Apple's REALLY tempting me...

Publicado el 15 nov 2021
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Apple Silicon took the world by storm with M1, but now we’ve got the next generation: M1 Pro. The 14 inch MacBook Pro is the next major redesign and Apple has gone all-out to make sure it impresses… Mostly.

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa mbarek_abdel
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
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0:00 Intro
0:51 Tempting industrial design
2:36 Notch your dad's MacBook
3:57 It has how many speakers?
5:08 That new display tho
6:28 Benchmarks!
9:24 Games.
10:11 Thermals and skin temperature
11:22 Battery life
12:20 Let's pop the hood
13:34 That's a lot of good... Let's talk bad
14:54 Recommendations and conclusion


  • they have changed from x86 to arm based chips. will take some time.

  • I see Anthony, I like the video. Keep up the great work Anthony, you are the best! :)

  • i was going for the 8/14 for an added battery life then I saw this😅

  • When do the rest of the MacBook reviews come out?

  • ...more than one BigMac of McDonald's! LOL

  • Love the deep dives and comparisons so I don't have to open dozens of tabs and compare myself. And then also bring myself up to date on all of the hardware, firmware, drivers, connector versions, etc... I have to upgrade my company laptop soon and, while I would like to get a Dell XPS Dev Edition with Ubuntu or a System 76, I think it will be a hard sell being that most people at my company use Apple machines for development and the M1 Pro benchmarks are so good. Really wish S76 would announce their in-house laptop already.

  • It's not cheap, sure, but this Generation is a huge gamechanger!

  • I don't understand how the battery life in the 14 inch is better than 13 ?

    • @Philippe Blasi Thank you for your reply Sir.

    • Bigger chassis = more room for a bigger battery

  • So it dominates at compiling code. Too bad it doesn't use x86

  • did they forget to continue the series? lmao

  • Where is the video where they test the maxed 16 inch models?

  • "waIt fOr iT aPpLe wiLl sQuiZzE m1 oUt afTeR thEy fIx roSSeTa" -2020 apple fanboy

    • @Slayer Developer ik this guy is just a saddo

    • Rosetta is actually doing a pretty good job so far.

    • POV: you spend all your time Hating on apple when no one asked

  • Anthony’s voice is so soothing

  • About the notch being wide: a thin notch would look really bad in my opinion. This size is perfect. A smaller notch would not have fit into the design

  • Anthony sure does need to mute his laptop in a real hurry >.>

  • When is your comparison of all of them ?

  • th e next edition of the macbook pro is A MUST HAVE with new groundgreaking technology such as NO NOTCH!!! INCREDIBLE!! THE INNOVATION!!!!

  • Anthony, you have said the sponsor of this video is Crucial correct? I have a question why DDR5 is out of stock what happened?

  • Been a while since I watched LTT. Love your style. No problem for me to stay focused and absorb the information. Great tempo. Still waiting for my chance to replace my current work MacbookPro with an M1

  • The intro tho

  • cool

  • Personally Apple new MacBook is a bit bigger that I would like because remember the old 2015 MacBook with it’s still thin design,I wish Apple did that for the M1 Pro and Max

  • Oh Come on! the intro really bothered me!

  • 12:40 Looks like a transformer, ready to unveil his presence! xD

  • Apple sucks

  • Superb video, Anthony!

  • I like this guy. (That notch in the intro made me laugh)

  • I want a free grafic card.

  • That Segway to the Sponsor was phenomenal well done sir!

  • Blender has become a default program for graphic artists even you only work in 2D.

  • A lot of bass coming from that apple pro, very nice

  • Very well done.

  • start a bunker for the future problem.

  • Crab rave had me dying

  • wait, this is actually good wtf

  • Mate, you need to cut down on the pies..... seriously !

  • For health reasons lose weight man, you’ll feel so much better

  • I just found out that the MBP uses Wifi 5 ac 2x2, unlike the old Intel MBP :( it is slower unless I upgrade my home wifi to Wifi 6.

  • Great thumbnail. you can tell he is really hungry and ready to take a bite out of that laptop.

