DON’T buy a new PC for Windows 11! - How to install

Publicado el 12 jul 2021
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Windows 11 has generated a lot of buzz, but not all of it has been positive. Many people think they’ll be left behind, but is that really true?

Windows 11:

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0:00 Intro
0:44 The official way
1:37 The dreaded TPM
2:36 You already have one, probably
3:09 What are TPMs even used for?
3:46 But what about Secure Boot?
4:29 Turning Secure Boot on
5:10 Converting from Legacy to UEFI
6:07 But uh... Why?
7:03 Getting Insider with old hardware
8:01 Building an ISO with UUPDump
9:02 Tell Windows 11 you don't need security
9:42 If Microsoft breaks things later... (appriaserres.dll)
10:23 If Microsoft breaks even more things... (install.esd)
10:55 Why these workarounds work
11:46 The rest of the install process
12:07 Windows 11 Home requires a MS account, but...
13:12 What ARE Windows 11's system requirements then???
14:36 It's about validation and vendor support
16:10 Conclusion


  • PSA: UUPDump have been seeing an increase in traffic since Windows 11's launch, and this video will probably make that much worse. Please be patient if we "hug of death" the site. -AY

    • It work

    • ter mais de um core já era requisito para windows 10 então obvio que iria ser o mesmo para o win 11, já que cpu com 1 núcleo só não roda o win 10, eu estou rodando win 11 no meu dell optiplex 330 e esta bem bom usei o método de colocar o arquivo do win 11 na iso do win 10, eu realmente gosto do gabinete dessa maquina tem alguma placa mãe moderna e atual de preferencia amd que dá para colocar nesse gabinete?

    • By doing this vidio it killed my pc

    • U killed my pc

    • Linux request video for windows 365 cloud pc

  • I still have windows 7 because I didn't like windows 10. I like windows 11, but I'll wait for the official release. No real rush for me when it went change much

  • Wow!!1 you guys are great!!!

  • dork

  • I have thought about this a bit, and I have concluded that if Microsoft wants me to upgrade to there new windows, they will have to do the leg work for me. I am fed up with company's getting me to do work for them for free, from self checkout lanes in stores too me having to tweak my GPU to run cooler by undervolting, I am tired of working for free. So unless Microsoft fixes there requirement issue, I will be sticking with my Legacy install of Windows 10. They forced Windows 10 on me, but all I had to do was run through some prompts and such, but if they attempt to force Windows 11 on me, they will just have to include the fix to make it work on my computer because I won't work for free... Thanks though LTT for showing us how to get around there completely pointless requirements, at least the how too is out there.

  • Took me 4 days to download windows 11 and my pc ain’t even that slow.

  • To be honest i.a just switch to Mac OS. I cant deal with Microsofts complicated bullcrap anymorr

    • @Oak Craft 🪵⛏ to each his own. It's a good OS, but apple has shity long term OS support compared to Microsoft or Google for that matter.

    • @M W I'm just going to go with MAC OS...

    • @Oak Craft 🪵⛏ simply put, Microsoft supports windows laptops for longer than Apple supports Macs.

    • @Oak Craft 🪵⛏ what is it that you are not understanding?

    • @M W I didn't understand anything you said :/

  • I give it about 2 years before hackers crack Window's 11 security features making all these "necessary" changes redundant to begin with. Although I agree with more hardware security and I also agree that Microsoft is going down the right path, people don't like spending money when they don't have too and security (for the most part) is not an every day issue for them. All of this is like buying insurance for a car and all insurance is, is an "in case shit happens" protocol.

  • Windows 10 is fine. Im not going to jump through hoops to get the pc i just built running 11

  • I have a amd fx 4300 and idk if I can

  • what if....... Win 11 is more of a open end or distro type OS? I mean they litreally allowed to run Linux in Win 10 updates. So some hybrid?

  • My i7 5930k with my MSI x99 ACK motherboard looks like it can handle it but 2014 PC soooo I doubt it :(

  • I don't understand what you mean when you said change the values😭😭😭

  • what can i do if the install.esd appears as .wim and windows won't let me paste the file in the win10 ISO??

  • Windows 11 goin to be free or have to buy?

