Gaming at Max Settings is Really Dumb

Publicado el 15 jul 2021
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Why do max settings even exist if we can barely run them? Should you buy a 3080 or 3090 if you have an older monitor, or will your older card keep you afloat for the time being?

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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:30 Our Test
2:12 Results Discussion
3:37 Performance Targets
5:05 Monkey
6:02 Noticeable Settings
6:45 Final Thoughts
8:33 Outro


  • I paid for the whole GPU, I'm gonna use the whole GPU.

    • People are so salty in here. I had to stop reading. Between that and the self promotions. "Good luck destroying your gpu". I don't get this. If your gpu isn't at 100% under load on every game, then you need a better monitor.

    • @Saplingseedsac Crew yes

    • You're gon' pay for the whole electricity bill too XD

    • @ProFlame Been shopping for a good OLED or 4k 120hz. Seems as though most of the people in reviews for any and all brands are like; "Will some hit me over the head with this 50" TV I just laid down $1300 on"...

    • Facts!!

  • “Can you spot my hipster mustache” here at Linus we act like gamers but in reality we play maple story..

  • 😂🥲 man these guys are idiots. No one just plays campaign 😂. Frames do matter a lot🤣.

  • If I can EVER afford a newer video card. Stupid freaking scalpers, I don’t even want a great video card, just one that is newer than my 6 year old son!

  • This reminds me of that video they did on 60fps vs 30 fps and no one could tell the difference but claimed they could.

    • No one has done that because my non gaming family can tell the difference.

  • me watching at 4k: this looks like 1080p

  • Does he use Aqua Net? 😂

  • How I wish I could get an RTX 3070 for its retail price, an RX 580 8GB variant costs as much as $500 here in my country.

  • I'd say ultra is only good for screenshots. Even then that is a stretch.

  • The best way to sum it up is that at low settings they are turning off features/lowering them down to ugly levels. Max is above what they have optimized for. No new features, rendering stuff you are probably not going to be able to see and slightly higher res textures.

  • The lowest setting always look like sh*t and the highest settings is the essence of paying 50% more for a 1% improvement. My Ryzen 5 3600 and 1660 Super still can't pull off Rome 2 at max settings

  • Fireworks also

  • “But Hwhy?”

  • In my experience, the ~top 5% GPUs outlasts the lesser GPUs (not all of them, obviously). It's the same reason people buy multiple TBs worth of storage when they need 500gb total, or a new car instead of used: It's a concept that's common sense. If you do your research right and don't buy the absolute newest GPUs, you'll get your money' worth almost everywhere. Clear exceptions being 'deluxe' cables, student-oriented laptops, gamer-marketed hardware and a lot of monitors. I'm no expert, I just ask two different PC repair guys near me (if I'm in doubt) - they have no benefit of giving me false information or intentionally bad products, their work depends on my trust. Except Apple, because Apple.

  • On my PC, I always turn off anti-aliasing. For some reason, the only difference I see between "none" and "16x" is my frame rate being halved. I don't know why. Maybe it's my crappy monitor.

  • get a 3070 for graphics and some shitty gtx 1070 or something just to process the physics. lol. processing location can be changed in the nvidia settgins.

  • Series X = Max settings, ps5 = Low settings and smart people buy X

  • not even going to watch just dislike and comment i dislike

  • Riley is the Ryan Reynolds of tech youtube.

  • Got a 3090 for minecraft, still can’t run 64 render distance

  • I was hoping for something more scientific... TL/DR: don't bother

  • I just use the settings Geforce experience suggests.

  • Why would you talk about playable frame rates in the beginning and show a shot of doom eternal. Literally the best optimized game of the past years that runs on a calculator well. Seriously not cool.

  • Texture resolution has absolutely nothing to do with screen resolution. Sure, if youre playing on a 480p monitor no amount of extra detail in a texture is gonna make up for that but in general its got nothing to do with each other.

  • I'm fine with playing on the highest settings if my PC can handle it for single player games but for multiplayer I actively put everything to low if it means I can actually see stuff. More times than not, high settings in multiplayer games have so much eye candy that just obstructs your view that it makes it not very enjoyable to play.

