Damn, Intel!

Publicado el 4 nov 2021
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Intel’s long-awaited Alder Lake is finally here - But can 12th-gen Core really slow AMD’s momentum, or is it just another power-hungry processor in a long line of desperation CPUs?

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0:00 Intro
1:06 Intel's special sauce
1:50 A note about Windows 11 and test setup
2:43 Gaming results
4:56 Productivity results
6:59 Did Intel cheat?
7:46 Power consumption
8:55 Thermal performance - Intel's still selling space heaters
10:27 Value and conclusion - 12600K > 12900K


  • A note on Ryzen on Windows 11: We did not experience the CPU-swap performance degradation bug in our testing. Our Ryzen bench was running a fresh install with the patch and chipset driver from the get-go; It was actually geared for Windows 10 if we couldn't get the patch + driver in time for testing, and wiped for the fresh install once they became available. -AY

    • I am just saying, not to be on one side or another.

    • @Paul Elderson A typical person doesn't uses Windows 11. Period. Maybe typical person will use it in the future, but then AMD will come out with it's new gen.

    • That thumbnail is over-the-top (Jazz Face akin to Jazz Hands), very, very Drama Llama of you.

    • 10/10 A +

    • Apple has been doing this for many years now on their chips, whats new?

  • So apparently no one cares about the i7 12700kf

  • am i only one having feeling like watching some comercial?

  • windows and intel are teaming up

  • im a lover of low power consumption. ryzen still my favorite since i used 1700x and now 5600x.

  • ryzen looks like bulldozer now

    • Not at all lol. It's still better in multi threaded workloads, and it's cheaper than a 12th gen+DDR5 PC.

  • We need to change “But will it run Crysis?” to “Will it run MSFS 2020?”

  • Very excited for the new Ryzen

  • Can’t wait for CES announcements in January! Waiting for nvidia rtx super 30 series laptops with new intel processors! 🎉 🎈

  • Zamn Intel, she's 12! 😍

  • are there gonna be new budget chips?

  • Ar ar ar ar

  • Anyone else notice the subtle "SHEEESH" at 3:30

  • It seems like there's been an unusual number of serious problems across all types of products and brands lately. I'll be far happier if things are less fast but consistently work for a change. Spending $1500 on a product where the video stutters, your internet drops out, USB dropouts happen all the time or your chipset is a nonstop headache is not cool.

  • I always thought the idea of performance and efficiency cores together was never for speed but for efficiency. Huge in laptops because heat is a problem and batteries are limited... not so big in desktops though since they have power and cooling... maybe for a small desktop it might help but not for a regular tower unless there is something wrong with its power delivery or cooling. Before watching I predict Intel will be fast but not necessarily because of the duel core type but probably due to architecture of all cores reasons. Have to wait and see if those new cores work right on Linux. Most of my heavy loads are on Linux so if it doesn't work I may as well go with AMD since I only use Windows for light light work... work in the class of checking email or basic web browsing.

  • Hey guys, so, I'm not well-educated on PC building and such, but I've been planning to make an upgrade on my (at least) 8 year old PC with an Intel Core i3-2100 3.10GHz and I don't have a high budget for the best of the best. So, between Intel and Ryzen, which has the best product for the lowest price? I'd be grateful for any suggestion

  • Nothing like ryzen fanbois being put in thier place finally

  • But it took intel a year to take back the lead, I'd like to see AMD's next drop.

  • Thanks god that Intel doesn't have a monopoly over chips anymore.

  • Hey Linus, I love the videos but I have to ask. What's with the color grading on your main camera? Your beard and skin look very yellow-green. Reminiscent of someone with Jaundice.

  • Damn Linus looks so depressed in this video.

  • I dont care anymore.. Everytime you need to upgrade nowadays to be on top the intire systim needs to be replaced.. Incompatibility issues all over.. No Thanx..

