Cheap GPUs are FINALLY Coming Back!! - WAN Show July 9, 2021

Publicado el 9 jul 2021
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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119)
[ 0:00 ] Chapters
[ 01:41 ] Intro
[ 02:15 ] Topic #1: Cryptocurrency crackdown in China leading to Graphics Card prices to drop.
02:37 Reasons behind the drop in prices.
08:24 Discussing local prices.
10:19 eBay prices on GPUs are dropping.
11:30 The energy factor affecting Cryptomining in China.
13:25 Cryptocurrencies dipping and Linus wanting to invest.
15:34 The effect of chips shortage on the GPU pricing and future releases.
[ 19:40 ] Topic #2: Biden directing F.T.C. to make new regulations for Right-to-Repair.
19:40 Biden issuing an Executive order towards F.T.C. and its regulations.
21:00 Right to Repair already exists in automotive repairs.
23:00 How the executive order helps farmers.
26:12 Directive includes DoD and mobile phone contractors.
[ 29:14 ] Sponsors.
29:22 DisplayFusion multi-monitor manager.
30:23 NeedForSeat gaming chairs.
31:50 Seasonic Power Supply (and more).
[ 32:54 ] Topic #2.5: Nintendo Switch "Pro" Controversy.
32:54 Expectations V.S. Reality.
36:48 Linus's experience with the Switch.
39:14 Linus appreciates Nintendo's consistency.
40:12 Linus's games of choice on Switch.
[ 43:20 ] Topic #3: Google Playstore is under fire.
44:05 Google's Response to the whole lawsuit.
46:35 Google anti-consumer policies on subscription-based streaming services.
51:23 Lawsuit requires Google to "allow" for the removal of pre-installed apps.
53:22 Thoughts on Google's response.
56:02 LTTstore has a discount.
[ 57:24 ] Topic #3.5: China uses Facial Recognition to control gamers.
58:25 Spending money on lootboxes IS gambling.
59:46 Parents should enforce the limits, NOT the government.
1:00:50 China's 996 working hours system.
[ 1:03:06 ] Topic #4: Linus's new house challenges.
1:04:46 The house heating problem.
1:06:40 Whole house water-cooling.?
1:08:47 Discussing computers.
1:13:57 Home theater.
1:17:46 Linus's home plan ft MsPaint.
[ 1:22:44 ] Not-So-Superchats.
[ 1:32:15 ] Wrapping up.
[ 1:32:24 ] Outro.


  • There are free programmable controllers with loads of digital and analogue in and outputs for heating/cooling systems. And don't you guys in NA have EIB/KNX or something similar? That's the European Installation Bus and dozens of manufacturers are making part's for it.

  • "Right to repair" should apply to Tesla motors also. They required you to take the vehicles to an authorized dealer only. And also will not sell spare parts to any other shops.

  • When GPU prices where up, I opted to buy an E Bike. And man was it a great move so thanks miners & scalpers for inflating GPU prices. So far I will have to admit I do not plan to upgrade any time soon with the situation I have moved my focus to other areas of interest.

  • efficient floor heating is an oxymoron, Linus, it is and will forever be impossible unless you do nothing on the ground floor and heat the first floor only, or if you have multiple floors that are not one side to the outside, high school physics should have taught you this.

  • I think i never can buy 3080 for it original price or really CHEAP. Gaming on PC is for ELITE and very RICH people. We must living on GTX 1060 5-10years, and waste nerves, surviving, looks an bugs, patches, and lack of FPS . Im home working gamedev , but my games are free or very cheapest to buy this videocards.

  • I absolutely refuse to buy software that isnt a "lifetime" license. If you wont actually sell me your software, then its not worth paying for and i will pirate it if i need it.

  • Sir please make video on how make raid 6 nvme sdd nas

  • I dont believe you. The shortage in shipping is going to take a year to catch up. So I'll see myself out...

  • Could we get a video on how to get used Chinese GPUs because of the regulation changes? I have looked for them and I know that new ones a selling for less than MSRP so how cheap are the used ones??

  • So where is the diy bill to a right to repair Apple systems ;)

  • Crazy three year cycle. I go on a ten year cycle... in buying.. i7 2600 still driving games along nice. just throw a good gpu in the system. which we maybe able to afford again soon lol

  • 30:00 Windows has the taskbar feature built-in.