  • If you can play at 1080p over 60fps with freesync/gsync in high quality, it's more than enough... But yeah, feel free to do whatever you want to, you payed for the GPU already so...

  • “And by meat I mean video game graphics” 😂😂

  • The answer is in front of your eyes, higher settings are here to real gamers, not "candy crush" gamers

  • shadows low motion blur off

  • Sometimes when game developers/3D artists refer to 4K textures they are saying the texture itself is 4096x4096 pixels, not that they are optimised for a 4K screen (sometimes, though).

  • me who doesn’t see any difference ahhh yes a 3090 is what i need

  • Thing is one is Future Proof PC, the other is 2years average computer...

  • Bye-Bye Wallet

  • The sponsor ads for LTT videos is getting out of hand...

  • You are speaking blasphemy.

  • Yeah, there is no difference, until you see the difference and then can't unsee the difference lol

  • i thought nVidia already made it clear that the 3090 wasn't really designed for gaming on, it was geared towards video/graphics editors and that gamers should stick with the 3070 or the 3080. everyone forgets that stupid people assume higher price tag = best performance and that throwing money at stuff solves all the problems... though i did enjoy watching all the crying about New World bricking and destroying most of those cards while my RX5700XT was running it with no effort on high settings :) there's a difference between throwing money at stuff and actually knowing how stuff works to best build a system. it's the difference between people that simply "LS swap" an engine into some shitty little go-cart versus someone that actually builds an engine for a car and tunes it for that car for optimal performance!

  • Thats correct.... well untill You have 144fps on Your 1440p 144hz screen on Ultra settings 🤪. Aorus Master rx 6800 xt undervolted and overclocked surpasing rx 6900 xt and even RTX 3090 in some tests/games.

  • makes me feel good with my old rtx 2060 super.

  • I just wanna be able to run at medium lmao

  • I only know low settings on my i3 8100 stock cooler and 1050TI

  • 24” monitor at 1080p ultra when I’m sitting around 2 feet away from the monitor is fine. I cba to fiddle around with individual settings, I just want to set everything to ultra and get on. 24” monitor and native 1080p means I don’t need 9 3090’s….

    • @Maxi Iroh I have a console for the TV, for me PC gaming is a desk and monitor experience, but you know im one guy in millions who loves to game! But with my method I don't need to go mental on a GPU to have it looking the it can.

    • You're correct, over 27" would be 1440p and people on 40-50" TVs also don't need 4K bc they're super far away, unless you're on a 70".

  • “Silly ape.” Hilarious

  • Are you guys still doing the water cooled ps5? I know it was mentioned a couple of times but it’s been awhile since heard anything about it.

  • Texture quality at max, all post-processing effects off

  • Ok, a 10 year delayed video.

  • So much wrong in this video.. Why are you comparing the good value 3070 to retard value 3090 to prove a point? A 3080 is more than 90% of the way there for less than half of the money of a 3090 ignoring the current situation, and a big jump over a 3070. Why are you looking for graphical differences in a gloomy dimly lit bunker in Exodus lol, and then Anno an isometric game that's meant to be played zoomed out. Why are you comparing the generic high/ultra presets when everyone remotely familiar with PC gaming knows that only some settings are disproportionately more expensive for little gain? Everyone with this kind of hardware who cares about picture quality has already moved to 1440p and 4k where differences are more distinguishable, so the lower res monitor argument doesn't work either. The point of higher settings isn't whether it's worth it or not provided you can hit the target resolution/framerate, the point is to maintain visual immersion by removing the weakest links from the image. Hideous aliasing, blocky shadows, clothes clipping, objects and foliage popping in a few meters in front of you as you run, pixelated lighting, blurry low-res textures, all of those things can break the experience if you care about visuals, and that's what higher settings are for. If a few settings are wildly demanding for little benefit, then you turn those down, it doesn't invalidate the need for ultra settings as a whole. Also, why does everyone at LTT act and even look like Linus?

