AMD vs Intel Title Fight!

Publicado el 13 jul 2021
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Two laptops enter, one laptop leaves. When everything else is identical, which CPU will come out on top?

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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:05 Differences
1:44 Specs
2:38 USBC vs. Thunderbolt
3:24 Benchmarks
4:46 Storage
5:41 GPU Bandwidth
6:22 Results


  • XMG here, ask me anything! And to my fellow readers from Europe: XMG CORE series will be in stock with *both* i7-11800H and Ryzen 7 5800H starting this month. The AMD version was actually launched early this year but never saw any supply apart from a few samples. Things are getting better: we see more AMD Ryzen supply coming to our doorstep night now. A lot of 5800H is going to end up in XMG CORE while most of the 5900HX supply will go into XMG NEO. If you want to know more about this topic, use your favorite search engine and search for "Supply Update on AMD, Intel & NVIDIA and related silicon for 2H/2021" on the XMG_gg subreddit. Until then, I'm here to answer any questions about life, the universe and everything XMG. Just reply directly to this comment! :-) // Tom

    • Tom, bist du Single? Frage für ne Freundin...

    • @EyesOfByes Sweden is in the EU. You don't pay tarriffs if you buy from bestware. Go for XMG! :-) // Tom

    • Hey, XMG... I'm spotting some retailers in Sweden selling i7-11800H but with 3070 for around 1600 Euros (17990 SEK to be exact). Is this good price because we don't have to deal with the tariffs? I'd like to see this XMG model with a 3070 instead of 3060 😁

    • @kaiseresk Please ask this question on our XMG_gg subreddit. People will help! // Tom

    • @XMG Thank you, Tom! *Whispering* MSI Sword.

  • i dont wanna be _that_ guy but if you tested them next to each other wouldnt the intake and output for air make it so the other laptop recieves the hot expelled air

  • shame linus has become a stock market manipulator hes pretty much making a AMD pump and dump kinda like how those Faze members did with crypto and I presume linus is gonna take all those poor peoples money :p but what you expect Linus aint an angel hes a manipulator trying to take your money just like every youtuber, twitch streamer and content creator.

  • I am not a fan boy but I always have gone Intel but right now AMD not looking half bad

  • Hey everyone. I don't know as much as many here will. So , here is a question. Firstly, I'm just looking for a desktop within a student budget, and one of the options I've shortlisted has this processor. Can you tell me if it is any good? AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 5750 G octacore (3.6 to 4.4 ghz). Thank you :)

  • Im broke

  • Calling this a fight is a pretty large stretch.

  • duh choose the performance obviously. Who gives a crap about battery life when ur gamming like a mad man?

  • #amdalltheway

  • Sir please make video on how make raid 6 nvme sdd nas

  • I prefer AMD have better response times with it

  • Get AMD for the budget and use the left over for upgrades. 4% performance difference is not noticeable plus you get more battery life

    • @SlapKFD big intel guy myself but AMD doesnt disapoint

    • Intel all the way. Wait til the Intel 12th gen drops this winter. Gonna blow AMD away

  • 0:07 Amen 😔


  • So.. can anyone still help me , which one to get AMD Ryzen 5 5600h RTX 3050Ti or I7 10th gen 10750h GTX 1650Ti?

    • an ryzen 5 5600h with and rtx 3050ti

  • Tbh I prefer amd for one thing My prebuilt was a amd 3 3200 A rtx1650ti 8gb ram Windows 64bit 600 quid

  • gaming while being energy efficient.. why not.. hehehe

  • M1 be chillin in the background

  • The activate windows watermark at 6:51

  • AMD.

  • In the Dell G15 the Intel edition is better, and the RYZEN version is the worse

  • who plays videogames without their laptop charger plugged in???

  • Great video

  • 6:28 at this point intel will be better cause when we need power we can plug to wall for short time but when we need performance we can't do nothing

  • Cpu market getting more competition and many options. While GPU market still REKT

  • I will never choose battery life

  • Intel: Hehe boii😂😂

  • Tbh i'm so hyped about the Alder Lake cpus coming, it will add some competition again in the cpu market

  • Just plug it in.

  • Intel's performance is not too far from Ryzen, but such energy efficiency of the second attracts me more, however I lean towards Intel for its Thunderbolt connector, its potential is unprecedented But other sites show the opposite, I really don't understand how the figures can change so many...

  • I used to work at me, in the 2020s Intel WILL strike back

  • Are you Kane Williamson's brother? Or look alike?

  • I'm not buying AMD's 7nm marketing strategy, yea maybe some of the circuits in its die is in 7nm, maybe a quarter of it is in 7nm but I doubt that half of the die or greater are in 7nm, to be honest if AMD achieved a complete 7nm, Intel would never be able to come close as this, running in 14nm, if AMD is staying true to their words their chip would definitely be running at almost twice the speed compared to Intel considering the number of cores and threads it has, and also the price should nearly be cut in half compared to intel, but as you can see Intel offers a much better price on some of its chips, If ever AMD will continue faking it I guess Intel 12th gen would be able to take the throne of monopoly again.

