10 Tips for Windows Power Users

Publicado el 16 nov 2021
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Do you hate wasting time and crave the power of shortcuts or a better Windows experience? We've got some hot tips you might be unfamiliar with so come check them out and see if you learn something new!

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Shortcuts
1:25 Desktops
2:20 Customization
3:20 PowerToys
4:20 Pins
5:40 Search
6:38 Mouse Buttons
8:05 Phone Integration
8:40 Task Manager
9:45 Privacy
10:40 Backups
11:30 Control Panel
12:30 Reset
13:49 Outro


  • You can right click the windows button to open a list of windows apps (e.g. Device Manager, Task Manager, Settings,...)

  • Desktop enviroment title bar customisation, a command line text editor, everything missing in windows

  • These are not what I would consider "for power users"... No custom context menu registry entries? No custom scripting in the startup location(s)? No other utilities like vDesk for opening programs in other virtual desktops automatically?

  • Read the comments, you'll see more tips guys

  • I just love Linus

  • 2:40 after hearing this with headphone I'm never watching an LTT video at midnight

  • Maybe a subjective tip, but I don’t use the side buttons on my mouse so I’ve bound them to switch desktops. Super useful as I have one desktop for my search engine, one for windowed tabs, one for discord and media, and one for gaming.

  • Yeah, task manager shows gpu temp but not cpu...

  • 7:30 why, why text selection works so strange in windows: it select a word AND after it! I don't want that, that additional symbol can be important in many cases!

  • When you ran out of content you make this kind of videos.

  • I legit had no idea Windows added mouse pointer color options. Has it been a part of 10 this whole time? 😂

  • esmain.info/goal/v-deo/hHmHoLhmka6LitU millennials be like

  • "Finally PC users are getting a taste of what mac folks have been enjoying for over 15 years with Spotlight" Excuse me? As much as people meme about it, Windows 8/8.1 was a thing, and it was even more responsive than the search function in 11, not to mention it didn't push the pointless web results by default.

  • Here's a whole bunch of shortcuts I copied into my notes years ago plus one I got from a comment on here, I just double checked/updated most of the shortcuts as some are broken or have changed functionality: Switch between open windows Alt + Tab Reset Graphics and Audio Drivers Ctrl-Shift-Win-B From another comment under this video. Minimize/restore all but the active window Windows key + Home Minimize all windows Windows key + M Maximize window Windows key + up-arrow Minimize/restore window Windows key + down-arrow BROKEN Make all windows transparent SOCY 276G - Film Review 2 Notes you can see the desktop Windows key + spacebar Dock window to left or right half of screen Windows key + left- or right-arrow Zoom in/out (Magnifier App) (In the default view, you must zoom in before zooming out.) Windows key + plus/minus sign Lock screen Windows key + L Open Run dialog Windows key + R Open Feedback Hub (Used to Open Search box) Windows key + F Open Windows Explorer to computer Windows key + E Expand Folders view in Win Explorer to show where you are Control + Shift + E Go up a level in Windows Explorer Alt + up-arrow Choose display mode/switch monitors (Especially useful for presenters or dual-monitor users) Windows key + P Launch apps pinned to the Taskbar (1 is the left-most app; Windows Key+T cycles through all apps.) Windows key + (number 1-9) GameBar (Used to Cycle through gadgets) Windows key + G Turn Sticky Keys on and off Press Shift five times Turn Mouse Keys on and off Left-Alt + Left-Shift + Num Lock The original list of shortcuts came from WindowsSecrets a long time ago. I should still have a lifetime membership to their full newsletter though I barely check email anymore and haven't been an active member in a great many years (for the older users out there I think it was originally called Ask Woody).

  • Playing games during lunch breaks...duh!! what else do we do...?!?! Eat Lunch...doih?!?!

  • Dang I already knew like 90% of the tips just by using computer everyday thanks for the rest

  • WIndows 10 search really is a joke

  • "this resource which we'll have linked down below" and link isnt there... just 90 other links that nobody cares about - this happens all to often with LMG

  • I want a free grafic card.

  • 1:58 - This is an unnecessarily specific recommendation when simply stating that more RAM is desirable would have done. One would like to be able to recommend this video to other people without having to subject them to obnoxious product placements. Sponsored content should be clearly differentiated as such. And yes, it was mentioned at 12:17. But maybe it should have been mentioned off the hop.

  • Did anybody notice the Final Fantasy Tactics game file @6:22 ??? Good taste guys, good taste. The 'insane difficulty' mod really should be enjoyed by all FFT fans, I suggest the "content" only mod because it's difficult enough.