  • talked about everything but proper speed of gameplay

  • Very very dumb

  • I've always noticed a big difference

    • They probably do too but they gotta make stupid clickbait hot takes for clicks and to paddle merch

  • Metro exodus is probably not the best game to use for testing in this methodology. It doesn’t really do any one graphics setting justice. Need to choose a game with many settings and clear definitions for what’s being affected. Metros graphic settings are kinda a mess and inconsistent. Also I personally don’t think it looks that great compared to many other games

  • no aa and lower shadows to start

  • Have a RTX 3090, personally the benefits are not just max out game's graphics settings, but you can mod and go much further beyond those "ceilings"... Skyrim for example is almost a game that's a decade old now, but with mods and enbs, it can still make modern high end graphics cards struggles if push to extreme. Those extremes do make a difference in terms of immersion and experience if you done them the right way. And of course you can do such things to modern titles too, there's no limit but your hardware, if you are one of the enthusiastic people.

  • This really just depends on the game , more specifically the game engine. For example... Unreal 4. The difference from high to highest setting for shadows, is very noticeable. You not only get sharper shadows with higher quality post processing and depth, but visually detailed lighting improvements overall. Textures, depending on the scale and your game resolution, can have little change between different settings. There are lots of other factors involved, but you should really just customise a game to your own setup and preferences.

  • this video is really dumb

  • The correct setting is always: -It -Doesn't -Matter -A -Game -Is -Not -Only -An -Visual -Media -but -a -Interactive -one -Anti-Aliasing as high as possible or resolution upscale, which technically is the same as SSAA

  • Glasswire is like Wireshark with an updated UI :D Don't hate the messenger.

  • The main reason why I keep the sliders all the way to the right is so that I don't have to test my games out several times. Lol.

  • Meanwhile my 3080/5800x handles just about anything I throw at it on Ultra at like 100fps+ in 1440p.

  • Honestly a kind of stupid take in my opinion. Even if the difference is minimal, if I can afford the right equipment of course I'm going to go all out and have the absolute best experience. It's like saying I should throw away my blu-ray movies and only use DVD just cos it's cheaper. Not everything is about money, I'll take the smoother, slightly more beautiful experience any day over cheapening my rig and everytime I open a game wondering "what would it look like at ultra"

  • YOOOOOOOOOOO maybe not for every game look at black desert Ultra with everything max is looking sooo fk good, but i run it at 10fps on my 3keuro pc.....

  • I would sacrifice everything for frames and render distance. 4k can suck it. I'd run on puny Minecraft tier textures if it gave me damn near real-life levels of render distance. Huge open world games like your GTAs and Fallouts have been able to pull it off surprisingly well these days even WITH the decent-ish textures, and with smooth LOD (for the most part) on top. It still impresses me just how good LOD is in games these days. The transitions are so damn seamless at times. In the next big major generation shift they'll become basically impossible to notice, and maybe GTA6 will actually be out, who am I kidding?

  • No matter what you choose in the configuration.... if you didn't set BLUR to OFF, you're doing it wrong.

  • 7:42 Is it just me or did Riley just sound like Ryan Reynolds there?

  • I love going back to play all the older games my old systems could never play on max graphics whenever I upgrade, always the best feeling

  • Why I have high end hardware. So that I can turn shit to right and play the game instead of fuck around with settings. I remember my school days "How low can I go, to get the FPS I want, without hurting my eyes?"... So I made a promise to myself, Once I start working, My PC will always be able to play games on max settings. Granted, I may have gone overkill, But oh well... I like Tech. ^^

  • Man, you need to lose the moustache.

  • Sir please make video on how make raid 6 nvme sdd nas

  • im currently playing days gone on an r5 4500u yea not exactly high end but for me it playable.

  • making videos about graphics cards in 2021 is dumb

  • They made this same video a long time ago about 4K gaming. I think we've finally reached a point where medium to high graphics at 1080p or 1440p is the most 99% of gamers will need.

  • I've been watching this channel for 8 years and I just noticed that I was not subscribed... duh.