  • I'm actually seeing 3070 ti in stock on bestbuy at MSRP

  • "Cheap GPUs are FINALLY Coming Back!!" chyba w Kanadzie...

  • Who cares if there comming back slowly are they going to be any cheaper?!?!?! We all got a lot of catching up to do when it comes to building gaming rigs

  • @27:40 and once again you talk about the US healthcare system even though you know nothing about it. Our system is cheap for those that need it and paid for by those that can afford it. It's better than making everyone pay an equal share through taxes. Also everyone I know already got covid vaccines while your people are still standing in line because socialist health care can't handle the burden of supplying everyone on time.

    • @28:43 your mother's friend didn't get fixed out of stupidity not price. There are systems in place for people that can't afford it to get free care. They either COULD afford it and just decided it wasn't worth it or they were willfully ignorant.

  • the 3060 is 800 dollars instead of 350 dollars

  • 12 hours a day for 6 days, feels like the military to me, I work 12 hours a day for 7 days with 2 days off

  • Linus, the point of a hackable Switch isn't to "hack games", that's useless. The point of a Homebrew Switch is to be able to install emulators on it.

  • The Switch is the most fun console I've bought of the past decades

  • I Worked at a golf course and Luke's not wrong. Mowers are just like tractors and engines are super easy to get to. Are's were so shitting when they overheated you just flip the seat up to let it cool... I mean we also poured water on them to cool them off too... don't do that... also don't finish the job when it turns off from over heating because there is a safety override aaaand you're sitting about 3inches away from it and if a casket popped it would go right threw your butthole but we never really talked about "safety" much. Saw the mechanic burn himself from taking the cap off of a radiator once before it fully cooled. Also put a lawn mover blade on a weed wacker.... don't to that. It popped off and would have taken my leg off if it hit me.

  • rtx 3060ti 650eu at greece

  • Linus, totally right that it's reasonable to expect home infrastructure to be interchangeable and long lasting, but I also think that's why non-automated infrastructure still exists. Smart home stuff is not for people who want their homes to last and have interchangeable components, it's for people who buy a new prebuilt laptop and iphone every two years.

  • Not even kidding I moved on to new hobbys cause of the price increases and quit watching tech shows like this but if prices go back to normal may be nice again to do

  • When there are different varients of a GPU, have you ever popped the lit of the GPU and checked if they were different chips or the same die that just did not pass the higher specs?

  • 1:08:30 Can i come? Am i invited? I need to know a bit earlier 'cause it's a bit of a long road trip from Italy ..... god i hope i wont find any accident ....

  • Scalpers will need to get a job, what will the world do now

  • 56:23 Its almost like there might be a next generation water bottle coming at some point Luke: :D

  • except they're not

  • I assume a heat pump would be worse if you are going to connect the A/C to the pool.

  • The rabbit hole of home improvement….

  • Unless it has some secret super advanced AI software that could make the vehicle transform into a nuclear powered killing machine, then there's no reason why they can't sell it to independent repair shops (for a hefty price of course), just like it works in the automotive industry. VW even offers online certification classes, for a price. As for the GPU market...i don't think what you're saying is going to happen. They make a TON of money out of what's happening now. But one can hope. Upgrading my ANCIENT 660 to something old but better, for a reasonabe price,is welcomed.

  • Ive seen water cooled lights

  • The fact Linus doesn't even care about Nintendo performance just shows you how powerful Nintendo is and that they know exactly what they're doing

  • Paying off housing when you can borrow at 1.45% (Canada, 5 year fixed) is actually a terrible use of capital. I understand the emotional side of Luke's argument, but it doesn't make financial sense.

  • How the new oled switch still doesn’t have support for Bluetooth headphones is what drives me nuts. If I could connect my AirPod pros to it without a dongle I would buy one. It’s insane that it doesn’t support Bluetooth headphones.

  • Linus you are RICH just hire a company to deal with it.

  • Healthcare in America is mind blowing to me too. Snapped my arm in half when I was 13 and I waited in the waiting room of a hospital that took us 30-45min to get too for 3hours. Good thing it wasn’t bleeding too bad otherwise it could have gone worse.