  • you can windows search and wait for eternity without find anything OR use Everything !

  • I guess I'm an old school power user, as I knew just about all of these already. A better one for explorer is ctrl+click on a folder to open it in another window. This is very useful from a file open/save prompt. Also alt+click will pop up file properties. BTW, I wouldn't recommend using Windows backup for disk imaging. I had to use it in a pinch once and when I needed to reinstall the OS a year later, the restore option from the Windows disk _refused_ to recognize the image, rendering it useless!

  • would you consider doing a linux version of this?

  • I feel like I'm going crazy, but I could have sworn in one of these videos, Linus demonstrated a keyboard for restarting Explorer, and now I can' t find mention of it anywhere on the internet. Does somebody know the shortcut?

  • 4:55 uh-huh, tell that to my FX :(.

  • Useless video, thank God you have chapters so I don't have to waste my time watching this video. Everything you showed here are basic things which everyone knows

  • Middle clicking file explorer blew my -load- mind!

  • I'm so such of ESmainrs double 15s ads

  • I have been using Mouse Without Borders for several years now. Great little program. Can be buggy at times, but usually not too hard to fix. That said, that screenshot makes it look like I need to see if it has been updated.

  • that intro just reminded me of majorgeeks website which is 21 years old ... omg

  • Linus and Team: can you make a similar video for macOS?

  • Thanks for the ear rape

  • That intro

  • The double and triple-click to highlight a word works for multiples too. Double-click on a word, and then when you drag, it will only select words, not characters. The same for triple-click and drag. Triple-click, hold on the third, and you will select full paragraphs.

  • USB is buggy as heck. Not sure if it's my pixel 6 pro or win11. Had to install the driver's and then get them again from Google

  • Here's a handy tip for the guys concerned about malware/ransomware on their computer: Stop increasing the size of your homework folder.

    • @Humaj On the Internets or, don't do your homework.

    • Here's a handy tip for the guys getting malware when they watch or download homework assignments, even copyright-infringing homework assignments from sketchy sources: Be more careful and/or learn more about computers.

  • Something else I use frequently is pressing alt+space to bring up the current windows top-bar context menu. You can then for example press N ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) to minimize the window without using the mouse.

  • TIL that I’m a windows power user… who knew. I would love to see Anthony do a similar video for Mac OS.

  • You forgot to mention the most important windows trick: Don't use it in the first place

    • It's garbage, but it's just the most expensive garbage (in and of itself - obviously Windows isn't locked to expensive status symbols). Linux and Unix distros (even proprietary ones locked to well-optimized hardware) are riding on the same strugglebus, just with fairly distinctive problems.


  • 5:19 Ah! the casual 780 terabytes of storage

  • The only 2 shortcuts that i use ctrl+c ctrl+v

  • Start cmd as an administrator 1. Win+R 2. Type "cmd" 3. Ctrl+Shift+Enter Done

  • Errrr.... The only tip Windows "Power" |_users need is: DON'T use Windows.....

  • Settings in danish is actually Indstillinger. So in danish it makes perfect sense 😅

  • 1 question... so who paid for this, it seems like ur promoting a million companies mac, windoes, mkcrosoft, a bunch of other tools and sitrs AND ur merch, this is like a big helpful ad lol

  • Multiple desktops were available on linux since win xp and there was a mod for xp as well to get the option . Cool they have it now officially

    • They exist for a while in windows. Nothing new about it.

  • I.... Didn't learn anything...

  • This was my favourite ad segue ever on ESmain.

  • Acronis software replaced WD backup and their incremental backups just SUCK. Why will an incremental backup take 8h?!

  • Middle click file explorer is a game changer. Thank you tip channel! LOL

  • More of this please!!!

  • Ctrl+W closes the windows explorer.

  • RGB is cocaine to these guys

  • Happy to see more actual tech tips! You can also middle click any item on your taskbar (not just windows explorer) to open a new instance of that program.

  • thumbs down just because MSI is sponsor.

  • Task Manager's performance tab is even more powerful if you select "Always on top" from the Options menu, and double click on ANY of the graphs to quickly switch to summary view for a floating visual reference. If the graphs aren't visible, you can show and hide them in the right click menu.

  • 10:58 Thats kinda the long way around IMO. Open control panel -> top right corner select view by small or large icons -> this should then always open control panel in that view. Then you only need to select Backup and Restore from that point on.

  • You can hold shift before you drop, on drag and drop to change the context of the move. Copy Move.

  • Everything was going well until "Pen with support for MPP 2.0", say no more, it's not EMR. I sleep 😪 Get the memo next time MSI, active pens have always been behind EMR ones. They might be good, but if I'm paying for a Premium device, I want the best tech available, mind you.