  • 6:51 can anyone notice the activate windows

  • Who all chose intel for performance

  • CPU comparing when shopping for a laptop is bullshit. I currently hate everything because of it.

  • Finally.. I wanna buy a desktop . Hopefully can clear my mind

  • Why didn't the AMD model have PCIE-4? Seems the specs weren't equal after all, unless I'm misunderstanding something here.

  • Well ... Thanks to GPU shortage for 1.5 years . Turns out you can't game . Join the M1 group . İt's really fast

  • Im intel whooopwhoooop

  • Every Intel CPU gangsta until the threadripper joins the game

  • 04:18 gg rip

  • so hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm intel is better for deskopt and amd is better for laptop oh i realised that mid-price i think amd wins cos the best amd costs 1k more than my freaking computer

  • Can you still get a laptop with a CD reader?

  • I want to love AMD I really do. But I swear Intel just works better with everything.

  • What about the temps?

  • Cant afford but still watching it

  • i would choose performance over battery life its a laptop, keep it plugged in

  • I think in india, always amd is best dhan intel pc in gaming 😎 i tell pc not 50 k made a beast....after silicon shortage that pc remake when rate minimum 1.5 lakh 😭

  • You can't do a laptop review without showing the blasted thermals!

  • Linus does not want to settle down amd so he killed intel in every video

  • rather amd

  • hi Linus. im a pc lover and lives in Africa. and my pc motherboard died. can you please send me some old pc😂😂. I'm always amazed with the pcs you guys have. we cant buy good equipment here. Love from Tanzania . This is the Best Tech channel i follow

  • Linus seems to descend further into insanity each time a new video is out

  • Bro I almost got bullied for buying a AMD

  • For anybody knowledgeable about this topic, I'm so curious to hear any answers to this question: Around 6:12 in the video, Linus mentions that AMD has made compromises that appear to have been wise ones. I assume he is talking about the power saving of the AMD Ryzen processors here. However, he also says that this is true "at least that's true for a machine running an RTX 3060 rather than a 3070 or 3080." Is it implied here that this is likely to be different with higher power GPUs, or is this just a "that's all we know" statement? I'm considering getting a Lenovo Legion 7 Gen 6 (AMD) vs a Legion 7i Gen 6 (Intel). The GPU would be a 3070 either way, and after reading a whole lot about this and watching this video I honestly cannot decide which is better. I've seen some indications that AMD may have some issues utilizing memory as effectively, which could compromise performance slightly in certain games. Not sure. If anybody has any advice on one vs the other in combo with an RTX 3070 GPU, I'd really appreciate it.

    • Yes. If you are a pure gamer, then Intel's version is better. If you do daily work too then no questions asked, AMD is better. There are literally hundreds of videos on youtube comparing 11800H to 5800H in games with 3070 too. The legion is a very good choice because they provide the highest powered GPUs. Thus your CPU is going to matter less.

  • 'With the (significantly) notable exception of the motherboard, chipset, and storage...'

  • What do you chose? A Mac.

  • shiiit 5% performance but 30% more power. a quick amd tune and they would be equal speed...

  • please Can you make a video of using with AMD ryzen 9 5900x Cpu on a dual cpu motherboard. And with ASUS ROG Strix RTX 3090 OC edition and AMD Radeon 6900 XT. And Aorus Gen4 AIC SSD and wd black sn850 ssd.

  • less power = less heat and fan noise? I guess

  • Hewlow, I have a question here... If you have a mouse, does Solid Static Colour or RGB Colour lighting in your gaming mouse affect the mouse performance? Cause sometimes when I turn it off the lighting it makes better, or that just my feelings?

  • So... under fewer bus connections, AMD still runs a reasonably close gap... Meanwhile, with double the performance of bus connections, Intel was unable to truly widen the gap... In the end, what are you using your gaming laptop for? Gonna be honest, save your money, go with the AMD variant. As for Thunderbolt versus USB-C, I'm sick of proprietary connectors. Firewire, all the way back to things like Beta Max tapes. Intel should release Thunderbolt to the group that handles USB, and just make the USB-CT or USB-T the next standard.

  • 4:31 trust me... not EVERY time... lol. But yes! For everything outside of THAT i would take the 30% more miles.

  • it seems like Intel did it, but AMD is cheaper

  • Hi i wanna ask What is the best graphics card for Amd A8 7600? For game streaming hope that you give me an answer for this

  • Intel breaking in the beginning of video LOL go AMD!

  • Every body want that amd and Intel works toghter.

  • me after seeing the new intro animation for the first time:we were fools to try to inovate on perfection

  • Performance

  • this is totally rescue mission to save intel from drowning... hope you guys success!

