Apple Can Still Screw This Up - WAN Show November 19, 2021

Publicado el 19 nov 2021
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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119):
[ 0:00 ] Chapters.
[ 1:49 ] Intro.
[ 2:18 ] Early Merch Messages.
[ 3:02 ] Topic #1: Apple's Self Serivce Repair.
5:38 Summarizing new service.
7:16 Was Apple forced into R2R?
10:44 Expectations & reality.
12:05 Louis Rossmann's response.
13:11 LTTStore gift cards.
15:46 Would repairability increase buyers?
18:30 SteamOS 3.0 & Linux challenge.
21:24 Linus cheats back into Windows.
[ 22:52 ] Topic #2: Streamlabs & OBS controversy.
25:00 Streamlabs copying Lightstream.
29:56 Is OBS in the right?
[ 30:54 ] Sponsors.
31:06 Ekster smart wallet.
31:58 Squarespace site builder.
32:40 Secretlab gaming chairs.
[ 33:16 ] Topic #3: Mystery box reveal.
34:55 Page & pricing.
35:28 Live unboxing.
43:04 Linus's overspending habits.
[ 48:22 ] Topic #4: TheNFTBay NFT piracy.
50:07 Showcasing website.
[ 51:54 ] Topic #5: Halo Infinite is back.
[ 1:02:33 ] Topic #6: The fall of Activision Blizzard.
[ 1:05:45 ] LTTStore newsletter.
[ 1:07:46 ] Merch Messages.
[ 1:10:13 ] Topic #7: Linus's house video discussion.
[ 1:21:00 ] LTTStore socks & WAN joggers.
[ 1:28:06 ] More Merch Messages.
[ 1:47:50 ] Outro.


  • I misspoke. I meant my iMac Pro when I was complaining Apple wouldn't repair it, not Mac Pro. - LS

    • I have one of these, for my federal job. I am so looking forward to when I can replace it with an Apple silicon version.Favorite color blue. Edit: As an aside, games such as WoW can prefer single core performance due to addons. Addons in WoW in particular use(d) a single queue for all actions. Having your CPU at 5.3 GHz vs 4.7GHz is gigantic.

    • For the socks, you could make the LTT logo rubberized.

    • When you need a screen cable you still need to buy the whole screen. That’s probably how apple will go around with this.

    • Turn the zipper the other way around duh. Just make sure pocket is designed so that stuff wont easily fall out. The you can grab the sleeve with you hand and pull the zipper with the other hand.

    • @Harshit Gupta ⁹ooooooooooooooook kķ knnkk⁹nnñnnoooooooòoooñonònòoìnnnnnnñnnnnkonnnio9o

  • Finally, my wardrobe will be LTT now.

  • 'I'd like to give Apple the benefit of the doubt' why would you want to do that? I'd say doing the opposite is well deserved by Apple...It was all down hill after they stopped making the unibody macbook, the retina could have been even greater but instead made their first step into their non upgradeable platform. They made a small return to sanity putting ports back in the new macbook pro but what about the Air? The one that most can afford and is all most need unlike the pro's, or do only pro's need ports?

  • Does Halo Infinite play in Linux?

  • You could trick me this video is more than 1080p, but it isnt.. Whats your secret?

  • Appleˋs self repair program will just increase the amount of fake Macs & i phones

  • what an ending

  • 45:35: Linus **flex** tips

  • 34:14: OMFG, Linus, Louis Vuitton sandals with socks would have been AMAZING.

  • LV did not make these, it is silk screened

  • why can I see the likes but not the dislikes? I'm hitting dislike on everything until I can see both again

  • From now on I'm only giving dislikes, nothing personal.

  • The Louis Vuitton earbuds are not made by LV. They partnered with master and dynamic. They're essentially MW07s

  • For the Anti static watch strap, and Apple Watch one would be Awesome, and pretty widely used

  • Lesson of this episode. Do anything you want to behind Linus back, he literally won't know.

  • The chip shortage was the trigger point for Apple to start the third party repair service

  • Love that physics analogy

  • I have a suggestion guys Would you add a title of the subject you guys talking about in the corner of the screen during live. then changing it when the subject changes. It will be a great graphical timestamp Love the WanShow keep the good work!

  • I wonder if apples M1 chip eventually gona make PC builds obsolete?

  • 1:12:06 - In Canada at least, if you get pulled over without your license. If you can produce your license number or better yet a picture of it on your phone they'll let ya go with no issues on that.

  • 1:04:55 Don't expect Bobby to go annywhere anytime soon. The board has and will continue to use him as a shield for everything that was brought to his, and their attention with very little done about it. Once he's gone a lot of them will be in the crosshairs as well which none of them want to risk.

  • If you pull up any ESmain video without being signed in to youtube you will be able to see how many dislikes that video got. Once you sign in you unable to see that.

  • Had to come over from the podcast just to watch Linus put in the earbuds.

  • Me: casually working out in my uninsulated Tuff Shed with mismatched dumbbells. Also me: I could open a gym.