  • Zamn

  • In all honesty i would have appreciated both intel and amd adding low performance/low power consumption cores to their big cpus a long time ago. When you are idle or just browsing, watching videos etc you don´t need much power anyways and it would be perfect for a low power core to take over. Just like with dedicated gpu´s in laptops that are idle and leave the work to the integrated low power gpu and only come into play if you run a game/application that requires them. I´d imagine it like this, bought a new laptop with a ryzen 7 5800h, quite good. However how about a ryzen 8 that comes with the 8 cores 16 threads the ryzen 7 has but also adds 2 low power/low performance cores for daily activities and they run the whole deal in windows (which would be well enough) and the 8 high performance cores only power up once you start an application/game that needs the power.

  • 3:55 Sheeeeeeeeesh

  • AMD prob just has to include ddr5 to regain the spot. Then they still have voltage headroom and a new chipset after that nulling intel.

  • I'll get mine in 20 years time

  • congrats intel for reclaiming your crown as the king of cpu gaming

  • is there a dual cpu motherboard ready for these new generation CPUs?

  • Definitely those are not Grandma's home baked efficiency cores. I agree! 💯

  • "thanks corsair for your support(...) " - 2x Agressive screen tap Back to the subject. Corsair sucks, f* these shit ads.

  • So the 12600k looks like it's probably going to be the better choice for gaming if that's the main thing you use it for.

  • The human eye can only see unavailable 🥴

  • As an AMD Fan, I'm very excited Intel is making a push back! We're finally seeing some innovation on their end!

  • Doing these benchmarks on these CPUs is super disingenuous. I can afford these things. Do you think I’m playing 1080p? F** no, 4K 120hz on a 48” monitor Why 1080p? It’s stupid.

  • I missed out, needed to get a new CPU couldn't wait for 12th gen...

  • Intel fans ❤

  • Release dates

  • Eventually we will hit 64 cores 128Ths

  • Apple's M1 chips destroying Intel right now. Intel has totally dropped the ball and it'll take them years to catch up.

  • Dang looks nice wonder if I will ever get one.

  • thanks

  • "in order to be fair, we maxed out the memory bandwidth for Intel"

  • Why did I read “damn daniel”

  • I like the way he slapped by this friends And the face was smashed by Potatoes 😂😂😂

  • I like that shirt.

  • I knew Intel would kill it this time. I'm on my i5 9500 and I know it ain't near the 12th gen but I am more than happy with what I got lol

  • People just need to remember that Single Thread/Core is "all" that matters for 90% of users. Unless you're REALLY doing some heavy tasks, you don't need gimmicky multicore setups. The fact that the 12th gens do so well with 10+ cores is great and the heterogenous cores are interesting, but at the end of the day what you should be thankful for is the increases in single performance.

  • Linus being a Intel kuck like always…

  • Seller: Hey we have a new product its 5% faster then previous one Buyer: How much ? Seller: 200% more expensive. Buyer: take my money ?

  • I see

  • I love how Intel is still behind AMD, Intel's new processors go up against AMDs old CPU lineup hahaha.

  • *Corporate needs you to find the difference between this picture (top) and this picture (bottom)* : 0:54 You: they're the same picture.

  • what about the i7 12700k?

  • i5 is darling with some nice decent performance, cheap and reliable that you can count on.


  • Still 12600k isnt that crazily better in gaming, But it is better in workloads. So pretty good but most ppl dont edit 24-7 or stream or whatever so. If u already have 11600k or have bought it. It just depends on pricing in your country if it is worth it

  • 12600k BOOM

  • waiting for 13th gen =)

  • every amd diehard fanboy: wAiT tO sEe ThE nEw RyZeN 6o0o 🥴

    • @Radplay and intel 13th gen will go against that. It's a never ending loop.

    • But that's true. Ryzen 5000 was going against 11th gen, so Ryzen 6000 will go against 12th gen.

  • How much money did you take from Intel?

  • Meh, anything short of photonic computing doesn't impresses me.

