BLOAT is killing your FPS

Publicado el 2 nov 2021
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Is your PC not like it used to be? Games, apps, and BLOAT could be robbing you of performance, so we’re gonna figure out just how much overhead is used to run all those background apps.

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0:00 Intro
0:58 Test Methodology
3:17 Initial impressions
5:23 tasty SSD test
6:35 Benchmarks
7:49 Takeaways
8:55 Cleanup


  • 7:01 Isn't that like 8 seconds?

  • Fun fact, you can easily game while listening to some boring shin on youtube if you set it to 144p. That way there will be enough internet speeds both for your game and some shitty lecture or whatever you're listening to

  • i cant read :/

  • I think this test would throw way better results and analisis with a low-mid end computer. Aka, the average gamer. You're literally losing less than 6 fps (And still above 200) because you're using a top cpu and top gpu. If I tested the same I'd have a difference about 15 fps. Try the 5:24 part again with a Ryzen 2600 and a Gt 1060 and you'll have an easier time guessing

  • I installed Windows 7 to experience an OS with less bloat

  • it would be really nice if you perform the same test on a quad core cpu and 8 gb ram

  • Presented by Athleanx of pc community


  • Does higher priority given to the game help??

  • 5 percent, wow. Thatll change my 50fps in battlefield 32042 to 52! What a difference!

  • I'm still over here with a 1050ti lol.... *cries in low fps*

  • not Subscribing to @UCXuqSBlHAE6Xw-yeJA0Tunw is killing your FPS !!!

  • 2.5% using 15gb of ram, why?

  • dude windows draws soo much ram xD linux on kubuntu uses probably max just under 1 GB Ram and thats with tons of stuff liek soundcloud discord doom emulators etc.. slideshow wallapaper

  • I love to keep my system clean. What I don't use, I delete straight away. I defrag my HDDs every week, use my SSD only for Windows, work apps and a few games. No antivirus software except my brain and common sense. No apps on startup and etc. So my actual work place might be a mess sometimes. But Windows and it's desktop? Nah, never!

  • wish you would have just run discord for us lol

  • Engineer gaming.

  • 2 gb memory seems like a lot for an idle system, mine sits at 3gb with only chrome running

  • Godbless y'all God loves y'all believe in God y'all have faith in God he has plans for you!!!!!

  • Does chrome automatically try to murder your cpu when you boot until you end task and start it again or is it just me…

  • Measuring the effect of bloatware on modern multithreaded CPU (found in 1% of user configurations) paired with modern SSD is even more pointless than playing Doom Eternal intro level as performance test. The idea is good but the execution is underwhelming. Why the only chosen metric is simplest on to scale and extrapolate?

  • This wouldn't be happening on Linux 🙃

  • Just bought an i9/ 3080ti/ 32gb ram system. Big jump from my 1060 and now non supported i7 7700k. Don't know how I'm gonna recover from this but at least I won't have to upgrade for 10+ years.

  • Sooo I can now tell the wife I really did need the 32gb ram.. nice😎

  • That's why I just built an overkill PC so I can't just run whatever and not lose much.

  • Yep with 8gb RAM in a quad core processor you do feel a lot of bottleneck. In the end of the day, losing 3% fps when you're 60 means losing the 60s sweet spot.

  • What was that windows tweaking software? Winaero tweaker?

  • you caught me.

  • Athlean Tech Tips

  • you should do a walkthrough on which services we can and cant disable.

  • I still cant understand why paint 3d runs in the background

  • Windows itself is a bloat ware

  • Somewhere, Richard Stallman is smiling

  • I actually run BOINC on 4 of my cores CONSTANTLY because it makes Windows explorer more responsive when the CPU is pegged at least 25%. Some ridiculous bug I have never taken the time to troubleshoot, because it requires deep windows voodoo. My machine starts at ~7GB used. I am almost always GPU bound because of... you guessed it - the silicon shortage.

  • running 6gb of ram.

  • Wouldn't it make more sense to run this test on a middle end pc? I mean, a racing car will race even if you're drinking soda while driving...

  • Athlean-X: "X is killing your gains" Linus Tech Tips: "X is killing your FPS"

  • 100k likes and Linus does the second experiment.....ez

  • just install specture ghost windows

  • Just what i needed after 2 weeks of Windows 11. My recorded gameplays does not feel the same.

  • You didn't need to waste all that time on testing. Modern OS's utilize context switching to handle multitasking. This appears to be multitasking but it actually is switching between many different processes doing small instructions at a time. Logically this means more processes, more time is needed before your game is switched back to.

  • Install ghost spectre?

  • I7 6700K here... the human eye cant see more than 4 cores

  • It'll nice to also know about the difference in power consumption/energy efficiency.

  • Using Linux has made me appreciate resource usage so much more.

  • whens the tutorial on how to set up our own clean version of windows?

  • For people who listen to youtube videos in the background while playing games, it helps to scroll down to the comment section to save some FPS when playing. I've been using this for years.

  • Snappy. Fast tip: disable animations, uninstall unwanted software, turn off any background process you do not need. Easy if you have OCD like me. 🙃

  • okay i went through the comments and didn't really see anyone say it, at 7:00, that's not 14 seconds that's 8, which petty much doesn't matter

  • Me: 'there's no way some background process is using significant resources on my computer' *10 seconds later* 'Yo why is Logitech g hub using 17% of my cpu, I haven't opened it in days??'