  • LOVE THE WAN JOGGERS. My time has come for my first lttstore order i guess xD

  • Repairability is super high on my list. Just bought a fairphone.

  • I don't know about you guys but I had more fun playing NFL Blitz 2000 than Dark Souls.

  • first

  • “Why would people use Stream Labs OBS?” Conversation that follows instantly plus square space. The same reason.

  • Repair fits in Re-use. Reduce means reduce the volume of products being output in the first place, reduce the energy, materials, and emissions embedded in each product. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.

  • cool men

  • …And the Louis Vuitton TWS are just Master & Dynamic with silk screening.

  • Oh man the pants look sick. For sure gonna buy some

  • Apple's idea of 'green' is typical Neoliberalism - MONEY.

  • I want a free grafic card.

  • Apple’s mega woke. Until it threatens a penny of their revenue.

  • Apple are truly a scummy company and for some reason they have tons of fanboys who are simply incapable of understanding exactly how uncompetitive and anti-consumer their behaviour is. Apple are clearly guilty of over-pricing their products way above market norms (for decades), insistence on using non-standard connectors (in order to force its users into using Apple licensed products until the switch to another non-standard connector) until forced otherwise (by EU courts), lobbying to stop right to repair alongside other green initiatives in the US while spouting utter lies about how good they are being on the environment and protecting their users while denying them services like data recovery and aggressively attacking anyone that tries to do so.

  • The amount of times ltt employees have seen their boss with no pants on kills me

  • I love Lukes FTL Shirt! :)

  • You should loan the louies to dankpods for the collab of the century

  • So I have a Iphone SE 1st Gen. And I've held off getting a replacement phone a couple years although the battery life and the way Apps are being designed now are pushing me to get a new phone. But I don't like a lot of the phone manufacturers practices so I've been holding off. If Fairphone or a company with similar practices was in the US. I would have already bought them.

  • Yes, Kotick must fall; and yes, please do join your voice to the choir asking for that - your leverage and visibility are big and do through weight on the balance.

  • FLOOOR BALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iPhone SE Gang where we at

  • You paid one Canadian dollar for that, that's Looney. Look man I'm from the US it's never occurred to me before.

  • Look I've never been one of the half-lifers. But if the trade for gaming Linux compatibility is a game that will never come I'm okay with that. Heck even if I have to use just the steam OS if they make it an actual usable computer I don't care I'll switch from Ubuntu to to steam OS. I haven't loaded my Linux partition in years.

  • Once every 5 years my dad would bring down his Apple that he saved for multiple years to purchase he would show me classic Wolfenstein and how to load programs through command line. When it comes to Macs I've had to call on my dad on multiple occasions for data recovery on a overwritten drive. I will never go to a Mac store but if I could buy the parts themselves and do the repairs myself I do it. Back in the day my dad would grab scrap ones to fix his laptop that got ripped open by airport security on multiple occasions. Now that I have gone through all that prideful stuff yeah I don't think I would get a Mac because they simply proven that they can't be trusted they say they're going to do something consumer friendly people are like awesome and then they pull the rug out from underneath you a year or two later they'll spend a billion dollars to make sure that you can't spend five.

  • I play two games. One is a steam game. None work on Linux. As much as I'd like to daily drive Linux, it just won't happen.

  • Yeah we're fixing our anti-consumer practices during a chip shortage so it'll take about 5 years.

  • 50:38 ..... hehe

  • "So you can case, when you case" Linus 2021

  • I think you guys need to add more condom-pockets

  • Ltt went lit (Linus infidelity tips) 😂

  • What are the top countries watching Linus Tech Tips?

  • Linus team. I would be willing to start and run a united states online LTT STORE. Let me know if your interested. I am a single father of three plus two nephews and could use the xtra. Thanks guys and gals.

  • had an horrendous experience with HP laptop that required hours of disassembly + ordering philips #000 screwdriver to ..... change a hard disk drive that failed used to be that there was a trap and you could change it in under 3 minutes, more like 30 seconds if you knew what you were doing

  • Luke is so happy for the socks and pants because it will make his entire wardrobe company provided!

  • @linus, I agree with the whole right to repair, but the problem is what happens to the damaged unit after the repair? If that’s not properly disposed then we end up with e waste anyways right? Especially since Apple has tech like the phone disassembly robot that they had demonstrated a long time ago, I feel they would be more efficient at recycling. That being said, maybe the plan should be a hybrid, we have the option to repair, and the repair person should send only the damaged part back to Apple for recycling.

  • What would be helpful is of you put topics on screen somewhere, even if it's rambling or off topic stuff. This would help with timestamps and following along.

  • I wish you would fill your merch store with more useful tech items instead of Dbag clothing and dumb plush banana type shiz

  • It's just Dennis things Hahaha

  • That’s a rebranded master dynamic mw07 earbuds that has LV logo slapped on the earbuds with different packaging and some extras. So imo not worth it

  • The only thing holding me back from purchasing an M1 MacBook air is if I drop it or spill fluid on it ... curtains. My pos HP envy I could drive over it tomorrow and have a new; screen, chassis, mobo, battery, chassis, and hinge in like 3 working days or HP would have it fixed and back in one working week

  • What are some good wireless buds for under $80? :O LTT Socks? nice. Sweet sweat pants too!! Orange than it's a tie between Teal and Cyan followed by Magenta because Minecraft makes it look good.