  • @18:10 It depends on the family I guess, because my dad's got a bunch of desktops.. his best one is an Acer running on Windows XP. It has an Intel Pentium 4 @3GHz, 1GB DDR2 RAM, GeForce FX5600 with 64MB vRAM. It sucks because it can't even run Doom 3 on minimum settings, usually it gets around 5 frames per second. It can't run Half-Life 2, it goes to a black screen. The only thing I can play on it is Quake 3 Arena... And that's his best desktop...

  • I can't wait for the couple of new chip manufacturing facilities being finished. So much more manufacturing capacity will decrease chip prices in the future.

  • YO THERES A MINING RIG WITH 16 RTX 3060S is it worth it to buy clean the GPUS and sell them?

  • not at all

  • So do t care about the house.

  • Just drop copper pipe and a heap of fibre cables and copper cable in the spaces with access points. Or install trunking for future projects and then it's not a closed system and you can add or change things in your own time. One thing I would highly recommend is a fire suppression system while you can install one. Especially with the wiring you plan on doing.

  • Hi Linus Watch you daily

  • Jay from two cents has home automation.

  • In my experience, farmers HAVE to repair their own stuff a lot of the time if it breaks, so they simply don't want to. What they do a lot of times is just buy brand new equipment and sell it before things go wrong. As much as farmers would like for you to think that they're rugged DIYers who do everything at their own compound, most of the farmers I know would rather "invest in quality equipment" (aka buying a bunch of new stuff that's not meant to be repaired) and focus on NOT constantly fixing or nerding out about their equipment. Same thing goes for the phone market. A lot of times it's simply not feasible to change the gigantic agricultural tires or tracks in a pole barn behind your grain elevator, and when you factor in the downtime and cost of outsourcing those jobs a lot of times you would come out ahead on money if you buy a new tractor before the original tires on your old one wear out. Tires just being an example, obviously tractors have a lot more components and service requirements. This is what I've heard from a few different 3rd-4th generation grain farmers here in Ohio, and John Deere knows this better than anybody. If you know any farmers, it's not really that nutty what they're doing. They may have outbuildings full of of motorized equipment, and diverse knowledge, but a lot of these guys can't or won't change an alternator on their pickup truck. Just buy a new one. Not that I like this mentality, but that's how JD has been able to get away with it for so long. It doesn't make any sense to me how it's somehow cheaper to build a whole tractor out of raw materials instead of repairing, unless said tractor was made with subpar workmanship and materials. So maybe I've been lied to about the cost of things by my pals trying to justify their laziness/wastefulness.

  • Where? here in belgium its still 2x the price

  • Nvidia = #OutOfStock Looks like canada has gone to hell. keep up the great work

  • The fact that you guys even waste bandwidth talking about the switch really boggles the mind.

  • 9 am to 6 pm 6 days a week is the working norm in India aswell and we get paid shit. I'm jealous of ppl in USA/Canada who have 5 days a week work days

  • Linus: "Crypto boom bust boom bust boom bust" AKA market cycle...? Kinda weird how each boom goes higher than the last one, and the busts don't go below the previous all time high. It's a new market (and a pretty unique one) so it's insanely volatile, but the volatility is decreasing with time + increased adoption. Don't be fooled, Linus knows what a bull market and a bear market is. I have a theory that he's actually a "hodler", but he feels like he has to pretend for his audience. The response to his "how to set up NiceHash" video must have scared him. Gamers are the only demographic that is almost unanimously anti-crypto. For obvious reasons... just not very strong ones. I think Linus also knows that the relationships between crypto, bitcoin mining, power usage, and GPU shortages are a lot more complex than "crypto bad, blame crypto". Why else would he even entertain the idea of buying the dip? But his audience showed him that "crypto bad, blame crypto" is about as complex as they're willing to get when their hardware supply is impacted. TL;DR: Linus bought the dip = confirmed

  • Lol like it was ever a thing anyways!!!! Just inflation due to giving money to everyone and business in the US and no revenue being generated.

  • I work those kinds of hours. In America.

  • Yeah, but why would you heat a pool when it's got outside? 🤔

  • dislike for fake news not everyone is a multi millionaire like you

  • where 1660 is still 550 + this is bs nwo inflation

  • CCP is about control...kind of like our present administration...who'd a thunk?