  • I love intel processors! They make the perfect coaster for my coffee mug.

  • Big difference is only @1080p in competitive FPS games, but i already getting ridiculous numbers with AMD, it doesn't make me run back to intel

  • I haven't seen an LTT video in a while, but I see Linus changed his segues to ads. He got me this time, without the "speaking of! ... ". I feel dirty for not seeing it coming.

  • *Intel :- this time no hold back just rushhhhhhh*

  • I just bought a i7 as an upgrade from a i5U skylake processor...

  • Big time tech plebers unite!

  • this whole efficiency/performance core system gives me cadilac v8 cylinder de active vibes

  • i just bought i9 12900k :) i will send my i7 6700k to rent now after 7 years :D i am so fucking happy.

  • Compare to apple m1 max

  • Did you honestly say intel has the crown? Ya 75-100% more expensive doesnt make for a good processor IMO.

  • ya NOTHING about these benchmarks is spectacularly in Intels favor ESPECIALLY when you consider the price gap 2-7 point behind in about everything doesnt equate in huge differences not anything that you can really see, in FACT windows 11 had to throttle AMD yet again and get in bed with intel to MAKE intel look better, thats just crappy business. I dont like intel BECAUSE of shitty business practices its the same thing as rich asshats shorting stocks to make money . I say buy AMD everyone and shot intels stocks!

  • So its again a tiny amount of better for a TON more price? NO THANKS!

  • ar ar ar ar ar

  • Intel 12th gen for gamers then? Might you wanna play with Intel Arc GPUs?

  • intel is doomed

  • I would wait for next ryzen chips which are surely better than intel 12th gen in performance and efficiency.

  • So whut abutt the i7 guys? guys..? 😋😋 Just kidding, but would love to see how much it can bench too!😉

  • They made Cell after 10 yers. They already made (projected) a CPU like that at the Cell times, but never produced (as I remember).

  • I'm really curious what AMD's gonna bring to the table! But honestly, can prices drop instead of more performance maybe?

  • Invest now …. There is no such thing as future proof , unless you have loads of money you sail close to cost to performance in that respect amd is still better

  • Did... did they just copy Apple?

  • I just bought i9-12900k and when i saw this video i was like fuck why didnt i buy i5

  • AMD designed lower power performance cores. Intel uses brute force to increase performance. That is why they run so hot.

  • To compare Intel to AMD on watts vs performance is where AMD really shines. AMD is cheaper when you factor in motherboard, cooling, power and ddr5 costs for the performance you get. Plus AMD chip runs cooler under load for productivity which most will use it for which may translate to longer cpu life. Intel has simply ran the 14nm to its max thermal capacity. The only thing new is the efficient cores which ARM has had for a long time.

  • Definitely wish the i7 had been shown as it has been the go to for some time.

  • I dont have a pc so idk what he's talking about

  • That monitor alone be costing more than my entire gaming rig

  • I always enjoy your videos

  • “Our sponsor doesn’t help” - 10 most risky quotes in history

  • AMD is still ahead of Intel in Power usage , Processer node and, heat. So yea, not that good.

  • A good cooler for an i7 12700k. Thanks

    • please dont show us how much new CPU can perform in csgo because my brain solo can run 150 fps in csgo it dont need CPU !!!

  • Slap

  • Damn, just watched this right after buying a Ryzen 5 5600x

  • Is linus intentionally doing the sheeesh thing 3:30-4:00

  • Good to have competition. Cause AMD was increasing it's prices since the 3rd generation

  • If u living in Russia: ok, i by cpu 12gen and motherboard 1700 ddr5, just now buy mem... whawhawhat? wth? damn!!! where is ddr5 memory? sht!11!11!...

  • Out of all the ESmainrs I watch you are the only one who does sponsors right, you give them maybe 30 seconds instead of dedicating a quarter of your video and I appreciate it so much

  • He wrote expect ryzen discounts soon on intro anyone noticed?