  • Nice finally an official Linux desktop distro, like Android is for mobile, i can't believe there is no Android version for Desktop

  • The LV earbuds are just master and dynamic earbuds.

  • cant wait to try age of empires 4

  • Bobby kitty is not a person - he is a super effective manager for the company that belongs to investers.

  • I have never and will never buy apples junk. Only stupid people waste money on their useless trash!

  • Linus don't stop at just a antistatic watch band, make a decent android smart watch LTT version

  • Is anyone else mass disliking videos they watch, regardless of the creator, since the ratio has now been officially hidden?

  • I'm sure it was TOTALLY a coincidence that apple was about to face sanctions if they didn't make a change.... TOTALLY coincidental....

  • You all should do a review of all the different stream softwares, with a mention of the Twitch's Broadcasting Applications page (I don't know if youtube or facebook include pages like theirs).

  • The actual reason Apple decided to change course with reparability was the FTC approaching them stating that since they are now proactively policing the already existing laws concerning consumer right to repairing their own devices and that if Apple would willingly stop their anti-reparability practices they would not prosecute Apple for crimes past and present. So if they didn't comply it would have been extremely costly for Apple. The FTC has been proactively looking at devices for about a year now and has a list of devices in violation, so all they would need to do is figure out how many of them were sold and fine Apple for every one in violation, ouch.

  • What!? Apple being a sheet company!? Say it ain't so. RRRR... Repair Reuse Reduce Recycle

  • 'My developers wanted to use this' and agreeing with it is such an uncommon move. Or maybe we only hear about managers refusing in all the awful dev projects and don't hear about the positive move like this because you won't notice it.

  • I love the way you guys talk about luxury goods, because your just stating logical facts. And its beautiful.

  • Hah, Linus flexing. Don't have a place for your daughters to play badminton? NBD, I'll just buy a gym.

  • 6:45 "But also all of the tools required, even if you already own them." All of the tools that Apple can pretend are their IP? Please tell me this isn't some insane loophole where any spudger, guitar pick, or screwdriver older than Apple must be purchased from them because they ... designed the special way to open their deliberate ewaste, and they're like ... selling the method?

  • I love when Luke calls Linus, LMG, or LTT "they." LTT is technically not "us," but LMG and Linus are both "daddy," are they not? I'd just say "us," not call attention to the fact that there's a distinction between the business units, and hope no one points out there's a distinction.

  • Halo is very pickupable even for the novice gamer im not the best at fps's but have been constantly near the top of the scoreboard if not top some of the time

  • How about replacement parts for your water bottles Linus or do you want customers to buy a whole new one?

  • Yo Linus bought a gym so his daughters can play badminton respect.

  • Tbh, I've found the time to kill kinda a little too fast, but I also mainly play campaign sooo, so rock on the 8th for Halo Infinite

  • Louis Rossman has a video on Apple's new repair policy with his take on the things Apple could do to make this little more than a PR stunt. And I think there's a good chance his reservation will prove to be justified. Louis is of course reserving judgement until he sees what Apple actually does.

  • When there in topic 7 about the channel super fun house video what is Luke taking about that took Linus a long time to find ?

  • 14:10 wow.

  • linus, ur fav color is orange. now grow up

  • "The main one that I'm interested in is [...] Europe only, I believe." (16:26) Talkin' about SHIFT phones aren't you, Luke? =] If so, out of curiosity: Why are you more interested in those than in Fairphones? (For context: I'm daily driving a Shift6mq for nearly a year, now.)

  • When is the backpack coming out? I need it in my life

  • Linus, when you said 'They won't be able to hear to with this mic', that isn't true. While he's -is- quieter, I can make out what he's saying very easily. That's an FYI just incase something that shouldn't be aired gets caught.

  • Linus's gym: Linus peck tips!

  • I've never once broken, droped, cracked, smashed or otherwised damaged a phone. Ironicly, I'm android XD

  • I agree with linus about halo and that why I love the new bots option for when I want to play it but tire of playing humans

  • OBS is also Olympic Broadcasting Services and is a company owned by the IOC. but not the same one as mentioned on the stream i think.

  • 16:43 apple supports software longer than other manufactures only with mobile devices. Macos has around 5 years and they aren't as open as Microsoft in product life cycle policies. Windows has far longer support that's why you can know how many years you'll have support and updateswith each version.

  • The ball is referred to as a 'hock'.

  • OMG, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED -------かわいい----------------------ガールズ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ i Sepecial hot girls for you 💋 MYID7284.UNO 💋. ESmain: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' ESmain: Be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾

  • 45:32 not gonna use the N word lol. Could see him immediately regret that phrasing

  • I hated Bobby Kotick before it was popular.