  • Anyone who doesnt take themselves to er for an issue like broken arm or anything is on them they dont have to pay the hospital bill and can get help to pay it as well as can pay a penny a month and the hospital has to take it i was in the hospital with no insurance for a week do to being septic at 30 years old with a recent job loss and was diagnosed diabetic and havent had to pay anything to my bill as well as medical bills dont hit your credit unless its a elective surgery

  • Used to work for a remote support liason for John Deere personnel. Short lived contract. Basically you can repair the tractors like a car. But certain equipments are specialized to the crop and area. The machine parts for specialized machines have unique items that would require specialized tools. Not to mention the onboard computers that interact with said machinery. I've seen support requests where they (farmers, their mechanics) were advised what to do for fixes, "check for dirt in the ___, try and tighten a bolt here" but then we find out that theres a cable they somehow knocked out of place, or something they just half assed on repair. Some locations send out specialist mechanics to the farm, and they didn't even do anything.

  • I'm so happy I built my first PC in August 2020. I waited, shopped around, and got a KILLER PC, a curved Samsung 32in monitor, a pair of Bose speakers (the grey ones) for 1500$

  • re: Google and Microsoft should be pissed - When Microsoft was sued over IE we had a very different government that actually cared about and enforced anti-trust laws. Bill Clinton was president and we had a relatively moderate / liberal congress. Then we got 8 years of bush and a massive swing in congress towards the alt-right that kept its momentum through Obama's presidency.

    • @The Program Nah dude, I said my piece and you come in here lookin for a fight and throwin down #StrawMan like it's an Amish dance party lost you any chance of getting a respectable debate out of me. I'm in it for the hostile flame war now.

    • @S1m0ne Literally your _only_ point was about politicians and ideologies (and now with this second post, specifically parties). The rest is ideological stuff; more like declarations than arguments, w/ no evidence. I already showed why you were wrong, providing examples and explanation. Look, instead of letting this descend into the inevitable flame war where we get hostile to nobody's benefit, how about this: why not just quote three books for me to read to get where you're coming from. If you agree, I'll give you links to three books of my own, and this way we both come out marginally better informed than we went in. (That's assuming you believe me about the FTC attempting antitrust actions vs Google during the end of the Bush years, the enforcement being killed by Obama over the FTC's objections, the Trump-era efforts to resume it, and that the recent state efforts have involved and usually been lead by attorneys general in conservative states. Those facts are all very easy to look up and check, so if you haven't, and still refuse to even now, then you're just a fanatic spouting off.)

    • @The Program Dear God a person who thinks republicans are consumer friendly :| I was not talking about specific parties or party politics, I was talking about a general trend in America's leadership towards conservativism, specifically corporate-friendly conservativism, which is synonymous with "deregulation" (a Trump catch phrase if you ever actually paid attention to reality). There has been a steady decline in antitrust enforcement, among many many other failures of government consumer protections, for the last 20 years regardless of who's been "in charge". It's not a party politic, it's a movement of wholesale ideology regardless of party lines. Largely due to lobbying pressure and reelection being entirely a matter of money.

    • You've got it backwards. The FTC was in the process of initiating anti-trust actions against Google in the late 2000's. When President Obama was elected, it was with heavy support from Google employees. Not just money: Google employees formed the backbone of Obama's famously effective analytics & data mining team. So it wasn't surprising that when he took office, the White House shut down the anti-trust action. Lots of people from Google ended up working in the Obama Administration as well (which being so tech savvy seemed like a good idea at the time). For example, the Affordable Care Act mandated a centralized patient records system, which former Google people ended up having a very big part of, and which heavily involved work with Google. Trump was very hostile to Google, but the civil service staff at the FTC mostly kept their hands off. Trump's people at the White House didn't or couldn't change that, though some FTC actions were finally filed in late 2020. This latest one Linus is talking about has states controlled by both parties, but the previous antitrust actions earlier this year and last year have been mostly lead by republican-controlled states (mostly; some democrat-controlled states as well). Right-wing media has been calling for anti-trust action vs Google for years. Google threw its weight almost entirely behind Joe Biden, even doing things to help his campaign as Google itself, and not just individually as employees or through their lobbying arm. Lots of Google people are being recruited to work in the Biden admin right now. So I very much doubt that the FTC will keep the pressure up.

