11 Things I Hate About Windows 11

Publicado el 20 nov 2021
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Some of us at the office have been daily driving Windows 11 for a few weeks now and it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Come check out some of the biggest issues we've been running into.

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0:00 Intro
0:58 Cert Expiry
1:40 Internet Required
2:20 Driver Downgrade
2:45 File Explorer
3:14 Weather
3:35 Taskbar
4:00 Gaming
4:50 Scaling
5:15 Updater
5:45 Overflow Icons
6:25 UI
8:00 Search
9:50 Outro


  • Some of our FP members have provided us with a couple workarounds for some of these and we wanted to address the certificate expiry. This does help protect against malware, but it shouldn't expire. You can use a registry edit to disable online search if you're comfortable doing so. You can still make offline accounts by removing your internet connection after you reach the account creation page, go back and open that page again, then once it's created reconnect your internet. Another alternative is to type in only one letter when asked for your email and password, apparently the setup will prompt you that something went wrong and you'll then be able to make an offline account.

    • Just start contributing to the linux community in ideas for new members. Soon the donations would overcome googles payments. Literally now that you are in the community if you know what needs to be done you san do it yourself easy with a little programming exp. Btw thanks for joining the arch community. I am looking forward to your own arch distro that is easy for new people to linux...... Screw windows right 👍 if you havent realized this yet just try out your own customization on your linux machine. The beauty alone will commit you.

    • I'm gonna paint my Bed room, purple & green just like Roger Wilco's Studio :) lol Woooooo

    • We need Intel to make Intel Mother boards! :) Intel Rocks

    • This guy is really smart :) 10/10 A + Thumps up lol :) Woooooo

    • Tldr lol

  • Well if ur window eleven is bad, can u send it to me, I live in Nigeria and I am really in the need of a laptop

  • Me too

  • What about the fact that Windows is proprietary software?

  • I sense so much anger and hate. I cant train you to be my padywan.

  • Best opening ever....

  • Windows UI is sooooooo slow for me while I have a surface book 3 i7 with 32 GB of ram

  • I just came here to stoke my *un-quenchable fires of hatred* for windows 11

  • U look like PewDiePie

  • Thank god when windows asked if I wanted to upgrade into new version some time back I declined and carried on with my windows10

  • windows 11 better be as windows 10 because it so good...

  • Windows 11, just like the Vaccines that don't work as claimed, and can expire you at the flip of a switch. Haven't used microsheit since Seven. Nuff said.

  • its ironic cause 11 and windows 11

  • What drag and drop feature which is the most important for fast workflow???

  • noooooooo.. i just update to windows 11 couples of minutes ago

  • I ended up downgrading to Windows 10. My user experience is uncomfortable.

  • The most important thing that sucks is that you don't have enough customization options for the taskbar. I want my taskbar to be on the left wall of the screen not permanently sit on the bottom wall. Windows plz design the taskbar to be moved to any side.

  • i LOVE windows 11, change my mind

  • Well crap, I was reloading my OS and it snuck in the upgrade without me noticing until I hit the "get it" button. I may be tech savvy but I still zone out during OS installs.

  • i think i will wait until itis bug free .....thanks

  • Am I the only one that hasn’t had any problems with windows 11

  • Windows 11 is the windows 8 farce all over again... created by and for tekki geeks who should have all been stuffed into a barrel, roasted over a bbq pit and fed to whoevers are hungry enough to eat them... good luck with finding anyone... As for me, I am waiting for Windows 19... and dreaming fondly of my windows 3.1... and my trusty XP...

  • It does seem like have to do a lot more clicking to get things done.

  • Thanks so much microdick, now my computer barely works, guess you decide when I buy a new computer now.

  • so glad I held back on upgrading to 11. Once it's more polished ill upgrade but I don't wanna risk having everything deleted

  • i do agree with the corners being an annoyance aswell as the search on windows menu swapping to search is just not pleasing to look at. task bar etc, file, explorer and weather. havent had the other issues really

  • Thankfully I have yet to encounter any bad bugs Though the computer I'm using is mainly for school, so I'm not doing any kind of gaming on it. I haven't played any games on my main PC yet, so I'm hoping that my games on my first (actually good) gaming computer don't end up crapping out on me

  • If it wasn't for the absolutely perfect Affinity switch, I would be fully on Linux. Hoping they will eventually port over to linux, because this is all hot garbage and I officially hate windows now.

  • Bought a new laptop, installed windows 11. First thing I saw was everything that was on the left shoved center. Wtf why does everyone think this is good as default.

  • Cyberpunk 11?

  • Been using windows 11 on my razer 15 2080 super max q and it’s made the whole experience better. Brighter, more vibrant looking colors, and smoother gaming

  • That more options thing when you right click is the bain of my existence. I'm legit just downgrading back to windows 10 because of it.

  • In august of 2022, it will get a new version, because now is a yearly update, maybe it's functional in august of 2023, you must be joking right Microsoft, launched windows almost for Gamers that have 0% gain in FPS in comparison with Windows 10.