  • The Dell XPS speakers have always been trash

  • crapple will be crapple

  • Great video as always. I doubt many people would need 32gb of ram though. Even in 5+ years. MacOS now uses the super fast SSD to allocate "extra" ram when needed (actually most of the time, even before the ram gets maxed out). More and more reviews are coming out showing basically almost no performance difference between 32 & 16gb of ram. True story, even by pushing multiple super heavy software at the same time. I think most of us are always scared of a slow computer because of limited ram but it will not be the case with this generation. Personally, I don't find the upgrade to 32gb worth the 400$ (geez apple, really?). In comparison I'd prefer to spend half of that to go for 1 Tb SSD. Getting a larger SSD also increases the portion of memory MacOS can use as fake ram. People who get 32 or 64 should know exactly why (workload based heavily on several virtual machines or 3D design). In some of the comparisons, even for 8K video editing, encoding and exports, the performance difference between 16 & 32 was only a few seconds. Long story short, there are a few reasons to get 32 or 64 gb of ram but future proofing is not one of them. I'd venture to say that >95% of users will never benefit from the added memory. Don't donate money to Apple, unless of course having 32gb really tickles your fancy...

    • Yes it is quite crazy expensive, but to be fair, it is brand shiny new 6400 MHZ DDR5 memory arranged in a pretty unique fashion to have as high of a memory bandwidth as a new medium-high end GPU, while still having near normal system ram latency which is simply not achievable in that balance in anything else yet.

  • 01:28 Who is Alexandre Potvin?

  • Still Apple, no thanks. Before i buy anything apple, hell will freeze over.

  • I actually have had my M1 Pro shut down from heat the other day. Granted it was sitting on my bed (Bad airflow) and I had a *very* heavy job rebuilding about 20 docker containers all of which required heavy C++ compiling due to wanting ARM64 arch versions (Dockers ability to run x86 containers on the M1 is flakey at best) At a certain point the mouse slowed riiiiight down, then the screen reset and the thing lock up. When I picked it up it was crazy hot. Don't wanna do that often (Dont run heavy loads if the airflow is occluded folks)

  • Blender version has been available for M1 for quite some time. It's nowadays available even on main download page

  • Cool but no thank you !

  • I love my 2011 MacBook Pro, it's living on hopes & dreams these days though. Come on ol' buddy, u can do it.

  • I've had about 2-3 weeks with the new 14" 8/14 base model, and even that is a beast, so much capability!

  • Insert love for Anthony comment.

  • It's hilarious: we live in 2021 and are still getting 240p front facing cameras on laptops. 1080p on these newer laptops isn't terrible, but let's face it: flagship phones still have better front facing cameras now. Some even with 4k quality.

  • great now laptops are starting with the f-ing notch. Can companies please stop with the f-ing notch. If I wanted less then 100% of my screen I would put tape on it. why do you people except less then 100% of the screen.

  • If Anthony have ESmain channel i am his first subscriber

  • Better buy Kishu inu bitcoins so u can buy this staff 100000× ...simple and real

  • Very well articulated

  • Anthony loose weight otherwise you r going to blow up.

  • Anthony: "WHY APPLE WHY HAVE YOU HIDDEN THE MENU BAR UP TOP WITHIN APPS?!?!" Also Anthony: "Oh & Apple also added an option for you to have the menu bar show within apps, just tick the box" come on bruh

    • The fact that it's hidden and not on by default is certainly annoying though. Most people will never know about this hidden option.

  • Really enjoyed this haha, Anthony never change. Brilliant

  • i wish other manifactires would do this magnatic charging thing its more duable then these barol plugs or usb c. the most damage on laptos are broken power plugs then comes broken displays and water damage or other weard things like keys fall off oder display delamination. yes this last things happen a lot in the last cople years with laptops from aroud the year of 2002 and 2008 special the witk convertables with touch screens

  • Bruh, the intro has a dock

  • I have a steady job now and still don't feel like I can afford a Macbook lol

  • Thanks for a good review (once again), I really like your channel.... But: as I am already a paying ESmain user because I don't want to be bothered by advertisement, and I know you guys gets your part of it, you feel the need to put in 2-3 sponsor-announcements in a 17 min video. I know life is expensive, but are you guys really that money hungry? Don't we pay enough already? Please don't put in more then 1 short(!) sponsor message, as we already either paid for using ESmain or already have to watch their bugging ads. Thanks!