  • It's funny to me that AMD was first to the PCI gen 4 game and then the manufacturers don't use it...but they do with Intel once they get it...

    • One word : Bribes. I was always planning to get a Ryzen laptop next. But look what happened, the better screen and better performance came with Intel. I am a consumer, not a fan boy. So I reluctantly had to pick Intel even though I preferred Ryzen due to it's 7nm and power efficiency

  • Always Intel😍😍😍 Performance is more important than Battery Life cause Can't play games without connecting adapter but if the performance is low then nothing is fare enough!!!!

  • He has gone from dropping things by accident to intentionally breaking them. *Achievement Unlocked*

  • Interesting note, Intel is supposedly considering buying GlobalFoundries for about $30B. What's interesting about this is GlobalFoundries makes the AMD chips.

  • Having lower power consumption to your machine, gives it more overall life over the years, making your purchase -> money well spent.

  • So they are not the same. The AMD version has a crippled cooling system, while the intel version gets a premium one.

  • Linus linus linus you forgot that laptops chips chips should be tested with power normalized at same TDP then you'll get the true picture, in this comparison it was just like intel given more power than amd , for better comparison watch hardware unboxed video .

  • Which is powerful processor??

  • Linus never mentioned how of a difference that 20watts made to the cooling. If the fans are drowning out everything else on the Intel vs a background hum on the AMD that can also make a difference. (seriously does no one ever review how loud the cooling gets? The wife's last vaio was obnoxiously loud, new asus? Barely above a whisper even when pushed. My old macbook Pro? Mostly silent but loud when stressed, 2019 model? Still irritatingly loud under load)

  • Performance. I use my gaming laptop in the lounge so I can watch videos like this when I am grinding xp or mats so have it plugged in.

  • which is better intel i5 1135g7 or ryzen 7 5700u ?

  • I’m Trying to play on a intel 4590 with a had 5450 8gb ram hahaha😳

  • I can't translate all (or speek at well) but i would'like to talke about this PCLe3.0x4 and PCle4.0x4 AMD have a prob with the PCle 4.0. I have buy CREATIVE G6 7.1 HD Gaming, i use it, and sometime my sound crash (lag etc) with my Ryzen 9 3900X it's just because of that. ["Pour résumer, si l'on en croit les déclarations de Creative, ces problèmes de son seraient uniquement liés à l'architecture des processeurs AMD Ryzen et à l'Infinity Fabric dont les problèmes de latence ont d'ailleurs souvent été évoqués par certains sites spécialisés même si cela s'est grandement arrangé sur les dernières générations de CPU Ryzen. Les pilotes des cartes Sound Blaster et le système d'exploitation Windows 10 ne seraient donc pas en cause. Que l'on prenne cette déclaration pour argent comptant ou non, il semble donc qu'aucun correctif ne verra le jour de la part de Creative pour qui le dossier semble clos ni même chez AMD via un nouveau BIOS (AGESA). La seule solution serait de désactiver (ou à minima de réduire) tout overclocking qu'il soit manuel ou bien effectué automatiquement par certains réglages de la carte mère sans que l'on en ait d'ailleurs toujours bien conscience. N'oublions pas de rappeler que le fait de forcer les ports PCI Express à la version 3.0 de la norme au lieu de la version 4.0 permet aussi de résoudre ces problèmes avec les cartes sons Sound Blaster. Il faut croire qu'en PCIe 3.0, les contraintes sont moindres et n'entraînent pas d'erreurs dans l'interface Infinity Fabric."] That why 5:01 you see that :x maybe

  • In asian market 100$ is a big deal.. So mostly choose amd.

  • LINUS COMMENT SECTION!!!!!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!! I think I've put together the perfect gaming and light video editing PC for 1,000 dollars but I don't know how to share it for comparison or feedback. It's on PC part picker. Where should I post it for some cool people like you guys to look and give me advice?

  • in my country intel were much cheaper than their AMD counterpart

  • amd wins for me 5 to 10 more fps makes no difference power takes the lead here

  • Apples to Apples comparison........well.

  • you want something powerful but not reliable? amd, you want something powerfull and reliable? infel

  • excuse me u said "apples to apples comparison" those are windows pc please fix that in post thanks :)

  • Jesus Christ Thanos! He tried to break the Intel CPU before he right out the gate! 0:06

  • I used to be team blue 5 years ago- but team red just way ahead now and better value for money...

  • I appreciate how you don't just pick one specifically. And in this case, it's appropriate to do so.

  • AMD, because Intel been shanking pc users since the beginning.

  • 6:32 Lol

  • You cannot say I have one of the same laptop. So the first sentence was totally wrong. But you can say I have two for the same laptop

  • intro vs.

  • Honestly if I wanted that extra 5% power I would have built a PC, 30% extra battery life is far more important for something that you expect to unplug and use

  • ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

    • ah yes look at my name