well known and trusted tech-space journalist channel) combined most of the tools into SINGLE tidy, complex yet comprehensive "launcher"? Even as paid feature, I BET it would get a traction.

  • I love how much effort everyone goes to to avoid Edge.

  • God damnit. I'm still not used to Win10 and now this!

  • 4:48 Best reaction ever, can relate


  • Thanks Windows 11 so I can be a hacker on Windows 11

  • DECRAPIFY ima gonna steal that LMAO

  • man i love these video's like this i remember when i Fixrd windows 8 issues and they used my hack to repair their screw up