  • #firstworldproblems

  • These thumbnails are so insulting it might take my cancer out of remission. Fracking hate clickbait crap and haven't watched much of LTT since before covid because of them. This was one was bad enough I figured if my cancer is coming back because of it, I might as well complain a bit.

  • I hate it when people mistake; healthcare, racism, equality, ect as political issues, when realistically they are human rights abuses.

  • One of the main reasons they don't want anything to do with crypto is because they can't as easily monitor the private wealth and that is a big problem for the CCP having citizens of their country using any method possible to convert their wealth into a form of monetary value that cannot be as easily seized by corrupt officials as there is no recourse for those who have had that happen to them. You better believe that most of the Millionaires and billionaires are riding a fine line between corruption charges as well as seizure of assets and being allowed to continue business under the assumption that not receiving any attention is the only way to move forward. List of the timely corruption charges are just a excuse and there's no evidence even behind it

  • Classic capitalism, pissing all over your market and then go back begging them when the inflation game drops.

  • China banned Australian coal due to the ccp being morons.( It's a political issue, china are acting like a child) They now have power issues, i wonder why.

  • Ha, the thing about how that many home automation companies can exist reminded me of when I looked at web sites of architects with tons of fancy houses, luxury buildings, etc. I'm also wondering who buys all that. There aren't THAT many rich people?

  • Linus missed a good opportunity to reference Louise Rossmann for R.T.R, he fixes mainboards.

  • 1:14:17 - There is so much to like on this video, why is there only one like button? :)

  • Ugh, what a lazy, dumb argument to say that one shouldn't criticize cultures that one isn't a part of. And very disappointing to see Linus actually backtrack and change the topic because of this accusation.

  • Can you imagine if you could only repair your Ford car at Ford dealership? That would be terrible.

  • Hey can you guys please make a normal sized vid about this, I really want to hear the good news but I don't have much wifi. Thanks!

  • i will stay with my wilkhahn chair… sorry

  • i need the new nvidia gtx 1100

  • Gpus in asia are still almost double the original prices

  • 1:14:30 why tf you need a cell repeater if you got wifi with nice WAPs?

  • I bought an RX 590 in 2019 for $190 and today I saw it for sale for $875 on newegg and $300 for an RX 580 on Facebook marketplace. I'm sure prices are coming down, but they aren't back to normal here yet.

  • Yeah, no thanks bro. Not watching a video about terrorists.

  • There has been bipartisan support for right to repair. Without getting into specifics, in general I have supported right to repair for a long time, but you cannot pass new laws through executive order. Executive orders are only meant to direct executive branch funding and emphasis of enforcement on pre-existing laws, they cannot pass new legislation. Democrats are more and more ruling through executive fiat, and not the legislative process of checks and balances. I agree with right to repair, but we need to be wary in how it is being implemented because abuse of executive orders can, and has, been used on things I, and probably you, do not agree with.

  • You don’t need smart thermostats you need sensors and a central controller. You can power the sensors off the wires

  • In oregon children are either under state healthcare. Dental and vision too. Bunch of commies.

  • I hate mustaches, i have a beard, but i hate when mustache is distinct from the rest of it, nobody should ever encouragy something like it :D

  • Water cooled solar could actually SUBSTANTIALLY improve panel output and longevity.

  • I dont think we can hold our breath on GPU's yet seems there just moving most of them

  • If cheap like MSRP -25% then yes

  • 😞… I’m currently using a potato PC found it in garbage behind pc store. I had a 2000$ pc but last week it was stolen along with my dog and my Xbox. What’s a good way to make money online? I have very bad anxiety and depression and I’m trying to find a way to make enough to get a cheap pc

  • GPUS LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO also the energy crisis doesnt suprise me at all because it sounds absurd with how cutting edge modern it is but how unregulated its become. it might be government free non fiat but it sure as shit isnt moarket free and has some serious costs that hopefully will herlp this tailoring. cheers. cant wait to see active supply of gpus that arnt swarmed instantly and dont sell for super jacked from 34rd partys but still heaert out to anyone that honestly tried to do this and lost theyre ass while trying to make a living the only way they perhasp could haha

