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11:03A Totally Unbiased Review
A Totally Unbiased ReviewVistas 679 milHace un día
10:00iOS 15 is here and I like it
iOS 15 is here and I like itVistas 872 milHace un día
8:19Your Hands Go INSIDE this Keyboard
Your Hands Go INSIDE this KeyboardVistas 700 milHace un día
17:34This Should've Been EASY
This Should've Been EASYVistas 1,2 MHace un día
18:46A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop?
A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop?Vistas 2,9 MHace 8 días
18:43Easy Small Form Factor Build? No.
Easy Small Form Factor Build? No.Vistas 1,1 MHace 8 días
12:32Techifying a freakin' BOAT!
Techifying a freakin' BOAT!Vistas 1,1 MHace 8 días
17:15NVIDIA Thinks These GPUs Are Worthless
12:24I bought this $9000 CPU for $999 😁
I bought this $9000 CPU for $999 😁Vistas 1,2 MHace 15 días
9:41This Laptop is ALL SCREEN!
This Laptop is ALL SCREEN!Vistas 796 milHace 15 días
8:52Gaming at Max Settings is Really Dumb
Gaming at Max Settings is Really DumbVistas 1,1 MHace 22 días
15:29I need HELP with my new house...
I need HELP with my new house...Vistas 1,3 MHace 22 días
8:08AMD vs Intel Title Fight!
AMD vs Intel Title Fight!Vistas 1,1 MHace 22 días
12:31I can’t believe it didn’t leak…
I can’t believe it didn’t leak…Vistas 1,3 MHace 22 días
1:10:49CELEBRITY Tech Trivia!
CELEBRITY Tech Trivia!Vistas 976 milHace 29 días
9:59Why do Laptop Webcams Suck??
Why do Laptop Webcams Suck??Vistas 970 milHace 29 días


  • Back from what? On pc halo never was a thing.

  • Unless it has an offline single player campaign I will not play it.

  • so many youtube reviewers failed to actually get this game working at 100+ fps and its really sad. The community figured it out pretty quick. Where were yall at?

  • honestly that does not look like 50fps

  • But how do I clean the mouse pad? I need to clean mine and don't know how to go about it

  • Why is there so much screen tearing tho, did they not turn on Vsync?

  • Its... Perfect

  • That may have been the worst Halo gameplay I have ever seen in terms of skill. Impressive.

  • Classic Cortana is my favorite Cortana. Not on board with the new design.

  • Does he know that sprint exists?

  • it might not have many headliner features // it's enough to make android people move over. * what? *

  • The man missed the dark times and the golden age too.

  • They really are good bots............. No..... no they are not..........

  • nighmarish sounds in the begining

  • bruh halo is going to be so good

  • What is with the audio on this one?

  • "Halo Infinite runs pretty good on an older graphics card like the 1060!" Me, on the AMD equivalent rx580 running sub-20 fps: _ahaha, you're funny Linus_

  • Next game Halo Infinite +1

  • Melee binded to...right click???

  • Damn he never used the sprint.

  • Halo was my childhood, and to see Halo getting popular again makes me really happy.

  • That was epic

  • Gaylo

  • Maybe the 2700 was causing the lack of performance by 3070

  • This game is shit.

  • Grandpa was having a hard time with the Halo

  • chkdsk /f in chat

  • Why is there all of these weird comments of linus liking halo he said he hadn't played since halo 2 lmao

  • Tribes was my favorite.

  • But will halo be on Steam Deck?

  • has everyone forgotten about a 2070? like almost every game review ive seen now, they review a 2060. then either jump right to a 2080 or go to the 30 series cards.....

  • now get extreme shaders

  • Inb4 they find ways to ruin it

  • You should have tried it on the Xbox Series X, it's so much more stable, I didn't have it crash on me at all and it was a locked 60fps at 4K the entire time. PC performance blows.

  • not to bad for a 360!

  • Cool !

  • Master Linus tech Cheif is here with them blessings.

  • OP needles? You didn’t play halo 2 multiplayer

  • Bruh… I’ve almost never played any FPSes before and i played the preview on my friend’s Xbox the other day and I had a positive K/D ratio. What are you doing Linus?

  • Ok this is weird.I found another dude playing on a 1060 and r5 1600 at ultra 1080p and he was getting 60fps.And Linus only had 50-55fps.


  • haven't tried it yet so maybe its just how it looks and not how it feels, but it look like a copy paste cod game at this point, if there weren't any UNSC logos everywhere im not even sure you could tell just by seeing it that its supposed to be halo

  • I’m honestly surprised that the 1060 doesn’t get better frame rate in this game. Also, the 2060 was getting below 60fps in a halo game? That’s absolutely ridiculous. Optimization needs work.

  • Halo already nerfed the judge good job

  • Im going to play it in a xbox one s NOT Series Xbox one s

  • Another crap shooter... wow you people are so easily pleased

  • My rtx 3090 only got 60-80 fps on my 1,440p 144hz monitor ultra or low settings

  • Oof. I just had the realization, they did the PC beta, simply because the game devs can't find any 30- series cards to test it on.. so they don't know if it'll run

  • The dearth of new Tech that is accessible is now truely showing.. Linus doing a Game Reaction vid

  • You know Linus is terrible when he thinks the Needler is good... Literally everybody else thinks it needs a buff lol.

    • Actually no in the Infinite Flight, the Needler is actually really good and the current Automatic Meta next to the AR

  • It looks like MS has the basic gameplay down. Now it's a question of whether they manage to fix the bugs, the terrible options screens and do a good job on mission/campaign design.

  • 0:47 For just a sec i thought Linus care for us .

  • Sorry, you misspoke. No worries buddy! You clearly intended to say; "Unlike most beta's, this Tech demo will be fixed" Silly Linus (To be clear, this is not my thinking. Just the only logical thing he could have been trying to say xD)

  • I'm not worried about the multiplayer. Show me the campaign with Locke dead

  • I don't understand the hype. Halo is only popular because of nostalgia from when it was ahead in the industry. Now it's extremely lacking in mechanics, graphics and innovation compared to other modern FPS titles.

  • Do this but with the 100TB ssds you did a video on

  • Halo is NOT back

  • Linus playing was kinda hard to watch....

  • So basically you copied fnatic mousepad?

  • Pepperidge farm remembers...

  • Get those things back in stock!

  • >40 FPS > "Feels good!"

  • I skipped Halo 5....and any after.

  • >calls it a beta These are the people I played with in the technical test.

  • Whose gonna tell him this is when the bots were at their easiest setting?

  • Where is the THE WALL Gameplay?

  • Linus, your age really showed getting your butt handed to you by those bots.

  • 😎

  • imagine if this game came out when it was supposed to release

  • Bro where is the 5600g and 5700g review

  • 5 too low and 9 too high ryzen 7 is the over all deal breaker. good gamimg, editing and all kinds of stuff.

  • cmon man just edit his snots 🤮

  • Can you guys make an LTT themed Masterchief helmet?

  • I probably will not be able to play it, still stuck with my GTX 950! :( was hoping to buy a cheap 1050 or 2050 or 3050 but nope!

  • It's sad that so many states regulated emissions to such a degree based on Leftists Lies. Remember the same people using Global Warming as a scare tactic also said that Global Cooling, Acid Rain, Ozone Layer Depletion, ect would end the world. Remember people Leftists Lie, all the time and about everything

  • The only thing that everyone expectedly to see is Linus nerding over Halo 😇