  • I installed "everything" search tool. This eliminates the search for ....in the startup window. Much better at finding those things we are looking for on our PC.

  • Looks like we finally gotta figure out Linux boys.

  • They've removed Task manager on left click. They should bring it back

  • Lmao windows really does suck, glad I stopped using it.

  • Just go play with your Mac instead linus

  • Windows 10 was bad. How is Windows 11 gonna be any better? Oh right its not.

  • To address some of the points made. The snipping tool appears to work fine and, with respect to downloading drivers via the MS system, I would always recommend using the manufacturer drivers. I don’t think the corners are that big an issue (or MS may have resolved it since) but he’s absolutely right that the context menu’s thing (right-click on desktop for example, is pretty damned irritating. I can confirm his comments on taskbar weather and settings (that was incredibly useful in Win 10 but it’s deceased now). I don’t particularly care whether there’s a clock on every monitor and there have been times I’ve found it irritating and I wasn’t sure what he meant about the search functionality, nor can I confirm the Intel resets issue or multi-monitor scaling issues (I do use a dual monitor system). I don’t care about AMD CPUs issues (I never buy them, wouldn’t buy a system with one in) but I know that the creation of a local admin account at boot works fine as I built my system from new; you just have to pull the network cable exactly as I recall having to do in later versions of Windows 10. Good video though :)

  • That second monitor clock thing is not available on any OS, if they do that, I might actually upgrade. Lol

  • I have hated W10 since I put it on my home machine and am so happy I never upgrade our shop machine from W7. Looks like will will continue with W7 at the shop and when this machine dies I will load W7 on the replacement.

  • what i dont understand is. why would you want to search the internet with the start menue. Nobody ever looks for web help in Start. it makes no sense why it should show you a whole list of results. why not just have a small button on the corner that says "web results" that you can click. instead of having useless web results shoved in your face, or you know CORTANA. Why is this a problem? because some of the web sugestions have the same name as the file you're looking for and now youre on micrsoft Edge..... disgusting

  • You missed the lack of "show labels" on the taskbar which, for many of us, is an absolute essential! Why remove a feature that many people still use? Unless Microsoft restores this, I won't be "upgrading" in the foreseeable future.

  • After at least 15 years of Windows being terrible, why would anyone expect anything different?

  • I absolutely hated the weather. It was based on IP, so even er you use VPN to some other country, not only the weather would change to that country, but also the language. That is just stupid. So that is the first thing I remove. Also why is a “professional” version of Windows full of games and other silly stuff. Microsoft is using Bing search, so it will never ever be of any use. It’s the worst search engine on the planet.

  • The biggest problem I'm experiencing with current applications, it over-simplicity. I want to have more control over my stuff, not less. If companies like MS are concerned about less tech savvy users (which would be more reasonable decade ago), they could make two profiles: user friendly and advanced. Guessing what user MIGHT need, is not the way to go, and unfortunately that problem goes with more applications, not only Windows 11.

    • It's forcing me to try out a lot more software and learn to tweak things so much more. 😩

  • I will still use Ubuntu

  • The follow up video could be titled "7 things that I still don't mind about Windows 7".

  • My x1 carbon.is not sopported. Why? Why is that software has to be bigger and more resource intensive. Just does not make sense to even upgrade.

  • Why is this always a thing with Microsoft. What was wrong with Windows 10? Just leave it alone Microsoft. Stop launching crappy, half finished OSs you haven't bothered properly debugging & forcing people to be your guinea pigs.

  • I am happy that mess they are creating is making more Linux users 😁😁😁 No more IBM software "leaking" for "free" towards microsoft...

  • the clock only on the pri display bothers me most, then the black displays and games crashing

  • What about not being able to turn off auto window grouping in the taskbar! If I have 5 excel sheets open I want to see them all and just click. Not hover and search the tiny pics

  • windows 11 = work windows 10 = development and gaming

  • Fuk windows 11 my WiFi is connected but no internet access

  • At this point Microsoft works for EA.

  • I wonder how many Windows versions i have heard that about and still most of us use them every day. 😄

  • Not been on Windows for years and I don't miss is

  • I have been using windows 11 for about 3 weeks and wish to share an update, consisting of my own observations. I know not every problem affects everyone, but I think many of these issues affect most people in some way. As a quick note, while I am very interested in computers, I don't always check some of the things mentioned, such as drivers - I just make sure they are up to date bi-anually and for obvious reasons I havent had to do that yet. - as far as I'm aware, snipping tool works just fine now, it appears the patch linus has mentioned has been released. Here's to hoping no more certificates expire in the near future. - I have had no issues with file explorer giving up the ghost as of yet, and *generally speaking*, windows 11 appears to be very stable. - Performance issues seem to have been solved, I'm running win11 off a relatively new (and therefore still quite clean) laptop that originally ran win10 and I have done performance benches - there is only a difference of about 1-2%, which could be attributed to error, chance or even just a slightly less clean system than before upgrading my OS. I am yet to run multiple tests. - My laptop runs an i5-1135g7 (iris Xe graphics) and during gaming I don't think I have had to restart once. I usually play War Thunder, SimplePlanes and Cities Skylines. I do not use multiple monitors so I can't confirm or deny these things. - I get why people don't like the taskbar and it makes a lot of sense as the entire left side is just dead space. I prefer using translucentTB, as making it transparent makes so much sense with the centralised taskbar, and I think linus tech tips did a video on this kind of thing a few weeks back. issues to report: - the settings menu randomly crashes for me. Repeatedly. It's useable but sometimes just closes, by itself. This has been happening less over the last week. - UI problems mentioned still exist. - search menu is still awful. however you can choose to look for only documents, as opposed to 'all' in the menu, which everyone seems to overlook. - the famous old resource eaters baked into windows seem to still be doing their old thing.