    • cant wait to see how the development and production goes for the buy a 4080 at a resonable price before i can even buy a 3080 comes to. think because of how far out they pre allocate this process i doubt it, but also it could just be cheaper to stop making the older one nad let the second hand over flowed market do its thing and pump the mareket with the "new est and best shiny" thing so everything goes interesting hahaha

  • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! the video title we have all been waiting for hahaha! cheers tho you guys GOD DAMN i love getting to see luke again haha. ok cant wait to see if the gpus i want actualy come out tho, and im finaly done caring about my rgb gpus and fancyness cause i just dont really do much welp. ALSO panic for us muricans but yeah i really hope they do more irs stuff to curb stop some of the more insanity of the mining after everything but when covid has you trapped inside whats better than hotboxing your virus to death while money making some minings

    • 53:45 christ i hope so. its hard enough just ot hear it passivly as some article or news thing but the fact that its always a thing and our government is so filled with lobbying and money, so much money that you dont even need corruption for them to still get away with monopolies cause the monopoly just brings in the money. like youd almost need a complete changing of the gaurd so to speak in every facet of law policy and even then the system and parties at play would fight. even if its something that is an issue for everyone and isnt even splitting the parties. idk. its one of those things where you need a university phd in it alone just ot even properly understand how bad it is but WHY it still stays so bad and little ever gets done. besides court cases taking so long that the entire problem could become obsolete by the time they figure it out lol. cheers and thanks for such a good wan show

  • This fucking video won't leave my suggested page, no matter how many times it auto plays

  • "cheap" - the GPU i want is still going to be more than my mortgage.

  • where linus is completely incorrect about is american healthcare system. if you are poor in america, you get free healthcare. if you have a job and make over a certain amount, you get healthcare insurance through your work place which covers your kids. so no, its completely wrong to say people in america don't have insurance or can't pay for it. the problem would be is some parents don't want to pay their premium on their insurance which is wrong on the parents. I've seen people in america who for instance, got grants to have their childs teeth fixed and got a few thousand bucks to have their teeth fixed, this person used that money instead on buying a couch set and not get their kids teeth fixed. this guy who is now in his 30's, had to have all of his teeth ripped out and have dentures now. so ya, if the parent "can't afford" to pay the premium its usually because they don't want too, not that they don't have the means to pay for it.

  • Linus might not have been aware that while mentioning Corsair during the Seasonic sponsorship he might have gone against Seasonic's guidelines, effectively he told thousands of people that know Corsair as a trusted PSU brand that Seasonic is the same, if not better. I mean I usually just go overkill and buy EVGA, but this tiny comment that Linus is probably not going to remember is going to make me recommend Seasonic PSUs in the future. I can't think of a better sponsorship than that.

  • Linus, concerned about ecology. Also linus « lol 12 computers in my house and everything will be connected ». You’re an ecological disaster Linus, and I’m relieved that there are so few of people like you

  • Solar with cooling loops, there are solar concentrator + solar cell hybrids that require cooling, did a thermodynamics class project on it, more efficient and you can dump that heat into your water heater / pool. On demand water heating for example doesn't make sense when your reclaiming your outgoing heat, you can even reclaim the heat from your bathroom exhaust fan, free energy, return on investment can get sketchy after awhile. Side note, you can automate anything using PLC's, use a common PLC supplier that way in the event of failure you can replace and upload the ladder logic, you would need instrumentation or PLC electrician to set it all up for you, I'm good with PLC programming but I'd want a professional to setup for me.

  • can someone give me an overview what the general overview of the wan show is? Like is this more in depth analysis of news. Cuz Linus does this in his video too, right?

  • Real hot take, 7" pentile OLED is going to look like hot garbage, and likely worse than the smaller RGB LCD, and OLED on a device people will keep for many many years with games with lots of static elements is going to result in awful screen burn in issues thru the life of the device.

  • I know I'm a bit late on this but for the home automation I think the most "future proof" option where you can tinker with it would be a custom arduino eco system. I know arduino isn't the be all end all for every problem but in this case, temperature control, it would be pretty easy to set up and you wouldn't be bound to subscription services or companies dying. For the individual temp controllers you could even outsource custom pcb designs and make them yourself