  • linus i need a new graphics card do you sell ur past review 1s as all? looking for a 2070 super again

  • Linus: Explorer is not even open! Explorer: I AM YOUR FUCKING DESKTOP AND TASKBAR YOU IDIOT

  • off. Some things that are set to start at startup will run background services indefinitely, even if you've closed the main application.

  • "what is windows explorer doing, i dont even have it open" Seriously ? The Boss of THE Techoutlet on youtube dont know that taskbar is part of explorer ? ouchi, we need to send linus on a summercamp lead by antony

  • Process Monitor from Windows Sysinternal Thanks me later :)

  • If your computer is a potato, you'll see a massive difference.

  • you can have installed many apps but you should disable autostarts for them and launch them only when you need them

    • Seasonic, it was only a few years ago you wouldn't touch one of their power supplies with rubber gloves for fear it might explode...

  • Please do a video on how Msi dragon center won’t go off your system

  • Did they turn on game mode? Less than 5% is nothing.

  • Canadian math at 7:00. That looks like 8 seconds to me, not 14.

  • People love lie. "0%" CPU doesn't exist. Just to show that CPU use power.

  • Grabbed a seasonic 1k titanium after years of seeing ads for it. I got unlucky and a capacitor blew within 30 seconds of running :/ Not bad right? Everything has failures, no biggy. But it cost me $90 on top of my already $350 spent to get a 2-year old refurbished model as a replacement for my brand new 6-month old shelfed model (could tell by model naming scheme changes). So it's crazy expensive, costs ME money when THEY fail, AND they dont even replace with an identical and brand new PSU. Not cool. Stick to EVGA and Cooler Master.

  • Windows explorer can unzip stuff by itself and has for a while now (it was either windows 7 or 8 that added that). Of course, you need 7 zip anyway because there's other filetypes that are like zips but explorer can't open them...

  • Please please test gaming laptops the same way! I'm talking about you - Dell! with all your crapware and those horrible cpu spikes :/

  • 3:13 a bad thing if i remember correctly. Multitasking, or doing one thing then getting distracted and doing another, permanently decreases your ability to concentrate. I could be totally wrong, but it's interesting to say the least.

  • 'checked every box in ninite' is such a piss-poor representation of bloatware

  • After upgrading to windows 11 all my games are crashing. Can anyone help?

  • ram, 1TB SSD, etc... I keep it clean. Old habit I guess ;)

  • Aw yeah, you're right, my wooden floor _is_ made of wood!

  • I found the brother of athelen x

  • Seasonic, it was only a few years ago you wouldn't touch one of their power supplies with rubber gloves for fear it might explode...

  • is game mode still a thing in Windows 11 ? if it is you should have included that as another option in your test.

  • I love how when linus said "garbage" ms teams was there too, as a student that made me laugh


  • Can't Kill FPS if you dont have it in the first place big brain

  • Kudos to you sir am glad I have to give you a leap of faith 😘

  • 8:05 i can allready tell you linus its very diffrent ( i use a rx 460 8gb i5 6500) when i 1st got the cpu i was running over double the fps i now run

  • first had experience says its helps to do a fresh install just back up what ever you wanna keep

  • so basically as long as you have a decent computer it really won't matter to the average user lol. Unless you are on the lower end then it may matter to you.

  • Windows itself is bloat

  • Linus: "I heard zoomers are into multitasking",, did you also hear they unlike chadkiddlings like you, know how to run Linux, so they don't have to "tweak" gatescrapware? Did you hear that Linus.

  • I have a omen 15 en0xxx laptop with a AMD ryzen 9 94900H cpu with a 2060 AMD graphics card

  • I wake my daughter up in the morning with the intro song

  • when you force close applications, they can often restart themselves, causing a greater drag on the pc for a while. Windows sucks for actually closing programs

  • I'm confused with browser bench, I ran it on this computer [i9 10900k cpu usage 45% 64 GB ram 3 way raid 0 gen nvme drivers Samsung 980s] decked out msi board. I was only able to get 118. How were to able to get almost double that?

  • This video adds nothing. Legit the ways you tested this are scuffed.

  • I choked really hard when he was talking about why Windows Explorer was on Task Manager 🤣

  • Windows 7: 170FPS CSGO Windows 10: 140FPS Windows 11: 100FPS?

  • My gpu is killing my fps

  • off. Some things that are set to start at startup will run background services indefinitely, even if you've closed the main application.

  • Wouldn't it make sense to make a similar test with alder lake and windows 11

  • 6:59 that is 8 seconds not 14

  • Malwarebytes is not needed Windows Defender is on of the most advanced security softwares with the use of VMs and AI. (Told to me by my Sergeant who got out and makes 130k a year working for an IT security department

  • Today a lifelong linux user discovered what a "Malwarebyte" is.

  • Umm it was 8 seconds not 14 linus


  • off. Some things that are set to start at startup will run background services indefinitely, even if you've closed the main application.

  • Real world, who the hell runs multiple AVs?

  • been watching you before I built my first pc. that was 2015 ever since have absolutely loved your content. throwback to whole room water cooling lol. I'm not NEARLY up to date on computer componets/tech anymore but always watch your videos regarding new gpu/cpu. Love you Linus!!! wont stop watching you untill you stop uploading