  • who not ?

    • of course DistroTUbe 😂👌

  • No one cares about the notch size on a big screen laptop

  • im fed up with apple on LTT. i better unsub. anthony is great tho

  • When you love Anthony so much you get distracted by day dreams of meeting him and keep having to go back and rewatch segments to actually hear what he just said… That happen to anyone else or just me?

  • I’ve had a couple shots of vodka and the notch in the intro made me screech, lol. Hilarious!

  • 50 fps it reminds i have computer from 2009.

  • On gaming: A Minecraft client called Lunar Client can run natively on Apple Silicon. I’ve run it both natively and through Rosetta. I don’t remember all my exact video settings, but in identical settings and rendering, I was getting 20-30 fps through Rosetta (ironically worse than my old Intel MacBook Air) and 400-600 natively. This mac, and even the base M1 macs, are ready to be gaming computers. I hope developers start taking advantage of it.

  • Freaking love this guy

  • 12:28 They're actually called shanks, not collars. I used to repair commercial aircraft when I was a structural mechanic at Lufthansa. I removed and installed so many fasteners. Riveting is fun as hell! I kinda miss that part of the job, but I don't miss being a slave at all.

  • so zephyrus G14 is incredible value given it can edit render a little slower than macs but can game

  • I cannot believe what I am seeing it with my eyes! LOOL TY SO MUCH!

  • What do you guys do with all the laptops after you buy and review them?

  • Hi can you give me a macbook pro 13 inch

  • Why is your left hand in your pocket while presenting??

  • The intro makes me feel jelly lol “I bought 30k worth of electronics” says Linus… me,”I bought and Iwatch”. Lol

  • 13:23 Linus dropped something (noise in background)

  • Goes to show apple does make some good stuff sometimes haha. They always cut things and they are cheap at giving you just enough of thos or that to get by. M1 series has Finally seemed to address this. I am a pc user microsoft all my life. If apple can somehow address the gaming world more and it has the horses to do god knows the impact. I am sure money talks and apple has it. Nividia, amd, or even new Intel vidio chip sets might soon integrate with m1. Colling is the issue and battery life so who knows if we see it. Excellent review keep them coming.

  • Thanks Anthony!

  • “From notch to bottom” bravo 👏

  • I just returned my 14" today. Something started hitting the battery and I would get 6 hours of life. I would factory reset it and start over and it would be good for a while and then would happen again. I could not find nay piece of software running in the background that would have been killing battery.

  • Oh my god I just FUCKING love anthony so goddamn much man, guy's altitude is just absolute perfection.

  • Really love Anthony's hosting style, a little more relaxed while remaining clear. Also quite a soothing 'radio voice' compared to high energy Linus. Great to see more of him.

  • The notch is big because next year they will add the face scanning feature like windows helo but with a more secure faceID instant on. If they made the notch small them made it bigger next year people would be pissed. But if it stays the same then apple fans will just applaud and be happy.

  • Correction on the notch. The housing has 3 more components. The ambient light sensor, the True Tone sensor, and the camera activation LED.

  • Very logical and thorough analysis.

  • I only follow LLT for Anthony lmao Linus can get very annoying

  • Ltt Store? dont't come!

  • Ok

  • Watching this on my 2015 MacBook Air and thinking upgrade now or wait for M2. I'm not a prolific power user, but having a more powerful laptop might be useful.

  • I have watched everything on these macbooks by now. But I cannot not watch Anthony! simply brilliant

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  • is it any good with excel? :)

  • For the first time in a decade, this is the only time I got interested and excited by an Apple product and for the first time considering getting one.

  • I explained what Crab Rave was to a friend a while back……and I felt……… …..Special…

  • Anthony’s voice is soothing NGL he should have his own ESmain channel tbh

  • At the end of the video Anthony called it the “2011 MacBook Pro” which was probably a Freudian slip to an era when they had ports (like they finally have again).

  • 🖕🖕 Just got a MacBook pro, iPhone 13 and some other Apple products through the name above👆👆👆 Very reliable and affordable. Contact him to get any kind of Apple products at CHEAP price He's the best

  • If windows had some compatibility layer for this for x86, quility/price wise the m1 would be an impressive gaming chip.