  • That is the smoothest way I've ever seen anyone introducing their sponsor

  • How about this for Win11 requirements... I have a HP EliteBook 820 G1 that fullfills all of the Win11 system requirements but the CPU architecture...with TPM 1.4 chip that only needs a firmware update to meet the listed requirements (provided by HP via their site) The EliteBook does use 4th gen CPU, which is not currently listed in Win11 supported ones...As stated in the end of this clip, it's still ahead of the minimum of the tested system for the current Insider edition... All this leads me to think if - As M$ stated about the possibly limited time free upgrades from Win10 before asking for paying for a new license - The nightmare would begin if they let the currently compatible systems to be upgraded for free, see how many users (and companies) would make tons and tons of waste by upgrading systems to the current requirements and then...release Win11 upgrade for older...maybe even 2nd gen Intel CPUs up for a fee... Realistically: If the CPU could be supported and they won't accept it before the free updates end, it starts to sound much more about M$ trying to cash in before people convert to Mac or linux As a person not really into gaming, switching completely over to linux is more and more tempting even if I need to finish my studies with online tools provided by my school via o365...

  • Who the hell would do that? Sure was hell would have to the radically different version of windows and it's not

  • ... wait if my pc is a potato that uses old tech but can run windows 11.... ??? i have an i3 btw (and no tpm, secure boot is also off, uefi is on tho)

  • i got windows 11

  • Wow your going so fast it doesn't sound weird if i slow it down thx though this is incredibly helpful, informative, and easy to follow

  • What if I have no choice!?!?

  • I installed windows 11 on my 7th gen i7 with this process thanks ! 😊👌

  • Thanks but after over 40+ years of MS I will stick with Win 10 (The last version of Windows I will ever need according to MS when it first came out). I have installed 100's of copies of Windows over the years and I am finally fed up with their BS. I will move all my computers to Linus if necessary. Are wait for someone to come out with a hack program that will make Win 11 on older systems. Do those idiots realize how many computers in the world will not run under Win 11 are is that their ultimate goal alone with their hardware partners. I do not use a MS account and will not be in the future. After dealing with MS for the last 40+ years I trust them less with my security then I do third parties. I have taken care of my security all these years without MS and I will continue, even if it means I have to continue to run WiN 10 without updates.

  • windows 11 worked for my pc. but the internet did not work. so i went back to 10.

  • Just install Linux tbh, I installed Manjaro and loving it, so much faster than any windows ever used.

  • If i get a virus its free and i dont want the virus from the start.. i wont pay hard cash for a big virus that i have to install manually myself.. drop windows as a main system and use linux as a main system. If you like to game on your computer install a dual boot and only use the windows install as a gaming system and nothing else. Linux is working on getting more compability for games but at the moment you get the best compability if you use windows. If you want more support for linux as a gaming system you have to push the manufacturers and make them support it.

  • Forced online identification by microsoft accounts for W11? Linux comes the more attractive alternative every single year :) another massive wave of people will soon be joining team Linux.

  • I do not want it period. After 40+ years I am tired of MS CRAP. I will take my 15 computers to a new OS.

  • 3:50 the short answer was longer than the long answer lol

  • Nice shirt 👌 I'm running Windows 11 on a shit hp stream laptop it's working ok and it was for windows 8 originally.

  • 2 things. #1 - Didn't MS say something like "Windows 10 is the last operating system you'll ever need?" Hah! #2 - I'm still running Windows 7 on my main desktop PC and Win 10 on my laptop. Win 7 wins hands down in terms of friendliness and usability. I've created bookmarks to all the old Win 7 control panel stuff in Win 10 (it's all still there) as the "standard" settings panels are junk.

  • Better still, avoid Windows 11 altogether and go Linux (or Chrome or Mac)! See Thank you Linus Tech Tips!

  • lol my secure boot state says unsupported :(

  • Microsoft after watching this video: Why you bully me??

  • The question is, are they bringing back dos? If not, its not worth it.

  • Windows 11 (6.7.1)... it's so not 11.x Windows 10 is 6.6.3... It's so not 10.x I'll stick with open source. From my 12 year old AMD quad core, 24GB ddr3, AMD graphics powered HP Envy.