  • since when did linus switch from the apple watch to... whatever watch he's wearing? (im guessing samsung galaxy watch 4) did he make a video announcing and explaining the switch?

  • MSI laptop was compelling until you told me it has an 11 gen intel chip

  • Rename: "10 Tips used by Windows Power Users". I already know how to use a mouse, Linus! =-p

  • Who honestly has issues with the windows 10 search? I have never had it not work exactly how I want it(bringing up the application or settings I am searching for) but people keep saying "Windows 10 search bad" like nah. It works great. Windows key+type what I want and hit enter. Easy

  • asleep to gaming in seconds 😂😂😂 is there a windows build I don't know about!

  • Damn the middle wheel button, i use it so much that I broke it twice and sent to RMA for my Razer Deathadder!

  • 11:42 it's not hidden, in "View by:" menu select anything besides "Category" and boom you have what you're looking for

  • Surely 90% of this was common knowledge?

  • Theres a right click now?!

  • win + D for panic button

  • a 1k ++ dislikes? you must've hated Linus, do you?

  • Please please please could we stop with the "open mouth super excited faces" on thumbnails. It's properly disgusting. I don't know where this originated, but please lets put this youtube chapter behind us and lets be grownups again.

  • The problem isn't learning them for me, it's remembering. I once taught myself how to navigate without a mouse on windows but I always forget the simple stuff.

  • Damn Linus, What an EPIC START!!!

  • I have listen you say that windows search sucks, I am not defending it, but always worked perfectly, was never slow and always found what i wanted. I dont understand the rage about it.,

  • People with cortana still on their taskbar can't be trusted

  • And if you're in school, deactivated minizing animations and you'll switch between virtual desktops (on back and forwards button on your mouse if you want to), without your teacher ever having a chance to notice

  • why look for explorer when you can win+e...

  • 0:53 - 0:57 I have Linux and I hit the print screen keyboard key on my Corsair keyboard and it's automatically saved to the pictures folder and in my picture folder is only screenshots aka pictures that include the word screenshots in them (automatically titled).

  • Mouse-without-borders + Zerotier+ Skype/Teams, screen share facility could be fun aswell if you can't get other types of remote support running .

  • Was expecting to see autohotkey.

  • 1:07 - In addition to the Ctrl-Shift-Esc shortcut, you can also hold down F5 in Task Manager to make all the readings update super fast. This is intended behavior, going all the way back to the Win NT days.

  • Needed that task manager and file explorer shortcut 🔥

  • "10 Tips for Windows Power Users" Not to blow smoke up my own ass, but I've been using/have used every single tip here for years. If this video was aimed at "power users" what does that make me? All Mighty Windows Cringe Lord? Other then that, showing this to potentially 14.1M users, that's what LTT is made for :)

  • that intro was REALLLLYYY good Linus. freaking 10/10 love it. Good job

  • Pretty much all of these features have been around for generations of Windows. Going back at least to XP, but some of them are even older. I've picked most of them up over the past two decades. But that command prompt transparency... that one slipped by me. Thanks for that.

  • I feel like a lot of this stuff was a tad surface level. Not to knock the video, still well put together and very informational for somebody who knows less about windows, but I wouldn't mind something with some more obscure tips. there's nothing better than learning a hotkey or certain way of doing something that completely re-defines the way you use your computer lol.

  • Explorer brings up windows explorer for me.

  • 4:08 is it a Vietnamese stuff?

  • 11:39 You can also select the "View By" button and select small or large icons

  • yo, we need some pastel beanies! to appease the style gods

  • Windows backup has been annoying. I don't care for backup as most things break that matters, and it only keeps the things that are from years ago. I got so annoyed at the backup notification. Windows tells you weekly about backup.

  • Wow. Information overload. 👍

  • WinXP, win7, win8.1, win10, win11... meh - cuz use total commander all the time.

  • Operating System: openSUSE Tumbleweed 20211117 KDE Plasma Version: 5.23.3 KDE Frameworks Version: 5.88.0 Qt Version: 5.15.2 Kernel Version: 5.14.14-3-default (64-bit) Graphics Platform: X11 My Recent System Details . #linuxfanboy #fuckmacos

  • The LTT soundpack would be fun! 🤘 Sadly, nothing new in this Video 😭😭

  • Lol, I used to have an entirely Deep Space 9-themed sound system, because I was that kind of nerd. Extra fun, not warning friends before they borrowed it. 😏

  • Control + Shift + Escape was almost mind blowing when i found it out a few months ago lmfao