  • The biggest one for me is not being able to drop and drag.

  • For an OPERATING SYSTEM to NEED INTERNET, that would mean INTERNET SHOULD BE INFRASTRUCTURAL as much as electricity.

  • My new dell laptop's battery drains a lot faster after installing windows 11. Sad.

  • Just sad that Windows 7 is no longer supported...

  • Windows always alternates from good to bad. XP = good. Vista = bad. 7 = good. 8 = bad. 10 = good ... so I'll just wait until Windows 12.

  • I actually ran into the drivers being downgraded. After finishing the installation, it gave a prompt letting me know that the driver was not compatible with windows 11, and proceeded to install a random one. However I quickly went back to AMD and updated it to the latest version.

  • Why is it that youtubers and the internet always seem to highlight bugs like these and make them out to be huge problems but I havent ran into like any of these.

  • nope I'm to scared with the fact I'm using an AMD system

  • Why the fuck would anybody upgrade, if I am forced I will be going Linux. Linux may have a bit of a learning curve, no one is going to force me to upgrade.

  • Im staying on Windows 10

  • every windows OS after 8 is a bloatware.

  • I think we can all agree it's important for the NSA and FBI collect all our data. Gotta track those parents concerned about CRT afterall. Privacy is nearly as bad as free speech! Get 11 and do your part. (Sarcasm)

  • linux fanboy hate anything that’s not linux. quite self righteously pathetic

  • i cant even use windows 11 cos of my cpu, big rip (i have a ryzen 5 2400)

  • my windows 11 died completely blue screen death had to reinstall windows 10.

  • windows 11 tribute 11/09/2001

  • After losing two computers to Windows 10 I want no part of Windows 11.

  • Windows 11 is what windows 10 should have been

  • Hey Kane Williamson 😱

  • Windows was a great invention when it was released way back when. It was a new way for normal people to interact with computers and it was a revelation. Since then, every single release has been absolute garbage. I’m amazed it still exists. Garbage. Hate it!

  • _chuckles in Windows 7_

  • Ah glad my computer can't even use windows 11

  • Hard reset on PC ? FH5 issues? AMD issues? ... I'm out. I'll keep the Win 10

  • You hate a lot of things man. 😒

  • IT'S INCREDIBLY SLOW.. unless you're planning to do surgery. I like Windows 10.

  • i want a floating keyboard with a control key, without having to resort to the 1990s one…

  • Windows 2.0, 3.2, Win 95, NT, ME, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11...... BAD

  • Windows 11 downgraded my GPU driver, but thankfully it needed to be rolled back. The current driver was crap, so it ended up being a lucky benefit.

    • Your GPU manufacturer: Wait, that's illegal!

  • windows 7 rocks

  • Why am i watching this while downloading windows 11

  • every single htign in theis vid is absolutly true, ive just reinstalled win10 after having problems with a list of programs i use the issues with these programs ranging from steam client to phtoshop are anywhere from hardlocking my computer, lack of access to buttons inside the program, to becoming unresponsive without force closing the program, the programs for4ce clsoing themselves.. i could go on what a trash OS , asus strix x570, 5700xt, 3800x latest bios, drivers and versions and patches back to win 10, when things worked like i paid for things to work

  • They mostly removed the weather on the bar since many people had been annoying for having to disable it. Also windows needs to trim it's skirt til it's Knee High rather then Ankle length before gamers want anything to do with it. I don't want the system to install with far more data requirements. Windows 11 requires way to much data space, personally they need a gamer edition that trims everything down to the bare basics. To use less data and run better.

  • feels worth the download especially on hybrid users, but it does give a few bugs with the settings

  • well they will fix all the problems in win 11.. then tell you oh look here comes win 12

  • Oh, so it's called "Windows 11" because there are 11 problems with it

  • I still run windows 7 on all my machines... My computers run much faster than they would if they were running windows 1X and windows 1X doesn't offer anything I need. I am aware of the updates issue but I am happy with my firewalls and antivirus... they provide me all the protection I need

  • Windows sticking to its good, bad, good, bad, good, bad business model.

  • Color me surprised... every new release of windows is garbage. They slow down your machine and offer up very trivial feature upgrades... Not exactly the kind of thing that inspires upgrades