  • what if we don't find install.esd file but a similar size file with .wim can we replace that file

  • Thanks linus The UUPDump trick and the install.esd trick really worked. Now I can use Windows 11 as my daily os.😃😃

  • Linux keeps looking better. Of several computers here at home desktops and laptops, with the exception of one laptop, the rest are running a Linux distro (POP OS). I think that Microsoft is shooting itself in the foot with 11.

  • Just waiting for my oculus quest 2 link driver to be update for windows 11

  • Those sponsor transitions are getting so smooth...

  • You are awesome! Thanks for TPM explanations

  • huh the registry hack will always work i mean some times i cant get passed some errors but i get when i registry hack the program

  • Windows 11 going to have a WindowsUpdate design like malware again?.....Where i'm forced to download a trusted user/hack exe to force task scheduler and other services disabled, in order to prevent windows from doing it own thing instead of what I want it to do? legit question....not had a chance to do anything with win11 yet, if anyone knows.

  • We can't find a new gpu, and he thinks we going to build new pc for w11

  • 6:36 DRIP

  • the only thing I like about win11 so far is it's default wallpaper lmao

  • I really enjoy you guys making sense of the nonsense provided by Microsoft, I also would like to see a chart as to how many people contact you after they use Gparted to wipe their Windows 10 hard drive and then install MX Linux, Ubuntu Mate, Linux Lite or some other fantastic Linux/Ubuntu Operating System.

  • don't get windows 11, simply. win95: beta win98/2000: final winme: beta winxp: final winvista: beta win7: final win8: beta win10: final win11: guess what? *BETA* How people just didn't got that? It's damn easy to spot!

    • @bilgisayar bilgisi nope. It's still win 8, they just added back the start menù with a reg switch. That's the reason for I said it's beta.

    • you forgot 8.1 so windows 11 is final

  • "DON’T buy a new PC for Windows 11" I built a 9900K-Z390 about 2 years ago. I've got another 8 years to go before I build another one. I wait about 10 years between builds for technology evolution.

  • Hi, I have a bit of a problem. When I swap the appraiser files I get the "Can't install Windows 11" screen (Same results with RegEdit) When I swap the install.esd files I get error 0x8007025D: Windows Cannot Install Required Files (I've eliminated the possibility of corrupt files or hardware) Is there anything I can do to get around this? Are possibly there more "checks" I can bypass with RegEdit?

    • Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm trying to install on a Legacy Bios, no secure boot or tpm, no OS (wiped the hardrive to install)

  • Just disable secure boot, the security it offers is so niche that any normal consumer doesn't gain that much from it.

  • Is it really worth all the fill in the blank(s)? I mean is it going to win me over from my MX Linux OS and make me want to run Windows again?

  • so mutch problems to install spyware ... maybe they need help from russia ;-)

  • Watching it on my i7 6th Gen laptop running win 11 without TPM & Secure boot

  • "DON’T buy a new PC for Windows 11!" Why would I want Windows 11 in the first place? :D

    • @Ron Grizzley the beta channel just got released

    • @IlPerico I was gonna mention that, but I was assuming they mainly use windows. I 100% would rather use Linux than get a new pc just for windows 11

    • @getaround 1 coff coff... linux coff coff...

    • Remote jobs will want you to have windows 11

    • @camjkerman I’m Heading in Now

  • This has to be the worst GUI I have ever seen. Who wrote that crappy schema

  • This is why they needed Linux. To much work to get windows to install in cloud ????? We all know now who won the desktop race Linux.

  • Tha f*ck? Are you sure I don't need a letter from my third grade math teacher's first boyfriends mother's plastic surgeon?

  • 3:40 You just need to re-enroll your Windows Hello credentials and use your Bitlocker backup key--you did keep that key, right? 😩

  • ⬆⬆⬆⬆

  • Windows 11? My official recommendation is go to Linux!

  • Microsoft try hard to make all of us Linux-ers

  • Windows 11 requirements are just a way to totally lock your computer down to Windows OS. They (MS) want to control YOUR PC. No thanks.

  • pog anthony

  • they failed theyr promisse.

  • If win11 says your hardware not supported, just install Linux :D

  • ok but what is wrong with Windows 10?

  • me using an windows 7 ultimate: interseting

  • linus and linus tech tips team is fast as hell (we need to change the speed of the video to slow 0.75x)

  • Thank you for Anthony.