  • Well i have a 1070 gpu. Will not pai that much for a 3070

  • This is totally wrong.

  • Watching 8 Minutes of content with 4 Adds, is 1 ADD every 2 Minutes.... i am sry but this is too much by any standard.

  • 5:08 I'm dead.

  • Me who uses emulators on my toaster: "Yes,I Understand Completely!!!!! "

  • It would make sense if there was a conspiracy of not being able to max out settings on the latest entry-level GPU. The market would certainly not bring as much revenue without the need for more power. However, as they say - No prizes for stating the obvious.

  • I use full HD monitor and my old eyes make good natural antialiasing :) .

  • I've played everything with the lowest settings for so long that I'm literally unable to spot any difference at the begging...

  • Anyone knows the game at 0:15? It looks really great!

  • I got lucky on getting an RTX3080 when doing my once-a-decade computer upgrade. I play everything on ultra in 4k now, but I know I'll happily run all PS4-gen games at max, all PS5 games great, and one day run PS6-gen games at mid-low settings. After that I'm thinking it'll all be in the cloud anyway. Upgrading just occasionally and in big steps at the right time (30xx series was a huge step up) works out cheaper in the long run and creates less e-waste.

    • You know what wastes your life less, not wasting it on preprogrammed, autism inducing moving pictures, rather using it to help and further those you love? In that time also? I mean I just bought a heap of junk "to work" and because "it could be useful to have a 4k phone screen, you know, to show pictures" (thankfully all used), but all any of it does, is drive me away from what I want and should do. From being free.

  • I have just bought RTX 3090 Aorus Xtreme just to play every game on the lowest settings of course - it's obvious.

  • 3090 gang DGAF

  • I feel like I am the weird one, that generally dislikes anti-aliasing. I feel like most of the time, it just makes everything look foggy or muddy, but I guess I don't sit with my face so close to the monitor that edge of a pixel is that noticeable.

    • I also avoid AA since i moved to 4k, although at 1080p it was necessary

  • E X A C T L Y

  • I just wanna say, it took me all of the 1 1/2 second clip of the two monitors for the "test" section for me to tell which was running smoother.

  • I play online shooters so I chase fps. 144 min. All other features I get with 144 FPS is just frosting on the top

  • 2:34 did he say Hwhy? like, "cool hwhip"?

  • If you really want the best just get a 4K 120 Hz OLED and a 3080/3090 and always tweak the settings until you hit close to 120 FPS or maybe around the 60-80 FPS range for games that are very heavy on the GPU like Cyberpunk. It doesn‘t get any better than that at the moment and indeed maxing out every setting while losing FPS is dumb in many cases.

  • Idc, I just wanna drag that lil bar all the way to the right and play, that’s it that’s what I paid for.

  • There's a reason pro quake 3'er always ran /r_picmip 5 even with the best pc's at the time. Less detail = better, competitively.

  • I remember the old days when there was a huge difference between settings. One main example I can think of is Mafia from 2002. When I first got it I was running it on low settings then I built my first PC and was able to run it on high and wow what a difference. It was like going from N64 to Xbox.

  • When that is your exact audio setup :o

  • I feel the same way honestly.

  • It depends on your eyesite I guess. I can tell the difference from 720 to 1080. After 1080, I can no longer see a difference. The difference from 720 to 1080 is noticeable, but I would often lower my rez to 720 on newer games on my old system so it wouldnt choke. As long as my avg frame rate stayed at least 30 fps, I was happy.

  • "playable framerate" its different from everyone, i dont need 144 fps in everygame

    • i need my 240fps

    • My sister can't see frame dips either but I can see anything under 60 fps

    • Everyone is different. I remember when my friend once told me everything runs fine on his PC. When I tried playing everything was stuttering and most of the time below 25fps. It was fine for him. I was just facepalming on how he could not see that it feels so wrong lol. I don't need 144fps too. But I need more than 30fps for sure. (nowadays...years back it wasn't so obvoious)

  • "Ooh ohh ah ah me like sliding" is my favourite quote

  • but!!! HUAIIIII