3nm CPUs Are Coming! - WAN Show July 2, 2021

Publicado el 2 jul 2021
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Timestamps (Courtesy of dashnog)
0:00 Introducing topics, roll intro, sponsors
1:54 Windows 11 CPU & TPM requirements
- 15:14 Microsoft claims using TPM and secure boot report 60% less malware.
- 16:18 Anybody who runs PCIe 4 will have TPM 2.0.
- 17:54 TPM is a nightmare for repairs.
- 21:08 Win 11 minimum requirements can make software optimizations easier.
22:26 Why should people backup their data?
- 31:42 Dropbox can't read/doesn't own user's data because it's encrypted.
33:38 Sponsor break
35:36 Linus' new house
48:16 Former Microsoft employee stole $10M in Xbox Gift Cards
50:50 Intel & Apple are the first to 3nm CPUs in late 2022.
52:58 Superchats & outro