  • I will buy a new PC when I am in the need of a new PC. Also I "can" install windows 11 on my system but I don't need windows 11 at this time. Don't need to fix something that is not broken.

    • The machine I use is 12 years old. Definitely not getting a new one anytime soon, or until TDR1 RAM hits.

  • Honey, I KNOW what I want for Xmas!

  • If I need a new PC, should I wait until Windows 11 drops or just upgrade ASAP?

  • Hey if you guy go faster I could miss the other 10% as well. 😨 Downloadable instructions would be very helpful -especially for us 70 year old DOS 2.1 veterans 🥴

  • "if you want to play with Linux or something" Play? *Play*?! As if I'd use Windows by choice! lmao

  • we use control userpasswords2 to add users and set windows to start without entering a password will that be available in windows 11? later versions of Windows 10 stopped the restart without a password. just wondering if I will still need a workaround.

  • Only now I even understand what these bios features TPM and secure boot are. Lol. Thanks.

  • That's okay. Can I downgrade to windows 8 instead?

  • second gen i5 runs windows 11 runs flawless on my old laptop

  • Oh, fine. Best arguments ever for moving to LINUX Mint. You do remember that Microsoft said that Windows 10 would be the last version ever, right? If they had a secure system in the first place, this would not be as much of an issue.

  • speaks real quiet then jacks the audio for the ad space FU

  • Well I hope secure boot will not be important in the future. I cannot enable secure boot in windows 11 because I don't know BIOS password.

  • you only Need Tpm 2.0

  • Yep, Windows will be more secure than ever (When was it ever secure?) for everyone but Microsoft, who can get in whenever they want to. Oh, and don't forget to buy a new PC even if yours works just fine, or you you have to starve your kids for a few months to do so... WHADDA' YAH GONNA' DOABOUDIT? AAEY? PAY DA MAN PUNK! Oh wait, Linux can solve all of those problems in one swoop!

  • See Grandma...piece of cake!

  • I think they should also shows the syntech side of the experiment like the experiment's on human and rat and the undercover testing in syntech by (wes) or deb or anybody i guess, it will be more interesting to watch right guys!! like so that matthais and team see's this .

  • me: jokes on you im still getting a new pc for windows 11

  • Both of those settings are turned of on my system intentionally. I do not intend to upgrade to the new version of Vista/8.0.

  • Time to switch to Linux.

  • I have uefi bios, i5-8400 , secure boot although it's off for dual boot right now. I just don't have TPM 2.0 I have 1.2, I even had my hard Drive on GPT and I would recommend mini tool partition wizard if you guys want a nice G.U.I.

  • Good old history repeating itself. I remember when Microsoft announced that Windows XP wasn't able to be cracked. *2 hours later* and somebody found out how to crack Windows XP. Once again Microsoft is punishing legit users for no reason.

    • That's not the same thing at all.

  • I won't, because we're a Microsoft free zone.

  • My God...this is waaaay too much.i will stick to my Windows 10... *even that my rog laptop is from last summer with RTX and 10th gen.i7 which makes it farely new Which means that hardware is good enough to run windows 11

  • Of course when I hear the word w*ndows or M$ security and reliability are the first things that come to mind.

  • mine is such a fucking mess. my motherboard is newer than 2016, the firmware is 2018, it has a TPM 2.0 port but its just a port its not installed to anything. My bios is set to legacy mode, it can be changed to UEFI... but theres no secure boot option anywhere in the bios and it reads as unsupported in the system info. what a fucking wow

  • Used to know indept info quite early about all Windows releases since MS-DOS was replaced, have to say Windows 11 fails to interest me. Maybe it's the timing, maybe I've forgot how it was to have a new OS or maybe I did subconsciously give up the hope for a new version of Windows? Nah that's not the problem Windows 10 is solid compared to Windows 8 so the next version has to be broken! It's the curse that subconsciously scares me away... Don't upgrade, it's Doomed! Has to be...

  • The parsimonious ounce complimentarily obey because fortnight worryingly taste after a bloody joke. remarkable, tacit swedish

  • if windows have a number not possible to divide by 2 then its crap, old wisdom hohoho :)

    • No it's not. Windows 7 was great but 8 sucked.